Emily Ch. 03


Emily followed Gina into the little kitchen of her chalet and waited while the older white woman made tea. She was impatient to learn if her friend had successfully checked out whatever it was she needed to, and if they really were going to be able to indulge in a session of safe public exhibitionism. She wanted to show herself off; even the idea was turning her on.

If her traditional Jamaican family, with its devout Christian beliefs, had any idea what she was contemplating, they would disown her on the spot. But it was rebellion against her religious upbringing that had brought her to work on this holiday park in the first place, and so, she reasoned, they had only themselves to blame for her behaviour now. God had given her this body to enjoy, if she now chose to let others enjoy it with her, then that was her own affair.

"Come on then, tell me!" Emily had all the patience of the average twenty year old girl.

Gina looked at her blankly. "What?" But then a stupid grin spread across her face.

"Damn it, I never could keep a straight face."

"Well tell me then."

"The short answer is...." Gina paused to heighten the tension. "Yes! There was a place I thought of that would be ideal for us - and it's still ok."

"Go on then."

"Well, you know the little river six or seven miles north of here, that runs into the sea just the other side of the headland?"

Emily nodded, it was a picturesque little river meandering through salt marshes with a nature trail down the nearside bank.

"That's our spot. You very rarely get families down that trail, its almost always ramblers and birdwatchers, and maybe courting couples, so there won't be any children."

"But it's miles from anywhere. How will that be safe?"

Gina explained. "Because we will be on the opposite bank, where everyone who passes can see, but nobody can reach! The river is only about five or six yards wide there, but the banks are vertical and nobody could cross it. And there's a farm track that's also a public right of way leading to the far riverside from the main road, though hardly anyone knows about it. We can use that to get the car close to the river."

"Brilliant. When?" Emily's eagerness showed, she was an enthusiastic convert to exhibitionism.

Gina looked out of the window at the rain hammering on the road. "Well, not today, I guess. And maybe not tomorrow, unless you enjoy being wet,"

"As a matter of fact...." Emily let the comment hang in the air until Gina caught the double meaning.

"For an innocent young girl, you are getting to be sex mad - I'm glad to say." Gina walked forward and kissed Emily on the mouth. After their last bout of mutual exhibitionism the two had become lovers, abandoning any pretence and revelling in each others bodies.

"You know, we can put on a proper show now, if you want to?" Gina looked questioningly at Emily.

"You mean let people watch us play with each other instead of just with ourselves?"

"If you'd like to? I would! Imagine walking along a quiet riverside and then, as you round a corner, there on the opposite bank, in plain view but out of reach, are two women, one black and one white, making love. Wouldn't that be a turn on?"

"Mmmmm. Sounds good to me. In fact, making love sounds good to me at any time."

"Not dropping hints then?" Gina asked playfully, at the same time beginning to unbutton Emily's blouse.

"As if I would!" Emily's hands were fumbling for the buckle of Gina's belt and the zip of her jeans.

"And do we want the curtains open or closed today?" Gina cocked her head to one side and smiled.

"I don't care, there's not going to be anyone about tonight, is there? So however they are now will do fine."

Gina stepped out of her jeans. "Then let's go see!"

The pair made their way into the bedroom, Emily naked to the waist and Gina wearing only bra and knickers, and found the curtains drawn back.

"Let them all watch, see if I care." Gina spoke while undoing her bra.

"Agreed." Answered Emily, stripping off the remainder of her own clothes.

They laid themselves on the bed and melted into each others arms as naturally as if they had been lovers for years instead of just twenty-four hours, but it was Emily who was in the dominant mood today, pushing Gina onto her back so that her breasts were available to be nibbled.

"You horny little sod! God I love you sucking my tits."

Emily was only sucking on one, but she was playing with the other with her free hand. Taking the nipple between her teeth Emily bit just hard enough to get an 'oohh' of pleasure and surprise from Gina, and then pulled, extending the breast up from her body. Then she did the same thing on the other nipple using her finger and thumb, the little gasps of pleasant pain from Gina turning her on even more.

"God, that hurts, but it hurts good. I didn't know you were a sadist as well." Gina sounded as if she would be pleased if it were so.

"I'm not, but if you call me names..." Emily released the captive nipples.


"Sticks and stones may break my bones. But names will only hurt you!" Emily parodied the children's rhyme and then bit once more on Gina's nipple, before letting go and giggling softly.

"Ouch! You just wait. I'll sort you out."

"Oh, I do hope so, darling." Emily used the endearment without thinking. "I could do with a good 'sorting out'" She made a double meaning out of the phrase. She had come a long way from the shy little girl who had spied on Gina not so many days before.

Gina looked intently up at Emily as a stray thought crossed her mind. "But whilst I think about it, a quick question for you. Why did you go all tense when I first put my fingers into you yesterday?"

"I soon relaxed, didn't I?" The question was Emily's defensive reply.

"Yes, but why did it frighten you at first?"

"Because the last thing to go inside me hurt like hell." Emily didn't really want to have to explain.

"Who was it? Your boyfriend?"

"I did tell you I've never had a boyfriend, and it wasn't a 'who', it was an 'it' and it was me doing it!" Emily resigned herself to telling Gina all about it.

Gina kissed Emily's cheek. "Ok, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to."

Emily ignored Gina's offered get-out clause and ploughed on. "It was an alter candle. My parents had just been telling me how much of a sin it is for a woman not to be a virgin on her wedding day and that they would look for the blood as proof. I couldn't stand the thought of that so I decided to beat them to it with a candle, and it hurt really badly. The idea had been that God and I would know for sure that I'd never had a man, and my parents could think what they liked, but He let me know I shouldn't be doing it by making it so painful"

A deep breath, and Emily went on. "I thought then I'd never let anything go inside me again, not even a tampon, even though I've always wanted to have a man fuck me. Your fingers were the first thing to go there since, apart from one of my fingers that I put in a little way once just to try it. So now you can do the laughing bit!"

Gina scooped Emily into her arms and hugged her. "My poor darling, I'm not going to laugh, I just wish I'd know before."

"Why, what difference would that have made?" Emily was defensive again.

"Well, I wouldn't have gone blundering in, would I?"

"It's perhaps a good job you did; at least I know it hasn't sealed itself up." The levity was a little forced.

"No, and you're in good working order. You were lovely and slippery and open." Gina looked at Emily. "And more to the point, it made you cum. So you don't have to worry anymore, do you?"



"'Cos your finger is hardly cock or candle sized is it?"

"Wait just there, young lady." Gina climbed from the bed and left the room, still naked. A puzzled Emily heard the sounds of a cupboard being rummaged through and a few minutes later Gina returned carrying a vanity case, which she placed on the bed beside Emily.

"This is my 'toy box', now lie back and enjoy. There is nothing in here that you can't easily handle, and it won't have a six foot man pushing on it!"

"Oh no!" Emily instinctively backed away across the bed.

"Look, trust me. I'm hardly likely to do harm to someone want to share a bed with as often as I can, am I?"

"If it hurts, will you promise to stop?" Emily was attracted to the idea, but still very wary.

"If it hurts I promise to stop, and to kiss it better."

"Mmmmm, maybe you'll kiss it better first?" They had not yet tried oral sex together, but both knew it was going to happen.

"Maybe, if you're good." Gina had every intention of doing it soon anyway. "Now, do you trust me?"

"Promise you'll be gentle." Emily was giving in to her desires and Gina's intentions.

"I promise. Now lie back and enjoy."

It was like the first time Emily had showed her pussy to Gina. She lay back and then hesitated several times before slowly opening her legs to Gina, a worried look on her face all the time.

But Gina did not immediately open her 'toy box', instead she did what both of them wanted and manoeuvred herself between Emily's knees, pressing the coloured girls legs apart and lowering her mouth to Emily's pussy.

Gina had never gone down on a woman before, in fact Emily was the first female ever to share her bed, but she had wanted to try it since she first caught a whiff of the musky sweet scent of Emily's juices. The reality was every bit as nice as her imagination. Gina knew what she liked Maurice, her husband, to do to her, and that's what she intended to do to Emily, but doing is not quite the same as receiving, so she had to find her way around Emily's anatomy a little first. For that reason her first contact mouth to pussy was somewhat cautious as she literally kissed Emily's pussy lips. But it was not long before her tongue came into play and she was running it up and down the girl's slit just inside her labia, skirting both her opening and her clit.

Emily had not really expected Gina to actually go down on her, and was thrilled when she first felt her lover's cheek against her thigh and her mouth softly kissing her pussy. Murmuring soft encouragement Emily opened her legs as wide as she could, groaning with pleasure as Gina's tongue found its way between her lips and then mentally cursing as that same tongue refused to plunge into her tunnel or stimulate her already engorged clitoris.

But Gina was working towards those goals, she wanted to savour the moment of each little milestone along the way. She wanted to remember her first taste of pussy juices, her first time licking a woman's slit, the first contact between her tongue and a hard little clit, but most of all she wanted to remember and savour the first time she pushed her tongue deep into Emily's cunt.

After several journeys up and down the length of Emily's pussy, each time dodging contact with her two main targets, Gina stopped and raised her head, looking at Emily's shining wet slit, the pink of her pussy flesh showing so clearly against the dark chocolate of her skin. Emily was beautiful. How anyone could not want to kiss black skin was beyond her.

It was with a sort of reluctant eagerness that Gina stopped feasting her eyes on her lovely young lover and lowered her head back to Emily's pussy. This time she started with her tongue on Emily's perineum and trailed it all the way up the centre of her slit, dipping briefly into her honeypot before allowing it to drag across her clit, both things bringing a groan of pleasure.

Emily's pussy was wet through and gaping from her arousal and Gina knew that now was the time to move on, to bring into play the things that would give Emily her much needed confidence. She could return to tonguing her later, if the opportunity was there.

For a moment Emily wondered what was happening when Gina suddenly left her pussy and sat back on the bed. But all was soon made clear.

"Right, I think that counts as kissing you better, don't you?" She didn't wait for an answer and spoke again as she delved into her 'toy box', hiding her loot with her body. "Now, we normally like to watch each other, don't we? Well, tonight you can watch me first and then you do the same thing and I'll watch you, okay?"

Emily was confused, but nodded anyway. She was horny enough now to go along with pretty much anything.

Gina rolled over and displayed two vibrators, appropriately coloured one black and one white, the white one of which she handed to Emily. Then she slid off the bed and went to sit in the bedroom chair facing the bed, opening her legs again to display her wet pussy to her partner.

Emily had never handled a vibrator before and, although this one was only a standard eight inch plastic model, it looked huge to her and she recoiled from the thought of it penetrating her.

"I can't shove that thing in me!" Emily sounded panic stricken.

"You don't have to if you don't want, but just watch me for a while and see how good it can be."

Gina turned her vibe on and placed it just in contact with her clit. The effect was immediate, if deliberately exaggerated a little. The soft hum of the vibrator was the only sound in the room except for Gina's sharp little intakes of breath as she closed her eyes and leaned back in her chair, seemingly oblivious to her audience.

Emily watched fascinated as Gina stroked the vibe up and down her slit, moving her hips on concert with it and all the time emitting little gasps. She could not help but be turned on again by this display and she began to examine the vibe in her hands. When she looked back at Gina she saw that the vibe was now being pressed straight onto her clit and that Gina's free hand was mauling her left breast, pulling and squeezing her nipple in obvious arousal.

"God, that's fucking good, it gets me going every time. Try it sweetheart; just try it on your clit. It'll make you so wet" Gina was encouraging her with the sexy talk that she liked to use and which she knew turned Emily on.

Experimentally Emily twisted the base of the vibrator as she had seen Gina do, and was immediately rewarded with a soft purr and mildly erotic vibrations through her fingers. She soon discovered that the more the base was turned the more intense the vibrations and she looked back at Gina for reassurance and help. But Gina was apparently well into her own pleasure, she was running her vibe up and down her slit, pausing at her entrance then pressing the very tip against her clit, before once more dragging it right down almost to her anus.

"I love running it up and down my pussy. But sometimes I want it in me so bad I can hardly wait."

Breathing heavily with anticipatory excitement Emily cautiously placed the tip against her own clit and turned the vibrator on again. She soon knew why the toys were so popular; the vibrations ran through her clit like a million tiny fingers playing with it all at the same time. She gasped from surprise and pleasure and Gina smiled quietly from behind her not quite closed eyelids.

After a few minutes of watching Gina carefully, Emily began to imitate her movements by running the tip of the vibe along her slit from very top to very bottom and pausing as she reached her clit to give that little button a few extra seconds. Her breathing rapidly became shallower and quicker, interspersed with little gasps from the effects of the vibrator on her clit, and she became lost in her own little world of pleasure.

"Is that good, sweetheart?" Gina's voice seemed distant.

Emily glanced across and nodded briefly in answer, loath to do anything to interrupt the delicious vibrations running through her.

"Try it like this."

Emily looked again, a little more carefully. Gina now had the black vibrator pressed onto her pussy, the shaft against her clit and the tip pointing like a signpost towards her gaping and glistening hole. Emily watched, taking in the slow involuntary little rotations of Gina's hips, the nearly imperceptible pulses of her vagina, and the whiteness of her knuckles gripping the vibe. Emily knew that Gina was soon going to cum.

She turned her own vibrator until it mirrored Gina's, pressing it hard against her pussy and feeling the more powerful sensations make her eyes widen in blissful surprise. Her own orgasm began to build again.

"Oh Christ, I'm cumming. Oh Em, please watch me cum! I'm gonna fuck myself, I can't help it!" Gina's eyes looked wild as she spoke, the words choked out between gasps.

Emily watched, mesmerized first by the unexpected words and then by the sight of the black vibrator sinking deep into Gina's pussy. Gina cried out as she plunged the vibe deep into her pussy time after time, a series of gasping wordless pleasure cries, uncontrolled and unintelligible, trying to tell Emily how good the vibe was inside her but how she had not intended to do it. But to Emily the noise was simply that of a woman in extremes of ecstasy, showing her just how good it was to be fucked - if only by a plastic toy. Something big would have to go inside Emily soon, and she knew it.

Lying on the bed across from Gina, her legs spread wide and her toy pressed on her clit, Emily was getting close to orgasm, her arousal helped by wondering what the vibe would feel like pushed deep into her. Would it feel as good as it looked, would it hurt, and dare she do it? Emily was awash with fantasies, with anticipation, with expectation, and with dread. She steeled herself to do it, to push it right up her in one go, knowing that if she tried it gently she would chicken out. Slowly she tipped the point more towards her vagina, getting ready to push. At the same time she looked across at Gina, who was trembling and sweating as she came down from her gigantic orgasm but who was also looking back at Emily with a smile of encouragement on her face.

"Go on darling, you do it! Remember how you wanted to wanted to play with yourself but daren't, and how good it was when you finally did? This will be the same, I promise."

Emily pushed. The vibrator slid deep into her easily and painlessly, and all the muscles she had tensed suddenly relaxed. The sensation was exquisite, not just from the vibrations now transferred to deep within her pelvis, but just from the unfamiliar feeling of fullness and expansion in her canal.

She looked across at Gina, a look of wonder on her face, her bright smile once more in evidence, intending to tell her how nice it was and how grateful she was for her encouragement. At least, that's what she intended her mouth to say, but what actually came from her lips was a cry, a deep throaty cry, a sort of groan magnified by excitement, forced from unwilling lips as her own orgasm hit her.

The climax had been building ever since the vibrator first so tentatively touched her pussy. It had grown almost unnoticed as Emily had watched Gina's enjoyment until, like a boiler at bursting point it had waited for the right moment to let go. That moment had been when the tip of the vibrator had reached her cervix; the first touch of the tip at the end of Emily's tunnel had tipped her over the edge. Now she lay on the bed, her eyes screwed shut, her mouth open but her jaw tight, her hand pushing the vibrator ever harder into her pussy as it tried to milk the most intense sensation possible. Emily's pelvis bounced on the bed, jerking up in answer to a wave of pleasure, only to drop back afterwards until the next hit only a second or so later. To Emily it was as if a tide of glowing lava flowed through her pelvis, spreading out from her pussy to engulf her whole body in white hot enjoyment.

Eventually - a long eventually - the orgasm passed and Emily could open her eyes again. She slid the vibrator from inside her, turning it off but leaving it lying on the bed between her legs, too exhausted for the moment to find the will to move it. Then she lay gazing at Gina, shining with sweat, shivering from spent emotions and unable to get her head together enough to speak.

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