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Emma’s Bracelet


Author's Note: A big Thank You to Kelly C for editing this story! I think it is the best of my submissions to date and I hope the editing has helped with the errors notable my previous work. Enjoy!

It was a sunny summer day and a pleasantly cool breeze blew over Emma as she was helping her granddad dig in his yard. She was on summer break from the local university and spent a lot of time with him. When Emma was ten her parents had died in a car crash and she moved in with her grandparents. Emma's grandma had died two years ago which encouraged her decision to go to college locally, allowing her to stay close to her grandfather even though all her close friends went out of state. The fact that her parents left her a four room apartment in an 18th century building on the north side of downtown had a little something to do with it as well.

Emma had realised early on that she was a lesbian, she had tried to date guys a couple of times to try to conform to the rest of the girls in school but the boys just didn't do anything for her. Her first experience with the fairer sex had been with her best friend growing up, what had started as kissing practice had soon developed into a real relationship. This coupling ended when the girls turned fifteen and Emma's best friend had to move with her parents to another state, leaving Emma heartbroken and longing for a new relationship. This culminated in her making an ill-advised move on one of the popular girls at a party, ostracising her from the in-crowd and forcing her to spend the last years of high school as an outsider. When she was sixteen she told her grandparents that she was a lesbian and they embraced it wholeheartedly, making Emma love them all the more.

Emma had turned to the track-team after her embarrassing episode at the party, turning her pent up lust, frustration and anger into energy fueling her as she ran. Emma was now an athletic brunette 20 years old, she was a bit taller then average at 5 feet 10 inches. She had a toned and tanned physique from her years on the track-team with long slender legs and a very nice ass but she was pretty flat-chested. She often dressed in a tomboyish manner but still tried to accentuate her legs and ass, she had a short and messy haircut that highlighted her high cheekbones.

After blowing her unruly hair out of her face Emma lifted a boulder, she noticed something glimmering beneath and after dumping the boulder in the wheelbarrow she got down on her knees to pick the shiny object up. After some careful excavation she found herself holding a beautiful and elaborate metal bracelet. Emma realised that it was very old and probably should be donated to a museum but something about it captivated her and Emma ran excitedly to the house to clean up the bracelet to try it on. After washing it and making it gleam she saw that it was made of silver crafted in the form of two serpents with emerald eyes. It was made to spiral the wearer's forearm in a criss-cross pattern from elbow to wrist with the heads of the serpents meeting at the wrist with their necks crossing.

Emma was entranced by the beauty of the bracelet and eagerly slid her right hand through the spirals, amazed at how well it fit. As she stood there admiring it a glow began to emanate from its emerald eyes. The serpents suddenly came alive and wrapped tightly around her forearm and opened their mouths wide to sink their metal fangs deep into veins of her wrist. Before she could even react her mind shifted and suddenly she was in what must have been a dream standing in front of two giant serpents, the same silver serpents that were wrapped around her arm in real life. As she stood there, terrified and confused, the serpents spoke as one.

"We are gods of fertility and change and in the bracelet you are wearing some of our power is instilled. You can change your body and appearance at will. If you touch a person you can gain a complete imprint of their personality, memories and physique so you will have the ability to change into them at any time. The only thing we claim in return is the orgasmic energy from you and your lovers which is something you won't even notice. If you miss-use the power we have granted you, you will be punished. We will not appear to you again but we will always be at your side, the bracelet is now a part of you and you can not remove it without dying. Fare well!"

Emma woke from her dream just a second after the bite and as she sat down dumbfounded on the nearest chair she realised that the fear she had felt as the bracelet came to life had completely dissipated. She somehow knew that everything the serpent gods had told her was true and she accepted it without question. The bracelet seemed to be grafted to her skin now and flexed smoothly with her muscles when she rotated her hand. Eager to test what the bracelet could do she looked down on her small bra-less a-cup breasts, her biggest disappointment with her own body. First she just thought about the change and nothing happened but as she focused they started growing, slowly at first, then faster and faster until she was a solid c-cup. As she made her tits grow she realised that any action with the bracelet had to be a conscious act of will, as moving your arm opposed to thinking about moving your arm. She was now threatening to rip her tight t-shirt, large stiff nipples almost poking through. As her breasts grew she felt herself growing wet, an unexpected side-effect of the bracelet's power. Emma stared down at herself with a big grin plastered on her face until she realised that she was risking being caught by her granddad and shrank her chest back. This left her t-shirt loose over her again tiny breasts as she headed out to finish the day's work so she could head home and explore her new-found powers properly.

To help with the progress on the herbal garden they were preparing she concentrated on her entire body, making it more ripped and muscled and then she focused on her hands, making them bigger and stronger. With her new body the work went very fast and since her grandpa had poor eyesight he failed to see the subtle changes in her body. Emma's mind already buzzed with the incredible possibilities the bracelet gave her but she remembered what the Serpent Gods had said about abusing her powers. She figured that as long as she did what felt morally right to her she would be in the clear. After she was done with the garden she changed her body back to normal and hugged her grandfather good bye and headed to her car. As soon as she got in to the car she made her breasts grow to a d-cup and then she drove, hot and horny, the half hour drive home. As she drove she was feeling herself up the whole time, hefting the unfamiliar weight and twisting, pulling and pinching her nipples. It was a miracle that she arrived home in one piece!

When she arrived at her apartment she ran into the shower and tore off her clothes to admire her new breasts and see if she wanted to change anything else. Her breasts were round, perky and perfect and Emma just stood for several minutes just caressing herself, feeling their weight. She could even bring the nipples to her mouth to suck on, an incredible new feeling. After a while she looked over the rest of her body, she gave her hips a bit more flare to compensate for her now huge breasts and removed all hair from her entire body and made her skin softer and more sensitive. Emma also made her already pouty lips a bit more bee-stung.

After this she stepped in to the shower to wash the grime of gardening from her now perfect body. Emma was still incredibly horny, more turned on then she could ever remember being, probably a direct cause of the bracelet. After washing the soap off she sat down in the shower and lifted her right breast to her mouth and started to suck and nibble, then she took her other nipple and started pinching and twisting it with her left hand, the combination of pleasure and pain almost pushed her over the edge without even touching her pussy. Her right hand caressed her incredibly smooth belly and then quickly found its way down to her sopping wet pussy. Emma spread her lips and gently massaged her clit, coaxing it from its hood and then gently circling it with her fingertip before milking the stem like a little cock. Emma felt very hot and wanted to be filled hard and fast. She pushed two fingers in deep to rub her g-spot, pounding herself furiously and slapping her clit with her palm on every in-stroke. Emma felt the walls of her pussy starting to spasm and bit down hard on the nipple in her mouth and pulled the other one as far from her body as it would go and came hard, screaming around her breast and squirting against the shower door. She stared in surprise at the shower door, she had never squirted before and was amazed by the power of her orgasm.

Emma however was still not satisfied and wanted to fill her pussy to the brim. She shifted her agile body so that her knees were by her shoulders and her upper arms rested at the back of her thighs so she could see her pussy as she sucked her nipples. She reinserted her fingers one by one until all four were in and worked them deeply. She stared to work them in and out with long strokes, faster and faster. Still not satisfied she made her fingers grow longer and longer until she bottomed out in her soaked pussy, actually feeling her cervix with her fingertips. Emma had never felt this full and loved the feeling, she came again and again, squirting floods of cum all over herself, making her fingers thicker and thicker after each orgasm until she was a quivering mass on the shower floor. Emma was so fucked out that she didn't even have the strength to pull her elongated fingers out of her stretched and satisfied pussy before slipping into blissful darkness.

After laying exhausted under the stream of hot water for half an hour she regained enough strength to get up and get cleaned up again. When she pulled her fingers from her pussy she was a little freaked out, her fingers were ten inches long and thick and gnarly as a lumberjack's. Emma quickly made her fingers grow back to normal and then examined her well-fucked pussy to see if there was any lasting damage done but it had already closed up most of the way and was almost as tight as usual. It seemed to Emma that her sex drive had increased and she had a new-found ability to cum multiple times after getting the bracelet since she had never masturbated until she passed out before.

Getting out of the shower Emma realised she was famished and dressed in the few clothes that still fit her, a very stretchy top, no bra, and tight jeans and then headed out to her favorite restaurant in the neighborhood. The main reason Emma loved the quaint little restaurant just across the street, besides the terrific food, was an extremely cute and friendly waitress. She was a former classmate and friend that always stopped to talk and flirt with her even when they were swamped. Emma had fantasised about taking Anna, that was the waitress' name, home and making love to her all night long but she had never had the courage. Anna was a fiery redhead, a short and curvy bundle of joy with pale skin, big green eyes, perky c-cup breast and an ass to die for. Anna had moved in from Scotland for the senior year and had as a fellow outsider been drawn in to Emma's small crowd. Emma had never gotten to know her as closely as she would've liked because she fell in love with her and her lovely accent and had a hard time hiding it.

This night Emma sat down in a corner booth completely out of view in the almost empty restaurant, there were actually more staff then costumers, and watched Anna walk over. She was determined to take her home, and with the help of the bracelet she felt much more confident and knew it was possible. Emma had noticed a change in the way she thought and imagined the outcome of things, it seemed that the bracelet had given her a more positive outlook on life as opposed to the more negative way she had seen things before. She was a bit freaked out that the bracelet could not only change her body but was affecting her mind as well but as the changes so far were all positive she pushed her fears and doubts to the back of her mind and focused on getting Anna to come home with her.

As Anna approached, as usual wearing jeans and a restaurant t-shirt, she noticed something was different with her favorite customer. When she reached the table and Emma lowered her menu Anna's jaw dropped at the sight of the huge boobs that protruded from the formerly flat-chested girl. Emma laughed out loud at the incongruous, slack jawed look on Anna's face and innocently said,

"Hi, how have you been? I'm up here by the way." Anna tore her eyes from her friend's new tits and blushed as she sat down opposite Emma in the booth and asked

"Where the hell did those things come from, I just saw you a few days ago and there is no way you could have gotten implants and be well enough to get up and about!"

"No, they're not implants, it's all me." Emma said with a big smile.

"How the hell is that possible!?" Anna asked, her eyes drifting back down, transfixed to Emma's beautiful orbs.

"It's done by magic, you silly little girl!" Emma answered in a mock British accent.

"Ha ha, very funny." Anna said in a deadpan voice.

"No, it really is like magic, why don't you take my order and then take a break and join me for dinner and I'll tell you all about it."

After Anna agreed Emma placed her order and waited as Anna headed of for the kitchen to ask her boss for a dinner break.

As Emma saw Anna heading towards her again Emma decided to freak Anna out a bit more and shrank her breasts down to their original size. As Anna arrived at her table she just stared at Emma and then slumped down opposite her in the booth and exclaimed:

"Am I losing my mind or what, I could have sworn you had huge... " Anna turned red as her voice trailed away. Emma just looked at her for a while, thinking that she was incredibly cute when she blushed and then focused on her breasts and made them fill out again and reveling in the amazed expression on Anna's face.

"I told you it was magic! Just wait until you see what else I can do." As Emma said that last part she lowered her voice seductively and reached her bare foot under the table to caress Anna's bare, smooth leg. This got a look of surprise from Anna but she didn't flinch away and soon her nipples poked through her t-shirt. Then a shout came from the kitchen saying that the food was ready and Anna got up with a dreamy look on her face and headed off to get their dinner. Emma had suspected that the feelings she had for Anna was reciprocated for a few months and she was elated by the way the cute redhead had responded to her advances. She scooted in on the round vinyl couch to make room for Anna so that they could sit next to each other and sat back with a huge smile on her face, it seemed that she was finally getting the girl of her dreams and she sent a silent prayer of thanks to the gods of the bracelet.

After Anna returned they sat close together and Emma told Anna everything about the bracelet as they ate a great dinner. Anna was amazed at what the bracelet could do and ran her fingers gently over the spiralled snakes running the length of Emma's forearm. Emma was careful not to steal Anna's imprint, she felt that it would be a violation of their friendship and should be given freely. After the explanation and a little more show and tell they spoke of everything, getting to know each other better and casually touching. They felt very natural with each other, Emma being more of a tom-boy and Anna being a very feminine creature. When Anna came back from the kitchen with their deserts Emma got her arm around the redhead's shoulders in a casual way and then, a few minutes later when the conversation came into a lull, their eyes locked and Emma leaned in slowly, their lips meeting for the very first time.

The kiss started out slow with their lips touching gently and then Emma started caressing Anna's lips softly with her tongue, nudging them open. Anna had never felt such soft lips or felt such closeness in a kiss and eagerly accepted the brunette's tongue into her welcoming mouth, intertwining it with her own tongue and then sucking gently. They both were amazed with the tastes and scents coming from each other, almost getting lost in the exquisite bouquet. As the kiss grew more and more intense their hands started roaming over each others bodies as much as they could reach sitting next to each other, forgetting that they were in a public place. Emma caressed Anna's back and down to her perfect ass while her other hand focused on the redhead's thighs, flat stomach and even copping a feel of her beautiful and perfectly proportioned breasts as she felt her own pussy soaking her panties. Anna used one of her hands to keep hold of the tall brunette's neck, almost as if she was afraid the kiss would end, while her other hand copied what was done to her. When their hands landed on each others tits they moaned into the kiss and almost started to tear the clothes of each other before they remembered where they were and reluctantly pulled apart.

When they had pulled away from each other Anna said with a breathless but exited voice as she gazed lovingly into Emma's eyes.

"Oh my God, I never knew it could feel like that to kiss another person! It was the most amazing thing I've ever felt, I think I almost came just from that kiss!" That last part came out before Anna could stop herself and made Anna's pale, freckled cheeks blush furiously.

"Oh, you're so cute when you blush, but don't be embarrassed, it was the best kiss I've ever felt too and it almost hurt to pull away. Come on, I'll pay and then we can get out of here and home to my place." Anna just nodded, a bit scared by how fast things were moving but everything just felt so right.

They made their way out of the restaurant, holding hands and giggling, sneaking kisses as they passed over the street and in to the elevator in Emma's apartment building. While they rode the elevator Emma pushed Anna up against the wall with and mashed her body against the smaller girl as closely as possible, wanting to feel all of her at once as she kissed her passionately once again. As the kiss grew even more intense the much smaller redhead wrapped her legs around the taller brunette as she was lifted up by the tight and loving embrace. When the elevator doors opened Emma placed her hands under Anna's luscious ass and carried her still kissing to her door, not caring what her neighbours saw. After getting the door open she carried her prize directly in to the bedroom, kicking the door shut as she went.

Emma leaned forward and placed Anna gently down in the middle of her large bed before breaking the kiss. She stared deeply into those amazing green eyes before she placed gentle kisses on Anna's freckled button nose, her forehead, her eyelids, her cheeks and then down to her left ear, gently licking, nibbling and sucking the earlobe, eliciting sexy moans and tremors from her lover. She then made her way down the pale neck with wet kisses and licks to the collarbone and further down as Anna's fingers caressed her hair. The sounds and tremors she was eliciting from Anna were the most erotic and exciting Emma had ever heard and she became almost obsessed with finding new ways to derive these reactions. When her lips touched fabric she shifted her body and started kissing around the navel, slowly inching Anna's top up while planting kisses and licks all over her midriff, marking her advance.

The tall brunette soon reached her target, a pair of lusciously round and perky breasts encased in a white lacy front-clasped bra. She placed kisses along the lacy edge as she pushed the top over Anna's head and then smiled up at her and leaned forward to kiss her while she unclasped her bra. Emma then shifted her attention down again and started to kiss and caress those pale and slightly freckled breasts, shifting from left to right and slowly circling towards large rock hard pink nipples with small aureoles. As Emma placed the right nipple in her mouth, gently sucking and licking, and taking the left one between thumb and forefinger and gently pinching and rolling it she was surprised by the strong reaction from Anna. The redhead let out a loud moan as her entire body started shaking and then she grasped Emma's hair tightly, pulling her even closer, almost choking her with her tits. Emma realised that Anna had just had an orgasm solely from nipple play and was elated that she could bring such pleasure to the object of her affection.

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