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Emmerdale- Farm Seduction


Katie got home to be greeted by the sight of Jo wearing just a bra on the top half of her body. Jo was the lodger who Katie and her husband Andy had taken in- and who Katie was convinced was after Andy. Katie couldn't deny that it was easy to see why any man would find it difficult to say no to her, she was a stunning girl who was currently showing that she also had a great figure.

Incensed at what she could see, Katie angrily said: "what's going on Jo?" Jo looked at Katy and replied: "I honestly don't know what you're on about". Katie snapped back: "I know what's going on, stay away from Andy". Jo looked straight into Katie's eyes and said: "You've got it all wrong". Katie refused to believe her but Jo walked towards Katie and said: "It's not him I want, it's you" before placing a kiss on the blonde's lips.

Katie briefly returned the kiss but then walked out as she had to go back to work. Jo smiled to herself as she knew Katie had enjoyed the kiss just as much as she had. Later on Jo went to see Katie in the stables and said: "Are you avoiding me?" Katie looked up and replied: "No". Jo walked up to Katie and stroked the side of her face. At that moment Katie could feel the urge to kiss Jo there and then.

Still stroking Katie's face, Jo said: "you can't deny this is happening. I want you and I know you want me". Katie replied: "yeah I do, more than anything" before finally giving in and passionately kissing the dark haired girl. The girls put their arms around each other as they deepened the kiss, sliding their tongues into each other's mouths.

The girls then took each other's tops off until they were down to their bras before Jo pulled Katie down until she was lying in the hay, with the blonde on top of her as they continued to kiss each other passionately. Katie began kissing Jo on the neck and shoulders on both sides of her body before trailing kisses down the centre of Jo's body.

The dark haired girl then flipped the girls over and returned the favour. Jo then kissed both of Katie's breasts, causing the blonde to squeal in pleasure. The desire in the girls was only increasing as they kicked off their shoes and removed the rest of their clothing in between kisses.

Jo adjusted her position so she was now straddling Katie before quickly riding the blonde causing both women to scream in delight. "Oh god" "that's good" "don't stop" Katie gasped as Jo continued to work her magic and bring Katie to the brink of orgasm. Jo toyed with the blonde by stopping just before she orgasmed but the dark haired girl then removed the blonde's underwear before sucking on her clit, which finally brought the orgasm she craved as her juices flowed out of her.

After she had ridden out the orgasm, Katie grabbed Jo around the waist, flipped the girls around and kissed Jo again, once more sliding in tongue into her mouth before riding her just as Jo had just done to her. Katie smiled at Jo and said: "I had to return the compliment" before sucking on Jo's clit, also drawing an orgasm.

Once Jo had ridden out an orgasm of her own, the girls put their clothes on before deciding to shower together to wash the hay off themselves that they had got on them during their sex session in the barn. As Katie walked towards the shower she winked at Jo and said: "you want to join me?" Jo didn't need any encouragement and she eagerly got in the shower with Katie.

The girls savoured the close contact as their bodies were pressed together while the water lashed down on them as they kissed yet again with all of the passion that they had done outside previously. The girls traded kisses and used their tongues to savour every inch of each other's bodies as their lust and desire completely took over.

As they got out of the shower Jo said: "Katie Sugden I never knew you could be so horny". Katie replied: "Yeah well when I get turned on nothing can stop me- and you certainly turned me on". Jo then asked: "So can I expect a repeat performance then?" Without needing to think about it, Katie quickly replied: "Absolutely, that was the best sex I've ever had, I can't wait to experience that again".

While it was the first time either of them had sex with another woman, Jo had kissed girls a few times before she had come to Emmerdale, but she had set her sights on Katie and she was delighted to know that not only was the experience every bit as good as she expected it to be, she knew it was definitely going to happen again

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