tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEmmerdale A Very Sexy Village Ch. 18

Emmerdale A Very Sexy Village Ch. 18


Katie Sugden woke at 3a.m. She desperately needed to pee.

It had been quite a night in The Woolpack. Most of the young ladies of the village had enjoyed a real girls night out. Lots of wine and a great deal of gossip and innuendo discussed .

As Katie left the loo, having deposited a large amount of golden urine into the bowl, she thought she heard crying from Chas's room.

She placed an ear to the door and heard her housemate sobbing loudly. Katie knocked softly on the door and quietly entered the room.

Chas was laying on the top the duvet. Her black hair was splayed over the pillow, her face streaked with mascara running from her heavily made up, tear laden eyes.

She was wearing a pink bra and matching panties.

Katie in white panties and a pale pink skimpy vest, sat on the bed and took Chas's hand into hers and asked, "what's up babe?

Chas did not reply, simply carried on sobbing.

Katie moved onto the bed and placed her arm around the older woman and drew her close, placing small kisses on Chas's forehead.

Eventually Chas stopped crying and said "take no notice, I'm just being silly."

"Come on, you can tell me." said Katie.

"My whole life is a mess. No man, son facing years in jail. Can't control my gob, half the village hate me, I'm a one hundred per cent fuck up."

She began to cry again and her head fell back down onto the pillow.

What happened next was inexplicable, It was not planned and was the furthest thing from both their minds. It was pure spontaneity

As Katie moved towards her, Chas placed her hand behind the blonde girls head and pulled her mouth onto hers.

Katie was surprised, but responded eagerly to Chas's kiss, her tongue finding its mate.

Katie had experienced lesbian sex once before, on a magical afternoon at Home Farm Lake with Masie Wylde. For Chas, the first time.

They continued to kiss, hands caressing each others faces and their tongues twisted and twirled in the others mouth, lips smearing saliva as they parted briefly before again joining in mutual desire.

Katie then took the initiative and moved her lips down Chas's neck and placed them on the swell of Chas's quite substantial left breast, before moving her lips back to Chas's and another extended period of kissing, during which Katie moved her hand between Chas's legs and began to rub her pussy through the silky material of her panties.

Katie pulled the bra cup off Chas's breast and immediately fastened her lips around the large brown nipple. She sucked hungrily as Chas thrust her now wet crotch against Katie' s probing fingers.

Easing Chas onto her back, Katie spread Chas's legs and lowered her head into the other girls thighs.

She placed her tongue on the pink fabric and began to lick, soon exposing the outline of Chas's lips, picked out by the moisture deposited by Katie's tongue. Chas has been eaten out many times, but always by men, this was her first girl, and she was loving it.

Planting a kiss on Chas's belly button then left breast, Katie found her mouth and then sat upright and casually lifted her vest over her head, exposing her pert breasts to Chas's adoring gaze.

Instinctively Chas took the left breast of her young lover in her hand, fingers stroking the soft smooth flesh before her tongue flicked at the hardening nub of the pale pink nipple, as Katie moaned in appreciation.

Katie then again eased Chas onto her back and spread her legs. This time however she pulled the panties aside revealing Chas's vagina, its lips glistening with moisture inviting Katie to plunge deep inside.

Katie began by sweeping her tongue up and down the opening, before taking the full fleshy lips and sucking them between her hungry lips.

Then parting the lips with her fingers, exposed the inner lips and clitoral hood, which she attacked, her tongue flicking rapier like around that most sensitive flesh.

Chas her head rolling from side to side, was moaning softly as Katie alternated between licking the full length of Chas's pussy, kissing the lips and then sucking the fleshy lips into her mouth.

She rubbed the clitoris with a thumb, inserted fingers into her friend, before again licking and sucking those wonderful lips.

Eventually she moved back to Chas's mouth and the two women kissed over and over, seemingly insatiable.

Katie knelt as Chas planted wet kisses all over her pert little ass, sliding her fingers over the thin strip of material between Katie's legs, all that separated her from her first taste of another woman. She pulled it aside and circled Katie's puckered anus with her tongue before easing Katie's lips apart and entering a whole new experience as her tongue probed the younger woman's most intimate places.

Spreading Katie's legs, Chas slid down until they were in the classic "69" position. She continued to explore Katie's pussy, drinking in the fluids emitting from it.

Katie was concentrating on kissing the soft flesh between Chas's inner thighs and her knees, Chas was in a place sexually she had never been before as she orgasmed without her pussy being touched.

She replaced her mouth with fingers and with one at first, began to finger fuck Katie. Another finger entered that extremely wet place and a third, before the friction caused Katie to come. She squealed loud and long as her orgasm raced through her body.

The girls then concentrated on some serious pussy action. Still in the "69" position they licked, fingered and sucked on pussy lips that were dripping in the most divine tasting juice. Katie on top, was amazed at the size of Chas's clitoris, the nub of pleasure reacting to the actions of her tongue and sending multiple orgasms through Chas's body.

Then Chas started to really get down and dirty with Katie. Her tongue circled around Katie's butt hole as her long fingers worked away inside the blondes soaking pussy bringing Katie to an equally titanic orgasm.

Katie climbed off, and soon the two were kissing frantically again. Lips crushed on lips, each tasting her own pussy juice on the other. Tongues were exploring every inch of the other mouth as their hands caressed and stroked their sexually charged bodies.

Chas climbed on top of Katie and whilst kissing her, began to thrust her hips at the other girl. Katie responded by altering her position s that their pussies came into contact. This was a first for both girls, but soon became a frenzy of grinding their hot sticky organs together, until they orgasmed at the same instant and clung tightly to each other until the sensation had passed.

Exhausted, Katie kissed Chas gently on the lips and tip toed back to her room.

The next morning neither girl mentioned what had occurred, it was if it had never happened, but sly little smiles, while Genni twittered on about nothing in particular, said it had.

Earlier that night at the Bed and Breakfast, Amy was relaxing on the sofa, it had been a busy night in the restaurant and she was tired. Val and Eric had popped down to the Woolpack for a well deserved nightcap.

Amy fell asleep and was woken by Val.

"Oh, its you, what time is it?" said a bleary eyed Amy.

"About 11," answered Val, sitting next to her foster daughter on the sofa.

"Where's Eric? Asked Amy.

"Oh he's got into a poker game with the Kings, Jai and David. They will be ages yet.

Amy leaned over to her foster mother and placed her lips on Val's. "we might have a little game of our own then." she whispered as Val's tongue emerged from her mouth and slid around Amy's already extended one.

They kissed, mouths eagerly engaging together, tongues exploring, Amy's hand stroking Val's hair as Val caressed Amy's breast through the material of her sweater. She was not wearing a bra and the nipple immediately hardened under Val's fingers.

Since their first lesbian encounter, the two had made love, whenever possible.

Val placed her hand between Amy's legs and began to rub, before sliding the same hand up inside Amy's sweater and finding the naked nubile breasts waiting for her touch.

They continued to kiss, a thing they both loved doing, especially to each other.

Val then lifted Amy's sweater and exposing the right breast , immediately attached her lips to the sensitive nub of flesh. Her lips and tongue swirled around it until she transferred her lips back to Amy's to again enjoy the sensation of the younger girls kisses, while her hand rubbed Amy's now moist pussy, through the material of her jeans.

Again they kissed as Val slid her hand into the waist band of Amy's jeans. As she did so Amy took her breasts in her hands and began to tweak the nipples as Val trailed her tongue across the flatness of her belly.

Val released the belt and unzipped the jeans, her hand now encountering first pubic hair and then the warm sticky wetness of Amy.

She eased Amy down onto her back and lay beside her. Their mouths working together as they carried on this orgy of kissing, Val's fingers working in and out of the hot young pussy.

Val sat up, ripped off her top to reveal a black lacy bra, before again lowering her lips to Amy's and continuing to kiss. Her hand still deep within Amy's panties.

Amy then spoke. "Please put your mouth down there, I want to feel your tongue in my pussy."

Val smiled as Amy arched her hips and slid the jeans and panties off. Amy had trimmed her pubes, just an inch wide strip, Which Val found very erotic.

Instantly Val began to pay homage to the wonderful sight before her. Lips, tongue and fingers explored every inch of the outer and inner lips, before removing her left breast from its bra cup and taking the extended nipple, rubbed it up and down Amy's pussy, coating the nipple and aureole with the Juice emitting from Amy's now very wet pussy.

She then inserted three fingers inside her, the thumb, pressing against the clitoris, causing Amy to come, long and loud, she screamed as a whirlwind of pleasure swirled around her body.

"That was good one eh.? Smiled Val from between her legs, slipping the fingers into her mouth and sucking in the sweet tasting pussy juice.

They kissed again, Val furiously finger fucking her foster daughter, causing another almost instant orgasm to rip through Amy.

Val's fingers were inside Amy, nearly up to the knuckle, still working furiously, her lips on her breasts causing Amy to come again, soaking Val's fingers with love juice

Val sat up and removed her bra. Her large pendulous breasts came into view. Amy raised her hands and began gently to rub them over Val's breasts and nipples.

Val then slipped out of her slacks and revealed a really sexy pair of matching black panties and equally sexy hold up nylons.

She knelt on the sofa and offered her ample backside for Amy to kiss. The younger girl was more than willing and was soon covering the ass with long swirls of her tongue and lips. Pulling the panties aside, Amy began to lick Val's pussy from behind, her face buried in the backside of her foster mother, her tongue sliding into the moist cavity and slurping on the copious juices Val was producing.

Then repeating what Val had done, Amy took her much smaller breast and smeared it with Val's juice and as the older woman turned, thrust the breast into her mouth allowing Val to lick off her own juices from the firm young nipples.

Then Val heard voices from the street, Eric Pollard was shouting good night to someone. Quickly the two women gathered up their clothes and dashed up the stairs just as Eric opened the door.

A short time later, as Eric climbed into bed, Val reached inside his sleep shorts and found his limp penis, "fancy a bit of fun?" she said.

Down the corridor, Amy sleeping naked had her vibrator working, her head full of images, not of Val, but of David, Eric's son. It was him she really wanted to fuck.

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