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Emma Dreams


I am Emma 26 and this is one of my fantasies.

In hospital laying there I'm given another injection to settle me and relax me even more. The doctor explains that soon I'll be taken down to the examination / treatment room. I'm told to change into this gown, you know the type that does up behind you and have nothing beneath it.

I was here after replying to an advertisement for sexually active women between 20 and 35 to help with medical tests in return for substantial payment. Needing the extra money I replied, and having to spend 4 days there my family thought I was away with a girlfriend.

A nurse wheels in another bed that I'm asked to lay on and they take me down in the lift to the examination room. As we go through the door I'm feeling sort of weird, nice and out of it weird. The nurse put an oxygen type mask over my face and told me to breath deeply. My body felt wonderful, but soon I realized that I was unable to move but still quiet conscious and aware of what was happening.

My legs were spread wide apart and secured to stirrups then raised quite high, my arms and wrists secured above my head. Then the gown was removed and a small sheet placed over me.

As I lay there I became aware of my arousal building within, I was feeling that hot feeling you get. Another doctor came in and clear cup type things we put over my breasts, they were connected to hoses that went behind me. Then a suction began which cause my breasts to be sucked further into these cups. It sort of had a pulse action sucking on and off gradually making more and more of my breasts fill the cups. It felt really strange having my whole breast sucking into these cups.

Before they would proceed they told me I had to have my whole vulva shaved again completely. Laying there with my breasts in these suction cups and being shaved only added to my situation. I was getting more and more aroused every moment.

I was wiped clean down there and dried off, as the doctor sat down between my legs to take pictures and make notes on the level of my arousal. Any girl that has had someone shave them would know that by now I was well and truly lubricating quite a lot.

Then a machine was wheeled in and placed between my legs where the doctor had earlier sat. I couldn't see all of it but guessed what it was to be used for. It was all set up and they told me, I would be left alone for a while why the tests were done. They said it had cameras both outside and in the tip that would photograph my arousal as never before done. The whole thing was to be filmed for future medical studies and students.

I lay there so aroused I was leaking, I had my juices running out of me I could feel it. Then slowly the machine inched forward placing the tip between my lips. Ever so slowly it eased itself inside till it was fully penetrating me. The it began, it began moving in and out slowly at first, building the pace till it was fucking me really fast. The tip was actually like a dildo with a shaft attached to it. It worked itself up till it was going so fast, faster than any guy has ever done it to me. It was the size of a normal to thickish dildo and the same sort of length as a cock I think.

It was relentless continually hammering into me, not like when a guy does it he slows down sometimes. This kept going and going till I came, and couldn't control myself. I was moaning loudly and trying to move back off it which I couldn't. It just kept going, making me cum and cum over and over. My pussy felt like it was on fire, I was so horny so wet I couldn't stop my orgasms.

Then it began to slow down till it was just moving ever so slowly in and out of me. The doctor returned asking if I was ok, "god yes what do you think". He then proceeded to put another suction device over my clitty.

"This will be fine just relax your doing so well Emma" the doctor said. "It is going so well we have great footage of an orgasm inside your vagina We just need a little more".

He left again and both my breasts and now my clitty were being sucked by this machine. My breasts were quite red and swollen inside the cups, god only knows what my poor lil clitty was like. The machine between my legs began again, moving faster and this time changing angles as it did it. My pussy was already throbbing from the first session and now it was even more intense with my clitty being used also. The dildo seemed different, then I realized it was actually changing size also. It was getting thicker and then a little thinner but every time it got thicker it seemed to get more thicker than before. Eventually I felt it get a lot thicker and realized it was. It was feeling really tight inside me, and I knew it was bigger than I had had ever before. My pussy was so wet so hot, I couldn't stop it I screamed out and came and came. My whole body just shook and my pussy throbbed and contracted around the thing inside me. My whole body was shaking and convulsing I couldn't control it. I was moaning and moving on it and eventually I think I passed out.

I awoke with the doctor and nurses checking me, my legs still spread and tied being cleaned up. "Just relax you did wonderful Emma" the nurse said. My legs were untied and my wrists and told to lay and relax, "don't try and get up just relax for a bit". The doctor then brought in a small tv and said I'll show you the film.

As I lay there covered with a sheet we watched the film, I was amazed at how fast it went when it was doing it to me, then at the size in the second part. It was thicker than my arm, going all the way in and then out. In the film I realized that my pussy had actually squirted fluid out as it was doing it. I knew I was wet but not that wet. Also my breasts filled the cups right to the top and my clitty looked so big in its suction thingy. The doctor showed a close up of my vagina after the machine was removed and it was so red and so swollen, with fluid oozing from me.

After I recovered I was taken back to my room to rest.

Then the doctor returned and told me I only had one more session left, but it was to be a long one so asked me to rest and tomorrow they would begin that section. I was given dinner and laid in a hot bath for what seemed like hours. The nurse came and helped me back to bed and gave me another injection telling me it will help me sleep and prepare me for the morning.

Morning came after a night of quite strange dreams probably from the drugs I was given. In one dream I was in a room with several men, I was in charge of them and was ordering them to do things to the other women in the room.

The nurse came in and had me shower and dressed me once again in those silly hospital gowns. Then she had me lie down on the bed and she attached pads with wires to my legs, my breasts and my tummy right down low. I was given another injection and she said "all the girls like this one it will make you so aroused from almost nothing".

Soon I was lead into another room like an operating room, I was put on the bed and had more wires attached to me. All of them plugged into several machines. The doctor came in and had me spread my legs for an examination, only he attached small wires to my labia and clitoris. He then told me to relax and just go with the feelings. Then they put a mask over my face that made it dark and had like a screen I could watch. It was giving me gas of some sort as I breathed through it.

I felt my legs spread open and put in stirrup type things. Once again suction cups were attached to my breasts. Then I felt another injection and went all funny. In the screen in front of me were all these men, fit really strong sporty types with the absolute best bodies I had ever seen. The doctor talked to me asking "what is your most wild fantasy Emma you have ever dreamed about or thought about".

"Don't try and answer Emma, just think about it, imagine it darling". "It is going to happen, keep thinking about it".

He said "what ever you think of, will happen".

I was laying on a huge bed, with all these guys fussing over me. The men wore no clothes, and were there just to serve me. Then as one was feeding me strawberry's, another was massaging my legs. I had one doing each leg it was amazing. Another two were kissing my breasts and tummy there hands roaming all over me. Then one said its time prepare her for her initiation.

My breasts were being mauled by two men, my legs were spread by another two and lifted gently. Then another approached me, asking may he put his seed in my womb, may he take me.

" Yes I moaned softly, yes I'm ready take me"

My legs were held up and I felt him position himself between my legs, his manhood pushing at my sex, pushing into my soft wet folds. Soon I was impaled on a lovely hard hot cock. He began pumping it into me, harder and harder till I was moaning in appreciation. He soon shot his hot seed deep inside my womanhood. Spraying my cervix with his semen. He moved back pulling it out only to be replaced with another. Another of these men was now replacing him, taking me harder than the 1st. I began shaking as my 1 st orgasm rocked my body. The cock in me kept pumping in and out till he shot his seed into me also. Once again he was replaced by another, this went on and on for god knows how long. My pussy all squishy and swollen, full of cum and my hot juices.

I awoke back in my room, not knowing if I dreamt it or it had actually happened. I hoped up and went to the toilet and yes I was really puffy and swollen down there. The nurse came in and said if I want to rest I can or if I'm feeling ok I can leave when I'm ready. On my way out I had to see the woman at reception and was given a cheque for my payment.

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