tagBDSMEmpty Collars Ch. 04

Empty Collars Ch. 04


"Ok so what was wrong with Lisa?" You know when I went to psychiatrist I was expecting to lie on a comfortable couch and drift off occasionally ,but here I was sitting in what used to be a conference room in front of a coffee table sitting in a stiff back wing chair. I wanted part of my money back.

"Uh she was too young." Which she was. I mean we had absolutely nothing in common ,but sex. Even that didn't hold out for very long. She had wanted me to go with her to some music festival. I had just shook my head and decided that was the last straw.

"Are you sure that was it? Do you think maybe you setup that relationship to fail?" I watched Dr. Farthing tap the pad she was writing on again and again. She was waiting for me to answer. What the hell do I say?

"Maybe I did? I just want Denise back." I eased back down into the chair as Dr. Farthing eyed me. She had the look on her face like she wasn't believing a word I said.

"Michael do you want her back because you can't have her or because she meant something to you?" Damn I hate these types of questions. No matter how you answer, its going to be bad.

"I already told you that I think loved Denise." I shook my head and let out a exasperated sigh as she scribbled away on the pad. She grabbed another pad from her bag and scanned a few pages of it.

"Yeah and did you notice just now that you qualified how you said that. Its exactly how you talked about Mary when you two first came here for counseling. Michael ... I don't think that you have ever had a relationship that you are really happy with. From what you and Mary told me both of you were virgins when you got married. Both of you just sort of fell into the marriage." Damn it all to hell I don't need this. Especially from her.

"Yes we both were virgins and yes I don't think we were really ever supposed to get married. Your right I never had the typical fairy tale love affair that everyone dreams of ,but what can I say. I worked too damn hard and took everyone in my life for granted. I never wanted kids because I knew that would mean less attention for me from Mary ,but what can I do about it now? I sure as hell don't want Mary back." Dr. Farthing had been scribbling on her paper the entire time of my tirade.

"Well did working make you happy?" She scribbled again on the pad and looked to me waiting for my reply. I moved back into the seat to try and relax a bit. The seat was still too uncomfortable.

"Yeah it did because people respected me and listened to me." They did after all or so I thought anyway. I still hadn't got any responses to my inquiry about consulting.

"So what about the work itself did you enjoy that?" What kind of a stupid question is that? I just said what I did.

"The decision making and the responsibility that is what I just said." Her voice didn't change a bit.

"No the work itself you told me you did a lot of data analysis, statistical work, and database work isn't that why you went in your career? But you were just telling me you didn't enjoy that part of your job.... Michael is there anything that makes you happy?" .................

I felt her hands on the insides of my boxers shorts as she massaged my cock. Her hand drifted up to my waist and caressed my stomach. Her lips pressed themselves into my stomach and began kissing. Her hand felt its way up and down my crotch as I finally managed to open my eyes.

"Please Master may I wake you up properly." I looked at Denise's smiling face as her head hovered close to my face. I reached out and stroked her face lightly as I nodded. Her eyes lit up with happiness as she reached out and stroked my crotch. Her hands moved to the top of my crotch and tugged at my boxers. I let her pull them down and felt her lips kiss every visible inch of skin as it appeared. I reached for the leash that was attached to her collar and wrapped it around my hand. She tensed up for a few seconds and then relaxed as soon as she looked back up at me. I felt her hands along the insides of my thighs. I could feel my cock harden as she licked the tip of it and blew across it. A small giggle escaped her lips as she reached out with her hands and began to stroke it.

"May I suck your cock Master?" Her legs were interwoven with mine as she laid there. I just smiled and nodded. She made a small smirk and began to kiss and lick the shaft of my cock. Her tongue darting out along the entire shaft. Sliding along as her hand teased the tip. I shuddered and closed my eyes as her mouth engulfed my cock. She pistoned her head up and down rapidly. I let out a brief groan as she stopped and licked the insides of my thighs and bit lightly. I could hear her breath quicken as she began to suck again.

"And another thing you better not be playing with yourself." I heard a tired sigh as she stopped sucking half way down and pulled her head up.

"Please Master it won't distract me I promise and I promise I won't cum. Please Master?" I smiled and nodded my approval. She eagerly went back to sucking as her moans turned into just vibration on my cock. I could hear her breathing increase as she tried to breath through her nose. It sounded like she was already close. I reached down and flicked each one of the shiny gold rings on each of her breasts and smiled. She stopped sucking for a few seconds and then eagerly was bobbing her head on top of my cock. Denise took her mouth of my cock for a second as she began to stroke it.

"Please Master may I have it inside me? Please oh god I want it Please." I couldn't contain my smile as she looked into my eyes. Her face was contorted in a mask of pure pleasure as her left hand gently massaged her crotch while another hand was slowly stroking my cock. Again I nodded and felt her roll over onto all fours. She wiggled her butt at me as she looked over her shoulder. I stood up on my knees and pinched her ass. I jerked my cock along her pussy and felt her move back on it.

"Do you want it slave girl?" I felt her ass against my crotch as she bit her lip and looked over her shoulder at me. She nodded her head frantically. I tightened my hand around the leash. She tried to wiggle away from me but eventually I felt the leash slip into my hand and I slapped her ass with it.

"Naughty girl must not try and fight me." She shook her head no as I slapped her ass again. I felt her grind against my hips a bit faster. I reached down and stroked her clit as she began to grind her crotch against my cock. Her breathing was getting heavier as I reached up and pinched both of the nipple rings. I heard her let out a small yelp of pain before she eased back onto my cock. I felt her hips press into me as I grazed her stomach with my fingertips.

"Mmmm that is nice Master." I felt her internal muscles press against my cock. I began to move my hips in small short circles. I continued to stroke her clit as she moved her hips. I began to use a somewhat shorter stroke. I started using my hips to stroke the inside of her vagina on one side. I felt her body tense and then relax with each stroke. I rubbed her back and pulled out. I rolled her onto her back. I tickled her from neck to her inner thigh and looked her in the eye. I reached down and pulled her close and began to kiss her neck and lips. I pressed myself into her. I could hear her whimper as I began to bite her neck. Her nails began to rake down my back lightly.

"I missed you Denise." I continued to lick the back of her neck. Her hands ran up my back. I stroked my cheek against hers. She leaned toward me and began to kiss my chest.

"I missed you too Master." I smiled and pressed my forehead against hers. I stared into her eyes and saw the hesitancy and love she was feeling. I touched her ribs as her arms went up above her head and draped themselves over my shoulders. I reached under her and picked her up by her ass.

"Oooo Master." She looked back down at the bed and then grabbed onto me. A tentative smile greeted me as she turned around and kissed me. Her ass felt warm and firm. I let my right hand trace the outline of the tattoo she now wore on her right ass cheek. She didn't care if it was permanent because we were. I felt her begin to bounce on my cock. Her breath against my shoulders felt wonderful. I looked at her as she lowered her head but kept eye contact with me. I leaned forward and kissed her lips. Her tongue tried to press down on mine before I shut my mouth and stroked her bottom lip with mine.

"Come on slave girl get me there." I felt her grab onto me with both her arms and legs as she tensed up. I felt myself go over the edge. She rolled over onto her side panting before getting off the bed.I looked at her as she smiled and mouthed the words "I love you" as she stood in the entrance to her bathroom. She looked back at me over her shoulder and ran her hands down from her ribs to her ass. She hadn't cum in almost a entire day. I could see the want in her eyes as she walked into the bathroom. I went to my bathroom ,grabbed my shower and got changed. As I approached the kitchen I smelled the most delightful smell in the world.

"Monsieur your breakfast will be ready soon and slave has your paper while you wait." I saw Maddy cooking my breakfast as Denise quickly set the table in her pink thong bikini. She quickly laid the paper on my plate as she saw me. She ran over to me and gave me a quick hug and kiss. I slapped her ass and let her massage my shoulders from behind as I read the paper. She was becoming quite good at this.

I sat at the head of the table as Maddy sat my bacon and eggs in front of me. A quick slap to Denise's ass from Maddy and a affirmative nod from me convinced Denise to sit and eat her breakfast. I watched as both girls grabbed a small amount of fruit salad and a bagel from the bowl on the table. Both girls ate quickly and waited for me to finish not making a sound as I ate and read. I looked up and caught both girls eyeing each other from across the table. Both girls were obviously needing a bit of attention from me ,but it would take me awhile to regain enough strength for both of them. I decided to give them an outlet for their frustration.

"Ok girls you can play with each other ,but no funny business. I want you girls ready for me in awhile." I felt my eyes glaze over as Maddy walked over to Denise and began to massage her neck and back. A few brief kisses to her neck and Maddy's hand disappeared back into Denise's top. Denise pushed herself away from the table as both girls looked at me. Denise spread her legs and kissed Maddy with about as much passion as she had with me earlier.

"What good girls you are." Both girls giggled and continued to kiss. Maddy patted the couch in front of the table and watched as Denise slipped onto it. Maddy pulled the pink teddy she was wearing down and off. The small maid's cap, choker, and pink fishnets stayed on as I had told her before.

Maddy began to kiss all over Denise's body. I could hear slight catches in both girl's breaths as their arms wrapped together. Maddy grabbed Denise's legs and spread them apart as Denise wrapped them around Maddy's waist. I could see Maddy's tattoo as Denise's leg brushed against her ass. It was an identical twin to the one on Denise's ass. I smiled as Denise reached out and bit Maddy's nipples.

"Oh Madam that's soo good." I think Maddy's accent was improving. I could hear Denise suck the nipple until it was hard. I watched Maddy return the favor as she unlaced the smaller girl's top and tossed it at me. I picked it up and folded it carefully. The tiny ring on Denise's nipple glinted in the light from behind me in the kitchen.

"Stand up babe and lose the bottoms as well but let Maddy pull them down for you." Both girls smiled as they stood up. Denise teased both of her nipples as Maddy's hands drifted down the other girl's body. Maddy's pink fingernails slid up into the bikini's bottoms and pulled them down. I watched Maddy whisper into Denise's ear. Denise smiled and chuckled slightly.

"What are you girls plotting?" I stroked my beard with a fake smile across my face. Both girls answered in unison.

"Nothing Master." Both girls laughed and then got on all fours. I watched Denise put the bikini bottoms in her teeth and then Maddy grab at it with her teeth. Both girls pulled on it and made small barks. I could hear both girls growl at each other. I laughed as both girls then crawled over to me and dropped the bottoms at my feet. Both girls then crawled back to the couch and got back up on it. Maddy laid down on her back as Denise began to lick along Maddy's inner thigh. I heard Maddy breath out as Denise finally began to lick the other girl's clit. Maddy was starting to pinch her nipples hard.

"Hmmm I think someone wants a set of nipple rings for herself." Maddy just smiled at me.

"If Master wants it then I will be happy to do it." Denise continued to lick Maddy's crotch. I watched Maddy grab Denise's head and try and force it down between her legs.

"You girls play nice or both of you will be over my knees later." I knew Denise wouldn't be able to breath in that position. Maddy instantly let Denise up for air. Denise used the brief respite to stand up and kiss Maddy before turning around and pushing her crotch into Maddy's face.

"Go ahead Maddy be good." Denise's head was positioned over Maddy's crotch as Maddy's head was between Denise's legs. I watched as Maddy began to lick and suck Denise's clit. Denise's ass rocked furiously desperate to increase the pressure. Maddy's head moved side to side as Denise pulled at her hair and shut her eyes.

"Denise you need to be a good girl too." I wagged my finger at her.

"Do I have too Master?" She looked at me with a defeated look while sticking out her lower lip.

"Uh huh now be a good girl and lick Maddy how you like it." I watched as Denise leaned forward and began to bite and lick the other girl's inner thigh. She then caressed the other girl's legs. She looked up and winked at me.

"Oh god Denise not there you know how I get." I could hear a sudden intake of breath as Denise started teasing the other girl's ass with her finger.

"You need to be loosened up for Master's cock." I felt myself harden as Denise began to lick Maddy faster and faster. I could hear both girls begin to moan loudly. Both girls were getting close to their limit for being able to hold it back.

"Ok girls come over here NOW!" Both girls jumped up and tried desperately to get near me. Both girls positioned themselves to either side of me. They gave each other a passionate kiss as they deposited themselves into my lap and began to caress my crotch. It was then that the door bell rang.

"Shall we get it Master?" I imagined some meter reader getting the thrill of his life and my decision was made.

"No girls sit tight. All of the freaking time to deliver a package." I opened the door and was greeted by Dr. Farthing in a leather dominatrix outfit with Mary at the end of the leash.

"Well is she not being trained up to my standard Slave?" I watched Dr. Farthing look down with disdain at my ex-wife and future body slave. .....

"Well Michael as much as I am glad that you thought of me as something that could make you happy. I don't think that is exactly what I meant." I smiled and began to laugh. Dr. Farthing looked at me with obvious anger in her eyes.

"Well you wanted something that would make me happy. You didn't say it had to be realistic." I smiled as she scribbled frantically on the pad. She stopped and rubbed her eyes.

"Michael I thought you said you were going to take this seriously? Isn't that what you said when you called me and asked to see me?" I coughed and tried to clear my throat.

"Well Kathy I thought you said when me and Mary came that we had a chance at reconcilement?" She looked back at me with obvious anger starting to turn her face red.

"A chance. I never said that it was a certainty some couples are just not meant to be together." She tapped her watch and began to put the files and pads back into the cabinet near her desk.

"Well the look on your face was priceless as I told you about what was behind the door. I thought you were going to choke on your own air. Besides I saw how you looked at Mary. But I think maybe I am better off with someone else. Someone I have a little less history with." I smiled and thought if I was gonna leave a shrink I might as well play with her head a bit before I left. I wonder if she would slap me if I spanked her on the way out?

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