Emily and Danny Lawson

byMatt Moreau©

Someone was trying to lift me to my feet. I saw Emily just a few feet away smiling! I knew that smile. It was one of pride. She was proud of me! I looked up; it was Jackson. He was the one trying to help me. I wanted to thank him and kill him at the same time. Confused did not, could not, adequately describe my state of mind.

"You did good, Danny," he said.

"Fucking wonderful," I said. "I think you set a record for enduring it before cutting loose..."

"Before I started screaming, right," I said. He smiled, but he also nodded.

Emily joined us as Jackson helped me down from the scaffold. "Honey, you were so strong. I was so proud of you," she said. Just then one of the other husbands who'd been imprisoned in the stocks and his wife crossed in front of us on their way toward the front door., or so I thought. They stopped. She was trying to console him. He turned his back to her and continued walking. Turned again and came back to her. She said something. He answered her. Then, from way out of left field he delivered a haymaker to her left jaw that lifted her clean off the ground and sent her spiraling through the air some little distance before she came to rest about fifteen feet to our left. She was out.

A couple of big black guys took hold of him and hustled him out. Jackson gave me a look.

"Don't worry, Jackson; you're safe from me," I said. He smirked but didn't say anything.

"Dan, you okay?" he said.

I snickered. "Is that a serious question?" I said.

"I mean..."

"Yeah, I guess," I said. He nodded. He wasn't being arrogant or anything, but I had the feeling that his look was meant to carry a message. I knew I'd be figuring that one out soon enough.

"Honey," said Emily. She sounded—what—nervous maybe. I smiled at her.

"I'm tougher than that," I said. She visibly relaxed.

"I know, honey. I know. You were..."

"Yeah, I know, a hero. Right?" I said. She giggled. Jackson for his part was being a little on the quiet side, letting us have our moment.

"Damn straight," she said. I think she actually meant it too.

"Let's not go directly to the room," said Jackson. I think we could all use a little drink." I gave him a look, then realized that he was right. Going to the room right away wouldn't be good. And, a drink—or six—would be more than good.

"Yes," said Emily. "Yes, let's do that. Is that okay with you, honey?"

"Yes. That would be fine," I said.


We secured a table just a few feet off from the end of the bar.

I was slowly, very slowly sipping my martini. "I guess it went okay?" I said. The sting had died some over the past little time; I was actually able to sit, kind of a surprise.

The two of them were doing their level best not to upset me or force anything. They looked at each other.

"Look, you two. That guy that ran off. Well, it is what it is. I guess it was too much for him. For me? Not so much, though I have to say there were a few moments..."

"That's kind of the thing," said Jackson. "If the husband can do it; well, it says something about his—his and his wife's—chances of making it as a lifestyle. If he can't do it; well, that says something too, I guess.

"Yes, I think that's true," said Emily. "And we will make it, I think." It was my turn to say something meaningful.

'Me too" I said. "Let's drink up and go. It's time to do it to me." I smiled. The look on their two faces was precious. I was pretty sure I would be rewarded big time before it was all over.

The room was pretty much cheap-motel-room-esque. A small bedroom with a night stand; two rattan chairs; a king sized bed, that dominated the room; a totally inadequate closet; and a bathroom designed, I was sure, for dwarfs and living pencils.

"You can leave your clothes on for now, honey," said Emily, seeming to take control of the situation.

"Okay," I said. Jackson for his part just smiled and began to disrobe. Emily, still in her black evening dress and high heels lay down on the bed fully clothed; I found that interesting. I hadn't expected to be surprised by anything, but that was a surprise. Well, whatever, I was sure that she wouldn't be dressed for long.

Emily rolled over onto her side and watched as her lover sat on the side of the bed facing me. I had taken a seat a few feet from the bed to watch the proceedings.

"Come over here, honey, and kneel between Jackson's legs," she said. I knew what she was about, and I was a little skittish, but I obeyed her. This was the night that I became an unabashed and willing cuckold. I came to the man and knelt as I was told, and waited. Jackson laid back. His dick lay naked and turgid and huge on his athletic torso.

"Honey..." said Emily. I nodded and reached for the big man's cock, I stroked it a few times and leaned in to lick then suck at the purplish glans. I felt him jerk at the ticklish if pleasurable sensation. I felt him beginning to stiffen as an orgasm began to build in him. Suddenly my mouth and throat were awash in his semen. I swallowed as much as I could. Emily was smiling. Jackson sat up once again, patted me on the head, and nodded for me to retake my seat in the chair a few feet from the bed's edge.

Emily was smiling. It was a smile of pride if I read it right. Whatever else happened in the months and years ahead relating to such things, this moment was mine and Emily's not Jackson's and Emily's. I knew it, and I sensed that she knew it too.

I sat on my chair still fully clothed and watched as her lover felt her up and kissed her deeply and often.

I watched as he slipped her panties down her beautiful legs. He threw them to me. I sniffed the dampness that painted the crotch of them. God, my wife was a wonderful woman—female. I was becoming fearful; I needed her bad. Would she let me have her too? Was I, as her cuckold, to be denied intercourse with her, I mean so soon after this initiation. I prayed she would allow me a mercy fuck at the least.

Jackson mounted her missionary and probed her sex with his throbbing sex engine. He thrust himself into her; her eyes popped open and she grunted. He began seesawing in and out of her. Her eyes were glazed over in lust as he continued to fuck her . I was witness to her shattering climax as her body thrust up to meet his assault. The small of her back was many inches off the surface of the bed as she arched her body uncontrollably in her final throws of sexual release. She collapsed, as did he—on top of her before rolling off. The two of them lay side by side, heavily, breathing hard and lost in their own world of thought.

Emily looked over at me. "Jackson needs you again, dear," she said. I didn't hesitate. I got up and got on the bed with them. I knelt between his splayed legs and began licking and sucking him to life once more. It took a little while, but I got the job done.

I raised up and started to go back to my chair, but Jackson took hold of my arm and urged me back onto the bed. Emily had moved to the side a little and began pantsing me. My cock exposed and a question painting my face, my wife smiled at me.

Turn over onto your belly, honey, and raise your buns nice and high into the air. Jackson's going to fuck you. She was smiling broadly now. I knew that it might happen but it was something of a surprise anyway. I obeyed her, but I was a little bit slow about it. She used her hands to help flip me.

On my belly and naked from the waist down, I raised my buttocks high as she had directed and waited for him to do what he was going to do.

"Here, Jackson," said Emily. She handed him a tube of something. I was guessing KY. He smiled. I breathed a sigh of relief.

Emily touched the side of my face. "Just relax and let Jackson do you. It'll be a little uncomfortable at first, but you'll get to like it at some point. Really," she said, with knitted brow.

As she said what she said, I could feel Jackson lubing my anus with his fingers, at least three of them. I did try to relax. There was no escape for me, so my best bet was to make it as easy on myself as possible.

His fingers pulled out of me. I could feel him positioning himself behind me. I felt odd. Humiliating though it was, I found myself looking forward to it—him doing me—but mildly concerned about it as well. Like I said, odd.

His cock began pushing into me. God he was big. I grunted and strained and started gasping short breaths.

"It's okay, honey, he's mostly in now. Just surrender yourself to what's happening to you. Don't fight it. It'll be all right," said Emily. And it was, well, if not exactly all right, not too bad. He unloaded inside of me. He cum added lube to the KY he'd primed me with. He began to shrink out of me. My turn to collapse onto my stomach. I just lay there with my eyes shut taking in short gulps of air.

There was no fucking doubt about it now; I was a cuckold, a willing and totally humiliated cuckold. I made myself, I told myself, it was what I wanted, had always wanted. But deep down lurked fears. I hoped against hope that Emily and I could overcome them together. I would need her. Without her there was no making it for me.


I opened my eyes; it was two in the morning; she was kissing me. "You were wonderful," she said. I glanced over to the other side of the bed. Jackson was standing there.

"You're sure you don't want me to stay the night; we're allowed to?" he said. He said it to her.

"No, no, my husband and I need to get home and be together for the next several days. I learned last night just how much he loved me and what he would do for me, to see to it that I was pleasured. So, no, you needn't stay the night. But, thank you," said Emily. "It was very good." I lay there surprised by her words. I think Jackson was too.

He was already getting dressed. I looked askance at Emily.

"He's just going home cucky. It's just you and me now. We're going home too. We're going home and you are going to screw me senseless. Okay?" I know my smile of relief cued her before my words did.

"Oh yeah," I said. "Oh yeah!"


Though my striped ass was still somewhat sore, I was able to drive. My beautiful wife was leaning against my shoulder, her hand absently massaging my thigh.

We'd been silent since getting in the car for the ride home. Now, she decided to talk.

"You okay?" she said.

"Yes. I have to admit, I was worried though. I needed you today—tonight. So, since I am going to get to have you. Well, yes, I'm very okay," I said.

"I know you need it. And every time you let Jackson or another man have you; you'll be getting it. I made that decision when I saw how hard it was for you to take him, and how willingly you did so. You are definitely my main man," she said. I sighed. I wondered how long it would be before I got to have her again if I had to wait for her lover of the moment to fuck me. Well, we'd be seeing about that I guessed.

The one thing that I knew for sure was that the next little while was going to be special. There definitely was hope.


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