tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEmmerdale A Very Sexy Village Ch. 15

Emmerdale A Very Sexy Village Ch. 15


"Well aren't we a couple of sad do's? said Eve Jensen. "its Saturday night and two young women are drinking alone in the Woolpack."

Her remarks were aimed at Genni Walker who was standing at the other end of the bar.

"Story of my life, alone on a Saturday" sighed Genni.

Eve sidled up to the other girl and said, "fancy a night out, the two of us? We could go into Hotten, there's a new club open, want to give it a try?

Genni thought quietly to herself. "What does a gorgeous girl like Eve, want to go out on a Saturday with someone like me?"

"Thanks. But I'm alright here thank you." stammered Genni.

"Aw, come on it will be a laugh, who knows we might pick up a couple of hunky men." pleaded Eve.

Genni had not been with a man, since her boyfriend Jamie had left her after finding out she had slept with his dad. The prospect of a night out with Eve with her stunning looks and ability to attract men, tilted the options in favour.

"Ok, your on, but I have to go and change into something more appropriate, book the taxi, I will be back soon."

With that Genni rushed from the pub to the cottage she shared with Katie and Chas.

Eve smiled to herself, her plan to have sex with as many villagers as possible was on track again. After seducing Cain Dingle a woman was next. She had weighed the options and come to the conclusion that though not the most attractive, Genni would possibly be the easiest , given her recent lack of sexual activity.

Eve had never been with a woman and she suspected, neither had Genni, a new experience all round. The carefully planned evening was developing nicely.

Genni arrived back at the pub having changed into a rather sexy little black number, which showed of her large bust and surprisingly slender legs. As they climbed into the taxi, Eve smiled to herself, this was going to be a good night.

After a couple of wine bars, the girls hit a club and despite attracting men like flies, Eve clung closely to Genni, plying the other girl with booze, whilst she carefully monitored her intake. No sense in getting so drunk, that all the careful planning went to waste.

Around one o'clock they took a taxi back to Emmerdale, Eve slowly sliding her arm around the other girls shoulder as Genni placed her head sleepily next to hers.

At the door of the cottage, Genni said "Thanks for a wonderful night," and drew Eve to her in an affectionate hug.

"Your welcome, must do it again, any chance of a coffee? Gran will be asleep and I don't want to disturb her."

Genni replied "of course, come on in." with that the girls entered the cottage.

The lights were turned down low and Genni put some soft background music on.

"Coffee or wine?" asked Genni

"Wine would be nice," replied Eve

She swallowed hard and thought to herself, "this is it."

When Genni returned from the kitchen with two large glasses of wine, Eve stood to meet her, stepped forward and placed her arms around Genni's waist, drawing the other girl to her.

"What are you doing?" said Genni almost in a whisper.

But Eve did not reply, instead she place her lips upon those of the other girl, gently at first, then with increasing pressure and movement.

Genni, taken aback did not respond.

"I have wanted to do that all evening," said Eve as she broke off the kiss.

"But, but your not a lesbian, you were married and you were with Carl for months," stammered a startled Genni.

"You don't have to be gay to fancy another girl, and by god I fancy you right now." said Eve with growing passion in her voice.

"The feeling is mutual," said Genni, pulling Eve's head towards her and attaching her lips to hers, mouths opening and tongues beginning to explore.

Eve, whilst running her smooth tongue along Genni's neck, found the found the zipper on her dress and eased it down.

She stepped back whilst the fabric slowly fell from Genni's body. She stepped away from the dress to reveal a stunning black and red bra, that barely concealed her breasts, matching panties and to Eve's surprise and delight, really sexy black hold up stockings.

"Wow," exclaimed Eve, "you look sensational," before again drawing Genni to her for another kiss.

Her hands went around Genni's back and unclasped the bra. Genni shrugged the bra from her and revealed her large breasts to Eve's gaze.

Although she had never done it before, Eve lowered her head to Genni's breast and poking out her tongue licked gently around the stiffening nipple.

Genni moaned softly as Eve suckled on her breast, her fingers slowly stroking through the other girls blonde hair.

Eve's lips left Genni's nipple, to be replaced by fingers slowly sliding along Genni's elongated nipple, whilst her lips and tongue tantalised its twin.

As Eve was paying homage to her breasts, Genni felt Eve's other hand snake across her stomach and stopped just short of her panties, which were by this time, very, very moist. Her pussy was screaming for attention and she was willing Eve to take the final step.

Eve was enjoying her first lesbian experience and decided to see what Genni had in her panties. She slid her hand down and almost immediately encountered thick curls of pubic hair. Now Eve had for some time kept her pubes nicely trimmed and fairly sparse, so it was a shock to meet this veritable forest of female hair.

Undeterred, her fingers moved through the hair until she found the lips of Genni's pussy and inserted a finger into her wetness.

Genni gave a gasp and said "oh my god, that feels so good." This encouraged Eve as she slid another finger in and began to finger fuck the other girl.

With their mouths crushed together, tongues twirling in the others mouth and Eve's fingers doing delightful things to her pussy, Genni soon built up the her first orgasm for many months.

Eve gently eased Genni onto the sofa and removed her panties, leaving Genni naked before her except for the hold up stockings, which Eve found very erotic.

Eve, still fully clothed, gazed down at Genni, a contented look on her face, breasts rising and falling as her body recovered from the orgasm. The thick patch of hair at the junction of her thighs allowing just a glimpse of the pink lips through the curls.

Eve slowly unbuttoned her blouse. Genni smiled as the lacy white bra was revealed, unclasped and Eve's perfect breasts were released to her touch.

Genni cautiously reached up and slowly caressed Eve's breasts, sending shivers of delight through the other girl.

Eve lowered herself down and kissed Genni, their mouths working slowly, tongues entwined as their quite substantial breasts rubbed erotically together, nipples hardening as they rubbed against each other.

Eve moved down, sliding her experienced tongue along Genni's neck, before taking a good mouthful of breast flesh, flicking a nipple with just the tip of her tongue. She continued her journey southwards, poking her tongue into the navel, before moving slowly towards her target.

She skirted around Genni's incredible pubic region, instead concentrating on the area of flesh above the tops of her hold-ups. She gently nuzzled the soft flesh, her nose picking up the muskiness emitting from Genni's pubic area.

Genni was in seventh heaven. The lack of sex in her life was so frustrating. No matter how many times she used her fingers or vibrator to masturbate, it was never the same, now with a beautiful creature like Eve Jensen between her legs, she was in sexual paradise.

This got even better when Eve finally took the plunge and for the first time licked the pussy of another woman. Soon into the new experience, Eve gained more and more confident, inserting fingers, then a combination of lips, tongue and fingers brought Genni off again.

The girls pussy was soaking by this time, her juices flowing, coating Eve's lips and mouth as she continued to feast on Genni's wonderful pussy.

Finally she was sated, kissing her way back up Genni's body, she stopped and placed tiny kisses on each nipple, before placing her lips over Genni's.

"That was fantastic, but I have got to go." said Eve softly

Genni was shocked, "but why, you can stay the night, we can do it in bed all night, I want to do to you what you just did for me, please stay." Genni pleaded.

"I'm sorry I have to go," Eve replied, fastening her bra and slipping her blouse back on. "Look, its been great, I loved doing those things to you, but I don't know if its what I want. Best end it now, before anyone gets hurt, OK?

Genni had tears in her eyes as she reluctantly agreed and Eve left the cottage.

Half an hour later Eve was in her own bed writing in her journal.

"Two down, how many more to go? She said quietly to herself, as she wrote "Genni, first lesbian sex, nice but a bit to hairy. Tasted good though, nice boobs, surprisingly good kisser, 7/10. Will definitely try it again, will have my pussy sucked next time, one step at a time though, I'm still learning."

Her hand reached into her pyjama pants, fingers searching for her clitoris as visions of Genni and the touch and feel of her skin and the wonder of eating another woman for the first time, soon brought on a very satisfactory orgasm.

With that she drifted into a very contented sleep.

At the same time at Home Farm, Adam Barton was disentangling himself from the arms of his sleeping girlfriend Mia, and was intent on a meeting with her mother.

Adam had been fucking both women for a few weeks now. Mia, young, fairly inexperienced, was very willing and experimental, whereas her mother Ella was sophisticated and worldly wise in all forms of sex and took Adam to places, sexually he could never even imagine, never mind experience.

Adam, wearing just his knitted boxers, crept slowly from Mia's bedroom and down the stairs to the kitchen. Ella had sent him a message to meet at 3a.m. It was now five minutes to.

The kitchen door opened and Ella stepped into the room. She was wearing a cream coloured robe, tied loosely at the waist.

A woman in her forties, she was stunning and Adam could not believe his luck.

Without saying a word, Ella undid the belt and allowed the robe to fall from her body, she was naked.

She slowly moved towards him, hips and breasts swaying as her long shapely legs carried her to her lover. Her lips crushing into his, tongue probing into his mouth, urgently seeking his. Her hand dropped to his crotch and fastened around his erection, slowly rubbing against the fabric of his pants.

Ella dropped to her knees and quickly pulled Adams boxers down to his ankles. Taking him her hand, she slowly licked up the length of him, before taking the bulbous head into her mouth.

Adam could not begin to describe how he felt at that moment. He loved the feel of Ella's lips around his cock. His first real girlfriend, Scarlett, was not keen on oral sex, Mia, Ella's daughter, asleep upstairs, loved giving head and was quite good, but Ella was in a different league.

Ella sucked on his cock, her hand fondling his balls, while Adam revelling in the moment, glanced down to see the blonde haired woman's head, bobbing in a perfect pattern, her mouth around his engorged cock.

As she sucked eagerly, Ella thrilled at the danger involved in her actions. Her husband Declan was asleep upstairs, as was her daughter and father in law. Any one of them could wake and come down to the kitchen and catch her fellating her young lover. These thoughts only increased her passion and she began to swallow even more of him into her mouth, until she felt the tip of him catch the back of her throat.

Adam could not hold out any longer, with a slight push on her forehead, he extracted his cock from her mouth and took himself in hand, rubbing furiously towards that blessed relief.

He came. Strong spurts of semen erupted from his cock, heading for Ella's face. She opened her mouth to catch the white sticky fluid as it poured out of the end.

After the initial eruption, she took the now shrinking cock and again sucked until all vestiges of his come had been consumed.

Adam looked down. His juice was in her hair, in her eyes and as she demonstrated by opening it wide, in her beautiful mouth. She let a little dribble down her chin, then with that amazing tongue, licked it back in, before swallowing it all down.

She stood, kissed Adam and said "now go back to bed and fuck my daughter."

With that she picked up her robe, pulled it around her and left the room.

Adam followed and a few minutes later was doing what the lady had instructed. He was a very lucky boy.

Eve has awoken suddenly from her dream filled sleep. Sitting up in bed, she reached for her journal and wrote in the name of her next target, which had just occurred to her in a dream.

"He will do very nicely." she said quietly to herself.

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