tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEmma & Jennifer Do Dares

Emma & Jennifer Do Dares


This is a fiction story, please check out "Lose Bet and Be My Slave" and "Emma's Revenge" for the back story. This story also runs parallel with "Heather Dominates Andrew"


*It was just a usual old day and as usual Emma was bored, she decided to call Heather and see if she would come over but Heather was busy today strangely enough, she normally would be free, especially on a Friday after school. So then Emma decided she would call Jennifer and see if she wanted to come over. She was also so busy doing chores but she would be finished in a half an hour and since I would take her fifteen minutes to walk to Emma's house.

So Emma had forty five minutes roughly to waste. She decided to go searching on the web to pass the time. She went turned on her laptop and went randomly surfing. Eventually she got so bored that she started searching for erotic sites. She was still a virgin and didn't even touch herself like that much but she began to think about that day with Andrew, mostly it was massively embarrassing and painful.

Although there was some stuff she enjoyed about it, she liked being naked even though it meant she was exposed to a lot of her friends, she felt like a rebel and very free while doing it. Andrew was way out of line with most stuff he did though. She tried to just think of other stuff but she couldn't, her desires were eating her up.

During her random searches she found dares sites, you know the type mostly involving getting naked in public places and most dares seem impossible in the real world, she did find some dares that were interesting though. The thought of actually carrying out these dares began to turn her on, she felt horny but also dirty and sinful at the same time.

Not wanting to fall into a bad place Emma decided to leave the dare site and carry on waiting for Jennifer but there was no need for that, she had been standing behind her these last few minutes. The door was open and she thought she would let herself in. Emma turned around and then just froze*

Emma: Jesus you scared me

Jennifer: Sorry ha ha, didn't mean to

Emma: Hmm okay well try not do that in future

Jennifer: Okay I’ll try

Emma: Seriously I nearly had a heart attack

Jennifer: Okay okay, I’ll knock next time

Emma: Thank you

Jennifer: So what you been doing while you were waiting for me to come over

Emma: Oh nothing much, just surfing on the net

Jennifer: I see, anything interesting?

Emma: No nothing much

Jennifer: Well whatever you were looking at it, it must have been good

Emma: What do you mean?

Jennifer: Well you seemed to being enjoying yourself

Emma: I don't follow

Jennifer: Oh come on Emma, I seen you rubbing yourself

*Emma blushes*

Jennifer: I'm just glad you stopped before you got more into it

Emma: Oh my god, I'm so embarrassed

Jennifer: Why?

Emma: Well......you know

Jennifer: Ha I’ve seen you naked before and plus it's natural for people to do that, it's normal, nothing to be embarrassed about

Emma: Really?

Jennifer: Yes, it's understandable if people get urges from time to time

Emma: Okay, so you get these urges too?

Jennifer: You bet

Emma: Okay

Jennifer: So you gonna tell me what got you so worked up?

Emma: Oh I dunno

Jennifer: Come on Emma, we tell each other everything

*Emma sighs*

Emma: Fine I'll tell you but you have to promise not to tell anyone, okay?

Jennifer: Okay

Emma: Swear it to me that you won't tell anyone

Jennifer: Okay I swear on my life that I won't tell anyone

Emma: Okay well I was randomly searching the net and I came across some dare sites, basically it's sites that have lists of dares on them, mostly put on by horny men who aren't thinking in the real world when they’re coming up with them

Emma: Anyway I came across a particular site I liked, givemedares.com

Emma: You can make an account and go onto the forum and ask people to dare you but since you’re not doing it in person, you don't have to do all of them

Jennifer: Really?

Emma: Yes

Jennifer: I know that site well

Emma: Are you serious?

Jennifer: Yes, I have an account and all

Emma: Wow, ever ask for dares?

Jennifer: Yes ha ha and again got loads of horny guys asking for the usual thing and also getting loads of private messages

Jennifer: Stuff like “Hey baby I dare you to take a naked picture of yourself and send it to me at imahornybastard@yahoo.com” or something like that

Emma: Ha ha that’s hilarious

Jennifer: That it is but gets annoying after a while

Emma: Yeah I'd say so

Emma: Did you ever do any dares people gave you?

Jennifer: Yes but nothing too extreme

Emma: Like what?

Jennifer: I dunno, like masturbation dares or whatever

Emma: Wow I wish I could do dares

Jennifer: Well maybe you can

Emma: Oh, how?

Jennifer: Well I've always looked for someone who was interested in doing dares too

Jennifer: To push me further

Emma: So your saying to want me to dare you?

Jennifer: No no, I want you to do dares with me

Emma: Oh no, I couldn't

Jennifer: Well like, we could do it like this

Jennifer: Say I do a dare and you do a dare or vice versa

Emma: Okay but what if one of us doesn't want to

Jennifer: Well I'm pretty sure that wouldn't happen but in that case the person who didn't do a dare would have to do a forfeit

Emma: Okay that sounds fair

Jennifer: So are you up for it?

Emma: Yeah sure, sounds like fun

Jennifer: Awesome

Emma: So what should the first dare be?

Jennifer: I don't know, has to be something simple to start off

Jennifer: Tell you what, let me have a think and I’ll try and come up with something pretty simple to start off with and I’ll let you know tomorrow what I’ve come up with

Emma: Okay cool

*Emma and Jennifer hang about for the rest of the day just chatting and doing the usual stuff*

*Phone rings in Emma's House*

Emma: Hello

Jennifer: Hi Emma

Emma: What’s up Jennifer

Jennifer: Had think about a dare we could both do

Emma: Ha ha, I didn't think you were serious about that

Jennifer: Oh so you’re not interested now?

Emma: I didn't say that

Jennifer: Good

Jennifer: Well this is sort of a challenge

Emma: Hmm what kind of challenge

Jennifer: Well it's a challenge to see if you can persuade a guy to do something daring

Emma: Oh what did you have in mind?

Jennifer: Get a guy from school to flash his dick

Emma: Ha that doesn't sound too hard

Jennifer: But the catch is, the loser has to do a forfeit as I mentioned yesterday

Emma: Okay, well once it's be the other person's slave ha ha

Jennifer: Don't worry we can arrange what the forfeit is beforehand, wanna just tell you a couple of the rules

Emma: Okay

Jennifer: Well more about the different points

Emma: Okay

Jennifer: Okay you have to take a picture of his dick which might be tricky get him to arrange to do, you will have to find a way to get him to agree. A couple of suggestions, you could just try and persuade him with words but that might be tricky, maybe if you gave him a kiss or it's up to you. If one of us doesn't get a picture by lunch time, so really you only have break time to get the picture or you could get it before school tomorrow, your choice.

Emma: Wait wait slow down, I need to write this down

*Emma gets pen and paper*

Emma: Okay continue

Jennifer: Okay cool, in the picture you have to be able to see the jumper to prove it's a guy from school and then be able to just see his dick below, so your best bet is to get him to drop his trousers and underwear.

Emma: Wow no guy is gonna agree to that

Jennifer: Ha ha you'll be surprised

Jennifer: They’re all the rules and these are the points, you will get 5 points if he is hard and only 1 point if he is soft and no a semi doesn't count as hard. You can help him get hard beforehand if you wish. Also there are the points depending on where he does it. You get 10 points if he does it in the corridor, 5 points if it's done in toilet, 3 points if it's outside and 1 point if it's in his or your house.

Jennifer: Okay well that’s pretty much all the rules and points etc.

Jennifer: What do you think?

Emma: Wow

Jennifer: Good or bad wow?

Emma: I don't know *begins to laugh*

Jennifer: Are you up for it?

Emma: I really don't think I can do that

Jennifer: Why not?

Emma: I mean I'd feel embarrassed asking a guy to do that.

Jennifer: Ha ha but I’m sure you'd love the excitement of it.

Emma: Yeah true and I suppose it probably would be fun.

Jennifer: Oh yeah, it totally would.

Jennifer: So what do you say?

Emma: I still don't know.

Jennifer: Please Emma, you only live once and I promise it will be fun.

Emma: *Sigh* Okay you've roped me into it.

Jennifer: So you'll do it?

Emma: Yes ha ha

Jennifer: Awesome

Emma: Oh my god what have I agreed to *Emma can't control her laughter*

Jennifer: Calm down Emma, save your energy for the dare.

Emma: Okay so what’s the forfeit?

Jennifer: Hmm since you’re only new to this, how about...........

Jennifer: The loser has to lick the loser's feet

Emma: Oh my god, yuck

Jennifer: Come on, doesn't get more embarrassing then that

Emma: I know but wow, that’s just weird

Jennifer: I know but still think about if I had to do it to you

*Emma remembers when Andrew worshipped her feet and how good it felt*

Emma: Okay fine

Jennifer: So you agreeing that’s the forfeit?

Emma: Yes

Jennifer: Okay cool and we'll do after school

Emma: Why?

Jennifer: Cause then they'll be all stinky and horrible

Emma: Ha ha very true

Jennifer: Okay well I’ll see you in school tomorrow and you can show me the picture.......that is if you have one at all.

Emma: Oh don't worry I’ll have no trouble getting the picture, you’re the one who is gonna have difficulty

Jennifer: Are you talking smack talk?

Emma: Oh yeah bitch

Jennifer: Ha ha, your so cute when you try to do smack talk

Emma: Whatever, your still gonna lose

Jennifer: Okay whatever you say

Emma: See you in school tomorrow then

Jennifer: You will indeed

Jennifer: That is if you don't chicken out and go on the mitch

Emma: Ha ha, Jen when have I ever mitched

Jennifer: Oh yeah right, forgot you’re going for dork of the year award

Emma: Hey just cause I don't like to miss school, doesn't mean I'm a dork

Jennifer: Totally does

Emma: Okay maybe it does

Emma: Anyway I need to go and get homework, talk tomorrow

Jennifer: Ok fine talk tomorrow, bye

Emma: Bye

*both girls decide to leave to do the next day to get the guys to flash their dick for the camera, Jennifer is confident that she will have no problems getting a guy to do it, whereas Emma is nervous about even asking*

*next morning*

*both girls get dressed and head off two school, Emma is practically shaking as walks to school, her nerves are getting the better of her but Jennifer has no such issues, they both arrive and Jennifer texts Emma and reads 'meet me in the bathroom in five minutes', Emma heads in back door and down the hallway to girl's bathroom*

Jennifer: Hello

Emma: Hi

Jennifer: Still gonna do the dare?

Emma: I suppose so

Jennifer: Come on Emma, can't chicken out now, if you do you lose

Emma: Yeah I know but still you know

Jennifer: Doesn't really matter either way, I’m gonna win, so I suppose you could give up now

Emma: No way

*Emma perked up a bit*

Emma: It's on, I think you’re the one who needs to worried

Jennifer: Yeah right

*The truth was Jennifer was nervous, she knew that Emma was more attractive and even though Emma didn't know it, most guys thought she was very attractive, even though she was very shy. Jennifer on the other hand was good looking but not as much as she thought*

Jennifer: We best go to registration now

Emma: Right see you later

*the girls head off to their registration and then off to their classes, first was English and Emma sat next to Caroline, so it was a pretty normal class and things went as they normally do, Jennifer sat next to David, who was an average looking guy but since he was a guy Jennifer decided to best off start somewhere*

Jennifer: Hey Dave

David: What?

Jennifer: Could you do me a favour?

David: What?

*they were sitting at the back of class so the teacher could really see them*

Jennifer: Well you see me and Emma sort of have this bet

David: Oh, what sort of bet

Jennifer: Basically we see which of us can see what guy they can get to flash their cock

David: Ha ha, well I’m not doing it

Jennifer: Aww why not

David: It's just not happening

Jennifer: I'll do anything for you to do it

David: I don't care, not doing it

*Jennifer gives David the puppy dog eyes*

David: I said no

Jennifer: Fine

David: Now can you let me listen to Ms. Matthews

Jennifer: *sigh* okay

*they go about the rest of the class without saying a word*

*the bell rings for the end of class. Jennifer go off to Home Economics and Emma go to Art, Emma realises that she won't get a chance to ask any guy about the dare in this class since most people are talking during practical class and if one guy found out about it, everyone in the class would know. It gave her a good excuse anyway, she didn't like to talk in the middle of class cause it would disturb the teacher. Jennifer on the other hand was stuck sitting next to Carla in Home Economics, which meant she obviously couldn't ask her. Emma was enjoying being able to relax for this class cause she knew she couldn't do anything to help the dare situation anyway. Jennifer's Home Economics class was dragging on; she couldn't bear another minute of it.

She text Chris to see if he could meet up with her outside of class, she got a reply a minute later and he told her to meet her at the back door next to the boy's toilets. It was quite convenient for both of them since it was only down the hall from both their classes. Jennifer asked her teacher if she could go to the bathroom and then was allowed. She entered the hallway and walked down to the toilets. Chris was already there*

Chris: Hello gorgeous

Jennifer: Hi

*Chris gives Jennifer a kiss*

Chris: So how’s your class going?

Jennifer: Not good, so boring

Chris: Ha that sucks

Jennifer: Hey Chris

Chris: What?

Jennifer: Could do me a big favour? *flutters eyelids*

Chris: Sure you know I'd do anything for you

Jennifer: Well here's the deal

*she explains the dare to Chris*

Chris: Em, Jen I love you and all but not that much ha ha

Jennifer: Oh come on, is there nothing I can do to persuade you?

Chris: Hmm, let me think

Jennifer: Okay

Chris: Okay, how about this?

Jennifer: I'm listening

Chris: I'll let you take the picture, if

Jennifer: If what

Chris: You give me a blow

Jennifer: Ha no fucking way

Chris: Fine be that way

Jennifer: I will

*Both then headed back to their classes*

*The bells rang for the end of class. Both girls are now nervous since it's break time and it's their only chance left till lunch, since they both have double P.E. next (GYM for those in America or otherwise). Jennifer was running out of guys to ask, she didn't want to ask too many and plus she had a feeling that Chris wasn't too impressed with her agreeing to this. Emma was just as nervous but she had an idea, she went over to Lenny. *Lenny was basically the class nerd and quite possibly even the school nerd*

Emma: Hey Lenny

Lenny: Eh hi Emma

Emma: How are you?

Lenny: I'm good

Emma: That’s good

Lenny: Is there something you want?

Emma: Well yeah actually

*She tells Lenny about the dare*

Lenny: Oh that sounds cool

Emma: Yeah but it's tricky to find a guy to agree

Lenny: Yeah it would be

Emma: *sigh*

Lenny: What?

Emma: Would you do it?

Lenny: Come again?

Emma: If you will do it, I’ll do something for you

Lenny: Like what?

Emma: I'll let you feel my tits

Lenny: Really?

Emma: Would I lie to you?

Lenny: I'm not sure, we hardly ever talk

Emma: Oh right, well I promise I'm serious

Lenny: Okay I believe you

Emma: So will you do it?

Lenny: *sigh* what the hell you know only live once

Emma: That’s the spirit

Lenny: So how will we do this?

Emma: Let’s find somewhere private first

*Emma and Lenny find an alcove where no one currently is but they do have to work quick in case someone sees them*

Lenny: So now?

Emma: Okay fine, go for it

*Lenny places his hands on Emma's big boobs*

Emma: Okay that’s enough

Lenny: Why?

Emma: I think you’re getting too into it

Lenny: Alright okay

*Emma would admit it there but she enjoyed being groped*

Emma: Hey where are you going?

Lenny: No Where: P

Emma: We agreed, remember?

Lenny: Yeah I know but I’m not so sure I can do it now

Emma: Well from what you say you have no need to be

Lenny: What do you mean?

Emma: The girls made a peep hole in the showers and I got to see your dick

*Lenny blushes*

Lenny: I really have to go

Emma: Come on please, stay

Emma: I can see your big boy tenting anyways

*Lenny goes redder*

Emma: Come show me

Lenny: Okay fine but just a quick look, don't want anyone else seeing

Emma: I promise it will only be me and Jen that will see

Lenny: Okay

*Lenny unzips his trousers, undoes the one button and then quickly pulls down his trousers and boxers*

Emma: Wow

Lenny: Quickly take the picture

*Emma takes a snapshot on her phone and Lenny pulls up his trousers and boxers*

Lenny: Well that’s fun

Emma: Thank you Lenny

*Emma gives Lenny a big hug*

*Lenny stays red*

Emma: Talk again

Lenny: Yeah sure

Emma: Bye

Lenny: Bye

*Jennifer has still not found anyone, every guy she asks turns her down straight away and now disaster, the bells rings for the end of break*

*Jennifer was now regretting coming up with this dare competition, she didn't mind losing so much, it's just, it couldn't have been a worse day. She knew that Emma's feet were going to be horrible after P.E. the thought of it made her gag a little. The 5th year classes headed into the changing rooms, to put on P.E. gear. Jennifer pretending not to notice Emma in the corner but then something did catch her eye. Emma had only one pair of socks. She just wanted to throw in the towel and take a forfeit but she was too proud to do that. Once everyone was changed they went out into the yard. Jennifer just couldn't think of any way out of it, she just got on with P.E. and before she knew it, it was over like that. After everyone was changed back into uniform, they headed off for lunch. Jennifer was timid about leaving the changing room.

She eventually got herself outside and quickly made her way to the bathroom. Suddenly all of the nerves and stress was unloaded in one move, when her breakfast ended up coming back out of her. She rushed to a cubicle and vomited profusely. Gathering her thoughts for a moment, she realised she didn't even know if Emma got a picture, either way she was hungry. She headed to hall where everyone ate their lunch. When she got there Emma, Heather and Chris where already sitting at their table. She sat down next to Emma and whispered*

Jennifer: Okay I couldn't get a picture

Emma: Oh my god sweet, I did

Jennifer: Oh no

*Emma trying to contain herself and not gloat*

Jennifer: Okay let’s get it over with

Emma: Oh no, you ain't getting off that easy

Jennifer: What the hell do you mean?

Emma: We never agreed on paying the debt at lunch

Jennifer: Yes we did

Emma: Would you rather do a forfeit?

Jennifer *sigh* not really

Emma: Good

Emma: Come over to my house after school and you can pay your deed then

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