tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEmily's Vacation

Emily's Vacation


This is my first story for this site. It contains some voyeurism and non-consent, but I promise everything turns out just fine for our heroine in the end.

Emily sighed as she swiped her card into her hotel room lock. After two hours worth of flight delays on the red eye, she could barely stand, much less talk to the concierge and get her room. The process had been almost as exhausting as the flight itself.

Still, now that it was all over, it was completely worth it. Two weeks to herself right next to the best beaches money could access. If she weren't so tired, she could have laughed and jumped for joy.

Walking into the hotel room she was confronted by a fairly standard suite. Two beds (not one big bed, as she'd asked for), a tv, drawers between the beds, and a table with chairs. To her right was the bathroom, with a rather impressive large shower.

Setting her bags down, Emily thought of creating a schedule for the day, just as she was used to doing. In the financial world, one cannot be very efficient without a detailed plan. Just as she was unzipping her bags however, she came to a stunning realization. I don't have to any of this. Two weeks was a long time, she would be able to do whatever she wanted. Fuck planners. Fuck timetables. I should just go straight to the beach and liberate myself.

Resolving herself, Emily dropped everything and grabbed her towel. Who cares if it's 4 in the morning? I came here for the beach and I'm damn well going to the beach. The brochure had said there was a massive public beach near the resort, as well as two more secluded spots (rumored to be clothng optional) within walking distance. Though she didn't have a map, Emily knew the hotel was the tallest building for miles, she could easily find her way back here. Besides, I'll ask the dude at the front desk. With that, she closed her door behind her and headed out with her towel.

Once she got downstairs, she saw that the man at the front desk had left, but it didn't matter, she would just find her way to one of the secluded beaches and lay out.

Outside it was still dark, so Emily headed for the coast on one of the smaller footpaths away from the manicured resort and through the grasses and scrubland that buffered the coast. She figured that the smaller path was bound to lead to one of the small private beaches. Hiking the skinny path in her business shoes reassured her – the path was rocky and sandy, promising if she was looking for the road less traveled.

After just a few minutes of hiking, Emily felt her shoe land on fine sand. She could hear the crash of the waves, smell the fresh saltiness of the ocean. This was what she had come here for. She felt all the stress and worry of her day-to-day grind just slough off her. Oh my god, got to get Free! Emily couldn't get out of her business clothes fast enough. She tossed them around haphazardly, I can get them later, the feeling of being alone on the beach was exhilarating.

Down to her underwear, she held her towel over her head and ran to the ocean. The water was cool, but by no means cold, this far south even the nights were fairly warm. She immersed herself up to her D cup bra. Then out of nowhere a wave quickly arose and dunked the rest of her. Sputtering and stumbling, she retreated out of the water. I'll do my swimming when I can see in front of me. Picking a nice spot on the dry, loose sand, Emily put her towel (which she had just barely kept dry) down and stripped off her wet underwear, full breasts pillowing free once released from their bra. It felt great to be naked out in the great outdoors. She bent down and touched her toes, then ran her hands up her long legs, over her hips, across her stomach and up to her breasts, which she slowly massaged. She couldn't have been rid of her work clothes any sooner, the sensation was wonderful, pure freedom.

Looking around, Emily could just make out a rock outcropping twenty or thirty yards away on which to dry her clothes. Grabbing her bra and panties in one hand, and supporting her bouncing breasts with the other, she skipped and ran to the rocks to lay the clothes out. Once the sun came up, they would dry in no time. Then she made her way back to her towel, she even did a cartwheel halfway there.

Finally free, Emily decided to get what little sleep she could right here under the stars. Naked from head to toe, she laid down on her towel, completely spread out. There was nobody around for miles and the night air was plenty warm. On her back, she placed her hands behind her head to make a makeshift pillow.

With all of the stress of her daily life gone, Emily felt like a new woman. Of the thousands of people who used that particular beach every day, none could say they ever laid down to sleep in a more contented state.

Click!...Chhhhh. "Wow"

Click!... Chhhhh.

Emily awoke several hours later, feeling well rested if a little groggy from getting so little sleep. Her long reddish brown nair had covered her eyes in her sleep, but from what she could see, the sky looked blue and beautiful.

Click!... Chhhh

Her muscles felt relaxed, and her job felt a million miles away. She could feel her nipples perking up from a light breeze that played across her splayed out body. The wind even ruffled her trimmed pubic hair ever so sightly. Wow! You don't ever feel that in the city. She could hear waves crashing, birds chirping, people laughing, talking, and murmuring excitedly.

Click!... Chhhhh

Wait. People talking. Lots of people talking. And they're close.

Suddenly alert, Emily sat bolt upright, and stared directly into a glaring camera lens from five feet away.

Click!... Chhhhh. The man holding the camera took another photo. Emily's jaw fell open. She was completely exposed. Even her pussy was spread and open for the camera.

"Heeeeyyyy!!" Several people yelled and called around her. "Rise and shine gorgeous!"

Paniced, Emily looked to her right, straight towards a group of about ten young men, lounging and pretending to play beach ball while watching her nude form.

"Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!" Emily screamed and tried to cover herself with the towel. As she was sitting on it, this was quite difficult. She half got up, and half ripped it out from under her while turning and stumbling to her left. She tripped over herself getting away just as she turned her head to see where she was going.

What she saw did not make her scream. At this point she was in far too much shock for that. She saw herself continue to stumble and fall. She saw an older man, mid sixties lying with his towel not two feet from her with. She saw him look into her eyes with a wicked grin as she fell directly over the top of him. This can't be happening.

Finally she landed. She was able to extend one leg to almost catch herself, but the result was that she landed with her legs spread over the stranger's hips, heavy breasts and pert nipples swaying directly in front of his face, goosebumps beginning to show across them from the sheer embarrassment.

Still, Emily was too shocked to move. She looked into the eyes of the man she had fallen onto, and he looked back. It must have only been a second but it felt like an age. Then, slowly, ever so slowly, he raised his left hand. Emily could see it advancing in slow motion, but she still just could not force herself to move. Finally, it laid to rest, cupping her ample right breast. He took her nipple between his thumb and forefinger, and began to delicately roll it between his fingers.

Her sensitive slit could feel his erection under her begin to grow. Only the man's thin bathing suit separated it from her open pussy. Still she couldn't move.

The man's right hand to move. Oh no. Do something damn it, Move! Still Emily was rooted to the spot. The man began to grind against her pelvis, his penis hard against her slit. His hand reached his crotch, and to her dismay, unzipped his bathing suit and drew out his cock. The unwanted thing rasped against her flower. She could see his wrinkled face widen in satisfaction, feel his gut rumble with a silent laughter. He moved his hand to her vagina, still dry with shock and horror. She cringed as he pulled her lips apart.

Click!... Chhhhh. The camera went off. Finally, Emily found the wherewithal to react.

"What the hell are you people doing!?!" She screamed as jumped upright. Onlookers enjoyed the view of her breasts bouncing and jiggling from the jump before she managed to wrap them in her small hotel issue towel.

One of the younger guys lounging near her was the first to respond: "We're just enjoying a nice day at the beach. Weren't you? We're not the ones breaking the law."

It was then that Emily looked around herself. All across the beach, for at least a mile on either side, people were arriving for the day's activities. Many were already settled in. There must be thousands of people at this beach. Oh God.

"I'm... You... Aarrgh!" Emily shook with rage but couldn't decide completely who to direct it towards.

Looking down, she saw the older man, still peering at her. This towel doesn't reach all the way down... Then she had her target. She bent down and slapped him with full force.

"You bastard!" Again, this time feeling his nose give way under her hand.

Unfortunately, the violence of the motion caused her towel to come loose. Click!... Chhhh. The cameraman caught a full view of her bent over in full-on doggystyle.

"Gaahh!" She tried to knock the camera out of his hand, but he only danced out of reach. Backing up just a little to quickly for her to catch him, he led her a few feet before she realized she was still without her towel.

"Excuse me miss." She turned around to see another guy, shirtless and muscled, holding her towel to her and politely looking to the side. "I brought your towel. I can't apologize enough if anyone scared you. The camera is classless, but on my part I really thought you came here that way on purpose. After all this is a pretty famous beach."

She snatched the towel back from him and glared. His face seemed to register genuine concern for her situation, and he was as good looking as they come. She realized her glare was turning into a gaze. She shook it off.

"Err, thanks. I just need to get home." Emily made it about ten feet before realizing none of what she remembered from the dark seemed familiar now that it was day. To make it worse, she couldn't see the resort from her spot on the beach, like she'd hoped. Turning around, she found the man who'd helped her. "Umm. Could you help me get back to my hotel. I'm a little lost."

"It's the least I could do." His reply came with the kindest smile Emily had ever seen. Or at least, it felt that way given her situation. He walked ahead of her. "Follow me."

Emily looked the way he was heading. It seemed right, but the trip was daunting. He towel was still too short, and even wrapped around her chest, it was leaving her vagina fully open to anyone who bothered looking. From behind, the creep with the camera was still taking pictures, the bottom of her round ass was showing from under the towel, and she didn't doubt he could see her exposed lips from his position lower on the beach.

Still, there was no other option. She picked her way across the sand and in between people. Most men turned to gaze at her exposed vulva, most women gave her angry stares and shakes of the head.

Finally, Emily reached the path behind her mysterious helper. Her head told her she should thank him and tell him she'd be quite all right from here on out, but something in her made her keep quiet.

A good thing too. Only a few steps into the path back to the hotel told her everything she needed to know about her chances of making it back.

"Ow!" She jumped up and down on one foot while trying to pull a painful rock out of another. This proved costly as she landed on another painfully jagged stone. The pain in both feet sent her tumbling backwards, her towel opening up once again. She landed with her hands behind her, completely spread eagled in front of her helper. Even he wasn't enough of a saint not to ogle her trimmed pussy and bouncing breasts for a second before giving her a helping hand up. Taking it, she could see a bulge growing in his swim suit. That can't be it. That thing is huge.

"Watch out," he said. "The path is pretty rough."

Wrapping her towel once again, Emily felt dismayed. "How far is the hotel?"

He looked toward the mainland. "Not far, a bit less than a mile."

A mile? I barely made it ten feet. To him she said. "This feels terrible, but is there any way you could spare a girl your sandals?"

"Umm... Well I would." It was only then that Emily looked down to see that he was also barefoot.

"Wait, don't the rocks bother you?"

"Not really. I come here every year, and I spend a lot of time barefoot anyway. It hurts for a few months, but then you get used to it."

Emily did not have a few months, and she couldn't just stand there, pussy and ass, exquisite though they were, exposed to the whole world. Even now a mother was trying to cover her young son's eyes. It wasn't working, even he was stealing a look. There was only one option.

"Ok, well. Umm... Do you think you. No." Emily looked down at her feet "Well, do you think you could carry me?"

The man grinned sheepishly. The bulge in his pants wasn't getting any smaller. "Sure. I could do that. Here."

He walked towards her, and with one move lifted her up into the air in front of him. She grabbed his shoulders to brace herself, and her towel came open yet again. This time she didn't care. Her breasts were pressed against his chest, and the rising and falling warmth of him felt much safer and more reassuring than the towel ever did.

He held her securely as he walked down the path. It was purely accidental, but from the way he was carryng her, Emily's clit began to grin against his arm as they proceeded down the path. At the beginning, it felt nice, a warming hum to go with being held in his arms. As the sensation warmed and the pleasure slowly blossomed, it even eased some of the awkwardness between them.

"So I suppose we never introduced ourselves did we? My name's Emily." She hoped to strike up conversation.

He smiled as he looked to her. Their faces were only inches apart. "My name's Dan. It's a, it's good to meet you." They both laughed at the absurdity of the situation.

"You're right, it's a pleasure." It took serious self restraint not to kiss him. Holy Shit... I need to get it together. Still, the animal smell of him so close to her and the feeling of her clit rubbing up against him were starting to work their magic.

Luckily the walk was short. His long strides carried them to the resort lawn in no time at all. By the end she was breathing more heavily than he was; she could see a trail of wetness on his arm where he had held her. It was nothing next to the moisture taking hold inside her.

Thankfully, he pretended not to notice. Instead he turned to more practical matters.

"Do you need help getting into your room? I noticed you don't have your key card on you." His smile turned smug at the little joke.

"I might, you better come in with me."

"Sounds good. Also, you might want to do something about your towel. They might be a little more strict about coverage in the hotel."

Emily stared at him. "I can't do much, but let's see." With quite a bit of maneuvering, she able to just almost cover her practically dripping pussy lips with the towel. It left most of her areolas showing above the top, but perhaps to would be better than being fully exposed down below. The adjustments stung, and as she looked down at her chest she could see pinkness starting to develop.

"It looks like you're starting to burn." Dan noticed. "It's almost noon, you were out there a long time. Lets get you inside."

"Almost noon!?" Emily looked as she hurried inside, the sun really was high overhead.

"Yeah." Dan paused and smirked. "That creep with the camera almost got a whole roll of film out of you."

She playfully slapped him rather than contemplate the thought, and moments later they were at the front desk.

Once Emily explained her situation to the concierge, the hotel management were less than helpful. They couldn't take her word for it that 234 really was her room.

Dan interjected. "How about this, you take a picture of her, and she tells you where her ID is in the room. Once they match, you can give her the room keys."

The concierge accepted, but spent more time lining up the shot than Emily felt necessary. When finished, he informed her it would take at least an hour.

Emily couldn't believe it. "Fuck. If I don't get aloe by that time I'll be peeling tomorrow." Then she heard a familiar voice from behind her.

"I don't want to push myself on you any more, but I actually have aloe in my room." It was Dan.

Half of her wanted to bolt, this guy could be anybody, the other half of her breathed a sigh of relief, or anticipation. She couldn't deny the last few minutes with him had left her wanting more.

"That sounds great. How about when you finish with all your red tape you come to room..."


"Yes, that one."

The concierge raised his eyes from her divine breasts, exposed again by the drooping towel. "Yes Ma'am. That will be arranged."

Finally. Emily let out an exasperated sigh, then turned to Dan. "After you."

On the way up to Dan's room, Emily couldn't help reflecting on the day so far. Crazier than even the most stressful day at the firm, but somehow she felt fine. Much better than she should given she had just been gang spied-upon during her sleep. Somewhere out there was a man with every single nook and cranny of her body on film, but for some reason it didn't matter. Vacation isn't supposed to be boring.

They reached the room, and Dan swiped his key card. Inside she was treated to a room much like her own. They walked forward, and flipped the bolt so the door wouldn't lock behind them. That way the front desk could come find them.

"Here is the aloe, I'll stay here if you want to apply it in the bathroom. Maybe I can find you some clothes to wear until they let you in to your room." Dan turned towards his window, and instead of returning with the bottle of aloe like Emily thought, he revealed some sort of spiky plant.

"What the shit is that?"

"It's aloe vera. It's what they make aloe out of. Here, use it."

Emily looked the plant over. "So... those those spikes somehow cure sunburn?"

Dan just smiled. "Here, sit down, I'll show you."

Emily sat down on the bed while Dan used a pair of scissors to cut the plant. Taking the end, he squeezed it slightly to make the plant ooze on one end. Then, tenderly, he took her hand in his. He massaged the aloe plant into her skin, working slowly up her arm, meandering across it to ensure he got every inch of skin. Reaching her shoulders, he stopped to whisper in her ear.

"Do you want me to stop."

"No, please don't stop." It took every effort of Emily's not to moan the words.

Dan continued. The aloe plant felt heavenly on her skin. As he moved it across her shoulders the warmth in her skin turned to cool refreshment. Her heart sped up as she alternated between chills and flushes at his touch. When he finished soothing her other arm, he knelt to look her in the face.

With one gentle but firm hand, Dan secured her head while the other traced the plant across the skin of her face. He looked her dead in the eyes the entire time, his gaze penetrating her, making her start to wonder, even to hope.

His delicate touch healed her entire face in the soothing plant. When he turned to cut more off of the cactus Emily backed up on the bed, to make it easier for him to administer his treatment. She felt herself nearly trembling in anticipation.

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