tagFetishEmma Goes Shopping

Emma Goes Shopping


The apartment was empty again. Emma watched as her parents unwittingly walked away along the street below. Emma's mother had made contact with an old friend, and they had decided to get together and bring their men. It had been three weeks since Emma masturbated on the roof, displaying herself to a group of tourists. Her dark side, Malin, had kept quiet recently, and Emma had again become a prude girl who took care of her university studies with flying colors. She was a polite and friendly girl, who never made any fuss.

Her evening job had given her some extra money. She knew that her colleagues did not think much of her evening job, but she had tried to do her best, and it had paid off. She thought back to the long, tiring evenings working in the private art gallery. She had learned a lot and was now a valued employee. With her fine manners and aristocratic-sounding name, she blended in with the fashionable crowd who frequented the art gallery.

That weekend, her parents were on their way to a friend's country house in the Stockholm archipelago. My mom's friend owned a cafe on a larger island where they would have their reunion. Emma's parents would travel there by car ferry and sleep over in the archipelago. Emma was supposed to study in the meantime.

She wanted to study, to feel free, but again she felt her dark side emerging. She had given her desires a personal name, Malin. It was easier to accept her behavior if she could pretend to be someone else, perhaps. She looked out the window. As usual, the street was full of movement. Some tourists crowded into a store and thus escaped a heavy shower. Emma sighed. Her masturbating on the roof, her public nudity, had been the most exhilarating things she has been through, but the accompanying anxieties had been terrible. If there was anything else she could do to experience that feeling again, without exposing herself to the risk of being revealed, she would have been dangerously close to trying it.

Emma slid a hand under her shirt and fondled one breast. Malin began to wake within her, and she felt the lust. She was around 25 years old and still had not explored her sexuality completely, largely because she was afraid of what she might find. She had had sex with both guys and girls, but nothing had compared with the feeling she got up there on the roof, the feeling of being exposed, naked before the world, sexy. She took off her shirt and pants, and folded them over the chair. She knew she had a whole weekend to herself before her parents came home again. It was just Saturday afternoon so far. She looked at her body in the mirror as she pulled off her stockings and bra. She hesitated before she tore off her panties and threw them on the bed. As she pressed her breasts against the mirror and kissed her reflection, she became very aroused. She wished she could become Malin, escape her own body, and have a sexual encounter.

She looked out through the rain-soaked window and almost wished that someone would accidentally throw a glance into her room. Emma felt another urge in her head -- how Malin struggled with her for control. "You dirty whore," said Emma to Malin. "You've gotten me to strip me naked, and yet you are not satisfied." She shook her head; she knew she could not resist.

Still naked, she went out into the hall. The rain beat against the windows, and she wished she could have just run out into the street, without a single garment on, just expose herself and feel the people's judgment and horny eyes caress her skin. She knew it was not possible. She struggled with her thoughts. She was a reputable girl, both in the classroom and the art gallery. Emma thought, if only they knew what fantasies and desires she had.

She grabbed her yellow rain poncho from the hall closet, put it on and stroked the smooth plastic. Her nipples rubbed comfortably against the cold material, and she felt the plastic sticking to the skin. It was barely even a garment, she thought, just a poncho as she pulled the hood over her head. The plastic was not even a millimeter thick and was the only thing that hid her nakedness from the outside world. She looked in the mirror. From the outside it looked like she was fully dressed, except for her bare legs. The poncho went down far enough, almost to her knees, so that people would think that she had on shorts. She took out her rubber boots. Balancing on one foot, she ran her bare foot down into one. It was just a bit too big, and her little bare foot slid around in the hard plastic. The contrast made her feel even more naked.

She knew what she was about to do, and she felt the anxiety rise. Her dark side, Malin, whispered sweet words in her head. As if in a trance, she took her wallet and keys. A last glance in the hall mirror told her she looked outwardly like anyone in raincoat and boots. Tentatively, she opened the front door and leaned out into the stairwell. Seeing no one encouraged her to close the door behind her and run down the stairs to the bottom floor. With an anguished sigh and rising shame, she went out on the street in the heavy summer rain.

She felt the drops of water splash against her poncho, and the plastic tightened against her body. She felt as if everyone would see right through the poncho and notice how stiff her nipples were. She pulled up the hood and started walking towards the central parts of Stockholm. She left the Old City behind and went past the government building.

A man bumped into her from behind while he pointed his camera at one of the houses, probably completely unaware of the importance of that house. "Oh, sorry," he said with a French accent. She smiled apologetically at him. It had felt amazing -- the plastic had molded to her skin, and she had felt the contact with him as if she were naked. The plastic had been almost, but not quite like a second skin. She suddenly felt completely naked, and thought who could tell that the man basically touched her bare skin? She looked around, imagining that the plastic was translucent, and felt dark desires building within her mind.

Emma stood and looked into a shop window. A cold rainy wind blew in under her poncho and tickled her pussy. She leaned forward and put her breasts against the window. The cold glass made her nipples stiff when she pushed out her breasts. If someone accidentally poked into her poncho, or if the wind would lift it up, everyone on the street would be able to see her shaved cunt. She imagined for a moment that someone would do just that -- see her and then insert his cock in her pussy and fuck her in front of everyone on the street. She straightened up and moved back from the window a bit.

Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder. The terrible possibilities flashed through her mind -- was it a police officer, her father, a classmate or an art gallery owner? She spun around. "Hi Emma," a voice said. "Are you okay?" She stared up into a pair of brown eyes that belonged to one of her teachers at the university. The man's eyes were friendly and exuded an omniscient calm.

"Uh, yes, hello," said Emma. She thought in panic, and pointed at random into the shop window. "I was just trying to see how much these cost."

The man looked at her. "It's just junk in this store. Buy one from a real watchmaker instead," he said. She nodded, fully aware that the man was watching her breasts outlined against the rain poncho. Malin emerged within her, but regardless, Emma was embarrassed. She thought, wasn't it entirely clear that she was naked underneath? She drew in her poncho so it smoothed out. The plastic rubbed itself gently against her breasts.

"Yes, I know. I just thought it looked nice," she said, and focused on the watch in the window.

The man looked at his watch. "Yeah, nice, but just cheap rubbish," he said with ill-concealed arrogance. "Are you going to stay here? Or go into town?"

Emma pointed toward town and said, "I'm going out to shop."

The man nodded. "I'm going south to meet some colleagues for coffee," he said. "It's a shame, you could have joined us."

Emma nodded. "Sorry, I'm really sorry," she said indifferently. "So you will not forget the work that's due on Wednesday," said the man. "Nada." "Good." "Good." "See you on Wednesday, then?" "On Wednesday." "Goodbye." "Bye."

The man took off and Emma exhaled. The man's seemingly all-knowing attitude had fueled her anxiety over her nakedness. She had felt that his eyes went straight through her rain poncho and lusted for her fuck-friendly body. She winced at the words that formed in her head. Malin's voice laughed sadistically at Emma from its dark corner of her mind. Emma hurried on, shopping, she told herself. Malin had an address in mind.

She passed a lot of narrow streets and came into the city. She jostled among the people and felt excitedly how they rubbed up against her naked body through the plastic. She wished she dared to masturbate. She felt the urge rise, but did not dare. After a short walk she stepped into a small shop and looked around. Malin had written the address with Emma's hand and pen, in Emma's address book. Along the walls hung garments of all kinds and further into the shop there was a section with sexy clothes. She went up to the counter and smiled at the woman who was busy pricing a garment. She lit up when Emma arrived. "Hi, may I help you?" she asked.

Emma blushed. "I'm really just looking," she said. "What nice things you have here!"

The woman smiled at her, in a way that inspired confidence. "There's more downstairs. Let me know if you need help," she said cheerfully.

Emma took courage. In the woman-to-woman camaraderie, she dared to ask. "Well, I had thought of something that might make me feel a little sexy," she offered nervously, and realized that was probably a pretty lame comment.

The woman smiled at her and in a calming voice replied, "I think I know what would fit you." She called a name, and in a moment another woman came up. "Would you take this counter? I need to assist a customer," said the first woman, and the other girl took her place behind the counter.

Following the first woman to the department for sexy clothing, Emma noticed her shapely breasts, slim legs and platform shoes. Emma became serene; this woman would know exactly what she wanted.

The woman brought Emma to a section with sexy lingerie. "Do you see anything you had in mind?" she asked.

Emma fidgeted. "Well, underwear is not my thing," she replied, knowing that she was completely naked underneath the poncho.

The woman smiled again. "Okay, then I think I know of something else you might like," she said, and walked into the back of the store. She returned with a top in red latex. "Something in this style?" she asked.

Emma looked at the product and then held it up to herself. "Really nice, but not my color. And too much decorative stuff on it."

The woman nodded. "Okay, I have another outfit in a slightly different style. What kind of body shape do you have under that poncho?"

Emma blushed. "Yeah, so, I cannot really take this off in the store," she said. The woman laughed knowingly, her lovely breasts bobbing.

"That's all right. Let's get you to a changing room," she said, and led Emma into a small room behind a curtain. She was ready to be revealed in her nakedness. Emma pulled off her poncho and stepped out of her boots. The woman smiled understandingly. "I know just what would suit you," she said, and disappeared.

She came back with a shiny black garment, which she offered to Emma. Emma took her panties from the pocket of the poncho, and pulled them on. She did not want the moisture from her aroused pussy to ooze onto the new outfit. As the woman held it up, Emma stepped into the suit, first with one leg then the other. The woman then helped her get completely into the beautiful garment. Soon, Emma was in a latex costume that covered her from the ankles up to the neck. She looked at herself in the mirror, and straightened her breasts, as they were highlighted in a nice way by an oval neckline. The garment was elastic and caressingly enveloped her body, finding its way into every nook and feeling like a second skin.

The woman looked at Emma. "What do you think?" she asked. "You really shouldn't have on panties under it. But it's up to you -- do what you want."

Emma noticed there was a zipper in the crotch, and realized that opening it would expose her genitals. She felt the latex clinging tightly around her neck, and looked at her bare feet. The woman was impressed. "Let me get you some shoes to try on," she said, and left the room briefly, returning with a few pairs. Emma first tried a pair of black shiny shoes with high heel and platform sole. Emma stepped around in them while she examined a couple of other boots, with a variety of buckles and towering soles that merged with the heel. But she liked the ones she had on.

"Very dom," she said as she looked at her feet in the mirror, "and just right." The new shoes fit perfectly. She caressed her breasts through the latex -- the outfit felt wonderfully porno. The woman gave her a pair of long black latex gloves and Emma put them on. She stood there, dressed in black shiny latex from the neck down. Something was missing.

The woman took out an eye mask in latex, and said, "If you think it's a bit uncomfortable, then wear it only in an emergency." Emma tested the mask, and in the mirror saw in herself a beautiful transformation. She smiled at the beautiful figure, the narrow waist, long legs and uplifted breasts with her sexy cleavage. She let her hair hang down. She looked a character from a porn video -- perfect.

Shortly, Emma stood at the counter as she watched the woman place her new clothes into a bag and then process her payment. She was Emma again, and stood there in her raincoat and rubber boots. She would wear her new outfit a little later. Grateful for the good service and friendly hospitality, she set out on the street with the bag in one hand. Her panties were in the bag, and she realized that the rain had stopped. The sun shone on her as she walked in her raincoat, and she felt the sweat start pouring inside the plastic.

Aware of her nakedness but with a new calm, she went back home to Old Town.

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