tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEmmerdale A Very Sexy Village Ch. 19

Emmerdale A Very Sexy Village Ch. 19


This story is dedicated to a fan "Blonde Katie" who inspired it.


Katie Sugden had had a busy day. A new horse had been delivered to the livery stable she ran from Home Farm in Emmerdale, and he needed bedding in. Four one hour riding lessons had been given, then she had to "muck out" the stables.

She stood under the shower, trying to get the smell of horse dung off her skin and thought that a nice cold glass of wine in The Woolpack would hit the spot.

However, the thought of all the paperwork, piling up at Home Farm was overpowering, so she dressed and set out to burn some midnight oil.

She was just into sorting out some invoices, when the office door opened. It was Mia Macey, daughter Declan, owner of the Home Farm estate.

Katie and Mia had been friends until Katie had a brief fling with her dad. Things were gradually getting back to normal for the two girls.

"Hi Katie, I didn't expect you here at this time." said Mia, a petite, pretty girl of 20.

"To much paperwork and not enough hours in the day" replied Katie.

"Can I help?"

"There are some things on the cabinet that need filing, that would be a big help," said Katie thankfully.

After a quarter of an hour, Katie said "sod it, I've had enough, fancy a drink in the "Woolly."

"Why spend money, when there is the whole of my dad's wine cellar right here."

They chose a bottle of rather expensive white and retired to the lounge.

Sitting on one of the big sofa's, Katie asked, "Declan still away?"

Mia replied, "yes, for another week, so I am all alone in this big house."

They made small talk until Mia asked, "do you know why Adam dumped me? I miss him so much."

"Sorry no idea, you seemed perfect for each other." replied Katie, sympathetically.

"We were, I loved him so much," then casting her eyes down, to avoid Katie's she said, "and the sex was incredible, he made me feel special, then he dumped me, men."

"I know, been there, done it and bought several tee shirts." said Katie.

"Who was your first, you know took your virginity?" asked Mia

Katie smiled at the recollection. "Andy, on a rainy Sunday in his dads hay loft. I was fifteen and thought my first love would last forever. How wrong can you be. Then looking at Mia, asked, "you?"

"I was a late starter, I was seventeen, he was mum's lawyer in Singapore. Very bright, very rich, very good looking and very married." Mia sighed and carried on "he was thirty-five, I was just a girl, he promised me the earth, then after one quick fuck, dropped me like a hot potato,"

"Men eh, who needs them?" said Katie.

"I do" replied Mia with a smile.

Mia took a drink of her wine and then said. "The problem is in such a small village, there is a shortage of eligible men. They are all spoken for, except Aaron and he's gay.

Katie thought the next sentence through, before delivering it, not knowing how it would be taken.

Then she said it, "you could always try the girls."

Mia pulled a face, "no way, not ever, sorry but no." she said adamantly.

Katie took a sip of her wine and said, "don't knock it until you've tried it."

Mia's mouth fell open as she said, "Katie Sugden, are you saying you've had sex with a woman, I don't believe it."

For some reason Katie blushed as Mia pressed on.

"Who was it? come on tell me."

Taking a good slug of wine, Katie said, "The first was."

Mia interrupted her, "the first, so you have done it more than once?"

Katie continued, " the first was Masie Wylde, her dad owned this house before yours."

"Was she a lesbian?" inquired Mia.

"No and neither am I, we just sort of fell into it. We were riding near the lake at the far end of the estate, it was a hot day, we went skinny dipping and finished up making love on the cool grass."

"Did it last" asked Mia.

"No, it was just the one spontaneous time. We laughed about it afterwards, neither of us regretted it."

"Sorry, but whatever you say, I could never bring myself to go with another woman, no matter how desperate I was."

Mia continued, "so who was the other?"

Katie said, "sorry I promised I would not tell, she lives in the village and I keep my word."

Then Katie leaned over and pressed her lips to Mia's. It was not a sexy kiss, lips did not move, tongues were left in the mouth, just lips on lips. It lasted for about ten seconds.

"Mia reacted angrily," what the fuck do you think you are doing? I told you I am not gay, I don't want to kiss you or have sex with you, if that's what you are after."

"Sorry, all the talk of our first times, the wine, being near a beautiful girl, I just had an uncontrollable urge to kiss you." whispered Katie.

Mia replied, "that's alright, it was just unexpected, perhaps if you had asked, I might have reacted differently. I am a bit curious now."

Katie saw her chance, "so may I kiss you Miss Macey?"

Mia giggled, the wine had got to her, "OK then, but just a kiss, no funny business."

Katie took the other girls head in her hands and gently placed her lips on Mia's. This time her mouth opened slightly and Mia responded by moving her lips against Katie's.

The kiss lasted about a minute. As they broke Katie asked, "Well?"

Mia fell back onto the sofa and replied, "Nice, softer than a bloke, no bristles, but OK."

Katie reached out to her. "Want to try again?"

Mia laughed and said, "Don't push your luck Sugden," and poured more wine.

Just then the Grandfather clock in the hall struck eleven.

"Jesus is that the time, I have to be back here at six." with that she finished her wine grabbed her coat and moved to the door.

"Thanks for a lovely evening, we must do it again some time." said Katie

Mia reached for her and gave her a great big hug. Holding her tightly she kissed her on the cheek saying.

"Thanks for the education, perhaps I may give the girl on girl thing a try sometime, but I doubt it."

Katie, smiling replied. "There was something in that kiss, that tells me different, you enjoyed it more than you want to admit. Goodnight."

Mia stood in the doorway and watched Katie walk away, down the long drive of Home Farm.

She did know why, but Mia called out, "Katie I'm sorry, come back."

Katie turned at the sound of the other girls voice and replied. "Are you sure?

The reply came through the darkness "Yes, oh god yes, I want to kiss you so much."

Katie was smiling all the way back to the house.

She ran the last few yards and flew into Mia's arms. Their mouths collided, lips crushed against lips as the two of them kissed passionately for the first time.

Mia locked the door, Then hand in hand they moved back into the lounge and settled on the sofa again.

After a long and tender kiss, when Mia felt the touch of another woman's tongue on hers for the first time, she said to Katie, "This is nice, but it is a far as I want to go, no touchy feely stuff, Ok?"

"Fine by me," replied Katie as she placed her lips onto Mia's, her tongue exploring the girls mouth.

They settled down into the comfort of the sofa and continued to kiss. Holding each others faces in their hands, their lips met, parted, met again in a sensual rhythm of lesbian kissing.

Katie poked out her tongue and Mia sucked on it . Thoughts of Adam and blow jobs flashed through her mind as she took the flesh into her mouth, before dismissing them and resuming this most sensual new experience.

As they kissed, Katie unintentionally brushed her hand over Mia's right breast. Either the girl had not noticed or did not object, Katie could not tell.

Katie then mover her lips down onto Mia's neck, her tongue sliding over the soft skin. She then cupped Mia's left breast and kissed the curves of flesh that formed Mia's cleavage. Her hands pushed Mia's breasts higher to increase the area to kiss and lick.

Mia lifted Katie's head and as their lips met said "Uh Uh ,you promised"

Katie did not object and accepted the kisses the other girl was providing. They kissed for what seemed an age. Katie was encouraged when she felt Mia's hand caressing her thigh through the jeans she was wearing. Then even more so when Mia began to trace patterns on her neck with a very sexy tongue.

Mia then moved her lips down and kiss the rise of Katie's breasts an did not object when Katie gently fondled her breast, feeling the nipple harden under her touch.

Katie then slipped to the floor, pulling Mia into a sitting position and proceeded to bury her head into the valley between Mia's breasts, her lips and tongue sending amazing feelings through the younger girls body.

Then Katie moved lower. Lifting Mia's shirt, she swept her tongue over the other girls belly, poking her tongue into the indentation that was Mia's belly button. Mia loved it.

Mia was really getting into the kissing game and after another prolonged bout, Katie moved her so that from her sitting position, Mia straddled her legs.

They kissed furiously, Mia alternating between Katie's lips, tongue and neck. They then both stuck out their tongues as far as they could, until the sensitive organ was almost touching their chins. Then rolled the two against each other until they disappeared into the mouth, this they repeated over and over and over, never tiring of giving each other pleasure.

Mia was now grinding her crotch into Katie as they continued to kiss. Katie ad her hands under Mia's shirt, caressing the soft skin.

An hour ago, Mia had never kissed another female, now she was an expert, taking Katie to places she had never before experienced.

Katie again buried her head in Mia's cleavage, this time its intensity sent Mia over the edge and she experienced her first lesbian induced orgasm. She relaxed, letting the waves of pleasure sweep over her, before again placing her mouth onto Katie's for more sweet kisses.

Katie then took Mia's shirt and began to lift from the hem. Mia compliantly, lifted her arms and allowed Katie to remove the garment.

Mia was wearing a cute pale blue bra, with little pink hearts. Katie lifted her arms to allow Mia to remove her shirt.

As she did so, Mia was surprised, but pleased to see that Katie was not wearing a bra. Mia gazed in wonderment at the perfect breasts, tipped with erect pink nipples, that appeared before her eyes.

Katie turned her attention to Mia's left breast, holding beneath, her tongue and lips were smearing the flesh at the top, when she pulled down the cup and revealed Mia's bare breast. Her mouth instantly sucked in as much of the soft flesh as it could. Her tongue lapping at the erect nipple, nipping it between her teeth, Katie thought she was in paradise.

She looked up at Mia, who smiled back and exposed her right breast and nodded in its direction. Katie then proceeded to give it the same attention.

Then Mia moved to Katie neck and then down between Katie's breasts. Taking the right breast in her hand, he marvelled at he softness, her finger traced a pattern around the erect nipple before taking that nub of pleasure between her lips and for the first time since she was a breast feeding baby, twenty years previously, sucked hungrily on another woman's breast.

She moved down, sliding her tongue over the expanse of soft skin that was Katie's belly, her tongue lingering in the button, before returning to kiss and fondle the breasts, then back to Katie's oh so sweet lips for even more kisses.

Mia was now kneeling between Katie's legs. As they kissed, Katie slid her hands into the waist band of Mia's jeans and proceeded to stroke the contours of her arse.

Mia spoke for the first time, since their lovemaking commenced. "Naughty" she said, then resumed kissing Katie.

Mia then sat back on the sofa. Still wearing her bra, her breast were exposed out of the cups. Katie laughed at the sight and reaching around her, undid the bra and removed it.

Now it was Katie's turn to straddle Mia. The younger girl took Katie's breasts in her mouth, tongue flicking at the nipples, before again covering Katie's belly with a coating of her saliva, her hands squeezing the tight, jean clad orbs of Katie's ass.

For the next half hour, they alternated their passions. Each paying homage to the others body, before gratefully receiving the same in return. Each transfer between the girls attentions being marked by a succession of very erotic kissing.

Katie then stood, unzipped her jeans and stepped out of them. She was wearing a tiny black thong.

Mia rose from the sofa and as Katie bent over, began to kiss and lick the cheeks of Katie's pert little ass. She took the elasticised top of the thong between her teeth and pulled it away, before releasing it to spring back to Katie's body, causing a slight jolt of pain. She repeated this several times to Katie's delight, before resuming coating Katie's ass with her oral fluids. Then she ran her tongue over the flimsy material that was all there was between it and the soft outer lips of Katie's pussy. But her nerve seemed to stop her going further and she stood up, and was taken into Katie's loving arms.

Mia stepped back and slowly undid the zip on her jeans before sliding them down her legs and kicking them away. She was wearing matching panties to her bra, blue with pink hearts.

Katie was soon sliding her tongue over Mia's belly again, before transferring her attention to Mia's cute tight ass.

They resumed a sitting position on the sofa and for the next minutes alternated between kissing, tongue sucking and playing with each others breasts.

As they kissed, Mia folded her leg around Katie, who took the limb and brought the foot to her mouth and started to suck eagerly on Mia's toes. Taking each of the toes between her lips and running her tongue along the sole of Mia's foot. She continued, kissing around the heel and ankle, before again sucking on Mia's toes.

Mia rewarded her with yet another kiss, it must have been approaching the thousandth, her tongue sliding seductively into Katie's mouth.

As they kissed, Katie was sliding her hand up and down Mia's naked thigh. She then eased the other girls legs apart and began to rub her hand between them, at the same time her lips were attached to the nipple on Mia's right breast. Mia was in a place sexually, she had never even dreamed of being.

Katie then slid her hand inside Mia's panties. Expecting an objection, she stopped at the first encounter with Mia's pubic hair. Mia simply smiled, kissed her and said "yes, oh my god, yes."

The fingers of Katie's right hand combed through the short curly hair, Then effortlessly slid down, found the outer lips and finally entered Mia's wetness.

Mia gave a little cry of ecstasy as Katie began to work her fingers in and out of her pussy while at the same time, kissing her with a passion she had never known.

Katie found Mia's clitoris and in a short while had Mia screaming as her orgasm, ripped through her young slender body. Mia took Katie's wrist and reluctantly eased the hand from her panties. She took the hand and sucked the juice of her own pussy from Katie's fingers in turn.

Returning her hand down Mia's panties, Katie was soon again working on the other girls clitoris, inducing another even more tumultuous orgasm. Mia uttered just one word as she came, "fuck" before attaching her mouth to Katie's.

Mia adjusted her position, gently parted Katie's leg, seductively licked her fingers and slid her hand down inside Katie's thong, encountering for the first time another woman's pubic hair and outer pussy lips.

Mia's fingers were working furiously inside Katie and the blonde girl was approaching her own orgasm. Then waves of pleasure ripped through her as the climax hit, like molten lava flowing through her, Mia's fingers still working were coated in the sweet sticky fluid that Katie's body was producing.

Then Katie repeated Mia's actions by sucking her own cum, from Mia's fingers.

Katie then stood and bent over. Mia instantly began kissing and licking the cheeks of Katie's arse, before taking the top of the thong between her teeth and slowly pulled the flimsy garment away from Katie.

She now had a view of another female vagina and slowly ran her fingers up and down the lips, causing Katie to issue a small gasp of pleasure. Before Mia again began to kiss the cheeks.

Mia then buried her head in the crack of Katie's buttocks and for the first time, slid her tongue inside another woman. She worked furiously. Probing as deep as she could get. Finger and tongue working in unison to bring Katie to the verge of another orgasm.

Afterwards they lay, naked in Mia's large bed. Still enjoying sharing kisses and wallowing in the knowledge that they had both enjoyed the sexual night of their lives.

Vowing to do it again and again and again.

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