tagMatureEncounters with Mrs. Cochran Ch. 02

Encounters with Mrs. Cochran Ch. 02


Encounters With Mrs. Cochran II

Her new young lover leads to a new secret life.

2nd Encounter: continued

Tim squatted in the darkness of Mrs. Cochran's walk-in closet. He could still hear the voices, distant murmurings muffled by the carpeted floors and walls. But the voices were coming closer and closer, as if coming up the stair case, as if coming for him. He could tell from the timber of one voice that it belonged to his friend Rod Cochran, the son of the woman he had just fucked in her bedroom. Tim knew without a doubt he would be found. The door would fly open, the lights would flash on, and there he would be -- on his knees, naked with his clothing balled up in his arms, his dick shriveled. He could even see Rod standing over him, his face a mask of rage, shouting, " What the fuck are you doing up here with my mother?!"

Then the voices were suddenly drowned out with the sound of running water. Mrs. Cochran must have stepped into the shower.

"Hey, Mom. Mom!" It was Rod calling from the bedroom doorway.

Tim heard Mrs. Cochran's hollow- sounding voice from the bath room just as the water was shut off. "Oh, Rod. You're home early. I was just taking a shower. I had trouble sleeping so I thought a warm shower would make me feel drowsy."

"That's okay, Mom. I've got Lana with me and we just stopped by for a moment."

" Hello, Lana," Mrs. Cochran called.

"Hi, Mrs. Cochran. Rod and I are on our way to a party and Rod thought it would be nice to take a bottle of wine. Is that okay?"

" Of course. Rod knows where we keep the wine. Have fun."

Tim heard steps leave the doorway and he finally let his breath out. But then steps came back and what he heard next socked him in the stomach.

" Hey, Mom. Didn't you tell me that Tim was here earlier this week to cut the grass?"

There was an exceptionally long pause, Tim thought, before Mrs. Cochran responded.

"Why, yes, dear. He needs the work, you know, and you're so busy. I hope you don't mind that I asked him."

" No problem, Mom, but he left his cap down on the kitchen counter."

"Actually, he left it out in the yard and I brought it in. I left it on the counter to remind me to return it to him when he comes back in a week or so."

" That's all right. I'll take it with me. I'll probably see Tim before you do."

Not likely, Rod, Tim thought.

"We're gonna take off now, Mom. See ya."

"Good night, dear. Good night, Lana."

Tim closed his eyes and let himself relax against the wall of the closet. It seemed as though he grew a lot older before Mrs. Cochran opened the door and turned on the light. Tim stood up.

"Mrs. Cochran, you handled that great. Getting in the shower was brilliant. I just about shit. I'm sorry about my cap. I won't let anything like that happen again."

"Oh, Tim. That was so close. I'm shaking like a leaf. Please hold me."

Tim took her in his arms, feeling her warm, wet body cling to him. Maybe it was Mrs. Cochran's breasts pressing on his chest or the tickling scratch of her pubic hair on the underside of his cock or maybe the relief of having survived the last few minutes without discovery -- whatever it was, Tim felt arousal, his cock stirring to life again. Mrs. Cochran took it in her hand and rubbed its gradual hardness.

" Oh, Tim. You feel it, too, don't you? This is just what I want, just what I need. We just had a close call and all I can think of is fucking you again."

"Let's do it in the shower, Mrs. Cochran."

In the spacious shower stall, Mrs. Cochran turned on a warm spray and handed Tim a pink bar of soap.

" Bath me, Tim. Use your hands on me. Then fuck me right here under the water."

With Mrs. Cochran's back to him, Tim coated her tits with suds, delighting in her firm flesh and nipples. One soapy hand strayed to her pussy, his fingers bathing her pussy lips, feeling her secretions under the soap.

"Oh, this is so lovely, Tim."

She slowly turned and took the soap from him and bathed his hard cock. She let water run the soap away then got on her knees and sucked him tenderly. Tim collapsed onto the porcelain seat built into one corner of the shower stall. The ecstasy he felt from Mrs. Cochran's mouth was once more too much for him. Knowing he had to save himself for Mrs. Cochran, he pulled her to her feet and backed her to the wall, lifting her ass up the slippery surface until her pussy was meeting his cock. He marveled how light she was and Mrs. Cochran marveled at the strength of her young lover. She took his cock and slowly slid it into her warm cavity, looking into Tim's eyes.

"Oh, Tim. Make this last. Make this last all night."

Tim smiled and began to gently stroke Mrs. Cochran, often holding his cock deep inside her as he pressed her against the wall. Warm water cascaded over their bodies, urging on their passion for each other with its soothing spray. Mrs. Cochran locked her legs around Tim's middle, her arms around his neck. Her hips responded to his slow and gentle strokes, at first keeping the same rhythm, then stronger, faster, more incessant as she felt the building of yet another orgasm. She inwardly fought against its coming; she wanted this to go on and on. But in the end she lost control. She took Tim's earlobe between her teeth, causing him to grunt and increase his fucking tempo. Her voice urged him on.

"Fuck me, you son of a bitch. Harder. Harder. Make me cum. Make me cum! Oh, god! Oh, god!

Here it is!"

Tim thrust himself as hard as he could into Mrs. Cochran as she shuddered against him, moaning with the relief he had just given her. She opened her eyes and realized that her young lover had not cum as yet. Once again she used words in his ear to bring on his explosion inside her.

" I'm a whore. A dirty filthy whore. I'm your whore, Tim Fuck me. Fuck me like a whore."

When he couldn't hold her up any longer, Tim let Mrs. Cochran down on the shower seat and stretched himself on the tile floor. Mrs. Cochran sat for a time, breathing in the light steam. She had never felt such exhilaration and sexual satisfaction and she told herself she would do anything to keep this new secret life going. She felt that she and Tim had come to an understanding, but it had to be reinforced. Mrs. Cochran turned off the water and stood over Tim. She placed her foot on his now relaxed cock and ran it up and down its warm wet shaft. He smiled up at her.

"You're too much, Mrs. Cochran."

"If I am, you're responsible. I feel I'm embarking on a whole new adventure and you're part of it. We took an awful chance tonight. Do you think it was worth it, Tim?"

" I think you're worth it, Mrs. Cochran."

She smiled and said," I'm pleased to hear you say that. Because I want what we've started to go on.

Would you like that,Tim? Would you like to see me more, fuck me more?"

"God, yes, Mrs. Cochran."

"I need to hear you say it."

"Mrs. Cochran, I want to fuck you whenever you say."

"That's good. But like I said before, it's got to be on my terms."

"Sure, Mrs. Cochran."

She increased the pressure of her foot on Tim's cock and she smiled with approval when he took her foot and guided it over the tender underside of his cock.

"Your cock belongs to me now, Tim. And I'm going to use it often. When I call, you're going to come to me. Which means you're going to have to be readily available for me exclusively. I don't know what you're going to do about Monica Standish. I would prefer that you not see her anymore, but I'm not going to make that demand on you. But when it comes to your special services, I expect to be first."

"Whatever you say, Mrs. Cochran."

" After what happened tonight, I don't feel comfortable meeting here anymore. I'll have to do some planning for us."

"What do you have in mind, Mrs. Cochran?"

" I don't know yet, but it'll be adventuresome and exciting. That's what I want -- excitement, and sex, I mean, fucking. Lots of fucking Fucking and excitement are one and the same to me now."

"Me, too, Mrs. Cochran."

Only after he got home did Tim ask himself: What the hell have I gotten myself into?

3rd Encounter


Mrs. Cochran's new secret life began to include pornography. She found plenty of it with the use of the computer in her husband's upstairs study. She had always believed that such stuff was only for men, that women would find it disgusting and degrading. But she found herself being aroused by it, especially with a web site that featured mature women having sex with much younger men.

One of those women, who appeared to be Mrs. Cochran's age, was a flashy blond who wore boots with extremely high heels and a corset holding up fish-net stockings. Her young lovers were always portrayed as wide-eyed innocents who could easily be seduced by her persuasive ways. The blond was shown to be in control of these men/boys, thus those she fucked always submitted themselves to her. In one episode, she took on three youths, one of whom was black and appeared to have a larger cock than the other two. On her hands and knees the blond woman would suck one young man while the other two fucked her from the rear. In close-ups Mrs. Cochran could see cocks in both the pussy and ass- hole of the blond porn model. Mrs. Cochran ran the video twice, the second time she masturbated with it, never taking her eyes off the young black man.

Relaxing after her self-induced orgasm, Mrs. Cochran wondered what it would be like to wear such an outfit as the woman in the video wore. Undoubtedly it would make her feel sexy in the way that other clothing did, such as her bikini and cocktail dress. Would Tim like to see her in a corset and high heels and would other young men? Would a young black man such as the one in the video who had such a large cock find her desirable in such an outfit? What would it be like to fuck a black man and take his large cock into her mouth? In fact, should she consider taking other sex partners? The prospect excited her. After all, the point of adopting a secret sex life was to broaden one's horizons, to include as many different sexual experiences as possible. For the present she wanted control over Tim, and she saw using him for sex was part of that control. Mrs. Cochran did not want to hurt Tim. But if he were not willing to give up Monica Standish to show his faithfulness to her, didn't she have the right to fuck other young men she was attracted to?

Getting back to the sexy outfit in the video, Mrs. Cochran wondered where she could find such clothing. She wouldn't want to buy it here in the city, where, because of her husband's prominence, she was fairly well known, at least on the east side. She found a so-called adult store on a highway outside of Garland, a town about fifty miles north of Ravensfield. She often took daily shopping excursions to near-by communities. Why not to Garland? And why not take Tim? She would have to be careful, of course. A plan quickly came together and she dialed Tim's cell phone.


It was dim and cool in the Zipper Lounge, and Rod Cochran was having a mid-afternoon beer with his friend, Tim Griffin.

"Hey, man. Thanks for finding my cap. I couldn't imagine where I left it," Tim said.

"Yeah. You're servicing so many women these days I guess it's hard to remember where you leave stuff."

" Yeah. All those women. They keep me busy all right."

One in particular, Tim thought.

" Well, you always seem to be cleaning up dog shit in somebody's front yard," Rod commented.

" Some of that dog shit is in your front yard. Maybe you should be cleaning it up."

" Mom wanted to throw a little business your way."

And that's not all, Tim thought.

"Well, your mom seems to like what I do for her."

"Play your cards right, and she'll bake you cookies."

Yeah, Tim thought, I've sampled your mother's cookies.

"Besides slaving over green grass, where have you been spending your time?" Rod asked.

"Lately, I've been seeing an old girl friend."

And she's your mother and at least twenty years older than I.

"Which one? You've only known two, and one of them was Mrs. Sutton."

"Oh, this is one you don't know about."

And hope you never do.

Tim's phone went off prompting Rod to say, "That's her now. Tell her you'll be right over to fuck her brains out."

Tim palmed his phone and almost dropped it when he heard Mrs. Cochran's voice in his ear. He immediately pressed it against his thigh telling Rod, " You're right, man. It's her. I'll take it outside if you don't mind."

"Sure. Ask her if she's got a sister who might be interested in some stud who's currently dateless and desperate."

Tim went out the back door trying not to hurry. He walked to the far end of the parking lot before he put the phone back to his ear. He immediately decided it was not a good idea to tell Mrs. Cochran he was with her son.

"Tim, what's taking you so long? Where are you?"

There was a hint of suspicion in her voice, so Tim made an effort to keep it casual.

"I'm just out here at the Zipper with some friends. Just hanging out, Mrs. Cochran."

" What's the Zipper?"

" Kind of a sports bar. It's probably not a good idea for us to meet here." Especially, since your son is sitting at the bar.

" I have no intention of meeting you in a place like that. I've planned for us to go out of town Monday afternoon."

" Monday." Tim took a deep breath. "You know, Mrs. Cochran, I'll be over at the Standish place on Monday."

There was a long icy moment on Mrs. Cochran's end.

"I see. So it's her over me."

"No way, Mrs. Cochran. I can take care of the yard and pool in the morning and get away fast."

"And no special services for Monica Standish. I'm sure I wouldn't care to see you after you've fucked her."

It's starting to get complicated, Tim thought.

"You always come first with me, Mrs. Cochran. Promise."

" Good. I've decided we can't meet here. Do you know where the Westgate Mall is?"

"Sure. On the other side of town on Benson Avenue."

"We'll meet there no later than one. I'll be parked by Guggenheimer's. Do you know my car?"

" A silver Jaguar, Mrs. Cochran. Where are we going?"

" I want it to be a surprise, Tim. I'll see you Monday."

Tim stood there for some moments considering the change in Mrs. Cochran. She practically threw herself at me at first, he thought, now she's so abrupt and business-like, giving me orders like I was some kind of slave or something. She wants things done her way, she wants to control the situation. And two days ago in her shower, looking up from the floor with Mrs. Cochran's foot on his cock, he had agreed. Well . . . maybe that wasn't so bad. He had wanted to bend Mrs. Cochran to his will, but now here he was submitting himself to her. But I still want to see her, I still want to fuck her, he thought. Their brief affair was the most exciting event in his life since the night he fucked Mrs. Sutton on his parents' yacht. Tim shook his head as if to clear it as he walked back to the lounge to be with the son of the woman he would be fucking again in just a few days. Talk about complications.


By his watch, Tim was ten minutes early. There were three silver Jaguars parked near Guggenheimer's, a high-end store which catered to the high-end population. Today he had driven his Mustang instead of his work truck. Thinking she wouldn't recognize the vehicle, he got out and leaned on the hood, his arms crossed . Within three minutes Mrs. Cochran came out carrying a couple of pink bags. She was wearing dark glasses, jeans studded with rhinestones which twinkled in the sun, a loose flowery shirt and high heels with sling straps and open toes. Her abundant hair held a dark gold cast in the sunlight. Tim smiled and thought, you look very fuckable today, Mrs. Cochran.

She hardly looked at him as she approached the Jaguar parked closest to his van. As she got in she said, "Follow me." He was led behind the mall to a loading dock area near which he parked. Mrs. Cochran waited until two men left the dock then got out and motioned to him. The trunk popped open and she reached in for a blue blazer and a cap with a visor both of which she handed to Tim.

"Here. You're my chauffeur today."

" You think of everything Mrs. Cochran."

" I now realize I'm taking some awful chances, Tim. We both have to be careful."

Tim slipped on the blazer. Its sleeves stopped about two inches from his wrists.

"It'll have to do," she commented. "Let's get started."

Mrs. Cochran climbed in the back seat.

" And how are you today,Tim?"

"I'm fine, Mrs. Cochran. You look great."

" Good enough to fuck?"

" Good enough to fuck again and again."

She laughed. "So you're ready for my little adventure today."

"You bet."

"I'm sorry I was so abrupt with you on the phone the other day. But I've been a little uptight about what happened at home last week. I'm hoping you'll be able to help me relax and enjoy our time together.."

"Sure. Like you say, we'll just have to be careful."

"Oh, I like taking chances. It definitely adds to the excitement of sex, I mean, fucking. But there's no sense in inviting trouble."

Tim would remember those words later this day, and the rest of the summer.

"You know how to get on fifty-two from here?"

He nodded and within fifteen minutes they were miles outside Ravensfield. There was little traffic and the day was bright and clear. Mrs. Cochran soon had Tim pull into a rest area where she took a seat in front.

"Aren't you curious as to where we're going, Tim?"

" Wherever it is I'm up for it."

Mrs. Cochran reached over and caressed the front of his khakis.

"I hope you're going to be up for it, way up," she smiled.

"You know, I like being your chauffeur, Mrs. Cochran. This car practically drives itself."

" I'm glad, because I'm about to distract you."

"What do you mean?"

"Tim, wouldn't you like me to take your cock out and play with it?"

" I hope that's not a trick question, Mrs. Cochran."

"Your cock is mine, you know. My very special toy. It gives me so much pleasure. And I think it would be fun to play with your cock while we're speeding down the highway. And you do want me to have fun, don't you, Tim?"

He didn't need to respond. He kept his eyes on the road ahead feeling Mrs. Cochran open his slacks.

Her hand rested on the front of his briefs and rubbed it lightly.

"Don't look down, Tim. Let me do everything. You just drive."

Her hand pulled back his briefs and let his cock escape. His cock-head rested against the bottom of the steering wheel. Mrs. Cochran placed her hand around his cock saying, " I love to feel it grow tall and hard in my hand. I want to make you cum, Tim. I'm going to masturbate you."

"You mean you're going to jerk me off, Mrs. Cochran."

"Oh, I don't think I like that term. Isn't there something else we can call it?"

"Hand job."

" Oh, that sounds positively disgusting," she laughed. "But that's what it is, isn't it? A hand job, but a very special hand job."

Mrs. Cochran reached into the glove compartment and pulled out the black panties she had worn for their second encounter.

"Do you remember telling me that you could become a freak for my underwear, Tim?"

Tim nodded as Mrs. Cochran held her panties to his face.

"I didn't wash it, Tim. Smell me and taste me."

Tim ran his tongue over the satiny material and breathed in the older woman's musky scent. Then he felt Mrs. Cochran's panties envelop his cock and her hand gently rising and falling over the length of his cock-shaft.

"Oh, this is crazy, Mrs. Cochran, but I love it."

" I feel a little crazy, Tim. Here we are at sixty-five miles an hour. I'm holding my young lover's cock in my hand, making him cum in my panties. But we're going to get even crazier, Tim. I feel so naughty today and I want to get naughtier."

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