tagGroup SexEmma's Pool Party Ch. 05

Emma's Pool Party Ch. 05


We all swam about in the pool, cleansing our bodies and cooling off after our hot sex-fest. We chatted intermittently about work, plans for the summer, life. I admired the women's bodies in all their wet, wonderful nakedness as they frolicked in the water, breasts bobbing, bottoms jiggling, water dripping over their sensuous curves. After a time we left the pool and reclined on the patio loungers, resting and recuperating. The conversation diminished as we unwound, sipping drinks, letting the hot summer sun dry our skin. A couple of the ladies read magazines. I closed my eyes and relaxed.

"So... what happens now?" Sadi said after a time, breaking the silence.

"What... are you ready to fuck him again?" said Gina.

"No... well, yes I am, but that's not what I meant," replied Sadi, looking at me and blushing. "I mean, what if Amy were to bring him to your house, Michelle? Or what if Ellen wants to date him, Gina? What would you do? It would be so... awkward."

"Yeah... and what if Holly walks in on me fucking him, or something," added Helen.

"Um, don't you mean 'what if you walk in on him fucking Holly'?" said Michelle.

"No, I don't... well, I guess that's possible too, but if you think I'm not going to fuck that beautiful cock again after today, then you're sorely mistaken, honey," replied Helen, absently touching her pussy lips.

"Wait... you can't... today is just a one-time thing, right? Helen... you're married," stammered Sadira.

"Sadi, sweetheart, you're telling me you won't be dreaming of his cock every night? That you'll just go home to your husband and forget all about this sexy young man? Act like nothing happened?"

"Well... yes! We have to!" squeaked Sadi.

"Ok then, why don't you try answering your own question?" Carmen chimed in. "What if Aysha brings him home? What if you hear her in her bedroom getting fucked in her tight little ass? Hmmm?"

Sadi frowned and looked about uncomfortably. She fidgeted with her hands.

"Well... I would.... erm.... " she said, then looked at me. "Oh bugger. It would drive me crazy! I'd burst in and demand he fuck ME in the arse!" she cried, caving in.

Gina laughed. "So what are we to do, then? Ellen would be furious if she found out I was fucking him behind her back."

"Uh, don't I get a say in this?" I asked.

"NO!" was the resounding chorus from Gina, Helen, and Carmen.

Michelle spoke softly. "I... I don't think I could do it. For me, this ends after today. My marriage is important, and so is my daughter. I must put my family first."

Sadira looked at her and sighed. "She's right, girls. Even though I know I'll crave that dick, I don't think it's a good idea to continue this. And if Michelle and I can't have him, I don't think it's fair that the rest of you should either."

"And I don't think it's fair that he gets to have sex with our daughters!" whinged Helen, pouting and crossing her arms underneath her bust.

"Helen, they're adults now. They can make their own choices. It's up to you to decide what you will or won't allow in your house, but they're going to have their own lives outside your supervision," Michelle said.

"Ha! You've certainly changed your tone from earlier today. Amazing what getting a good deep-dicking will to, isn't it?" snapped Gina.

Michelle was not phased. "You can do as you please, ladies. Fuck him or don't, I don't care. My decision is my own."

"All we'd really have to do is tell the girls that we fucked him. I don't think they'd go near him if they knew that," Helen said.

"You're probably right, honey, but then they might go off and tell their fathers. No, I'm not going to risk it. I'm with Michelle," replied Sadi.

A long silence prevailed as the women looked at each other.

"Oh alright then. I'll be good," said Helen reluctantly. "What about you, Gina?"

"I don't have a husband to worry about, as far as that goes, but I suppose it wouldn't be fair if I was the only one still getting a taste of his cock. I think I can manage to leave him be," she said, unconvincingly.

She looked at me, and showed with a subtle wink that she had no intention of keeping her promise.

"This is all rather disappointing, I must admit," I said, finally. "But I respect your wishes. Now, if you'll excuse me, ladies, I have to use the little boys' room."

I set my beer down and stood, stretching my arms and giving the women a long look at my heavy hanging cock. I smiled and made my way into the house. The air conditioning cooled my warm, sun-baked skin as I found the toilet and relieved myself. I washed my hands and left the bathroom, entering the kitchen. I stopped short in the kitchen doorway, seeing a figure sitting on the bench top facing me, knees bent and spread wide. It was Gina. She had applied a thick strip of whipped cream to her pussy, and was carefully placing a cherry approximately where her clit would be.

"Hello Mrs. Thompson. Are you offering me some dessert?" I said, crossing my arms and admiring her naked body.

"All you can eat, honey," she replied, indicating for me to approach her with her index finger.

I stood in front of her as she looked me up and down.

She pointed to her creamed cunt. "Clean me up. And be thorough about it."

She leaned back on her hands, her huge tits bulging, and watched me as I bent down towards her crotch. I kissed her inner thighs softly as I made my way closer to her pussy sundae. I began licking the whipped cream from her pussy lips, consuming it as her pink labia were slowly revealed to me. I sucked them clean, tasting her juices mingling with the creamy sweetness. She watched me closely, her chest rising and falling faster as I teased her slit with the tip of my tongue.

"That's it baby, get my pussy nice and clean. Mmmmm yeah, that's it."

I worked my way up her slit, sticking my tongue inside her. I took the cherry off by the stem and sucked the cream from it, then licked the thick dollop over her clitoris. I sucked her clit hard, slurping loudly as I consumed the last of the whipped cream from her hot cunt.

I took the cherry between my lips and brushed it over her clitoris, before moving down and pushing it into her pussy with my tongue. I pulled my head back and looked at the stem poking out from between her plump labia, then up to her flushed face.

"I suppose now you're going to take my cherry," she chuckled.

"Actually..." I started, then bend down and took the stem between my teeth, pulling the cherry slowly from inside her.

It slipped from her pussy, coated in her juices. I stood up, then reached to her, holding the back of her neck and pulling her toward me. Understanding my intention, she smiled and obliged, leaning down to take the cherry on her tongue, then wrapped her lips around it. She pulled, the stem coming off, and chewed her pussy-candied cherry sensuously. My erection was raging, pressing against the cupboard drawer.

"Mmmmm... thank you, babe," she said after swallowing her treat.

She picked up the can of whipped cream and applied a dollop on each of her nipples. "Now here," she said.

She stuck her chest out and I gently cupped her enormous breasts, putting my mouth over her left nipple, taking all the whipped cream at once and suckling her nub as it hardened in my mouth.

"Aaahhh... that's nice. Anyway, about this whole 'arrangement'--no no, don't stop--the other women have made their decisions, but I don't have a husband to worry about. Mmmm, yes, nibble it a bit... oohh that's good. So you are going to continue to fuck me. I don't care if you fuck my daughter as well, just as long as I'm getting my share."

I popped her titty from my mouth. "But I thought you lived out of town."

"I do, but I think I'll be making more frequent trips here... to see my lovely daughter, of course," she replied.

"Mrs. Thompson, I'm not sure that's a good idea. I mean, you know how Emma feels about you stealing her men."

Gina squeezed her right tit and offered her whipped cream-coated nipple to me. I obliged, and began sucking it hard, occasionally nibbling on her erect nub with my teeth. She twitched as I suckled at her breast, kneading her tits.

"Yes, I do. Which is why we'll keep it secret."


"Shut up. You'll do as you're told or I'll tell Emma about our little gathering here today, is that clear? You still want to fuck my daughter, don't you?"

I looked up at her stern face between her gigantic tits, now clean of any trace of whipped cream, and nodded.

"Good. Then it's settled."

She pushed me back and hopped down off the counter top. She pulled me to her and kissed me hard on the mouth, our tongues writing against one another. After we broke apart, Gina picked up the can of whipped cream and held my fully-erect cock in her palm. She applied a thick frosting of whipped cream along my length, then set the can down and squatted in front of me. She looked up at me with her blue eyes and smiled widely.

"Besides, Emma may have a tight, young pussy, but she can't do this..."

Gina opened her mouth and put my dick head on her tongue. She put her hands on my hips and moved her head forward, taking my cock into her mouth. The whipped cream built up around her lips as my long shaft slid deep into her throat. She watched me the whole time, until her nose touched my abdomen. I shuddered as I felt her throat squeeze me. She then drew me slowly back out of her sweet mouth and wiped the cream from her big lips with her fingers, then sucked them clean. She wrapped her fingers around my girth and spit on my cock, jerking it firmly as she watched me with lusty eyes, her tits wobbling on her chest.

"I know my daughter can't suck cock like me. I've seen her try," mused Gina as she lubricated my member with her saliva. "You love my deep throat, don't you?"

"Yes Mrs. Thompson, it feels so fucking good. And I love how you watch me as my dick slides all the way down your throat."

"Like this?"

Gina popped my penis into her experienced mouth and took my entire length again, until my balls were resting on her chin. I felt her begin to gag, but she controlled it, her eyes watering with the effort. She held me inside her throat for a good 10 seconds as I looked down at her cock-stuffed face. I felt tingling in my balls, and I put my hand on the back of Gina's head, holding her firmly against my groin as I groaned. Finally, she pulled back, her spit dripping from my dick in long strings. She gasped for breath, then noisily slurped my shaft, stroking it quickly.

"Oh fuck that's a big dick. I love it, baby. Mmmmmm... fuck my face you filthy pervert," she growled, then opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out, putting my dick head on it.

I ran my hands through her wavy hair and held her in place as I bent my knees and thrust my cock carefully into her mouth. I stroked about two inches in and out along her tongue before she spat me out and looked up at me angrily.

"I said fuck my face, not 'let me suck you like a lollipop'. Shove your fucking cock in my fucking throat!" she said loudly.

I held her head firmly and thrust forward, my cock hitting the back of her throat forcefully. She gagged, but I pulled back, then thrust forward again. I began to fuck her throat as she asked, being careful not to hurt her, but hard enough to get immense pleasure as I felt her throat squeeze my dick head with every thrust.

"Nnguh-nnguh-nnguh" she vocalised as I fucked her mouth, her voice cut off every time my dick hit the back of her throat.

"Oh shit, Mrs. Thompson... you are such a dirty slut. Mmmm yes... gag on my big cock," I said as I watched her eyes water.

I could feel her tongue on the underside of my shaft slide along my length as her hands gripped my thighs for support, her nails digging into my skin. I leaned back slightly and put one hand on my hip as I looked down at Gina. Her huge tits swayed and bounced off one another as I pulled her head onto my thrusting dick. Her warm spit dripped down my shaft and over my balls as her mouth pleasured me.

I heard the patio door slide open and looked up to see Helen enter the kitchen.

"I thought you two might be getting into trouble!" she said half-scoldingly as she made her way around the kitchen counter.

She stood at my side and looked down at Gina as she gobbled my cock.

"Think you can keep him all to yourself, hmm Gina?"

Gina looked at Helen for a moment, then back up at me, ignoring her friend's comment. Helen put her hand on my arse and pressed her tits against my side.

"God, that looks so sexy. Look at that slut take your big cock. Mmmm, yeah... fuck her throat nice and hard," she mused, her free hand sliding down her body to her shorn mound.

"She gives such good head, Mrs. Miller. And look at the way her tits bounce when my dick hits the back of her throat. Ohhhhh..."

We both admired Gina's oral skills for a minute, then Helen put her hand on my cheek, turning my face towards hers as she kissed me. Her tongue explored my mouth as her hands roamed by body, feeling my rhythm as I stuffed my penis into Gina's hungry mouth. When we broke apart, she stepped up to the counter and hopped onto it, her boobs jiggling as she landed. She leaned back and spread her legs, stroking her pussy with her fingers.

"Gina, honey, stand up and turn around. I want him to fuck you from behind while you eat my pussy," said Helen insistently.

Gina pulled her head back and put a hand on my cock, stroking me rapidly. She wiped spit form her chin and breathed heard. She stood up and I pulled her against me, my hand behind her neck. I kissed her hard on the mouth as her hand continued to stroke my engorged cock.

"Are you going to fuck me nice and hard? Are you going to make me cum all over your massive cock?" she asked in a hoarse whisper, her breasts pushing against my chest as she continued to pant.

"Yes Mrs. Thompson, I'm going to fuck you so hard my balls will slap against your swollen clit," I replied, then spun her around and pushed her back, bending her over.

She did so willingly, tilting her ass up and putting her hands on Helen's inner thighs. My cock was more than adequately lubed, and I felt Gina's cunt with my fingers, noticing that she was also dripping wet. I pulled her ass cheek to the side as I positioned my cock at her fuck hole. She looked back at me as I eased into her, sliding comfortably inside, loving the warm, wet sensation of her pussy as it embraced me.

Gina's mouth opened and her brow furrowed. "Oooooohhh fuuuuuuuck..." she moaned, drawing out the sounds as I penetrated her to the hilt.

Helen smiled and put her hands in Gina's tousled hair. "Bring that pretty mouth down here and service me, woman," she giggled, clearly eager to be eaten out.

Her tits bulged between her arms as her nipples hardened in response to Gina's mouth as it touched her bare cunt.

"Oh!" cried Helen as she closed her eyes.

I saw Gina's head moving about as she aggressively ate Helen's sweet pussy.

"Oh fuck... oh fuck that's good..." Helen began to whimper as Gina worked her magic.

I began stroking my cock in and out of Gina's wet pussy, holding her hips as I worked up some speed. I fucked her deep, but not all the way, allowing us to develop a good rhythm. I watched Helen's face as she sighed, moaned, and bit her lip, while Gina's head continued to move over her pussy. I admired her big tits, and her cute face--still young in appearance like her daughter's, with just a few subtle lines to betray her maturity.

"You look really pretty getting your pussy licked, Mrs. Miller. I can really see where your daughter gets her cute smile and big, perky breasts."

Helen looked at me and smiled, blushing. "Thank you sweetheart, that's nice of you to say. It's nice to know I can still get attention from the younger men. I just love teasing the hell out of Holly's male friends with low-cut tops and tight jeans."

"I feel really lucky that you all let me fuck you. I mean, this is a pure fantasy for me!" I admitted.

"Yes, and I think we all probably consider ourselves lucky too, hun," she said, winking. "It's not everyday that you can get fucked by a sexy young man with a cock like yours; especially when you're married. Ooooooh, yes baby!" she moaned as Gina's oral overcame her again.

I began to fuck Gina harder, aroused by watching Helen squeeze her tits while Gina slurped at her pussy. My thighs connected with her ass, causing it to ripple with the impact as my balls swung forward, smacking against her clit.

"Oooohhh shit! Yes! I can feel your balls hitting my clit, baby! Yeeeeeaahhh!" Gina moaned loudly, pausing for a moment from her oral sex to look back at me lustily.

At that moment, the sliding door opened again, and Carmen strode into the house, smirking at our kitchen threesome.

"Glad to see everyone's enjoying themselves," she commented as she approached me, looking down to watch my cock pound her friend's pussy.

She nodded approvingly and squeezed my ass, saying, "Good boy," then went to observe Helen's pussy as it received Gina's tongue. She caressed the back of Gina's head, pushing it into Helen's cunt. Helen tossed her head back and moaned in approval. Noticing the can of whipped cream on the counter, Carmen picked it up and shook it, her tits wobbling in response. She looked at me to make sure I was watching, then sprayed a large dollop onto Helen's left tit. Helen looked down at her ample chest and watched as Carmen cupped her breast and kissed around the cream, before licking small bits of it from her nipple.

"Oooouuu yeah, Carmen... suck on my titty."

Carmen slowly and deliberately licked the whipped cream from Helen's breast, taking her time and savouring each mouthful. Eventually, she had licked it clean, and swirled her tongue rapidly around Helen's areola. Helen held the back of Carmen's head and pushed her face into her bosom, sighing deeply.

"Fuck, I am so turned on right now," she groaned.

Carmen pulled back, giving Helen's nipple one last gentle lick, before returning to my side. She held my hips and slowed my rhythm, eventually stopping me from thrusting into Gina's wet cunt.

"I think it's time you tried a different hole, darling," she murmured sensuously as she wrapped her fingers around my shaft and pulled my swollen cock head from Gina's vagina.

I thought for a moment she was going to ask me to fuck her, but instead bent down and pulled Gina's round buttock to the side, dribbling spit onto her exposed anus. Wordlessly she placed my dick head against Gina's asshole. Gina's head spun back to look at us with a surprised expression. I gave her no time to protest, and gripped her hips firmly as I forced my cock into her bottom.

Gina cried out as I penetrated her ass, Carmen moving her hand as fully half my thick cock disappeared into her bowels.

"Aaaah fuck! Shit!" screamed Gina as I pulled out and thrust back into her.

"Yeeeah! Fuck her ass, baby!" cheered Helen, pinching her nipples and rolling them in her fingers.

I thrust into Gina's full bottom again and again, feeling it relax and adjust to my thick girth.

"Oh fuck me... shit... you're stretching my ass out, honey... goddamn that's a big cock in my ass..." she moaned as I had anal sex with her.

Carmen appeared immensely pleased with herself as she watched me violate Gina's asshole. She licked her fingers and kissed me on the cheek.

"Much better," she said approvingly, before turning quickly on her heel and leaving down the hallway towards the staircase.

"Do you like my cock in your ass, Mrs. Thompson?" I asked.

She continued to watch me fuck her bottom, a half-pained, half-desperate expression on her pretty face. Pussy juice glistened on her lips and chin.

"It's... oh my god... it's fucking big. I honestly don't know how Emma's virgin asshole took this cock," she replied.

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