tagIncest/TabooEncouraging an Incorrigible Ch. 02

Encouraging an Incorrigible Ch. 02


My stories are based on my personal experiences. Some of it is the naked truth, and some of it is a bare faced lie. I will leave it up to you, the reader, to determine how much of either applies. All characters, real or fictional, are over the age of eighteen.

I don't think she knew the value of the dollar. She spent an enormous amount of time talking on her cell phone. Sometimes she would talk for hours, never thinking of how she would pay the bill. Her mother always got stuck with it. It was time for my next devious plan. I suggested to her mother that her daughter should get an allowance. We made a list of chores and a monetary value for each. Whatever her daughter worked we would pay her for it. We told her that if she didn't make enough to pay her phone bill, then it would be cut off. I knew that her cell phone was her life blood and I knew that she was lazy. So it didn't take very long for her not to have enough money to pay her phone bill.

Occasionally I would help her daughter with her homework. it was in one of these sessions that I bared my plan. I majored in art in college. I had always fantasized of having a nude model. I offered her an hourly rate to pose for me. I assured her that I would not do anything dirty. She was on the verge of losing her cell phone. So, desperate as she was, she agreed.

On the nights that her mother had to work late, she started modeling for me. I had her start by wearing some of the outfits she used to wear when she first arrived here. Progressively the hem was lifted a little higher, or an extra button was left undone. I would have her pose in such a way as to be exposed, but not realize it.

After she became comfortable with that, she started posing in her bra and panties. I had a whole wardrobe of lingerie waiting for her; open cup bras, stockings, garter belts, crotch less panties and pantyhose. Before she knew it, she was exposing herself to me wearing all of them.

I purposely left some of the lingerie in her room, hoping she would wear them to school or a date. But it never happened.

She started changing outfits right in front of me. Eventually she became comfortable with me seeing her nude. She even started going to and from the shower without wrapping herself up in a towel.

No matter how hard she tried, she could never pose exactly as I needed her to. It was always necessary for me to adjust her breasts for a better position, or remove an imaginary smidgen from her pouty lower lips. Whenever I asked for hard nipples, she was always quick to twist them herself. Occasionally she let me do it.

Next came the suggestive poses; spreading her legs, holding herself open, pinching her nipples. I even clenched her nipples with clothes pins. She said it hurt and she didn't like it. But I could see that it made her wet.

I subtly introduced sex toys into the pictures. I initially had her pose with them. Then, I gradually started to use them on her. I'll never forget the first time I used a vibrator on her. I had her hold it, like she was going to use it on herself. Then I positioned it against her clit. When I turned it on she gave a little jump. But she didn't tell me to turn it off. I tried to stick it inside her, but she stopped me. She said she was a virgin. I got down close and I could see her dripping. I spread her swollen lips apart. I could see she was saturated inside. I tried to insert my finger, but she stopped me again. I continued vibrating her clit. She covered her face with her arm and gave a small shudder. She had an orgasm! She pushed my hand away, saying that she was too sensitive and that hurt.

She liked to have her back rubbed. She would stretch out on our bed and I would give her a full body massage. Sometimes she would remove her top and leave on her shorts. Other times she would be completely nude. Most of the time I would just use lotion. If she seemed to be in the right mood I would use our magic wand. I would always have her turn over when I was through with her back. Then I would massage her boobs. I don't know who enjoyed it more when I rubbed the lotion into her breasts. Sometimes I would use the magic wand on the front of her thighs. It would always end up in her crotch, bring her to another orgasm.

One time, as she lay nude on the bed, I rubbed lotion into her breasts as usual. But this time I paid particular attention to her areolas and nipples. While I toyed with her nipples with one hand, I worked my other hand down her thighs and up to her seductive lips. I lightly brushed over them once, then twice. I sneaked one finger up inside her. She was soaking wet!

She protested and pushed my invasive hand away. I continued with the nipple tweaking and exploratory finger. Each time she took a little longer to object. Before long I was massaging her breasts with one hand, and with my other hand I had two fingers inside her, while my thumb stimulated her erect clit. She gave a shudder and pushed my hand away. She never had big convulsive orgasms with me, like she did when she masturbated with her vibrator. On several occasions,I would masturbate into a cup. Then, unbeknownst to her, I would alternately massage her with body lotion, and then my cum. The psychological effect was very fulfilling.

I had an idea to have her pose as if she was having sex with someone. She didn't want to do it with anyone, so I suggested that we simulate that we were having sex. Of course I assured her that we were not going to actually have sex. So with our two nude bodies intertwined, I set the timer on the camera and snapped away. I could feel the warmth of her wet pussy pressed against my dick. I felt the head right at the entrance to her vagina. It was so overwhelming that I came. I made some movements and small talk so she wouldn't notice. I don't think I have ever had to fake not having an orgasm.

I always wondered what she tasted like, what it would be like for her to clutch my head between her thighs as I licked her wet pussy to orgasm. Occasionally I would taste her juices on my fingers. Her aroma was intoxicating. Several times I was able to give her pussy a quick kiss. But I was never able to give her the oral gratification like I wanted to do.

I still fantasize what she would look like withering in ecstasy as I licked her to orgasm. I was able to save several pairs of her stained panties from her laundry basket. Now all I have left are those panties, lots of photos, and several hours of our extracurricular activities on video.

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