tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEmmerdale A Very Sexy Village Ch. 21

Emmerdale A Very Sexy Village Ch. 21


"God, I am going to miss you," Holly Barton said through her tears as she watched her friend Roz Fielding start to pack her things, ready to leave the farmhouse to start her new career in Bradford.

The two girls had been friends for a couple of years and suffered Holly's descent into drugs and her rehabilitation into a normal everyday life. Now Roz was leaving, not only the farm, but a big void in Holly's life.

"I'll miss you to babe, but its not to far, so we can still meet up, and I can come over here when I need a break from the big city." replied Roz

Roz finished the packing and sat down on the bed

"What times your cab?" asked Holly

"Not until six, we still have a few hours to wait."

Holly burst into tears again and Roz took her in her arms to console her. Although the girls had shared a bedroom for several months, the thought of a sexual relationship had never occurred to either, they were simply best friends... until now.

As Holly looked mournfully into Roz's eyes, Roz had an unbearable urge to kiss her friend. She had never kissed a girl before, but as she lowered her lips to Holly's, it seemed the most natural thing in the world.

Holly was momentarily taken aback, but as soon as Roz's lips met hers she responded, it was also her first lesbian kiss.

The two continued to kiss, then tongues came into play as the intensity of the kissing increased. Holly slipped Roz's jacket from her shoulders and ran her fingers over the smooth skin of her upper arm.

Holly's Tee shirt had ridden up and Roz began to caress the exposed skin of Holly's body.

"We have wasted so many nights," whispered Holly as their lips parted, "this could have been perfect, not a sad goodbye."

Roz kissed her with passion before saying, "it is perfect my darling, now enjoy."

Together they lifted Roz's flimsy top over her head and Roz unhooked her bra, exposing her pert breasts with their pink nipples to Holly's loving gaze.

Holly cupped a breast, the nipple hardening under her touch, as she did so, Roz intensified the kiss they were sharing, her tongue reaching deep into Holly's mouth.

Then lowering her head, Holly tasted another nipple for the first time, luxuriating in the feel of the nub of pleasure harden under the touch of her tongue as it swirled around the erect nipple.

They kissed again, enjoying the new found pleasure of each other, knowing that all to soon it must end.

Holly remove her top, the bra followed it onto the floor and within seconds, Roz's lips were firmly attached to Holly's nipples, her tongue lapping at the dark pink mound of pleasure as Holly threw her head back in pure sexual joy.

They lay back on the bed, the bed they had shared platonically so many times, and now shared it sexually for the first time. Content to just experience the thrill of kissing another girl, over and over again.

Over the next hour, they alternated each paying lip service to the others breasts, neck, belly and ears and of course, lots of long, tongue infested kisses.

"I want to taste you," Roz said, breaking from Holly's lips, "now."

Holly lifted her hips, as Roz unzipped her jeans and pulled them off, Holly's tiny back panties were discarded in the same movement. Holly lay before her friend, naked, her breasts rising and falling with each breath, her belly flat and at the junction of her thighs a neatly trimmed triangle of curly black pubic hair, beneath which, a pair of pink lips, glistening with a covering of fluid just pleaded to be loved. Roz was only to eager to oblige.

Although she had never performed the act before, Roz knew instinctively what to do. She trailed her tongue from Holly's lips, down her neck, on into the valley between her breasts, down across the belly and after kissing the soft sensitive skin on the inside of the thighs, put out her tongue and touched it to Holly's vaginal lips, before parting them and gently began to lick her friend.

Holly had not had much sexual experience and the sensation she was feeling was more than her body could cope with without release. That release came in a quite intense orgasm.

Roz recognised her friend coming and immediately drank in as much of Holly's release as she could and when her lips met Holly's moments later, they shared the nectar emitted from Holly's pussy.

After removing Roz's jeans and panties, the two naked girls knelt on the bed, lips, breasts and pussy's joined together in sexual harmony.

Easing Roz onto her back, Holly lay on her and began to kiss every available inch of her, face, neck, breasts, belly, legs, feet and finally the very centre of Roz's femininity, the lips of her shaven pussy.

Tentatively at first Holly begins to kiss the puckered lips, then licking down their length , finally allowed her tongue to experience the silky flesh of another woman's vagina for the first time.

As Holly continues to kiss and lick her most intimate places, Roz's hands are on her breasts, caressing the soft flesh, tweaking and pulling the aching nipples, she is close to coming. Then as Holly finds the tip of her clitoris, she explodes to an intense orgasm, which rips through her like a tsunami of pleasure.

Holly spread the lips with her fingers to allow her drink in as much of the love juice produced by Roz, as possible. Then her face and lips smeared with the juice, she attaches her mouth on Roz's and transfers some of the fluid back to Roz, her tongue eagerly accepting Holly's gift of love.

After a long kiss, Holly returned to her position between Roz's thighs, her tongue, lips and now fingers were exploring every square inch of the inside of Roz's vagina, sending the other girl into spasms of sexual ecstasy.

Unknown to the girls, Holly's brother Adam had returned to the farmhouse. He was on his way to his room, passing Holly's room heard the sexually induced noises echoing from within. Intrigued, he thought she had a man in there, he listened at the door and was amazed when he realised it was Holly and Roz having lesbian sex.

Adam had been frustrated since breaking up with Mia, the break-up caused by him fucking her mother, so he was as horny as hell and desperately wanted to join in, even if one of the girls was his sister.

Waiting for a really loud, moan or scream, he ever so slowly opened the door just a fraction. Holly's bed was behind the door, but her dressing mirror was right in his eye line, giving him a perfect reflective view.

The first thing he saw was his sisters arse, raised to expose her pussy lips. Adam could not believe what he saw. His sister was lapping away at Roz's pussy, her fingers moving slowly in and out of the same hole, while Roz was pulling at her nipples head back, moaning loudly. Adam had only seen lesbian sex in movies, now here he was in his own home, watching his sister give oral sex to her girlfriend.

Adam continued to watch, his cock now huge in his pants, as Holly moved back to Roz's breasts then mouth as Roz's hand moved between Holly's legs and he saw her fingers begin to play with her lips.

Holly was now supporting herself on her arms, her breast firmly in Roz's mouth, while the fingers worked at her pussy. Holly began to pant as her orgasm neared, then with a scream, she came.

Adam was fascinated to see the juice from Holly's hole trickling down Roz's fingers, which she removed and coated the cheeks of Holly's arse with her own cum fluid.

Adam lusted after the two almost perfect bodies that now lay on the bed, fingers slowly trailing along the others body as they recovered from their orgasms. But dare he make a move? It was a risk, but the more he saw the more likely he was to take it.

For the next fifteen minutes, Adam watched in awe, as first Roz again went down on Holly. Then in a sitting position the two girls arms entwined kissed passionately their pussies rubbing together as the caressed the others breasts. Holly then lowered her pussy onto the prone laying Roz, who eagerly began to lick at the very wet slit. Adam was glad that Holly had her eyes closed most of the time as she was now facing directly into the mirror he was using to watch the action.

Holly lay on the bed, Roz behind her kissed her forehead, lips, chin, breasts and belly, before lowering herself down into the classic "69"

Adam could not believe what he saw. His sisters pussy was directly in his line of sight. Wet with the juice of multiple orgasms, its lips glistening as Roz lowered her head, her tongue snakelike slowly began to lick, her fingers holding back the outer lips giving Adam a view deep inside his sister.

He watched for ten minutes as the two girls, kissed licked and fingered the others vagina, before again, disengaging and rolling back to the bed.

Adam could stand it no longer and opened the door.

"Adam, what the fuck," Holly screamed, "get out, now"

Adam stood his ground. "ah come on, let me join in, I am sure you would both enjoy my cock, its near to bursting watching you two.."

Holly said loudly, "You've been watching us, you pervert."

Adam said, "look if you don't want to fuck me, because I'm your brother, you watch me and Roz, but after the show you two have just put on, I just have to fuck somebody."

The two girls looked at each other, laughed and said in unison, "fuck it," and laid back on the bed, legs apart with fingers inside pussies, waiting while Adam stripped.

Having a manual labour job on the farm, Adam was very fit. The two girls watched eagerly as he stripped. Once he removed his briefs and brought his nice long thick cock into view, they were almost drooling in anticipation.

Adam came behind them and immediately ran his tongue from Roz's breast to her pussy. He began to lick the lips, so recently licked by his sister.

Holly meanwhile had positioned herself below her brother, his cock head inches from her mouth. It was the point of no return. She hesitated momentarily, before sucking him deeply into her mouth. Adam licked his way down Roz's leg, which was straddled over Holly and without hesitation inserted his tongue, deep within his sisters vagina. The deed was done.

As Adam straightened, Holly went down and took one of his tight balls into her mouth, while Roz took the penis, deep to the back of her throat and then began to suck.

Roz withdrew him from her mouth and began to masturbate him. As she did so, Adam lowered his mouth to Holly's as brother and sister kissed for the first time. Roz smiled at this and parted Holly's legs and went down on her, while Adam concentrated on taking his sisters elongated nipples between his lips.

As Adam kissed the breasts of the kneeling Roz, Holly, still on her back, was alternating between hand-jobs and blow jobs on her appreciative brother.

Adam nestled between Holly's legs as Roz squatted over her face. Simultaneously as Adam began to lick Holly's lips, Holly poked her tongue deep into Roz, who lowered her body, so that her pussy was pressed against Holly's mouth, making it difficult for her to breathe.

Adam simply said, "its time," Holly lifted her head and saw Adam's cock only an inch from her opening. Without replying, she reached down and her fingers circled the throbbing flesh. Then she slowly inserted her brothers penis into her vagina. The final taboo had been breached.

Adam very gently inserted himself it into his sister, slowly at first, but then with a greater rhythm, he continued to fuck his sister, his cock sliding effortlessly into Holly's pussy, feeling the velvety smoothness of her against the veins and skin of his rampant weapon.

Holly was in a very excited state as Roz again lowered her pussy onto her friends mouth and experienced Holly licking her as she watched Adam's cock disappear momentarily into her then re-appear, glistening with a coating of Holly's vaginal fluid.

Holly was close, "oh yes, yes, oh fuck me, yes, yes, yes," she cried out as her orgasm hit her. Adam withdrew without coming and pushing Holly's legs to her chest, began to lick the cum juice from Holly's pussy, while Roz reached down and took Adam's cock deep into her mouth and dribbling saliva onto the head and massaging even more liquid into its full length.

Holly was ready again, Roz took Adam's cock and guided it into his sisters waiting orifice and once again the siblings were joined as one.

Turning Holly onto her knees, Adam inserted himself into her from behind and began to pump his cock furiously into her. While experiencing the best sex of her life, Holly added to it by licking with equal ferocity at Roz's gaping pussy hole.

Adam felt himself close to coming, so he withdrew from Holly and watched his sister eating her friends pussy until he felt it was safe for him to continue without a premature end to his enjoyment.

Positioning himself above Roz, he fed his cock into the blonde girls eager mouth, she began sucking immediately, while Holly continued to give her immense pleasure between the legs. Roz took him from her mouth and rubbed the wet slippery organ over her breasts before again taking him deep to the back of her throat.

Roz said "I want to fuck," Adam was only to happy to grant her request and lay on his back. Roz squatted over his cock and slowly lowered herself down until Adam's length entered her. She began to milk the cock, contracting her muscles to tighten her lips around the hard flesh and started to move her body, the cock sinking far into her as she ground her hips against him for the most intense of sexual pleasure. At the same time, Holly was stroking and kissing her breasts, life did not get better than this thought Roz, as another orgasm began to build up deep within her.

Adam could not hold out much longer and with a wail cried out, "this is it, I'm coming."

Instantly the girls were kneeling before him. Roz took him into her mouth and a stream of white sticky fluid filled her. She took out the cock and handed it to Holly, she took her brothers sperm into her mouth, lovingly licking around the still erect head before Roz took it from her and again began to suck.

As the cock became flaccid, Roz lay on the floor. And with Holly's mouth directly above hers received Adam's sperm, trickling from Holly's mouth into hers. Holly then moved her lips to Roz's and their tongues stirred the sperm until it was all consumed. It was the most erotic thing Adam had ever seen.

The three of them, exhausted, lay on the bed, not wanting the afternoon to end, when Roz sat up and said," oh shit, have you seen the time?"

It was 5.30, they had been making love for hours.

Hurriedly dressing, they made their way downstairs where John and Moira, their parents were waiting to say goodbye to Roz.

"Cutting it fine aren't you? What have you been doing up there?" asked John.

"Packing and a few last goodbyes, that's all." replied Holly.

Roz's taxi arrived. After hugs and kisses, the Barton family waved goodbye to their guest. John had his arm around his wife's waist. While their son was running his hand across the denim clad backside, of their daughter.

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