tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEmmerdale A Very Sexy Village Ch. 20

Emmerdale A Very Sexy Village Ch. 20


Katie Sugden awoke as soon as the alarm on her mobile phone went off.

She reached out and turned off the alarm.

"What time is it?" the voice from beside her asked sleepily. It belonged to Mia Macey who Katie had just spent the night with.

"Just after six, Katie replied, "I have to go, the horses need letting out and I have a busy day."

As the naked Katie began to climb out of bed, Mia grabbed her arm, "just once more, please."

Katie leaned over and kissed the other girl full on the lips, her tongue just touching Mia's. "I would love to, but I have a business to run, later perhaps?" Katie whispered to Mia.

That night, Mia had been introduced to the joys of lesbian sex. Katie was a wonderful teacher and after initiating sex on the sofa in the lounge, had taken Mia to bed and let her enjoy the taste of her pussy as Mia went down on another female for the first time.

Now she wanted more, but Katie did not have the time.

She hurriedly used the bathroom and washed before going down stairs, collecting her discarded clothing from the previous night and rushed home to shower and change.

She saw nothing of Mia that morning as she was busy with riding lessons and general stable and paddock work.

It was about 1o'clock when Mia entered Katie's office, locking the door behind her.

Katie was busy entering figures onto a spreadsheet when Mia came over and said "I have been working on the latest projections, want a sneak preview?" She came over to Katie's desk, dropping the file on it. She leaned over allowing Katie a very good view down her low cut top. She was braless.

"They look very good, " said Katie "and the projections are looking alright as well "

Mia smiled as Katie stood and kissed her chastely on the cheek. Then taking Mia into her arms, she began to kiss her passionately.

As the two girls kissed, their hands were all over each others bodies. Katie smoothly stroked over Mia's breasts through the thin fabric of her top, as Mia forced Katie back towards the office wall and up to the shelving containing the files.

They continued to kiss. Katie was now running her hands over Mia's cute, jean clad butt. Her lips alternating between Mia's neck and oh so kissable lips. She spun Mia around so that the younger girl now had her back to the shelves. Then slowly she slid her hand between Mia's legs and as she began to rub, was delighted to feel the denim fabric was already moist.

The carried on kissing, then Mia began to wet Katie's neck with long sweeps of her tongue over the sensitive skin of her lover. Going lower she bit Katie's nipple through the fabric of her top and bra. Katie squealed in a mixture of pain and pleasure, then lifting Mia's lips to hers, crushed their mouths together, tongues frantically seeking the other in a blinding explosion of passion.

Mia then pushed Katie back towards the desk and began to kiss the soft skin of her chest and the swell of her cleavage.

Katie wanted this girl so badly. She took the hem of her top and in one swift movement the garment was removed and discarded. The really un-sexy sports bra she used for riding quickly joined the top in the corner of the office.

Mia was instantly on to Katie's naked breasts, her tongue flicking like a lizards at the erect and sensitive nipples.

Katie was again caressing Mia's butt as the younger girl placed her leg in such a position as to cause their pussies to rub together through their jeans.

Mia was playing the dominant lead role in the lovemaking as she continued to cover every square inch of Katie's naked torso with sweet kisses, while Katie carried on rubbing between her legs, the dampness of the denim seeping through onto her fingers.

Katie then removed Mia's halter top and revealed her beautiful, perfect breasts, which she immediately began to kiss, lick and suck, bringing soft cries of passion from the younger woman.

After a long and passionate kiss, Mia again started to kiss Katie's body, trailing her tongue down until it reached the waist band of her jeans. She popped the button and the zip slowly slid down, followed by Mia's hand. Her fingers instantly found Katie's wetness and began to explore her pussy.

She continued to finger fuck Katie as their mouths met, tongues duelling for ascendancy, breasts crushing together, erect nipple against erect nipple in a frenzy of lovemaking.

Katie took over and turned Mia around, the younger girl now leaning over the desk as Katie covered her naked back in long sweeping kisses, while her hand continued to rub Mia's pussy through the now soaking fabric.

Moving her lips to Mia's neck she took her breasts in her hands and began to gently caress the perfect twin orbs, gently tweaking the nipples and causing Mia to cry out in sheer ecstasy.

Katie undid the zip and Mia's jeans slid down her legs. She stepped out of them, revealing the tiny black thong she wore. Katie pulled the thong down, exposing Mia's pussy lips. She licked her fingers and began to rub them along Mia's soaking outer lips, while kissing the cheeks of her wonderfully pert arse.

She then pushed the middle finger of her left hand inside the lips and began to frantically finger fuck her bosses daughter. Mia soon reached her orgasm, releasing fluids which Katie slowly licked from her coated fingers.

"Eat me" pleaded Mia as she recovered from her climax.

Katie was only to happy to oblige and led Mia over to the large executive chair she used. As Mia sat, Katie removed the thong and gazed in wonder at Mia's pussy, wet, slippery and oh so inviting, surrounded by the soft brown curls of her pubic hair.

Katie began to lick, slowly at first, but at Mia's urging, soon increased the tempo. Mia took hold of her legs and raised them to allow Katie an even bigger target for her lips, tongue and fingers.

Mia was grabbing handfuls of Katie's hair as she pressed her head deeper inside her . Then she cam again, a full body wracking orgasm, followed swiftly by another.

She lay back into the chair, drained but very satisfied as Katie let her lip, wet from Mia's juices trail up the other girls body, until their lips met in a soft but passionate kiss.

Katie then stood and removed her jeans. As she bent over to take them off, Mia placed her lips on her butt and began to kiss and lick the soft pink flesh.

She then sat astride Mia, allowing her to quickly attach her lips to Katie's breasts. Her tongue flicking at the nipples as she brought great pleasure to the other girl. She then traced a finger from between Katie's breasts down, right into her slit, then after lubricating it, back along the same route. This she repeated several times, before finally letting her fingers concentrate on Katie's hot wet and achingly sensitive pussy.

She enhanced Katie's pleasure, by sucking on her right breast, while her fingers weaved heir magic inside her. She finger fucked Katie with one hand, while with the thumb of the other, she manipulated Katie's clitoris until Katie's body went rigid and the most powerful orgasm raced through her body.

"My turn," Mia said as Katie readjusted her position and lay back in the chair, her legs spread wide, the lips of her sex glistening with the juice her orgasm had just produced. Mia began to lick.

Laying back, her head swimming with a combination of pleasure and lust, Katie could only wonder at the talent Mia had for lesbian sex. Less than 24 hours ago, she would not even contemplate a kiss, but her she was with her tongue and fingers deep inside her, bringing the most incredible sensations to her body.

After another mind blowing orgasm, Katie again felt Mia's lips on hers, as they kissed slowly, but lovingly in the post sexual euphoria their lovemaking had created

The two girls kissed a final time before dressing and resuming their duties at Home Farm, but not before vowing to spend another sexual lunch break.

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