tagFetishEmmy's Games Ch. 01

Emmy's Games Ch. 01


"Put my panties on," says the text message from Emmy.

It is 9:30am and I have just woken up. I look across to the bedside table and see Emmy's panties sitting there all dried out from last night's shenanigans. I lean over and pick them up, and can't resist the urge to hold them to my face momentarily and savour their aroma. I do as the text message asked and put on Emmy's cotton panties. They are not what I usually wear, not quite as slutty, but the fact they are hers has me rock hard the instant my cock touches them.

"They are on," I text back to Emmy.

Immediately I get a text message back. "Good, my little panty slut. Now before you get dressed, go and put a condom on your cock."

I am a little confused at the request but follow along as directed and reach into my bedside table and find a condom. It glides on effortlessly as my cock is erect and throbbing with eagerness.

"OK, now what?" I text back.

"What do you normally do with a condom? Fill it!" comes back the reply.

I find myself not needing any more encouragement than that and proceed to jerk myself off. I am still feeling extremely horny from the night before, and the fact Emmy's panties are now cupping my ass all lead me to a quick orgasm as I cum into the condom. Still grasping my cock, which has done little to subside, I text back to Emmy,

"The condom is filled. ;)"

"My, that was quick. Whatever you do, do not take it off. Leave it on and put your cock away back inside my panties and get dressed," Emmy says in her text.

I smile as I read this message. Emmy really has an insatiably kinky side and I am absolutely loving it. I do as asked and pull Emmy's panties over the front of my condom covered cock and proceed to put on my jeans and the rest of my clothes.

My cock feels weird as I walk down the stairs. It has finally subsided and gone limp, and it feels like the condom is trying to pull itself off. It only stays on and in place due to how tight Emmy's panties are, the cum soaking my cock as it writhes back and forth. As I sit down to have a cup of tea I hear my message beep again. I look at my phone and see once again it is Emmy,

"Dressed? Good. Now, you are going to take that beautiful cock of yours shopping. Head to London street and text me when you arrive."

I text back a simple,


I leave my tea. It is only a ten minute walk to London street and I make my way immediately. When I arrive I find it to be very quiet with few people around. I find a secluded bench to sit down on before I text Emmy. As I sit there trying to look as natural as possible I see some people look my way. I wonder what they would be thinking if they knew that just beneath this thin layer of denim I am wearing ladies panties over a cum-soaked, condom-covered cock. A wave of excitement wash over me and my cock hardens at the thought, a new-found confidence backed up by Emmy's directions. I text Emmy,

"I am here."

Almost immediately I get a response.

"Good boy, now head over to the sex shop. I have ordered something for you to collect in the name of Mr P. Antylover. ;) Text me when you have bought it. x"

I roll my eyes at the message, I knew the sex shop would be involved the moment I arrived and saw it but I am a little apprehensive about the stupid name Emmy has given me to use in the store. Nonetheless, I take a deep breath and walk confidently in through the shop door. I planned on walking straight up to the counter and asking for the order outright before my confidence wore off but I am taken aback by the amount of toys and sex wear on display. I take a moment to look around and find my heart racing as I consider what I would do with all the sexy stuff displayed before me.

"Mr Antylover?" I hear a curious voice say from behind me.

Startled I look up but refrain from looking around. I know it is the attractive lady I saw at the counter when I walked in, and my face flushes.

"Ahaa, yes that would be me," I concede. "Not my chosen name, my friend has a great sense of humour," I say as I finally look at the lady.

"She does indeed," she agrees. "Feel free to take a look around. I have your butt plug set aside over here for when you are ready to pay," she adds with a wry smile.

My face flashes with more embarrassment. In a vain attempt to sound confident I just tell her,

"That is great, thank you," and, "I am just browsing."

"No worries," she says. "Oh, I nearly forgot, your friend said to ask you to buy her something nice." She giggles. "You might do well to take a look over there," she continues, pointing toward the ladies lingerie section.

I thank her with a smile and wander over. Without even thinking I start thumbing through the stockings collection. I have thought about buying myself some slutty stockings for a while and now would be a good opportunity to buy some for Emmy. Considering how our new relationship is going I might get to wear them myself one day anyway. No sooner had I had that thought, the shop assistant was beside me and whispering in my ear,

"If you have made up your mind, you can buy them and I can let you put them on in the changing room before you leave."

"Sorry? These are for my friend," I protest.

"I know. She said you would be wanting to wear whatever you chose, as a gift to her," the assistant says with a huge grin.

"B...b-but...." I stammer.

"Come on, let's go and pay for it all and then you can text Emmy and let her know what you bought," the assistant says with a new sound of familiarity.

"You know Emmy?" I ask.

Giggling, she says, "Yes I do, and I know just how naughty she is."

I reach into my pocket to pull out my wallet and feel myself disturb my cock, which I take a moment to feel through my pocket. It is still tucked away in Emmy's panties, comfortably wrapped up in that cum-filled condom. My heart picks up more pace at the thought of it and I am feeling almost delirious and light headed with euphoria. The shop assistant seems to notice how worked up I am as she takes my card and processes the payment. She looks me in the eye and leans across the counter as she pushes my items toward me.

"You can go and put all of this on in the changing room over there," she says, darting a look to the corner of the store.

I place my hand on the bag and start to take the items. The shop assistant puts her hands on the bag and stops me. "Be sure to text Emmy before you open the bag, and do give me a shout if you need a hand," she says while shooting me a wink.

I take the bag, turn around and walk toward the changing room. Once inside I immediately take my phone out and text Emmy,

"Hello, you crazy woman! I am in the changing room. I have the BUTT PLUG and a pair of stockings. I have met your friend. :)"

"You really are a good boy, Humphry. I am so pleased you chose stockings. I think you will look fucking hot in stockings, especially with my panties. First I want you to put in that butt plug. I want your ass warmed up for me before we meet later. Text me when you are filled. DO NOT TAKE OFF MY PANTIES OR THE CONDOM," Emmy texts back moments later.

My heart is still racing and I am feeling sweaty all over. Reading that text message has me almost feverish with excitement. I eagerly rifle through the bag and find the butt plug, which I find to my surprise is of the vibrating kind. I unbuckle my belt and drop my trousers. My cock bursts forward in pulses at the front of Emmy's panties.

I take a moment to slip my hand down inside the front of the panties to pull the condom back fully on to my cock and get comfortable. With my left hand I pick up the butt plug, and with my right I reach around and pull Emmy's panties to the side.

I notice just how warm they are. My ass is like a furnace and I feel just how wet my ass crack is with sweat. I take a moment to trace my middle finger down my crack and over my burning asshole giving it a rub which makes me moan uncontrollably.

I reach my left hand around and place the tip of the butt plug at my entrance and give it a little push. The cool rubber feels amazing against my hot hole as I lower my ass down toward the bench. I place the base of the butt plug on the seat so that I can use the full weight of my body to push it in to me. To my surprise it glides in, my sweat acting as a lube and my asshole vacuums the last of it in with a pop before my ass even touches the bench.

I stand back up slowly, adjusting the panties back into position and savour the feeling. I instinctively place my hand on my cock and give it a rub through the cotton of Emmy's panties and can feel myself so close to orgasm just a few strokes would have me exploding again, which makes me think twice and remember I should really text Emmy for instructions.

"Butt plug in. It feels great. Cock bursting at the seams," I text to Emmy.

"Very good indeed. Now, have you ever worn stockings?" comes the reply.

"No," I text back.

"Then you are going to need a hand, call Suzie in," I read with surprise on my phone screen before me.

"What?" I reply, though I know exactly what she is suggesting, just I can't quite believe it.

"Call Suzie. Shout her name and she will come in and help you put on your stockings. THIS IS AN ORDER," Emmy's reply says with conviction.

I take a second to think about what was just asked of me and then, heart pounding, I conclude that there is nothing strange when it comes to Emmy and shout,


Within a second the curtain opens and standing there is Suzie with a grin on her face. She must have been just the other side of the curtain while I put in the butt plug. It startles me to the point I can feel my asshole clench around the butt plug tighter and it makes my legs buckle slightly.

"Yes, how can I help?" Suzie says, stepping forward.

I look behind her into the store to see if anyone is looking as Suzie has left the curtain open. Suzie notices my worry and says,

"Don't worry, I have closed the store, there is no-one in here except you and me. It is a Sunday Humphry, we opened up especially for you."

This is a surprise to me. I hadn't thought it odd that the shop be open on a Sunday. I'm too much on a high from the instructions I have been receiving. The size of Emmy's games starts to sink in though. She has gone to all this trouble and has arranged it overnight. She has got her friend involved and while I find it a struggle to feel comfortable standing there in front of her, wearing nothing on my lower half but Emmy's panties, a condom and a butt plug, I am there nonetheless so have to go with it.

Suzie gives me a look like she is awaiting a response. I take a deep breath and tentatively say,

"Can you give me a hand putting these stockings on?" My voice cracks as I point toward the stockings in the bag.

"Well of course, sexy. The moment Emmy told me about you I just had to get involved. I love a fit man in ladies underwear," Suzie says. "Your cock looks just about ready to burst out of those panties," she continues, biting her lip.

As she leans forward and reaches around me to pick up the stockings she places her other hand deftly on my cock. It jumps in response and again I go weak at the knees letting out another uncontrollable moan. Suzie lets out an audible moan too,

"Mmmm, it feels so fucking hot," she says squeezing my cock. "Hold them a moment," she whispers, handing me the stockings.

Her free hand reaches back down behind me, running over my panty covered ass, She gives my left bum cheek a squeeze just before her fingers reach the butt plug. She gives it a light push making it move inside my asshole and within a second I blurt out,

"Fucking hell."

It's an uncontrollable outburst as I feel the butt plug start to vibrate inside my ass. Suzie has switched it on and she giggles in response to hearing me shout. She stands back up straight and as her face brushes past mine she breathes a breathless sigh into my ear before moving her lips to mine and plunging her tongue deep into my mouth. Her hand squeezes my panty covered cock once more and I am on the edge of ejaculating. Just as I start to take the moment in my phone beeps with another message, and Suzie breaks from kissing me to hand it to me.

"Ask Suzie to help you fill the condom some more. I want it overflowing when I see you," Emmy's message reads.

"Umm," I say as I show Suzie the phone.

"Well then cum for me, you little panty slut," Suzie says as her hand returns to my cock, but this time she starts jerking me off through the panties.

Suzie's tongue returns to my mouth and I close my eyes to concentrate on all the feelings, her tongue, my asshole, the condom and her hand jerking my cock. I feel my lips vibrate against Suzie's as I start to moan on approach to orgasm. Suzie reads my elation and jerks me harder and I explode a barrage of cum into the condom whilst I writhe my ass around the butt plug still vibrating in my asshole. I am left panting with relief as Suzie stops jerking me. Her hand is still holding my cock but just squeezing it gently, working the cum-filled bulbous end of the condom which she seems to be delighted with.

"Good boy," Suzie says. "This is filling up nicely. Now lets get these stockings on and see how you look."

I have almost forgotten but I am still holding the stockings which I hand back to Suzie. She unfurls them and holds up the garter belt. She bends down and motions me to step inside which I do so obediently. She pulls the belt up and over my cock and as she does she takes a second to give my cock a little bite through my panties,

"Argh, Emmy is a lucky girl, getting to enjoy all that cum of yours later." Suzie moans as she adjusts the garter belt into place.

She reaches around behind me again and switches off my vibrating butt plug. My asshole feels numb and it is a bit of a relief to have it turned off. Her hands pull at the garter stays before she runs her hands down my thighs to my feet and lifts up my left leg. She pulls the stocking on over my foot and then works it up my leg. As it reaches the top of my thigh I can feel its pressure, hugging my skin. It feels amazing.

Suzie clips the stays front and back and adjusts them, and then proceeds to do my right leg. I can sense a new sexual confidence brewing inside me as I feel the stockings clipped into place on both of my legs, I actually feel sexy, like an object of desire. Suzie, now finished, stands back and looks me up and down,

"Fucking hot, Humphry. Just make sure you find your way back here some time with those and that hot cock of yours so I can have some of that cum too!" Suzie says breathlessly.

I stand there, post orgasm, as high as a kite wearing stockings for the first time, feeling elated and more sexually aroused than at any moment in my life.

"They feel great, Suzie. Thank you. And thank you for..." I say but before I can finish Suzie interrupts.

"No need, like I say come back and thank me in person. Now get your jeans on as you have a meeting with Emmy to attend."

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