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Encounters with John Wayne Ch. 18


John Wayne turned his head and leaned his forehead against Diana Maitland's, her head lying on her arm propped on his shoulder as she sat straddling his lap facing him. He breathed heavily and said, "Do me a favor, little girl. As much as I love the way you look in those stockings and that garter belt, please take them off before it kills me!"

She grinned and laughed softly and raggedly through her heavy breaths, and said, "OK, because I definitely don't want you dying on me!" She slipped off his lap to his left side and turned around to sit next to him as she nudged the black high-heeled shoes off her feet. Then she unhooked the straps of the garter belt from the stockings and rolled them down her legs, and reached around behind her to unhook the garter belt and removed it from her waist. She just left everything on the floor in front of the couch where she was sitting.

He started to watch her as she rolled the stocking off her right leg, but it was making him breath heavier again, so he closed his eyes and laid his head backward on the couch until she finished. She looked at him and grinned and said softly, "It's safe to look now—I'm naked."

He kept his head back and his eyes closed and grinned as he rumbled sexily, "That's not exactly safe, either. How about throwing something on just to cover up for a little bit...please?"

"OK," she sighed as she looked around for something to put on, then she spotted his white shirt on the back of the couch on the other side of him, so she got up and went to it, took it and put it on. It was huge on her, hanging halfway down her thighs, and the sleeves had to be turned up several times to free her hands. As she buttoned it, she said, "OK, I'm covered now!"

He lifted his head and looked at her...that wasn't much better! She had put his shirt on and it was partly open at her chest and fell to her thighs. Damn it...she looked sexy no matter what she wore! He groaned and let his head fall back on the couch again as he grimaced and covered his eyes with his right hand, and said, "Damn it woman...that doesn't help!"

She stomped her foot in frustration, and yelled, "Well, what the hell am I supposed to wear? I don't have any other clothes here, except those dresses! Do you want me to put that dress back on?" as she pointed to the black dress on the back of the couch. He groaned and said no. She continued yelling in irritation with her hands on her hips, and then gestured agitatedly at him, "All right then! And how the hell do you think I feel? You're still sitting there completely naked with your glistening, hard body and your huge cock flopped in your lap just begging me to touch it! I'm going upstairs to the bathroom, and when I come back down, you damn well better have your pants on!" She turned and huffed as she stomped out of the room; she heard him laughing softly behind her. "It's not funny!" she yelled as she headed up the stairs.

He couldn't help but laugh; she was so cute when she was frustrated, then he groaned quietly as he thought, "And soooo damn sexy!" He realized she was trying her best to placate him and he had completely ignored the fact that she is just as attracted to him as he is to her. He got up off the couch and picked up his pants and went to the small half bath near the front entrance to use the bathroom, clean himself up and rinse some of the sweat off of him at the sink. He realized he forgot to grab his boxers off the floor...oh well, he just put his pants on without them; it always felt strange not to have underwear on under his pants, and he had to remember to be careful with the zipper! He pulled the belt out of the loops, as he didn't really need it to keep them up, they just rode a little lower on his hips and gave him more room in the crotch.

When he came out of the bathroom, she was not back yet, so he picked up the rest of their clothing and undergarments and put them all together at one end of the couch, along with their shoes on the floor. He glanced out the glass doors as he caught sight of a slight flash in the distance; it was lightning—a storm was on the horizon and he wondered if it was headed toward them. He opened the patio door and a chilly wind blew in and he figured it was headed their way, so he went out to the beach and took down the big umbrella and brought it up to the patio so it wouldn't get blown away. He glanced at the huge stone fireplace inside and decided to build a fire, so he grabbed several pieces of firewood from a stack on the patio, and brought them in and set them on the hearth. He was just lighting the kindling when she came into the room, still wearing his shirt.

She had stomped up to the bathroom, fuming at him; it was like he blamed her because he was so hot for her and he hadn't even considered that he made her just as hot! And now she was, literally, hot under the collar...his collar...of his shirt...that smelled of his cologne...and him... God, he smelled so good! She took a deep whiff of his shirt and her pussy started tingling again...she stomped her foot on the floor in frustration as she sat on the toilet trying to clean herself up, and her pussy was just getting wet again! This was ridiculous! She couldn't even be mad at him when she wanted to be! She removed his shirt for a couple minutes to wash some of the sweat off of her and finished cleaning herself up with a washcloth, as good as she could, and put his shirt and the lacy, black underwear back on, then headed downstairs again.

She saw him at the fireplace lighting a fire when she entered the main room again. He had put his pants on as she had requested, or rather demanded, him to do, but his torso was bare...he still looked sexy as hell! She stood there staring at his back, watching his muscles rippling as he put pieces of wood on the fire. She groaned quietly. She would just have to get used to the fact that her pussy stays wet when she's around him and there's nothing she can do about it...except keep changing her underwear...but she only has 2 pair here...then what? Wear his? She sighed heavily as she approached the couch.

As she went to sit down, she noticed that a blanket had been spread on the couch and she suddenly realized that it had been there the whole time they had been fucking and she hadn't paid attention to it. She looked at him in front of the fireplace as he was stoking the kindling to get the fire going, and she said, "I see you thought ahead about protecting the couch, good idea."

He turned to glance at her and grinned, and then turned back to the fire as he said, "Well, I knew we were going to end up fucking on it at some point, and I didn't want to have to buy my friend a new couch!" he chuckled softly as he said that last part.

She chuckled softly as well, then she saw a flash of lightning out over the water through the patio doors, and she frowned and asked him where his cigarettes were. He pointed them out on the table by the patio doors, where their unfinished glasses of wine were sitting as well, and asked her to bring him one. As she walked toward the table, she saw another flash of lightning, and she jumped slightly...storms made her nervous. She'd been watching a storm as a young girl at her bedroom window, when a bolt of lightning struck a large maple tree in her backyard just outside her window, and the shock wave from it had knocked her across the room. She'd been leery of storms ever since.

She quickly went to the table and grabbed his cigarettes and lighter and the glasses of wine and headed further into the room across from the couch to sit on the matching love seat, away from the glass doors. Then she pulled out a couple cigarettes and lit them, taking one to him, then returned to the love seat and crouched on it with her feet curled up under her as she nervously dragged on her cigarette and took several gulps of wine.

He was watching her and wondered why she seemed so nervous all of a sudden. Then he noticed a flash of lightning that was closer than what he'd seen before and he saw her jump slightly...she was afraid of lightning. The fire was going pretty good, so he got up and went over to sit next to her on the love seat and put his left arm around her and pulled her against his side as he asked softly, "You don't like storms, do you?" She shook her head no, and then told him why. He held her tighter and said, "I guess I'd be a little nervous, too, if that had happed to me."

As the storm moved closer and the lightning started getting brighter with loud crashes of thunder, she closed her eyes and tried to keep her breathing normal. She had finished the first cigarette and both glasses of wine, and was on her second cigarette and her nerves were still making her shake slightly. She looked at him with her eyes wide and asked him if there was any liquor in the house. He told her there was and asked her what she wanted; she said anything, and then asked him to just bring her the bottle and a glass.

He got up and went over to a bar near the wall behind the love seat and found a bottle of whiskey and a tumbler and brought them to her. She had set her cigarette in the ashtray, so she grabbed the bottle and the glass and poured the tumbler about half full and started to gulp it down. He stared at her for a moment, frowning, then gently put his hand on hers and forced her to take the glass away from her mouth. He took the glass out of her right hand and the bottle out of her left hand, and set them on the coffee table in front of them; he decided there was a much better way to take her mind off the storm.

He leaned across her and picked up her cigarette and took a long drag on it and handed it to her, as it was almost gone; she took one last drag and then put it out. He picked up the glass of whiskey and threw what was left of it into his mouth and let it sit for a couple seconds then swallowed it. He put the glass down, stood up and picked her up off the love seat, and carried her over to lay her down on a soft rug in front of the fireplace.

He lay down next to her and kissed her tenderly for a few moments; it seemed strange to him at first that their mouths tasted exactly the same—of cigarettes and whiskey. Then he raised his head and told her to keep her eyes closed and just concentrate on what she felt. Then he sat up and started to unbutton his shirt down the front of her body and just pushed it to her sides. He admired the black panties she had on, and grinned as he realized she had purposely removed them earlier so she could reveal herself to him in just the garter belt, stockings and high heels...the little minx!

Then he leaned down on his left side and started kissing her neck and chest, caressing her breasts with his right hand as he moved his head lower to kiss and lick her breasts, sucking firmly on her nipples until they were hard. She was sighing softly as she clutched his head to her chest with her hands. Then he trailed his right hand down her stomach, worked his fingers under the elastic of her panties and stretched it so he could reach down into her pussy and rub his fingers up and down her wet slit. She spread her legs and brought her knees up as she moaned softly, and was drowned out by a loud clap of thunder.

As he continued to rub his fingers in her pussy, he alternated between kissing her mouth and moving down to kiss, lick and suck her breasts. The storm was beginning to rage around them now, and he could tell she needed more to help take her mind off the bright flashes of lightning and the loud rumbles of thunder. He could see she was getting nervous again, so he sat up and peeled her panties from her hips and down her legs and off of her. Then he moved onto his knees beside her shoulders and bent down with his elbows on either side of her hips, placing his forearms under her raised thighs and used his fingers to spread her pussy open, then started licking his tongue up and down her.

She started to moan a little louder, so that she could be heard above the storm. He concentrated on her clit, and occasionally moved further down to stroke his tongue in and out of her wet hole, but her hips were moving like she needed to feel more movement inside her. So, he braced himself on his left elbow and brought his right arm around in front of her leg so he could reach down and put his index and middle fingers into her pussy and stroke them in and out. He kept licking and sucking on her clit while he fucked his fingers in and out of her, bending his middle finger up to stroke that spot that makes her cum so hard.

After just a few minutes of this, she bucked her hips hard a few times and screamed as he felt another squirt of liquid on his hand, and then her scream was muffled by a loud boom of thunder. He raised up sitting on his knees and leaning over her while he continued to stroke his fingers in and out of her through her orgasm while her body writhed slowly, then he withdrew them from inside her. She lay there panting, and her knees collapsed out to the sides, spreading her pussy open even more.

There was another bright flash of lightning and an instantaneous "BOOM" from a close strike and she jerked and gave a little yelp as her eyes popped open in fear. He had to take her mind off the storm; his dick was hard again and there was only one thing left he could do. She turned her head to look at him as he lifted up on his knees, carefully unzipped his pants and crawled out of them; she had a look of desperation on her face as he moved around to position himself between her legs. As soon as he moved over her, she reached down and grabbed his dick and pulled him into her, moving her hands to his ass as soon as he started to enter her, grasping him roughly as she shoved him inside her as fast and hard as she could, groaning deeply.

She looked up into his eyes and pleaded softly, "Just fuck me...make it go away...make everything go away. So there's just you...with your big cock moving inside me...make love to me..."

He leaned down and kissed her tenderly for a couple minutes as he started to move slowly in and out of her as the lightning flashed and the thunder rolled all around them outside. He continued to fuck her slowly as he lifted his head just far enough to see her face, and made his voice soft but loud enough to be heard over the storm, as he said, "Open your eyes, little girl." She slowly opened them with a slight frown on her face. He continued gently, "There is no storm outside. The only storm is the one going on right here...between us. It's just you, and me...with my cock moving inside you, in the soft firelight. Can you feel the fire burning between us?"

Her face relaxed as she listened to him; as she nodded her head, he saw the flames came up in her eyes. He leaned down and kissed her softly and deeply for a few minutes as he slowly increased the pace of his thrusting. Then he raised his head and said huskily, "My body burns for you and my soul maintains the fire of my desire for you. Even when my body is not capable of fucking you, I still want you so badly. I still crave the feeling of my big cock sliding in and out of your silky, tight pussy." His eyes closed and he lifted his head as he moaned deeply from his concentration on the feelings he was describing to her. He hoped this was working as well for her as it was for him!

God, how she loved to watch his eyes as he described his desire for her; she loved how sexy he looked when his eyes burned at her like that. And when he closed his eyes and moaned as he lifted his head with such a look of pleasure on his face, it sent flames roaring through her body. She was only dimly aware of the storm outside now; she was just watching his face and concentrating on the throbbing pleasure between her legs as he continued to thrust his magnificent cock in and out of her, gradually getting deeper and harder. She started moving her hips with him, and they settled into a nice, deep, rolling movement that mashed their pubic mounds together, keeping her clit constantly stimulated, and she started to moan deeply.

He looked down at her again as soon as he started to feel her hips moving, and he rumbled sexily, "That's it, little girl, move with me. Feel my big cock moving deeper into you, and your clit rubbing on me. Oh yeah, that feels so good, doesn't it?" as he heard her start to moan, and it drove him to thrust as hard as he could, grinding his pelvis into hers. He groaned and then growled at her, "Take it, little girl. Take my big, hard dick deep inside you! Oh, God, I love you and how I love fucking you! Cum for me, little girl, because I'm about to and I can't stop...Oh, God!"

His eyes closed, his back arched and his hips slammed into her several times, then he groaned loudly as he felt her pussy tighten on his dick just as he shot into her, and the pulsing of her muscles almost made it feel like she was milking the cum out of his cock. When his orgasm ended, he slowly lowered himself to lay on top of her with his forearms under her shoulders and neck to support most of his weight, as he rested his head against hers, tucked sideways at his neck and shoulder.

She had her arms wrapped around his back under his arms and her legs wrapped around his legs, and she felt completely protected by him. She started to become aware that the storm seemed to be abating; the lightning was not as frequent and bright and the thunder was not as loud. She was firmly stroking his back, which was coated with a sheen of sweat; she wasn't sure if it was because of the heat they had generated or the heat from the fireplace just several feet away from them—probably both.

At the same time, they both became aware that sweat was collecting on the front of their bodies as they were pressed tightly together. She relaxed her arms down to his sides and unwrapped her legs from around his as he lifted up to put some space between them. They both looked at each other, noting the damp hair around their faces, the sweat running down their necks, dripping off his chest and onto hers as they breathed slowly and deeply. Their eyes were heavy lidded and they smiled sexily at each other, liking the way they looked in this afterglow—both of them wishing they could fuck again...right now.

They both groaned softly as he pulled out of her, and he moved a few feet back from the fireplace to get away from the heat as he leaned against the front of the couch sitting on the floor. She rolled off the soft rug onto the carpet in the same direction, ending up on her back again as she propped her feet up and tilted her hips upward for a minute. His shirt got twisted around her slightly as she rolled, so she straightened it out and laid the sides down the front of her body to cover her breasts, but didn't button it. Then she noticed as she looked between her propped, spread legs that he was sitting facing her just a few feet away, staring at her crotch.

Then he looked at her face and smiled wryly, and said, "It doesn't help to cover your breasts when I'm still staring straight at your pussy right in front of me!" She grinned and laughed softly as she realized he had a point, and he laughed quietly as well. He started to get up, then said, "Besides that, you're about to make a mess of my friend's carpet," as he pulled the blanket off the couch and dragged it to her to slide under her ass before she leaked onto the carpet. Then he walked to the half bath and grabbed a couple hand towels for them.

When he returned, he handed one to her as he started to wipe himself off. As she took it and started wiping between her legs, she said, "Look, this is only enough to clean between my legs and whatever else comes streaming out of me. I need to rinse off...and so do you!"

He looked at her and frowned, then put his hands on his hips and said loudly and firmly, "Damn it, woman, I'm not through fucking you yet, and I'm not going to take a shower until we're ready to go to sleep! And I happen to like the way you smell after we've had sex, so I'm not going to let you take one until then either!"

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