tagInterracial LoveEncomium/Gangster Fairy Tale 02

Encomium/Gangster Fairy Tale 02

byThe Avenger©

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Chapter 1

William lived in his mom's house, alone, for three months with nothing special happening. The people who did not like him left the former gangster alone, for everybody was told that he was only laying low till his parole was over.

Meanwhile, he was still taking "some advice from his Uncle Bester, All dressed up in Polyester, Welcome to Mickey Dee's may I please help you? Damn, what could he do?"

It was a fucked up, boring, stressful kind of job, especially when you had a thousand customers all clamoring for service. He would sweat like a pig and get shouted at by his shift manager for it.

He had never worked a day in his life, and the work was kind of exhausting and demeaning. When some customer was rude or just being a jerk, you had to smile back at them. The pay was low. As a gangster, he worked much less and earned much more. But at this job, one thing he didn't have to do was live in fear.

William was determined to go through with it. Things could only get better.

He went to work and worked out regularly. He hung out at home most of the time, reading for his correspondence degree. Sometimes, gang bangers saw him and were like, "What's up, gangster?"

In the back of his mind, he was scared of someone coming up to pay him back for the old days, but they all thought he was just laying low a while, but still banging with Big D and Mo, so nobody started shit.

He had to go and see Karen, his PO, like once a week. He looked forward to seeing her.

His visits to her were not formal. She would take him somewhere for a cup of coffee and a chat. She was really concerned with how he was coping and he found himself opening up to her, for she was real, open and candid.

Sometimes she dropped by his house, unannounced and looked around, snooping openly. Then she would take him for a beer or two. He knew she was checking out what he was up to, if there were any signs, like weed smoke, or whatever. And she would tell him once in a while, that she knew he had been here or there, just to show him that she had eyes and ears around him.

She also sent him for drug testing so he did not smoke weed at all, which was kind of a drag. He had smoked daily in jail but not on the outside! But he stayed clean. He didn't want to go back to jail, and he did not want to disappoint her. It was good, to have someone who cared for him. He realized that his mom had been very concerned and loving, but back then, he had not been able to appreciate it. Now, times were different.

"Don't you trust me?" he asked her one evening, as they sipped a beer. He felt kind of hurt.

"Trust is good but control is better," she chuckled. "Don't get me wrong. Its not you I don't trust, but the hood. Believe me, it has broken many strong people. I believe in you, and I wont let anything destroy you if I can help it. Take me like an over concerned mom if you will."

"You too young to be my mom."

"You twenty four, I am 43."

"You lying. You cant be more than 35."

"Believe me. I am, but thanks..." she was very flattered, she looked at him fondly. "I could have had you at nineteen. Why not? Black daddy, white mom equals a black child." she chuckled and ran her hand over his short, shaved head. The touch thrilled them both.

"So, how does your husband take it, your job? You, spending your time with black ass gangsters and criminals? He doesn't trip?"

"Used to. He never understood why I would wanna do anything for blacks. He worked in the upper management of a brokerage. For him, it was all about money, like, "If you don't make dollars, you don't make sense!"

"Word to the mutha-phuking DJ Quick!"

"Bitch better have my money!" she chuckled dirtily, quoting from a song by AMG, which started off going, "Ain't nothing like black pussy on my dick, word to the mutha-phucking DJ quick!"

"We got divorced. A year ago. It was for the best." Her face seemed to get cloudy and worried.

"Is everything all right?"

"Yes. We are just having a little stress. Its nothing."

"You are there for me a lot, Karen. You need an arm, or a shoulder, holler, ma!"


She reached over and stroked his big, dark hand. They shared a tender smile. William noticed that she was looking very vulnerable. Something big was happening with her and her ex, though she did not say so.

Chapter 2

William was getting pretty fond of Karen. She was an attractive woman, and she cared about him. Karen would chat to him, not like some stupid ass PO but like a good friend and a concerned elder sister, asking what he was up to, thinking, how he was coping and all. He felt good around her.

Most of the times, she was, and they would just kick it and chat, sharing thoughts. But sometimes, he got the feeling she was flirting with him. Karen would always be dressed elegantly, looking neat, fine and sexy. He found her attractive. And he could tell she liked him. He would always flirt right back at her. He had a feeling that deep under her confident, elegant, classy veneer, there was a nasty, naughty kind of freaky.

Karen was quite pleased with William. He was never late or absconded from work and the drug tests were clean and she knew he was not high rolling again. She kept her promise. She helped him enroll in a university, and helped him get a partial scholarship.

College went along smoothly. He attended his lessons and kept to himself. With the job and all the learning he had to do to catch up with the others, he hardly had time for socializing.

Chapter 3

However, he was worried about something else. And it weighed heavily on his mind as he went to meet Mo for their weekly chat. It was late afternoon when he walked into the barbershop. Mo got his hair cut in a room at the back.

The place had surveillance cameras which recorded everything, into a computer only Mo had access to. Mo was military through and through. If cops came around and tried to wire the place, he would know.

At first, they had their usual chat as Mo got his cut. Then he waved the barber out. Mo got into his usual chat. He had millions stashed away, and wanted to wash them. Then he would invest the money into some business. However, Mo was not planning on going clean and stopping drug dealing. Mo wanted to have it both ways, and have a neat set up for cleaning his and other gangsters money.

William was an integral part of Mo's plans. Mo did not trust white collar guys, and not without reason. Two guys he had had clean money for him, a lawyer and an accountant, had tried to rip him off. Those guys were never seen again. But Mo never recovered the money. Therefore, he wanted someone like William in his team. A white collar gangster, so to speak.

Mo envisioned a world with peace and unity, where the whole drug business in the city would be under control, with dealers and gangs not having to fight, but all making their money peacefully, paying off the cops and living long. He told William that the days of the violent gangsters would soon be over.

"We need to set up shit the way people do normal business. You never see MacDonald's and other take away chains going to war, with guns."

William nodded in agreement, but he saw one major flaw in Mo's thinking. Mo was a drug dealing ex soldier trying to turn business man. Mo was in it for the money. But the young gangsters that he needed in order to control turf thought differently. They wanted money too, but money was just a means to achieve their aim, even the bling, the cars, power, the parties, they were all means to an aim, to become kings of the hood. Now, Kings didn't follow orders, they gave orders. Therefore, you could not have gangsters working for you, and not wilding and doing stupid stuff, fighting over nothing, fucking girls all over the place and pulling silly stunts. Fr gangsters wanted exactly that.

Another thing was that William had a problem with Mo's plans for him. He now firmly saw drugs as one of the main cause for black people's woes in America. The government had unleashed drugs in the Hood for one purpose, to destroy black society. But he knew he should not bother Mo with such an argument. Big Mo didn't give a fuck. He would say he never forced anyone to take drugs. Which William had always said, before he went to jail and opened his eyes in the library.

William was glad that he got Big Mo to lay off about Karen Big Mo never made any more threats at her. But William could see that it was Mo's secret weapon. He would harm Karen if he had to, to make him stay in line. And he knew better than to get Big Mo pissed. Hell, he even had off duty cops working for him, protecting his consignments of drugs and guns, and bumping off people for him.

"William," Mo said, sounding very serious. "You in college, now boy. Show me why I am wasting my money. Say you had three million bucks you wanted to wash quickly, what would you do?"

Big Mo told him he had millions of bucks stashed away. He wanted to wash his cash and go legit. He wanted to hear if William had any ideas.

"Form a record label."

"Are you stupid. Do I look like Quincy fucking Jones?"

"Know Row, Inc, Riders, they are all hip hop labels that were started with drug money. In fact, you can call them drug dealing record labels."

"How that function?"

"Easy, you throw a concert, 200 people come in and you say it was 10 000. Each paid say 30 bucks. You got 300 000 bucks all legal and clean. You print 1 000 000 cds, get it all documented, then you say you moved them on the street, like mix tapes or something, say, 15 bucks each, you got 15 million bucks clean."

"What do you do with the CDs?"

"Get them incinerated or recycled. There are so many ways to wash money. Of course, the larger the sum, the harder. You gotta do it all smart, and don't over do it or the IRS and them get suspicious. But 3 million would wash easy."

"Why Don't I just set up a record label permanently, then? And you to run that operation for me. High time you earned your own tuition."

"I am not yet ready. I need to learn more. Lemme get my degree first. Why don't you get some accountant or something?"

"Its all difficult in illegal business. I tried to work with this other guy, and he tried to swindle me. I am like, "WTF" and he like, "Yeah, go to the cops. Tell them I stole your money. But where did you get it from? Oops. I forgot you deal drugs."

"What did you do?"

"He stopped breathing, but I never got my cash back. I don't trust those white color guys. You can do it part time son, on a small scale. I will pay you good. And Ain't no danger involved."

"Chill big daddy. Go slow. Wait till I am finished with studying. Then we can roll."

Big Mo nodded, but he was kind of impatient. He offered William a lot of cash, but William told him to wait. He didn't really feel like he was ready to tackle all of that. He might fuck up somewhere. And the problem with guys like Big Mo was that if they thought you were fucking them over, they did not sue you, they got you shot. Put one to your fucking head. Boom bye bye!

Chapter 4

One afternoon, he saw Karen at his college. Karen didn't see him. He watched her talking to two professors, women, both of whom he knew from his lessons. One was his corporate law teacher, Amanda Smith, a black woman and the other was Mrs Judy Mason, his business Lecturer. He walked towards them. Karen saw him and waved him over, cheerily. She invited him to join them for supper.

He went for food and drinks with the three, in a nice place in town. He felt good, being with three mature, beautiful, elegant women.

Judy Mason, was a tall, sexy, mid thirties dishwater blond, with a curvy body with all the curves in the right places. She was hot in this mature, feminine, curvy adult woman kind of way. She looked like a business woman cum mom, in her chic, pink skirt suit and blouse. A nice pair of tits pushed out like a shelf in her blouse. Her ass looked real hot, a swollen pear cupped in her long, but tight skirt.

The other was Ms Amanda Wilson, a black woman also in her mid thirties. Amanda, or Manda as they called her, was of medium height, with a beautiful, heart shaped face. She had a nice pair of tits and curvy hips, plus a beautiful, round, brown ass that looked hot in her designer jeans. Amanda wore a halter top and a black jacket and looked like a hot, black business woman.

They all chatted as they ate. Judy and Karen were old friends and former neighbors. Judy and Manda knew each other from work. Manda sometimes helped Karen with legal advice. The three were close and got along very well and spent loads of time together at work. Amanda said she had worked as a corporate lawyer for 5 years, made some clever investments and gotten out. She had a wealthy income from her investments.

Judy was married, but Manda and Karen were single. After some beers, the women were getting naughty, going into some raunchy conversation. When Judy asked where he knew Karen from, he told them he had been in jail. There was an awkward silence for a moment, then Manda asked naughtily, how it had been like, without pussy!

"Oh Manda, you are unbelievable!" Judy giggled.

"Oh, he is a big man, let him speak for himself," Karen said, surprising him with her naughty look and chuckle. She was drunk. She and Manda were looking at him in a challenging, naughty way. He decided to accept and take it farther.

"Oh well, its not a good feeling. I swear the first girl I slept with, I made her spread it for me and just gazed at it for ages. And then I stroked and ate it for hours. I just couldn't get enough!"

Karen laughed naughtily and Judy giggled and blushed, but Manda licked her lush lips and smiled cheekily. She was ready to push him and see how far he would go. She seemed in the mood for outrageous fun.

"Mmmmm! Lucky girl!" Manda said and they all chuckled. "Do you like it shaved or hairy?"

"What's yours like?"

"No, you want to cheat. If I say shaved, you say you love shaved."

"Go on, don't be shy Will, tell us," Karen nudged him, smiling naughtily.

"All right, I love both."

"Diplomat! Or coward!" Judy said and they laughed.

"My favorite is the side and lips are shaved, but there is a little hair above the slit. I love that."

"Then you would love having me feed you," Amanda chuckled dirtily. Judy gasped aloud and then giggled hard. Manda continued, smiling naughtily. "Although, I wouldn't want to steal you from Karen."

"Oh come on. I am too old for him. He's a kid."

"No you are not!" Manda said. "Get into something young, crispy and tasty girl!"

"Why don't you ladies ask me?" William offered, smiling at Karen.

"What do you say, little boy?" she asked, teasing him.

"I think you are like a tasty, mature bottle of expensive, rich, smooth wine."

"Whooooo!!!" the women cheered and clapped their hands.

"And secondly, I am not that little of a boy. Why you think they used to call me big Willy."

"Karen, that sounded like an offer to me!" Manda said huskily, giving a dirty chuckle. "A big offer!"

"You guys back off, you are embarrassing him," Karen said, though she was the one blushing now.

"You should have him around when Bryce comes to start shit!" Judy said suddenly, getting serious.

"Who is Bryce? Your ex?" he asked Karen. She nodded. "He bothering you?"

"Its not that big of deal."

"It is Karen. You should do something. This could get dangerous."

"Oh, don't over dramatize. He is just going through his midlife crisis."

"That motherfucker runs out on you with a young whore... The lil gold digger spends all his money, he loses his job coz he is out partying all the time. She dumps him. He has fucked up his life and now he bothers you. Get a court order."

"I am trying to deescalate the situation."

"He will deescalate your ass."

"Come on Manda. You know you are being unfair. He is just going through a hard time. Many people go through that. Then he will come back to his senses."

"Karen, don't you give him any more money, and Don't even think about giving him the house that you paid for with your parents money. And Don't take any more shit from him!" Amanda said firmly.

"Don't worry about me Manda. I can hold my own."

"I know you can hon. That asshole is playing with your emotions though. Lemme talk to him."

"No! Dammit Manda. Its all right! Now back off!"

Karen was angry now, so angry Manda let it slip. But William noticed that she was scared and confused, like someone who didn't know what she was up against, but knew it was bad, only not how bad. On the other hand, he saw that she was concerned about her ex. And still cared about him.

"If you ever need any help, let me know. Seriously," he said to Karen, as he put his big hand over hers and squeezed softly..

"Thanks," she nodded and squeezed his hand softly.

For a second he saw worry and fear in her eyes. He suspected the situation was much worse than she admitted. He decided to talk to her about it later.

Chapter 5

William went to college and had his weekly meetings with Big Mo and now met Karen and her two friends regularly, once a week, for food and drinks.

Big Mo got him someone to set up a record label for him and washed his three million dollars with ease. He gave William 50 gees cash as a token of his appreciation.

William gave him a couple of more ideas how to wash money. He was surprised at the ease with which the ideas came to him.

The next supper with the three ladies took place at Amanda's town apartment. She was quite well off with a nice, roomy, comfortable two bedroomed place. It was a warm night, so they sat on her balcony, all four, smoking cigarettes, drinking wine and chatting. The discussion became interesting when Manda said to Karen,

"You know, its funny sometimes, I hear of the things these kids go to jail for and think how stupid. How could they think they would get away."

"Its greed and ignorance."

"Its not just gangsters," Judy said. "Even like in corporate crime, some people have smart ideas how to steal, but they mess up in stupid ways, because they are greedy and they rush things."

"Are you saying you could do it better?" William teased.

"Yes. I mean, before you pull off something, you need to really think it through. Everything. You need several smart heads or you will miss something."

"That is right," Karen said. Then she looked at Will and wagged a playful finger. "This is not to give you funny ideas. Its just a game we like to play. How would we have pulled this or that off."

"I had lots of time to think in jail too. And I could see where most gangsters fuck up. Not that I am planning on doing it again, but its interesting. The problem is most of them are uneducated. They don't know how the law functions. And they are reckless."

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