tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEncounters with John Wayne Ch. 14

Encounters with John Wayne Ch. 14


John Wayne's friend, the owner of the beach house who had offered to let Wayne stay there because he was supposed to go out of town this weekend, returned to his house because his travel plans had been cancelled. He hadn't known if the Duke was going to take him up on the offer or not because he didn't say so one way or the other, but it hadn't mattered to him because he wasn't going to be there anyway...or so he thought. He was glad when he pulled up to the house and saw Duke's car parked in the drive; he looked forward to seeing Duke and thought they could just relax and get drunk or maybe call some of their other buddies and play some cards or something, since they hadn't done that in a while.

When he walked into the house, he started to call for the Duke until he walked into the main room and glanced around and saw clothes on the couch...a man's suit (presumably Duke's)...and a woman's dress...and lingerie and underwear scattered on the floor! Holy shit...Duke had a woman here and they were obviously naked...somewhere! He wondered if it was anyone he knew...probably not. He didn't hear any sounds coming from inside the house and then he noticed that one of the glass doors out to the patio was open and he thought he heard the faint sound of a woman's shriek coming from outside.

As he looked out the door to the beach, he saw a blanket laying under the umbrella, then his eyes looked toward the surf and he saw two heads out in the water, close together and bobbing slightly in the swells just beyond the breaking surf. He could tell one of them was Duke and the other one appeared to be a blonde woman, who had her arms around Duke's neck and he was obviously holding her very close. It looked like she was talking to him, then she started to kiss him, very passionately, and after a minute or so, they parted and started to work their way toward shore, body surfing the waves. When they reached the shallower water, they stood up and, sure enough, they were completely naked!

Duke's friend moved to the side of the glass doors where some curtains were hanging and hid himself behind the curtains to watch. He knew this was wrong...he shouldn't be intruding on Duke's privacy this way...but it was HIS house after all, and his curiosity about the woman with the Duke had gotten to him...especially when he saw her naked! Good God, she was a shapely little thing, and she looked young enough to be the Duke's daughter...no wonder he had the hots for her! She had huge tits and he knew how much Duke liked big tits on women...he'd caught him staring at many a woman's generous cleavage and when he called him on it...Duke would just grin and say he couldn't help it...he loved big tits! Yeah, he could see why the Duke was so attracted to this...girl.

He'd stared so at the girl, watching her tits bounce, as they had run up the beach and over to the rocks that he hadn't paid attention to the fact that Duke was naked too, and he hadn't even glimpsed at his dick...he'd always been kind of curious to know if the Duke was well hung. He'd gotten the idea over the years, from things Duke had let slip when he was drunk at times, that made it sound like he was disappointed sometimes because some women "just couldn't handle him in bed." He had thought most of the time that Duke meant they just couldn't keep up with his sexual appetite; but one time, he thought he'd heard him say something about some woman who was "just too tight for him," and he started to think maybe it was because he had a bigger than average dick...but he knew better than to ask the Duke about that!

He watched them as Duke lifted the girl onto a rock ledge while he stayed in front of her between her legs, leaning on the ledge, and started kissing her again, tenderly at first, then more passionately. With the angle they were at, he couldn't see anything of the Duke except part of his left side and most of his back, and he could only see the side of the girl's right breast as it was crushed against Duke's chest as they kissed. As he continued to watch their passion increase, Duke started to move his lips down the girl's left cheek to her neck and shoulder as she leaned her head back and to the side, directly toward where he was hiding, to give Duke more access. The look on the girl's face had the heat rising in him; he had never seen such a look of desire on a woman's face before...damn, the Duke must really know what he's doing...he was impressed!

Then he started to feel his own dick stirring in his pants as he watched Duke move his head down, kissing the girl's chest and bringing his hands up from her waist to cup her breasts, then moved his mouth, first to her left breast (which he couldn't see...damn it!), then to her right breast. His dick twitched as he saw Duke lick her right nipple several times, then sucked it into his mouth, making the girl arch her back, and he heard her moan loudly. Oh shit...this was getting good...he knew he should turn around, walk out the door and leave...but some little devilish voice kept telling him to stay and watch...and his curiosity about finding out who this girl was made him want to stay, too.

He almost couldn't believe what he saw happening next...Duke continued to kiss his way down the girl's body until he was kneeling in front of her as she put her feet on his shoulders, and spread her legs wider...oh good God! She was going to let the Duke eat her pussy! His dick instantly went hard as soon he saw the look on her face when Duke's head started moving in a way that was obvious he was licking up and down her pussy. Damn it, he couldn't really see anything other than her gorgeous tits; her body was angled so that her thigh blocked any view of her pussy, he could only see the movements of Duke's head and his left hand, which he was obviously using to finger fuck her while he licked her. He started to feel envious of the Duke; he hadn't tasted pussy in a long time!

After just a few minutes of Duke licking her pussy, she obviously had an orgasm; her back arched again, her hands grabbed the rocks on either side of her and her hips started to gyrate as she loudly groaned, "Oh God...yes, big man! Oh, I love how you lick my pussy!"

His dick throbbed...damn, this girl was hot...where the hell did the Duke find her...Hollywood Boulevard? NO, NO, NO...he knew Duke would never need to look for a woman there! She must be some little starlet who is trying to impress him and make him want her badly enough to get her into a movie...or become his next wife! If she could keep this act up, she had a damn good chance at making either one, or both, happen.

When it looked like her orgasm had faded, Duke stood up and leaned toward the girl and put his hands on either side of her face and kissed her deeply...the girl could probably taste her own pussy on his mouth! But, she obviously enjoyed it because she was kissing him back just as deeply. When they stopped kissing he could see them talking quietly, but he couldn't hear what they were saying. Then Duke lifted the girl down from the rock ledge and scooped her up in his arms then turned around to carry her over to the blanket. He finally had a view of the front of the Duke's body.

Good God...the man was huge! Even though he was not fully hard, he looked almost as big around as the business end of a baseball bat! When they got to the blanket, he knelt and laid the girl down and started to kiss her again while leaning over her. He saw the girl reach down and move her hand and arm like she was stroking the Duke's big dick, obviously trying to help him get fully hard. He saw Duke lift his head from kissing her and she said something to him, and he dipped his head and kissed her again quickly, then rolled over onto his back as she sat up and moved next to his right hip. Then she leaned her head down as she grasped the Duke's thick cock, and she started to lick her tongue up his shaft like she was licking a lollipop!

He almost came in his pants watching her; she stared at Duke as she was licking him with hottest look of lust he had ever seen on a woman's face—she obviously wanted him bad! It didn't take very long for her to make the Duke's dick fully hard. She paused a few times in her licking to wrap her lips around the huge head of his dick and move her head up and down slightly, rubbing her lips over the ridge of his head, and he heard Duke groan loudly a couple times. Then she stopped and said something to him with a look of need on her face, and Duke sat up then moved to his knees as she moved onto her hands and knees...and he caught a brief glimpse of her pussy as she was bent over before the Duke moved behind her and blocked his view.

Shit...this girl wanted to be fucked from behind! He had always thought this was one of the hottest and dirtiest positions to be in when fucking a woman, but he had found only a couple women who would do it that way. But this girl obviously liked it...and the fact that she could fit the Duke's big dick in her pussy must be something of a feat for her! He could only watch from behind as Duke's hips and ass flexed, as he appeared to be slowly sliding his big rod in and out of this...little girl. She was so small that she was almost completely hidden from his view by the Duke's big body...he definitely was a big man...in every way, it seemed!

As he watched Duke fucking the girl from behind, he started to admire the big man's technique...he had some really interesting movements going on that he could almost imagine how it must feel for the girl. It looked like he was almost "rolling" his hips slightly, which, if the girl was moving her hips in rhythm with his, then she would be getting some pretty deep penetration and really feeling the movement of his cock in and out of her. He heard the girl's voice as she started to moan loudly, saying..."Yes...yes...yes...!" Then, "Oh, God...here it comes! Aaaaahhhhhh...!" She continued to wail loudly.

Damn...the Duke made her cum again! He kept pumping in and out of her in that same "rolling" stroke while she came, and her orgasm seemed to last longer than her first one when he had licked and fingered her pussy. He saw Duke finally slow his movements, then stop and back away from her slightly, still holding her hips to support her. Then he leaned forward and grasped her shoulders and helped her straighten up on her knees, then sat back on his lower legs and pulled her to lean back on his thighs slightly with her back against his chest for a moment. He thought that the Duke must have cum, too, and that they were done.

Then he saw him grasp her upper arms as he lifted up on his knees again, and helped her move onto her knees and turned her around to Duke's left side facing him. He got another good, closer view of the front of the girl's body, especially her pussy; she was a true blonde! The hair on her pussy was the same golden color as on her head, now that it was starting to dry from their swim a little while ago. Then Duke turned toward her so that they were both in profile to him; Duke's dick was still hard...he hadn't cum yet! Holy shit...how the hell was he staying hard so long at his age?

Did it have something to do with this girl? He looked at her again; she was definitely a hot little thing, and her face was pretty enough, but she wasn't what you'd call "drop-dead" gorgeous. Then he saw Duke do something that he'd seen him do to only one other woman before; he put both his hands on either side of the girls neck and face and stroked her cheeks with his thumbs. That's when he knew...the Duke was in love with this girl! The only other woman he'd seen Duke make that gesture to was Marlene, and that was only after they'd been seeing each other for a while. How long has he known this girl?

Then Duke bent his head down and kissed the girl more tenderly than he'd ever seen him kiss any woman, even more so than in any of his movie scenes...he must have it bad for her! Then he deepened the kiss as he wrapped his arms around the girl and moved to lay her down so that their heads were toward his vantage point, and continued to kiss her with increasing passion. Then Duke placed himself between her legs and raised himself up on his hands while she bent her legs and used her feet to angle her hips upward slightly, and he had a perfect view down between their bodies as she reached down to position Duke's huge cock at her pussy. As they stared straight into each other's faces, he watched as the Duke started to slowly slide his thick shaft inside this girl...it was the most erotic thing he'd ever seen.

He saw Duke lift his head and look straight toward him, and he almost jumped, but then Duke closed his eyes, and he couldn't get over the look on his face; the man looked like he was drowning in desire. And the girl was reacting the same way; her back was arched with her head bent upward, and her face had the same mask of desperate desire as the Duke's...she most definitely was not too tight for him and could handle him just fine! He'd seen a few "porno" flicks before, and he knew the difference between fake lust and true desire...and he could tell that this girl wasn't faking it; she desired him like no other woman he'd ever seen the Duke with before... even Marlene, and she was a very sensual woman.

As they started to move together, he thought it was the most sensuous, beautiful, and erotic act he had ever seen, and that it was the closest thing he ever imagined that could be called "making love." They moved perfectly together; they seemed to both know how the other one wanted to be kissed; their hips moved perfectly in sync; sometimes the Duke would lay mostly on top of her, thrusting slowly and softly kissing her; then he would raise up and push himself harder and deeper into her. It was during those times that he got his best views of Duke's big dick thrusting in and out of her, and it had him stroking his hand up and down his hard dick on the front of his pants. He was about to cum himself; he didn't think he'd be able to hold out as long as the Duke was...and he wasn't the one fucking the girl!

Then he saw the two of them almost, literally, wrap themselves around each other. The girl lifted her legs and wrapped them completely around Duke's waist while her arms wrapped over his shoulders; he shoved his arms up under her back and shoulders as his hips started to pound into hers. The Duke's head lifted up from being buried on her shoulder as his face contorted into a mask of almost painful pleasure with a deep grimace, as he growled loudly through his gritted teeth; and the girl was moaning loudly, then he heard her say, "God, I love you, big man!" Then Duke's back arched and his hips bucked hard into her a couple times, then he was still with a look of pure pleasure on his face...it was obvious that they both came this time.

He almost made it a three-way orgasm, but he stopped himself at the last second because he started to feel guilty...and dirty...that he was intruding into something so personal to his good friend. But he still needed to find out who this girl was and what, exactly, she meant to the Duke. He moved away from the curtains and went into the kitchen to get a drink of water and try to calm down after what he had just witnessed and felt. He didn't realize that he had been watching them for nearly 30 minutes!

John Wayne and Diana Maitland lay next to each other on the blanket under the umbrella, holding hands as their breathing returned to normal. He let go of her hand, and then rolled on his side to look down at her flushed face; her deep rose-colored lips and the lighter tinge of rose on her cheeks and down her neck. Her lover's blush...he would never get over how beautiful she looks every time he makes love to her, and he wanted to memorize every detail. She opened her eyes and looked up at him and smiled shyly, and his heart almost stopped...she seemed to have no idea how beautiful she was! He rumbled softly, "Do you have any idea just how beautiful you are?"

Her eyes darkened with passion and she smiled a little more, and said, "I feel beautiful when you're looking at me like that. Do you have any idea just how handsome and sexy you are?" she asked, as she reached her hand up to stroke his cheek. He half smiled and continued to stare at her with a mixture of emotions in his eyes; she could see the fire of his love and desire for her, but there also seemed to be a bit of sadness lurking behind the flames. She knew what was causing it and she felt a lump form in her throat, because she knew she couldn't make his sadness go away by telling him what he wanted to hear. She needed to take his mind off of that subject, so she said, "I feel a little sticky from the salt water and sweaty from the sex. Is there somewhere I can rinse off?"

He told her there was an outdoor shower up on the patio that they could use, and that he would go into the house and get them some towels. He leaned down and kissed her softly, then got up and helped her to her feet, then showed her where the shower was over to the side of the patio when they walked up onto it. He told her he'd be back in a few minutes and then headed into the house and went straight upstairs to one of the bathrooms, went to the toilet for a moment to piss and wiped the wetness from his crotch with some toilet paper, then grabbed a couple towels and headed back downstairs.

As he was headed toward the main room to go back out to the patio, he heard a cough come from the kitchen doorway, and his head snapped to the right toward the sound just as he heard his friend say, "Hey Duke!"

Wayne stopped dead in his tracks and jerked slightly to realize that his friend was there...but he was supposed to be out of town! He looked at the man in shock and said, "What the hell are you doing here?!! You said you'd be out of town this weekend!"

His friend explained that his travel plans had been cancelled, so he had to come home, and he didn't know that he was going to be there because he'd never said one way or the other. Then Wayne noticed his friend glance downward toward his crotch and he remembered he was standing in front of the man completely naked! He brought the towels down in front of his crotch, then took the top one and shook it open to wrap it around his hips as he glowered at his friend and said, "How long have you been here?"

"Just a few minutes," his friend said nervously, as he fibbed slightly.

Wayne frowned, and asked quietly, "Did you see anything?"

His friend cleared his throat, then said cautiously, "Enough to know not to announce myself at that particular moment..."

"Shit!" Wayne whispered through his teeth as his gut twisted in irritation at his friend, even though he knew it wasn't exactly his friend's fault that he'd caught them together. He glowered at the man again, not quite sure what to say.

Then his friend asked and commented, "Who is she, Duke? How long have you known her? Damn, she's a hot little thing...!" He was cut off when the Duke strode over to him quickly and grabbed the front of his shirt, lifting him up slightly and bringing them almost face to face with a menacing look in Duke's eyes as he stared down at him.

"Don't you say another word! If you value our friendship, and your life, you will keep your goddamn mouth shut about her...do you understand me?" Wayne quietly growled as he stared fiercely down into his friend's face. He saw his friend's eyes widen as he realized how deadly serious he was and nodded his head that he understood. So, he slowly released his grip on the man's shirt and backed away from him a couple feet, and took a deep breath, then exhaled raggedly trying to calm his sudden surge of anger.

His friend took a deep breath, too, as he stared at him almost in shock at the Duke's reaction to his comment about the girl...man...he was really serious about her! He spoke quietly, "I'm really sorry, Duke, I had kind of figured you had a thing for her, but I didn't realize just how much you loved her!"

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