tagAnalEmma's Anal Seduction

Emma's Anal Seduction


I don't know what it was with Emma, but just about everything was a first for her. She'd never smoked pot until the night we met. She'd never sixty-nined until about three hours later, when I spent an enjoyably frantic ten minutes with her lovely breasts mashed against my stomach, her skilled mouth doing a real number on me as I tried to return the favour.

It wasn't that she was unattractive. 19 years old, 5'8 and slender, she had green eyes to drown in, natural blonde curls that normally hung loose around her shoulders and a surprisingly generous pair of tits that - of course - she normally tried to hard. I never quite put my finger on what Emma's problem was (about the only part of her I didn't get at least my finger into), but it didn't take too much imagination to take a guess.

That first sixty-nine ended with her giggling in triumph as she milked my tingling cock all over her gorgeous, naked form, perfect 36 inch bust rubbing against my stomach. Her tongue then darted out to lick her lips clean, my cum trickling over her pretty, delicate face and down between her cleavage, her slick palm gliding up and down my shaft so eagerly that I almost had to push her away physically. I'd never seen a girl so eager to tease every drop of seed from my cock.

She was estranged from her ultra-religious parents and hadn't really had a chance to go nuts until I met her. There'd been one other guy before me, but from what I could gather he wasn't exactly what you'd call "adventurous." They didn't really deserve a girl like Emma. Reserved in public, once you had her between the sheets she approached sex like a competition. More than that, she craved introduction to new ways of getting a guy off, just so she could prove how much better she was than any other girl you'd ever been with.

It was about a week after that initial sixty-nine. We'd had sex several times since, liaisons she approached with an enthusiasm bordering on complete abandon. She moved her slim frame with liquid grace, and when she was really warmed up it felt like her hips were welded to mine. She'd screw her eyes shut, her wet lips parting slightly as she'd work herself toward orgasm. The way her wet slit pulsed and tightened around my cock would normally send me right over the edge, too.

If our first experience on the couch had taught me anything, it's that this girl really meant it when she was shrieking "cum anywhere you like!" On her pretty face, across her gorgeous tits... once in her hair, which she'd accepted with nothing more than a roll of the eyes even when I was using her blonde locks to wipe myself clean.

I'd eased out of her as she lay below me at the conclusion of our first round that night, painting her smooth, well-toned stomach with my warm load. Giggling as she ran her fingers through my seed, she licked her hands clean before bouncing off to the shower.

"You've got twenty minutes!" she called playfully, her slim little butt wiggling as she closed the door behind her. I heard the water start to run after a minute or two.

It was a warm night, and we'd pulled the sheets off the bed during our first fuck. We'd left the lights on, as well - I wasn't sure if this was another first for Emma, but the odds were pretty good. I got up on my knees as I rifled through the chest of drawers next to the bed, smiling to myself as I fished out a somewhat depleted jar of lube. What I had in mind was definitely something she hadn't tried before.

I slid the jar underneath a pillow as she returned, a towel wrapped around her delectable body, blonde curls tied up to stop them from getting wet.

"Did you miss me?" she cooed, letting the towel drop to the floor and posing a little, one hand resting on a slim hip as she leant forward and jiggled her tits. "Oops, I dropped my towel!"

I shook my head in amazement, my spent cock returning to attention as my mouth suddenly went dry. The transition from choir girl to vixen was jaw-dropping, a few droplets of water beading on her slinky yet curvaceous body as she climbed onto the bed to join me.

Our lips met, her delicate hand gliding down between us to wrap around my thickness, tongues twirling together as she stroked me up and down. We made out for a long while, placed a little awkwardly on our knees facing each other. My hand slide down her soft but firm stomach, and she moaned as I teased the top of her still-wet slit. Soon we were going at it pretty heavily, my cock throbbing in her hand as she moved her rocking body like a snake.

"Fuck!" I groaned as I eased her hand away and broke the kiss. "You'll be wearing another load on your tummy if we keep this up."

She giggled, exhaling contentedly as she leant down to place a teasing almost-kiss on the tip of my eager member. Meeting my gaze, she gave me a wink as she turned around and leant forward, the view of her pussy and asshole absolutely exquisite as she posed perfectly on all fours.

Kneeling behind her I wrapped my hands around her wasp-waist, tugging her heart-shaped butt back toward me. We both groaned happily as the head of my cock settled against the indent of her pussy. Dragging herself forward she eased down onto her elbows, raising her hips as she adjusted herself. She sighed with pleasure as my shaft eased back into her warm, wet pussy.

Our first fuck of the evening had been fast and passionate, a fun little romp that left us sated but not completely spent. This time we took it a little slower, luxuriating in the sensations as we danced. I reached under her to cup her tits, feeling her thrill as I teased her hard little nipples.

"God you're a good fuck, Emma," I moaned.

She giggled at the compliment, and I leant back as we fucked. Sliding one hand down onto the small of her back, I rubbed my thumb against her asshole. She responded encouragingly, giggling a little. I reached down to the unscrewed jar of lube, smearing a little onto my thumb before pushing it back against her tiny little dot of a backdoor. I increased the pressure a little, and suddenly the tip of my thumb slid past her tightly-clenched little pucker.

"Ow!" she squealed, jerking forward onto her stomach. My cock slid out of her, and she giggled a little nervously as she looked over her shoulder at me. "What are you trying to do back there?"

"Screw your cute little butt," I answered playfully. I picked up the jar of lube, smiling at her as I made a show of applying some of the greasy substance to my shaft.

"Well quit it!" she snapped. "I'm not some porn star, and you're crazy if you think I'll let you do that!"

"Aw, c'mon Emma," I said, sliding my hand onto the small of her back, my slippery thumb gently running up and down the crease of her asscrack. "You think there aren't regular couples that do it because they like it all the time?"

"Bullshit!" she gasped as I ground the tip of my thumb in little circles against her most private opening, squirming without batting my hand away. "What is there to like about it?"

I shrugged, stroking her butt gently before pushing the tip of my finger against her now slightly slippery asshole. "Well, it's different for one thing. It's quite sensitive, a little delicate, super-tight... who knows, you might even like it."

"Have you done it before?" she asked, biting her lip.

"Once or twice." This wasn't quite true - my ex had been a fiend for it, and I'd also been lucky enough to convince two other young ladies to let me try the backdoor. One was a cute little Avril Lavigne-wannabe that gave it up during a one night stand, the other a bleached blonde bimbo I'd met on vacation who had the looks of a porn starlet and the anal skills to match.

"Oh my god, a girl actually let you do that?" She wrinkled her nose, but there was something a little less than complete reluctance in her voice.

I tried not to grin - I knew exactly how to play this. "Well yeah, but it isn't for everybody. If you're not up for trying it, that's cool."

She frowned. "Who said I wouldn't try it?"

"Oh, so you want to give taking it in the rear a go, then?"

She pursed her lips for a second, then rolled her eyes and giggled. "It must be the horniness talking, but fine... you can have my butt, John."

"I knew you wanted to try it," I teased, running my hands up and down her back. Truth be told, I'd never had an anal virgin before, and the idea was almost ludicrously exciting.

Emma pretended to scowl, trembling a little from either anticipation or excitement - I couldn't tell which. I reached for more lube, and she whimpered as I slathered the cold, slippery substance into the crack of her ass.

"It feels kinda funny," she said, her voice a tremulous whisper.

"It's just a little cold," I said, massaging the lube into her booty. My glistening cock was throbbing just from the sight of her slippery, almost-fuckable asshole.

She moved with me quite compliantly as I eased her back up onto all fours, squealing as I pushed the tip of my thumb against her asshole again. It slid past her initial resistance a little easier this time, and I felt the hot, greasy ring of her asshole clamp around the first knuckle.

"Fuck, you're hot," I told her. "This is going to be great, I promise."

I held onto her hips, gently but firmly pulling her back against me, the head of my cock flush with her pretty pink sphincter. She groaned but didn't struggle, letting me set the pace as I gently pushed the tip of my shaft against her anal opening.

"Oh, please go slow!" she cried. "Could you use your finger some more?"

"Why don't you use yours?" I answered.

She hesitated, but seemed to overcome her reservations as she reached back, slowly easing her ring finger into her tightest opening. She gasped, grimacing a little as she tried to push in as deep as she could, her asshole clenched tightly around her digit.

"That's it, baby," I said. "Wiggle it around a little, open yourself up for me."

Biting her lip and burying her pretty face in the pillows she proceeded to fingerfuck her asshole for a few minutes, growing more accustomed to the unique sensations with each passing second. It was all I could do not to jerk my load across her back in the face of such a hot sight, but I was hell-bent on having her ass.

"I think I'm ready," she moaned, easing back up onto all fours.

My hands returned to her hips, and I admired her now slightly gaped asshole for a few seconds before pushing the head of my cock against it. Pulling her back against me, I gave my hips a quick bump, the thick head popping inside her cherry ass.

"Oh fuck!" she squealed, the tightly clenched rosette of her asshole flowering open around my thick shaft.

I stroked her hips reassuringly, in ecstasy as I slid further up inside her. I looked down at the unbelievably hot sight of my cock disappearing into her bowel as she moved her hips back and forth, struggling to get used to the new sensation. Easing out until only the head was still in her ass, I pushed slowly back inside, getting it just a little deeper this time.

"Jesus fucking Christ you're tight," I moaned, easing back before grinding my cock back up her anal channel, my balls coming to a rest against her pristine asscheeks.

The pain seemed to fade for her after a while, her breathing becoming a little less ragged as she moved her ass, experimenting with a shimmy or two. "Just give me a second, baby..."

Her well-lubed ass relaxed slowly, and I eased out about halfway before driving back into her bowels. She took it a little easier this time so I repeated the motion, picking up the pace a little as our buttfucking began in earnest. I kept my hands on her hips, keeping her shapely butt still as a nice little target for my thrusts. Pretty soon both of us were moaning, caught up in the passion of the moment.

"Where's my cock?" I hissed, my balls bumping against the soft, supple flesh of her buttcheeks.

"It's up in my ass, baby," she moaned. Her hand slid down between us, and I thought she was going to rub her pussy until her soft fingers wrapped around my balls and gently squeezed.

"You're gonna make me cum, you keep that up," I grunted, unable to control myself as I picked up the pace.

"That's the whole idea," she groaned, squealing again as her buttmuscle rippled and squeezed around my thick shaft.

My balls started tingling, the ridiculously pleasant sensations her asshole was wringing from my cock getting to be too much. Emma wailed as I picked up the pace, ramming my cock in and out of her now not-so-tight asshole as I headed full-steam for another climax.

"I'm cumming!" I moaned, pulling back hard on her hips as I pushed my pelvis forward, my cock easing all the way up into her tightest hole. In a second I was draining my balls for the second time that night, flooding her bowels with my hot, sticky seed, spurt after spurt splashing into the sweetest asshole I'd yet had.

We collapsed forward onto the bed, my cock spilling from her freshly fucked and gaping asshole, followed by a trail of my sperm. A few drops trailed across her asscheeks, and we lay together like that for a while, basking in the afterglow of a successful buttfuck.

"Was it good, baby?" she asked in a whisper.

"Mmm, so fucking great. Did you like it?"

She nodded, wrinkling her nose. "I feel so full of cum right now!"

"Think you'll ever want to let me do that again?" I asked, giving her my best smile.

She grinned weakly, still shaking, one beautiful green eye peeking out from a halo of golden hair. "Mmm, give me a week to practice?"

I grinned, almost ready to go again after hearing those words. And as it turned out, the next time came a lot sooner than a week... but that's another story.

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