tagToys & MasturbationEmma Goes Shopping Ch. 02

Emma Goes Shopping Ch. 02


I stand naked half inside the closet searching for the skirt that should be in here. When I finally find it I get it out and hold it up. I smile for myself and say aloud: "-This will be fine!" I feel all warm and nervous but mostly horny! The idea that I had been thinking and fantasizing about a long time now makes me even hornier. I stand up and run one finger down to my pussy which is all wet. I caress it to please myself but I have to stop touching and teasing because I am in a hurry to get dressed in time.

I am not wearing bra and have put on a nice tight top that makes my erect nipples point out. This skirt completes my outfit. It is a pretty tough denim skirt that ends above the knees; it shows my ass when I bend down.

I must try how it feels like. I sit on the sofa and place my hand on the crotch; I pull up my skirt to notice that I can easily fondle myself. The feeling I get when I start breathing heavily is pretty awesome. Damn, I'm horny! I get up, put on my shoes, grab my purse and take one last look in the mirror before I go. I am not only horny but I look really horny too! I run to the bus stop and take the bus towards the city. Today I decided that I'll get one of those beautiful, really lovely orgasms somewhere where there are other people around and risk detection. I have picked a bus where I can sit for a long time, since it has a long route and I have to change bus in the city. When the bus comes and I get on it, I have to push myself to have my breathing under control because I know how soaking wet I am. I have no panties and it feels like my juices start pouring out from my pussy down the legs. I sit very far back but there are a lot of people on the bus so I have to wait.

After a few stops, it is empty behind me and I begin to part my legs and put my hand down on my pussy. I start parting the labia to feel how wet I am and begin to fondle my clit. When the tension rises I have to keep track of everyone in front, while I caress and fondle more parts of the pussy. With horniness comes boldness so I pull up my skirt and feel the orgasm approaching. I hesitate and stare out the window trying to look very bored. The sound of my own breathing almost makes me forget about the people who are getting on. I must suddenly stop but I am lucky because nobody sits behind me. The bus stops at one of the numerous stops and a man gets on. He sits down right in front of me.

The bus starts moving again and I quickly part my legs and start stroking myself, fantasizing that the man in front knows what I am doing. Maybe he sits there and gets so horny that he unbuttons his jeans to sit there with his big hard cock in his hand. Perhaps he dreams of me going up next to him to bend over, take his cock in my mouth to lick and suck on it or feel his cock inside my pussy. Does he want to have his fingers in my wet pussy here on the bus, wanting to caress me, run his fingers far up into my pussy? I love the idea that he is eager to suck on my nipples and clitoris or lick my pussy.

I feel that I was soon to be coming and exploding into an orgasm. When my ecstasy reaches climax I try to hold back the shake. I bend forward slightly, holding my breath so I don't moan too loud. It feels like the orgasm would never stop and it keeps coming multiple times. Finally it relaxes and stops. I lean back and breathe so quiet I can with my mouth open.

I pushed very hard and fast on the stop button. The bus slowed down and I went to the door. When the bus stops at the next bus stop I look back to face the man's gaze before I get off. He smiles at me.

Maybe he noticed!

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