tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEncounters with John Wayne Ch. 08

Encounters with John Wayne Ch. 08


As they started to come down from their latest orgasms, John Wayne became aware that, with his arms wrapped completely around her, he had almost all of his weight resting on Diana Maitland and was probably crushing her. He brought his right arm out from under her hips to leverage most of his body weight off of her chest to lean on his left arm so she could breathe—he definitely did not want to kill her! He saw her draw in a deep breath as soon as he had lifted up enough for her to do so, and then she exhaled as slowly as she could and opened her eyes to look up at him and smiled.

He thought she could not look any more beautiful, but with the natural blush on her cheeks and lips deepened to her lover's blush, and the love shining in her eyes, it took his breath away—she seemed to do that to him a lot! He stared down at her and brought his right hand up to caress her left cheek, and rumbled huskily, "I love you, too, little girl. So what are we going to do about that?"

Her eyebrows rose slightly, and she said, "I haven't a clue, but do we have to figure it out right now?"

He grinned and gave a half laugh, and then said, "No, I guess we don't. Besides, I still haven't gotten to do everything I've wanted to do to you since I first saw you," he growled sexily, as he trailed his eyes and hand from her face down her body to where his hips were still cradled in hers. Then he looked back up at her, sighed heavily, and said, "I don't want to do this, but I guess I have to..." as he backed his hips away from hers, sliding his softened cock out her dripping, well-used pussy.

She winced slightly as he pulled out, the release of pressure from inside her pussy making her notice that she was a little sore, probably from begging him to fuck her so hard earlier—she would never underestimate his ability to be able to fuck her hard enough ever again! And he keeps calling himself an "old man;" "Old man, my ass!" she thought. "No, scratch that thought! I wouldn't let him anywhere near my ass with that monster!" she thought again, and giggled to herself.

He saw her wince slightly and then look at him as if she was thinking about something; her eyes widened slightly, then she giggled softly and he wondered what she was thinking. His curiosity got to him, so he asked her, "OK, little girl, what are you so tickled about?"

"Oh...nothing!" She grinned; she was not about to explain those thoughts to him!

"Nothing, my ass!" he thought; he would figure out someway to get her to let him in on all her little "secrets" and thoughts. He was getting more and more curious to find out everything she knew, thought and felt. He laid down beside her to her left on the bed and propped himself up on his right elbow so he could look at her. As he ran his left hand over her right side from her neck down to her shoulder and arm as it lay across her stomach, he drawled softly, "Now, little girl, I know you were thinking 'something,' and I am not letting you out of this bed until you tell me what it was you found so funny!" He looked at her with passionate insistence, his eyebrows raised and eyes smoldering.

She bit her lower lip trying to resist the look on his face and the tingles on her skin where he was caressing her, and tried to think of what she could tell him. His hand moved up to caress softly across her chest just above her breasts, his eyes glancing down at her breasts as he did that, then back up to her eyes. She was starting to breathe a little heavier and she was losing the ability to resist him when he touched her and looked at her like that.

She closed her eyes and attempted to steady her breathing and to try to regain control, when she suddenly felt his mouth on her right nipple, gently licking and sucking on it. She inhaled sharply and felt the tingling he ignited in her breast start to move lower, and she let out a soft moan. Then she felt his mouth release her breast, replaced by his fingers caressing, rolling and pulling on her nipple, and then his voice close to her left ear growled the command, "Tell me, little girl!"

Her eyes flew open to his face just a few inches away, and she knew she would not be able to resist anything he wanted when he interrogated her like this! She swallowed, and whispered, "OK, I'll tell you." She drew in a ragged breath and explained to him how she felt sore, and knew it was because he had pounded her so hard because she had begged him to, and that she would never underestimate him again. Then she had thought about him complaining about being an "old man" and what she had thought to herself about that, ending with the part about not letting him anywhere near her ass, which was what had made her laugh.

His eyes widened in surprise, his hand went still on her breast, and he just stared at her; he almost forgot to breathe again. He had heard that some people enjoyed indulging in the practice of sodomy, but he had never seen the appeal in it. A nice, tight pussy suited him just fine. He was just a little shocked that she knew about it and may have done it before. He frowned slightly as he asked her, "Have you ever done that, little girl?" He held his breath as he waited for her answer.

Her eyes widened slightly at the look on his face, but she knew she had to tell him the truth. She licked her lips, then started slowly, "Not exactly...I've never had a dick in my ass...but I have had fingers and...a tongue...once." She held her breath as she watched for his reaction.

He exhaled slowly as she answered his question. He wasn't sure why he had been afraid to hear her answer. Even if she had told him she'd been fucked in the ass several times, he knew he had no right to be upset about it. Then he was curious as to why she hadn't allowed anyone to do that, since she had probably done a bit of experimenting using some of these "secrets" she said she had learned. So, he raised his eyebrows, and asked her, "Is there any particular reason why you never let anyone actually fuck your ass?"

She blew out her breath, and looked at him with a serious expression, and said, "Yes. When I allowed the one man I felt comfortable with enough to experiment with putting his fingers and tongue in my ass, I realized that it made me feel even more vulnerable than letting someone fuck my pussy. I decided that there was only one man I would ever trust enough to let near my ass again. And then it turns out that your dick is just too big for me to even contemplate that...but I would have let you if you weren't so big...if you had wanted to."

He smiled at her, and said, "Oh, little girl, I love looking at and touching your ass, but I would be just as afraid as you to try and put my big dick in it. And I don't believe it could possibly feel any better than your silky, tight pussy. But, you didn't mention whether you had enjoyed the feeling of having fingers and a tongue in your ass...did you?" he asked softly.

She furrowed her brows as she thought for a moment, then said, "Well, it felt good at first, the soft licking and rubbing around the outside of my asshole. And when they first started to penetrate, I felt some new sensations that gave me a jolt of pleasure. But then, my fears kicked in and the vulnerability got to me so that my ass involuntarily tightened up and it got uncomfortable, so I had to make him stop. Why do you ask?" she questioned curiously.

His eyes burned into hers as he asked huskily, "If you trust me enough that you would have let me fuck your ass, would you trust me enough to use my fingers and tongue?" Her eyes half closed as she exhaled heavily and nodded her head yes. "Good," he growled. "I'll add that to my list of areas of your body that I intend to explore." Then he leaned down to lick and kiss her lips softly before he pushed himself up to a sitting position looking down at her, then said, "We've made a mess of ourselves again, how about a nice warm bath?"

She suddenly remembered that she had no idea what time it was; looking out the windows, it appeared to be the middle of the night! She asked him if he knew the time, and he said that his watch showed about 11:30 when he looked at it when she was in the bathroom a little while ago, so he figured it was around midnight. She had thought it was later, so she told him a bath would be nice since it wasn't that late.

As she sat up, she winced again from the soreness in her crotch area. He saw her wince, and asked her tenderly, "Are you OK? Can you get up?" She told him to just give her a minute to get her legs working again. He swung his legs over and stood up on the other side of the bed, then walked around to her and scooped her up in his arms and carried her to the bathroom. He stopped at the door and she flipped on the switch in the bathroom, then he set her down in front of the sink and said, "I'm going to hop in the tub and shower off a little bit, then I'll start the bath and you can join me when you're ready, OK?"

She smiled, and replied, "OK, and I'll clean myself up a little before I join you."

So, he turned the shower on and got in as soon as it warmed up enough, and she sat on the toilet to wipe away the rest of the cum that was still dripping from her crotch...she hated to think about how much had leaked onto the bed sheet! Oh well, she would just have to try to avoid the "wet spots!"

She watched him through the clear plastic curtain as he rinsed off and she still couldn't get over how sexy she found his naked body; if she could have her way, she'd never let him wear clothes when they were alone. He turned off the shower and returned the water flow to the tub faucet then plugged the drain and moved the shower curtain back and out of the tub as it started to fill with water. Then he sat himself down at the back of the tub to lean against the slanted back, then looked at her and held his hand out to her to come join him.

She got up and moved to the side of the tub and took his hand as she stepped in between his knees, then gingerly sat down in the steamy water with her back to him, placing her ass between his thighs so she could lean back against him, making sure there was room so his cock would not be smashed. As the tub finished filling, they just laid in the warm water, relaxing their tired muscles and absently stroking each other. He was stroking her shoulders and arms, and she was rubbing his thighs. When the tub was almost full, she sat forward and turned off the faucet and then leaned back against him again with a contented sigh. They were silent for a few minutes, both just enjoying the warm water and the intimate feeling of their bodies in this relaxed position.

She felt the need to be closer to him, so she turned onto her left hip and twisted her upper body so that she could lay her breasts against his lower chest and abdomen and her head on his upper chest and right shoulder. He brought his thighs closer together and she was able to lift up slightly so that her hip was cradled between his thighs, and she was reclining sideways in his lap with her legs draped down the side of his left leg. Her left arm was tucked down to his right side, and her right arm and hand were free to touch and stroke him, as she wanted to do. She could feel his limp cock nestled between her hip and his pelvic area; even so, it still felt like a big handful!

He watched her as she traced his left chest, shoulder and arm muscles slowly and lightly with her hand, following it with her eyes, like she was trying to memorize the feeling of his body, and he wondered why. Her hand was back at his chest again, and she used her thumb to slowly circle his nipple and then brush across it a few times, watching it harden slightly, and causing him to moan softly, "Mmmmm..." and close his eyes to concentrate on the faint feeling of pleasure it gave him, making his soft cock stir slightly as well.

She looked up at him and smiled, liking the fact that his body seemed to respond as much to her as he had said hers did to him. How could they not? She still didn't completely understand why or how they both had such uncontrollable sexual responses to each other. So far, it had felt to her like they were almost unable to "turn off" their lust and desire for each other, except for those times when he had gotten her to tell him more about herself and had shared some of his personal life with her. She realized that she had not really tried to find out more about his personal life, and wondered if he would share more with her. So, she took a deep breath and exhaled, then said, "I know you think I already know you since I've read so much about you, but I don't know for sure if I've gotten everything right. Would you mind if I ask you some questions on things I don't know about?"

He looked down at her and leaned down to kiss her forehead, then said, "Sure, ask me anything you want."

She thought for a moment to figure out what she wanted to ask him, then remembered he had talked about his children but had only mentioned his daughters, and she knew he also had 2 sons and she wanted to know more about them. "I know you mentioned you tried to stay close to your daughters when you were helping me untangle my hair, but I know you have 2 sons as well. Do you have good relationships with them, too?"

"I hope so," he replied, "they're getting to be young men now and trying to start making decisions about their own lives, I just hope I've given them enough confidence so that they make responsible decisions. I tried to spend more time with them when they were younger and still wanted me around. I think they know that I love them, so I guess that's all that really matters, and I would call that a good relationship, wouldn't you?" he asked looking down at her with his eyebrows raised.

She smiled, and said, "Yes, that sounds pretty much like how my parents raised me and my brothers and sister. All of us are grown now, and your children are almost grown, too, aren't they?" she frowned trying to remember their ages.

He replied that his youngest, a daughter, was 13 and his oldest, a son, was 19, and his other son and daughter were 14 and 18, respectively. Then they weren't quite grown after all. Then she remembered that all of his children had come from his first marriage; he had no children with his second wife and she was curious as to why. So she asked him, "I know all of your children came with your marriage to your first wife. Is there any particular reason why you didn't have any children with your second wife?"

"Well," he began, "my second wife's health was not always so good because she had a drinking problem, and I didn't feel children would help the situation any, so I tried to be careful not to get her pregnant..." He suddenly stopped and looked at her, his eyes wide. It had just dawned on him that their uncontrollable lust had not allowed him to think about the fact that he has fucked her a few times now and they have not used any kind of protection! His mind started reeling at that thought; "What if she got pregnant? What would he do? What would SHE do? Was this what she had planned all along...?" He immediately mentally shook himself, "No! She did NOT plan that—how could she have known that he would want her as badly as she wanted him? But, maybe her lust-clouded mind hadn't thought about that either! He had to think of a way to ask her about this without making her think he was upset at the prospect that she could be pregnant—he wasn't...upset, just concerned that this would throw confusion into this...thing...they were involved in.

When she saw the look on his face, she was confused at first, trying to think what suddenly concerned him so much. But then it dawned on her that he had just realized he has fucked her several times now without either of them thinking about using any protection, though she was relatively sure it was unnecessary at the moment. She wanted to see how he would try to approach this with her, so she played dumb by frowning and asking him, "What's wrong?"

He looked at her and grinned nervously, then cleared his throat and said, "You know, I just had a thought that scared me at first, but then made me realize that you and I just have trouble thinking clearly around each other most of the time." She raised her eyebrows, and he continued, "We have fucked a few times now, and I haven't even thought about the fact that you could get pregnant because we haven't used any kind of protection! I'm not scared at that thought, but I am concerned that it could cause...complications for us since we just met less than 12 hours ago!" He saw her start to chuckle softly, and he asked, "What do you find amusing about this?"

She was amused because he was trying so hard not to hurt her feelings by making her think that he was scared that she might get pregnant—of course he was scared! What man in his situation wouldn't be? She smiled widely at him and put her right hand on his left cheek, as she laughed softly and said, "You! You're right to be concerned—it would not be a good thing for me to get pregnant." Then she sobered and said, "But, you can relax; it is highly unlikely that I will. I know my body, I know my cycle—another one of those 'secrets' I learned from all that reading. If a woman pays close enough attention to her monthly cycles, she knows when she's fertile and when she's not. There's only about a 7 -- 10 day period during her cycle that a woman is likely to get pregnant, and I am not in that period right now," though silently she wished to herself that she was. Then, no matter how this...thing...ended up, she might have had something of him to keep with her always.

She saw his eyes relax as he looked at her, then he smiled slightly and turned his head to kiss her palm, and then said, "You are so smart and so beautiful, that I doubt I would regret it if you were to get pregnant. But somehow, I have the feeling that if you did, you would never tell me if..." he couldn't finish the statement because the thought of them parting at this point made him feel like he had been punched in the gut again. Maybe this would be a good time for them to try to come to some understanding about what was happening between them and what, if any, expectations they had about this...thing.

This was a discussion that needed to be face to face, so he took her right wrist with his left hand and told her to sit up and turn around to straddle his hips facing him. Luckily, this was an over-sized tub so there was plenty of room for her to easily move into that position. He sat up straight and positioned his legs loosely out in front of him, his thighs parted just enough so his balls and dick could hang comfortably, while providing her with a seat the perfect size for her soft ass. She wrapped her legs around his waist and crossed her ankles behind him, the front of her body almost completely pressed up against his; she put her hands up on his shoulders, and they were completely face-to-face.

The look in his eyes was deadly serious, but the embers were still smoldering as well, and she could feel the tingling returning to her pussy, the soreness having been soothed away by the warm water. She returned his gaze, trying to maintain her composure from being in such an intimate pose with him. He had his elbows at her hips with his arms bent upward, so that his hands were supporting her upper back while he absently caressed her skin with them. This was sending tingles down her spine to meet with the ones between her legs and ...there she goes again! Her eyes were half closing, her head was falling back, and her breathing was heavier. She was helpless to control her body's response to him and she could not begin to explain why!

"My God," he thought, as he watched her face. "She is excited again and I haven't even done anything to try to arouse her!" Maybe this would be a good way to start this discussion, so he rumbled, "Diana, what has gotten you so turned on again so quickly?"

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