tagGay MaleEncounter in the Adult Video Arcade Ch. 02

Encounter in the Adult Video Arcade Ch. 02



This story takes place in the 1970s before the threat of aids when bareback sex was commonplace. It is completely fiction and all characters are 18 years of age or older.




Over the next several days until Paula's arrival things stayed pretty much on course around the apartment. I never got tired of fucking Robby's ass and his blowjobs were the best. I was now convinced that he sucked cock better than any girl I had been out with and his ass was second to none. There were two chicks that I butt fucked from time to time and they both had great asses. However I enjoyed fucking Robby in the ass as much as I did those two chicks. Robby was never demanding as he was always satisfied with my jerking him off as I fucked him.

Robby liked it when I would fuck him missionary style at his request. I actually preferred doggy style so that I could watch his shapely ass take my cock. I loved to watch my shaft slide in and out of his curvy ass. When I fucked Robby missionary style he placed his legs on my shoulders and I jerked his cock. When he was close to cumming he would take over jerking his cock and I rubbed his tight ball sac. Robby would shoot five or six streams of cum over his body when he came. The first shot landed above his head usually hitting the headboard. The second, third and fourth shots would land on his neck, shoulders and chest. Then the fifth and sixth shots landed on his abs. I loved watching him shoot. I always turned Robby back around on all fours and fucked him until I came flooding his ass again.

It was a Friday evening when we were waiting for Paula to arrive. We passed the time with Robby telling me another story about his gay life style. Robby told me about the time that Paul now Paula took him to meet two of his friends.

Robby said that he and Paul finally arrived at Bruce's and Carl's house. When Bruce let them in, he answered the door naked. Bruce smiled and he and Paul hugged. Bruce told Paul and that Carl was outside by the pool. Robby and Paul followed Bruce out to the pool deck. Carl was also naked drinking a frozen drink. Paul and Robby stripped off their clothes and they were offered frozen vodka slushes, Robby found it quite tasty and cool.

The four of them chatted for awhile but they were all horny and they didn't waste any more time. Paul was told to lay on his back as Carl slipped his well oiled cock into Paul's ass. Bruce knelt along side Paul's head and fed his cock to him. Paul turned his face toward Bruce and gobbled up his cock. Robby knelt down by Paul and took Paul's cock in his mouth. Paul sighed as his cock was sucked by Robby and he told the three of them that it didn't get any better than this. A cock in his ass, a cock in his mouth and his cock in a mouth was heaven. Bruce played with Paul's developing tits as Paul sucked him.

"Paul, your boobs are really coming along nicely. You are really starting to look like a young girl," Bruce complimented him.

"But what a big clit you have for such a young girl," Robby teased as he briefly removed his mouth from Paul's cock.

Robby then resumed sucking Paul's cock as he knew Paul was close to cumming. Paul then felt Carl's body stiffen just before he shot his load into Paul's ass. It was Carl's first cum of the day and Paul could the feel the force of Carl's ejaculation as streams of cum flooded Paul's rectum. Paul tightened his anal muscles around Carl's cock in an effort to draw out every drop of man seed and Paul's was rewarded for his efforts as Carl's cock throbbed, pulsed and exploded in Paul's ass.

As Carl slowly fucked Paul allowing his cock to soften in his ass, Bruce announced he was cumming. Paul kept Bruce's cock in his mouth as Bruce fired robe after robe of cum down Paul's throat. That triggered Paul's orgasm and he blasted his load into Robby's mouth. Both Paul and Robby sucked on the cocks in their mouths until they both deflated and slipped from the oral cavities.

Robby was the only one who hadn't cum yet and he switched positions with Paul. Paul moved between Robby's legs and slipped his cock into Robby's ass as Carl offered Robby his cock to suck on. Bruce took Robby's cock in his mouth and the action was repeated. This time Paul came in Robby's ass, Carl came in Robby's mouth and Robby came in Bruce's mouth. Since Bruce and Robby had only cum once they moved to all fours and then Bruce fucked Paul as Robby fucked Bruce. Carl sat and watched as the three of them fucked until Bruce and Robby shot wads in the anal passages. Then the three of them joined Carl as they rested, sipped vodka slushes and thought about their next round of sex.

It didn't take long for the young cocks to spring back into action. Carl suggested that they take the action inside. The four of them went up Carl and Bruce's bedroom and climbed in the king size bed.

Once they got to the bedroom in didn't take long for Paul to get in bed and turn his beautiful shapely ass up in the air in anticipation of Carl's huge cock. Carl did not disappoint him and he was soon pounding Paul's magnificent ass. Robby on the other side of the bed followed Paul's lead and offered his ass to Bruce. Bruce plunged his cock into Robby's ass and proceeded to fuck the shit out of him.

Paul and Robby got their asses totally reamed by Carl and Bruce. Paul and Robby then got into a 69 position on their sides and Bruce and Carl slid their cocks back into their assholes. The four of them writhed and humped until they all exploded in orgasms. Paul and Robby filled each other's mouth with the familiar taste of cum just as Bruce shot his wad into Robby's ass and Carl blasted his load into Paul's ass.

The four of them stayed in the same position for about a half hour as their cocks deflated and slipped from their receptacles. Cum oozed from Paul's and Robby's assholes and dripped down the side of their mouths as the foursome recovered. Paul, Robby and Carl possessed the recuperative powers of youth and they were soon ready to go again. Bruce on the other hand lacked those powers and now he was only useful in a passive mode. Carl positioned Bruce on the bed on his back. He had Robby slip his cock into Bruce's ass. Carl then got behind Robby and fucked his ass as Paul straddled Bruce and fed his cock to Robby's mouth.

"Let's cum on Bruce," Paul said giggling.

Paul pulled out of Robby's mouth and aimed his cock toward Bruce's face. Paul exploded and shot cum onto Bruce's chest and face. Right after Paul shot his wad Robby pulled out of Bruce's ass and shot his load on Bruce's abs and chest. Surprisingly Carl did not cum in Robby's ass but he also sprayed his load on Bruce's body. Bruce was already cum covered when Paul jerked him off and he came on his own body, his cum mingled with that of the others. Bruce rubbed the man seed into his body as if it were body lotion.

The four of them collapsed on the bed as this time they were truly spent. One by one they took a shower and dressed. Paul and Robby made their way home and talked about the day's events. Robby said that he looked forward to his next time with Carl, Bruce and Paul.

Just then the doorbell rang and Robby and I stood up to get it. We laughed at each other as we both had erections. I went to the door to answer it and when he opened the door he was surprised to see a beautiful girl. I just stood there and stared at the pretty girl.

"Good evening, my name is Paula. Is Robby here," the girl said.

I stammered saying, "Yes, he is here. Would you like to come in?"

Paula walked in and purposely brushed against me letting his hand run over my crotch. Paula felt my erect cock in my pants and assumed that Robby and I were playing earlier. Robby went over and hugged Paula and then they kissed. Tony just continued to stare at Paula.

Paula was dressed in a blouse and mini skirt. The skirt was cut at least 10 inches above the knee. Paula wore high heeled boots that came up to the knees. Paula's legs looked great in the outfit and then I noticed the shape of the fine ass under the tight mini-skirt. Paula appeared to have small tits that looked like a teenager's budding breasts.

Paula and Robby sat down on the sofa together and sat close to each other. I offered Paula a drink and then sat down in the chair across from them. They made idle chatter for awhile with Robby and Paula catching up and Paula learning more about me. The Paula said that he was really horny and he needed some attention.

Paula smile and stood up from the sofa and I watched as Robby went about stripping Paula naked. Robby took his time and savored every moment of uncovering Paula's effeminate body. I couldn't wait to see Paula's ass. Robby pulled Paula's boots and stockings off first and then he took off Paula's blouse and bra. He rubbed his hands all over Paula's tits and abs for several minutes and then he dropped to his knees in front of Paula. Robby slid Paula's skirt all the way down to his ankles. He lifted Paula's feet one at a time to pull the pants free from his legs. Paula had a raging hard on and it was very obvious in his panties. Robby smiled at Paula when he saw his erection and then he hooked his fingers in the waistband of Paula's underwear and slowly tugged them down Paula's legs. I noticed that Paula and Robby were both breathing hard. My cock had hardened in my pants just from watching them.

Robby finally pulled Paula's panties down past his cock allowing the elastic waistband to catch on Paula's erect cock. Robby pulled the panties slowly over Paula's cock and purposely let in snag in the elastic. Robby continued the downward movement and Paula's cock sprang free. Paula's cock bobbed in front of Robby's face but Robby was patient and he finished removing Paula's panties. Robby then reached up and caressed Paula's ass and thighs causing Paula to groan loudly. Paula looked as if he was in desperate need of relief. Robby then covered Paula's cock with his mouth and sucked him gently. Paula was so turned on that it only took a few sucks on his cock that he was ready to cum. Robby sensed this and stopped sucking Paula. Paula looked confused but Robby spoke

"Let's take this into the bedroom. I want to be naked too," Robby said softly.

Robby walked into my bedroom and Paula and I followed him. I watched Paula's ass as I walked behind him and I found myself wanting to fuck him. Robby took off all his clothes and told Paula to get in bed. Paula got in bed and lay on his back waiting for Robby's next move. Robby took some lube from my nightstand and then knelt between Paula's legs.

"You're so beautiful that I just have to fuck you first. I hope you don't mind," Robby announced.

Paula nodded in agreement and spread his legs. Robby fingered Paula's asshole with one finger and then two fingers taking his time as he enjoyed playing with his ass. Robby had Paula's asshole well lubed and then he added the lube to his own cock and moved into position. He lifted Paula's legs up so that Paula's ass came off the bed and then he eased his cock into Paula's asshole. Robby's cock slid in easily and I watched for the first time as two men fucked missionary style. Robby's hands were on Paula's tits and the back of Paula's knees rested against Robby's arms as Robby drilled Paula's ass. Paula's hard cock slapped against his abdomen as Robby fucked him. I then decided to take my own clothes off and join in when I felt it was appropriate.

"Oh my Paula, you are so hot. I can feel your warmth surrounding my cock. This is going to be a quick one," Robby gasped.

"Stay in me, cum in my ass," Paula called out.

I watched as Robby hastened his thrusts into Paula's ass and then his entire body went taut. Robby groaned as he unloaded in Paula's ass. Paula moaned as he felt the warm cum fill his asshole and then the two of them embraced on the bed. They stayed in their embrace until Robby's cock softened and slipped from Paula's ass. They were speechless for almost a minute while I stood there with a rock hard boner. Then Robby spoke to Paula.

"That was wonderful, I am so glad you came to see me. Now it is your turn, would you like to fuck me or should I suck your pretty cock?" Robby offered.

"I'd like to fuck you first," Paula replied.

Robby lay on his back but Paula told him to get on all fours. Then Paula picked up the lube and worked it in to Robby's ass. Paula then lubed his cock and knelt behind Robby to fuck him. This was my cue to get in on the action so I knelt on the bed in front of Robby so he could suck my cock. Paula eased his dick into Robby's ass and once he was all the way in, Robby took my cock in his mouth.

"Oh good, I get to see you suck Tony's cock while I fuck you," Paula said.

Paula was so hot that he came within minutes and flooded Robby's ass. He stayed hard in Robby's ass however and kept right on fucking him. Robby was giving me one of his skillful blow jobs and I knew that I couldn't last much longer either. I felt my ball sac tighten and I knew it was only seconds before I would cum. Robby sensed my pending ejaculation and he reached down and caressed my balls and tickled my perineum which sent me over the edge. My body stiffened and my cock pulsated as cum streamed into Robby's mouth. Robby swallowed as quickly as he could and he kept right on sucking my cock. Soon the sensations got so extreme I had to push his head away from me. I was drained as I sat back to watch Paula as he continued to fuck Robby.

Paula had really picked up the pace and he was relentless as he fucked Robby. A few more frantic thrusts and then Paula plunged his cock all the way in and held it there as he ejaculated into Robby's ass a second time. I watched Robby clench and relax his buttocks as he milked Paula's cock dry with his anal muscles. Paula eventually softened and slipped out of Robby's ass. A large amount of cum oozed out of Robby's asshole and I could only imagine how much cum Paula had dumped in Robby's ass. Paula was a sperm producing machine.

"God I feel like a fire hose was turned on in my ass!" Robby exclaimed.

"Did he cum a lot?" I asked.

"Unbelievable and not just once but twice, Tony please get me a towel," Robby requested.

I went into the bathroom and grabbed a towel for Robby as he asked. He took it and wiped his ass with it and then sat on it on the bed.

"God I can still feel it in my ass and I was afraid to get out of bed. I didn't want to be dripping cum all over your bedroom carpet," Robby chuckled and then asked, "Paula do you possibly have anything left?"

"I'll be ready to go again shortly," Paula replied with a giggle.

Robby got up and went into the bathroom and then returned to the bedroom. He lay down with Paula and they embraced again and stroked each other's body. Soon they were both hard again and they moved into a 69 position and sucked each other's cock. As they lay on their sides facing each other I felt my loins stir and my cock harden. I moved behind Robby and slipped my cock into his ass. I fucked him slowly as he and Paula continued to suck each other's cock. Paula reached between my legs and played with my balls as I fucked Robby. The three of us stayed in that position until all of us came again. I came in Robby's ass as Paula came in Robby's mouth and Robby's came in Paula's mouth.

That was the end of our activity for the evening and we all slept naked together in my bed. Paula was in the middle between Robby and I. We fell asleep quickly as we were all tired and drained. During the night I woke up and I felt the bed moving. As my eyes cleared I realized that Paula was fucking Robby as they both lay on their sides facing away from me. Paula must have woke up with an erection and decided to fuck Robby. My own cock stirred so I stroked it a few times and got it hard. Then I moved behind Paula and slipped my cock into his ass. I didn't have to do very much since Paula was doing all the moving. When he shoved his cock into Robby's ass Paula's ass moved off my cock a couple of inches and when he moved back toward me he impaled his ass on my cock. Paula came first so he stopped fucking Robby and then I picked up the pace and fucked him until I came in his ass. Eventually we all fell back asleep.


I got up Saturday morning and left Robby and Paula sleeping in my bed. I got dressed for golf and left the apartment as quietly as I could. After 18 holes my buddies stopped for lunch and a few beers and then I headed back to my pad. I walked into my apartment and I found Robby and Paula seated on the sofa watching TV. Actually they were both naked on the sofa and they were watching a gay porn movie. They sat close to each other so that their thighs touched and they had their hand on the other's cock. Robby was jerking off Paula and Paula was jerking off Robby as they watched the movie.

"Oh hi Tony, come and join us we're watching a great movie," Paula said.

"But you have to get naked first," Robby added.

I smiled at them both and walked into my bedroom. I took off my golf clothes and decided to stay naked and join them. I walked back into the living room and sat next to Robby putting him in the middle between Paula and me.

"So what's so great about this movie?" I asked.

"I'm going to start it over. I love the first part anyway," Robby said.

I watched as the movie was rewound and then started at the beginning. The title was Barely Legal. As I watched the movie I could believe that the actors were barely legal. I knew that they all had to be at least 18 years old but to look at them they looked younger. The boys were all very pretty with hairless bodies with flawless skin. In the first scene a boy approached a remote cabin as he was lost and needed directions. The other boy invited him in and offered him some water. One boy was blonde and the brunette. The blond took the water and sat down at the table. They chatted for a few minutes and then the blond moved around to the brunette and kissed him. Things moved quickly after that and the boys were soon naked with the blonde sucking the brunettes' cock. Then they moved to a 69 position on the floor and sucked each other. They sucked each other for awhile and then the blonde fucked the brunette doggy style.

They fucked for several minutes before the blonde pulled out shot his load all over the back of the brunette. These young guys could really shoot as streams of cum flew passed the boys head before it landed on his shoulders, back and ass. Then the brunette flipped over and jerked on his cock. The blonde knelt down, licked and sucked the brunette's balls until he came. The brunette shot cum straight up in the air and it went at least two feet high. Cum landed on his chest and pubes as the blonde fondled the brunette's balls. Then they stretched out and kissed and petted one another and the scene ended.

It was pretty hot and the three of us had erections. Robby stroked my cock with his left hand as he stroked Paula's cock with his right hand. Paula was stroking Robby's cock. Then Robby knelt in front of me and took my cock in his mouth. Paula then got behind Robby and slipped his cock into Robby's ass. Paula was the first to cum so he and Robby changed places. Now Paula sucked my cock as Robby fucked Paula in the ass. I reached under Paula and played with his tits and hard nipples as he sucked my cock. I was really intrigued with Paula's tits and I enjoyed playing with them even though he was gay.

I was the next to cum and my seed shot to the back of Paula's throat. Paula swallowed quickly and sucked me dry with his talented mouth. Then he nibbled on the head of my cock driving me crazy. The sensation was too intense and I had to push his head off my cock. I watched as Robby's expression changed and I knew that he was about to cum. His body stiffened and he thrust deep into Paula's ass as he unleashed his seed. Paula groaned as his ass filled up with Robby's cum. The three of us broke apart and cleaned cum from our bodies. Robby and Paula took some towels from the bathroom and used them to sit on so that any cum still in their ass wouldn't get on the sofa.

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