tagGay MaleEndings Ch. 01

Endings Ch. 01


If there was anything I had learned over the last two years it was that good things can happen in the strangest of ways. Today had been pretty strange and as a result I couldn't sleep, but the soft snoring coming from the man at my side meant I was alone with my thoughts.

Some of my thoughts were definitely about him, considering how I could wake him and get more of his touches and kisses, remembering how he had made love to me before falling asleep and imagining how it would be just as perfect the next time, but it was only fair to let him sleep.

I smiled as he moved, unconsciously coming closer to me and making me shiver with the electricity that his touches always caused. Just looking at him, his arm across me and his naked torso half revealed by the covers, was arousing me but I was too tired for that even if I couldn't seem to drop off.

Sighing softly, I snuggled up closer, hearing a sleepy mumble as I settled against his warm body. How did I get so lucky? Or maybe the question should be how had one crazy idea and all the pleasure and heartache that followed it led to something so right?

* * * * * *

Two years earlier...

"We want your help in a little experiment," my sister Alison said as I sat finishing my meal at her dinner table.

I looked across at her to try and get an idea of what it was about, but saw nothing but her usual smile. She always seemed to be happy and I wished sometimes that I had inherited the optimistic personality she had. Aside from that, with her blonde hair and blue eyes just like mine, there was no doubt we were related, but I was far more cautious and inhibited than her and I loved spending time around her just to see that side of my favourite person.

We had company that night. I'd not met her friend Sara properly before, but I knew of her and had seen her at parties with groups of friends. I always ate with my sister on a Thursday night and sometimes there were other friends there, but up until tonight I had barely spoken to Sara. She was pretty fun, and the conversation had flowed freely between the three of us for most of the meal.

As we finished up I noticed the two of them making eye contact, and started to feel that there was something going on that I was unaware of. The nod of Sara's head towards me was clearly an indication that my sister should talk to me and I sat waiting for whatever it was. She looked at me and blushed, aware that I had caught their silent exchange, and then she told me they wanted help.

"What experiment?"

They exchanged some more nervous glances and I started to get worried.

"Is this something I'm going to get in trouble for? Because if so, forget it. I'm not getting hit for any type of experiment."

Alison giggled. "How about hitting on someone?"

Interesting idea, but not really my thing. I went to pieces around guys I really liked and chatting one up was a skill I had never developed. Thankfully enough men came to me that I could have my pick if I wanted. I did want to know more about what the girls were up to though.

"Depends if that will get me hit, laughed at, or laid."

"We're not sure," Sara told me. "but I reckon it will get you laid."

"Tell me more. I'm not agreeing to anything until I have all the information. You want me to try it on with some guy you know?"

"With my ex," Sara confirmed.

I had trouble swallowing rather than spitting out my drink at that point, wondering if she was referring to the man I had seen her with at a party last year. If it was him, then I didn't know if I could, and not for fear of getting punched but because I thought he was absolutely beautiful and I couldn't make an idiot of myself in front of him. I looked across at my sister for help, or confirmation, or anything. She was grinning at me and winked when I caught her gaze.

"That one, yes. The gorgeous guy you couldn't take your eyes off all night. His name's Cameron."

I knew I'd gone red and I glanced quickly at Sara to see if she was upset about it, but she was just smiling too.

"Alison told me, I don't mind. He is very good looking."

Good looking was an understatement from where I was sitting. Masculine perfection was what I had thought at the time. Dark hair that he obviously took plenty of time to style and sculpt, sparkling mid-brown eyes in a beautiful face. He was slightly tanned that summer, a golden glow to his skin than really suited him although I had no doubt he'd be as stunning without it. And then that body, even though I hadn't seen it other than fully clothed, broad shouldered, slightly taller than my 5'10, obviously toned all over but not too broad or over muscled. I was having shivers just thinking about it.

I really hadn't been able to stop looking at him that night, and since then he had starred in more than a couple of my fantasies, but I was now very confused about what they were asking of me. I would have thought the fact that she had been his girlfriend was a very good indication that a man chatting him up would not be welcome.

"Why? Is it to get him back for breaking up with you?"

She laughed, not concerned about my accusation.

"I broke up with him. I had some doubts about him, and I'd like you to help settle them. I think it would be good for him to explore a little."

"You think he's bi, and you want me to try and get him into bed?" I asked, incredulous.

"Well, yes. I think he needs to know what he wants, and I think what he needs, at least for one night, is a man."

I kept staring at her, hoping she would burst into laughter and tell me this was all some big joke, but both of them were looking at me expectantly.

"You're serious about this?"

"Yes. You like him enough to spend a night ogling him, so the worst that will happen is you get to see him again. Best case scenario you get to do a lot more than look."

I swallowed hard, trying not to let my mind run away with ideas of that, and fairly sure the women could tell by my silence that I liked that idea. I was glad I was sitting at a table and they couldn't see the effect my thoughts were having on my cock right then.

"It's a crazy idea," I stuttered out. "If he wanted sex with a guy he could go get it. Why on earth would he agree to this? And why me?"

"He doesn't know any gay guys. Neither do I for that matter," Sara told me.

"I'm glad I'm front of the queue on the basis of being the only gay man you know," I said, slightly bitterly.

Alison interrupted me. "I suggested you, and I know plenty of guys through you we could have asked. You like the look of him, and you're trustworthy not some random guy who might hurt him. Plus it's much easier to engineer you meeting him than anyone else."

"How? Tell me the rest of the plan you two have cooked up, because I'm not convinced."

"I still see him a lot," Sara said. "He's single and we came out of everything friends, although that is partly because I didn't mention my suspicions. I'll invite Alison and you over next time he is coming round, and we'll have a few drinks together."

"And I just start hitting on him?"

"We thought of that and it would be better to engineer it slowly without you having to be really blatant with him. So once we are all nice and mellow, we'll play truth or dare. Nice and early we'll make it clear with some question we ask you that you are gay, and then we'll dare him to kiss you or something like that, see where it goes."

"This is not making it better. You're going to get him drunk, make him kiss me, and hope it gives him ideas? There's no way that could go wrong," I replied with sarcasm.

"It's not going to hurt. If he really hates the idea he won't do it, but I doubt he'll mind, and if he doesn't we can up the ante. It will put the idea in his head, and if it revolts him then he won't do anything more. If it doesn't you'll be there ready and waiting."

"You do realise, even if he doesn't go for this, it hardly proves you right or wrong. He might be out cruising for guys every night, but just not fancy me."

Sara kind of snorted when she laughed.

"Not possible. Have you seen yourself? Trust me, blond hair and blue eyes totally do it for him, but even if they didn't you're cute enough that he wouldn't care. Hell, even if he's never had a gay thought in his head before, he will at the sight of you."

I was blushing as looked from face to face, both of them seeming to urge me to say yes to their fantastic plan. I wanted to say no, still sure it was crazy and was bound to go wrong somehow, and it wasn't fair on him either. However, now the seed had been planted in my mind, I also wanted to know if it would work, because if it did I would at least get to kiss him and that idea was sorely tempting.

"I'll think about it."

* * * * * *

Obviously the horny side of me won the argument. It was crazy and stupid, but it could get me a snog and maybe even more if Sara was remotely right about this situation. Of course, if he did kiss me there was still a good chance of me getting hit, when he saw how hard it would make me. I doubted I would be able to stop myself because every time I thought about it my cock started to fill. It certainly liked the idea, and given that I was a single guy in my mid-twenties, it was bound to make the decision for me.

That didn't stop me from worrying about it, especially once Sara set the date. Nor did it stop me from letting my imagination run away with ideas of what might happen if Cameron proved to be remotely interested in me. Even if some part of him did like men, he still might not like me specifically, but the chance of worshipping that body, sucking his cock, maybe even some fucking, well those thoughts drove me wild when I was alone in my bed at night.

Alison was kind enough to tease me all the way over to Sara's, but thankfully she was driving else I might have lost control of the car. I seemed to be shaking, and every comment she made about what I might be getting up to later made it worse. I was so much of a wreck when I got to Sara's house that I downed a beer in record time, barely noticing it touching the sides. With the two women gossiping between themselves I sat on the sofa and tried to think about anything other than the guy who would be here any second.

Somehow I maintained a calm exterior when he did turn up, ignoring the tingle that spread through me when he shook my hand and said the standard line about being pleased to meet me. Not as pleased as I was, I was pretty sure of that. I'd only seen him across the room before, and close up he was even more stunning, his hazel eyes framed by long dark lashes, strong cheekbones and jawline giving him a sculpted look but not unreal, and soft pouty lips that made me desperate for that kiss.

It wasn't uneasy as the four of us sat and watched some tv before we ate, or as we tucked into the chinese takeaway, and it seemed as though Cam was entirely comfortable with Alison and I even though he had never met us before. Of course, he had no idea about the girls plan or that I was gay at that point, both of which facts could seriously change the course of the evening for better or worse. We were all doing well on the beer or wine depending on our preference, so it really did seem natural when the girls brought up the idea of playing some games.

I gave a look to Alison as she suggested truth or dare very innocently, presenting it as a good way for us to all get to know each other better. Also, as Sara pointed out, we each had someone there who knew us well and would have a fair idea if we were lying. I was the most reluctant to agree, scared of what might happen, but Cam seemed enthusiastic about the idea. Little did he know this was all for his benefit, or possibly his downfall.

The first round of questions were innocuous, Sara setting the tone with questions about favourite things. After making the extremely mild confession that my favourite movie was Grosse Pointe Blank, I wondered how long this game would take to get anywhere near the kissing part, but I was just being lulled into a false sense of security for when the second question came around.

"Who was your first proper kiss, and how was it?"

Oh, that would be the question designed to let Cam know I was gay. Alison was well aware I'd never kissed a girl. I managed not to glare at her, or blush.

"David Roberts, and it was awful. He thought the way to kiss was open your mouth as far as you could and act like some kind of suction pump," I replied, giggling at the memory. Thankfully he'd got a hell of a lot better after a bit of practice.

Alison grinned at me. "Well, at least that technique must have come in handy for some of the other things you guys got up to!"

I did go red then, because it had. I thought at the time we had been very subtle with the time the two of us spent alone in my room 'playing computer games', but it had turned out later Alison had a very good idea of what we were really doing. I looked at Cam out of the corner of my eye, but he didn't look concerned about what was being said.

Over the next few minutes we discovered each others' first kisses and first loves, and I was not surprised to learn that Cam's were both female. I didn't know what Sara had seen or discovered, but it wasn't registering on my gaydar. Still, we were having a fun evening and lots of laughs, and that was good enough. I still thought he was gorgeous, but I was resigned to nothing happening.

After a couple more silly but increasingly sexual themed questions I needed a piss and after emptying the tank I grabbed some more beer from the kitchen. Walking back into the main room I noticed that everyone was staring at me.

"Is it my turn?" I asked, handing Cam another beer without really noticing him.

There was a moment of silence while he knocked back about half the bottle in one gulp, and I wondered what I had missed. He looked nervous so perhaps I had just missed out on hearing some big confession. Sara broke the silence.

"Cam didn't want to answer our question, so he's got a dare. We were waiting for you to get back so he can kiss you."

Even though I knew this was the plan I wasn't acting when the look of surprise crossed my face. I thought they'd think better of this idea given his answers so far. I guess that explained why he'd just downed his drink, so he couldn't have been keen on doing it. I looked at him, both of us nervous for probably different reasons and decided to check with him.

"You okay with this?"

He nodded slowly.

"Sure, it's a dare, and it's only a kiss."

He didn't look that sure, but there was no point arguing. It could be a quick one and neither of us would react too badly to it. Well, that was what I was thinking as I sat down.

"At least a minute, and it's got to be a proper kiss with tongues," Sara added, making me turn to stare at her in disbelief. Apparently Cam was already aware of this requirement because his eyes were looking down at the floor when I checked back.

"Fine. Let's get it over with," I said, my heart pounding in my chest.

God, I wanted to kiss him, but he looked like the dare was the worst thing that had ever happened to him right then, and I was sure he didn't want it.

His eyes flicked up to meet mine, and although he was obviously nervous, he also looked determined. He could cope with kissing the gay guy, I was sure of that, and it at least meant I wasn't going to be pretty much forcing myself on him. Our chairs were close anyway, so we just had to lean over a little to meet. To my delight, as I started to close the gap so did he. I saw him blink and swallow nervously, but he was still moving to meet me and my lips.

It seemed to be slow motion and I felt sure everyone could hear how loud my heart was beating in fear and anticipation. Then his lips were on mine, soft and full, slightly damp, and just perfect. It was very gentle for a moment, I could feel him moving against me but it was the slightest flutter and I wasn't sure if I could or wanted to deepen the kiss when he was so unsure.

He solved that issue, his tongue flicking out again to touch my lips this time, asking them to part. I held back my groan of pleasure, feeling shivers run down my spine at his gentle movements, but I let him in. Suddenly his face was pressed close to mine, our lips tight together, and the tip of his tongue teasing and playing with the tip of mine.

Holy crap, the boy could kiss. I met him in his movements as he alternated between full open-mouthed kisses where our tongues entwined, and gentler ones where our lips worked together, twisting and turning. His lips sucked my bottom lip between them at one point, then he worked his way across my top lip with small pecks, before diving his tongue into my mouth again. It was a wonder I didn't grab him and drag him onto the floor on top of me so I could feel his body on mine.

I felt like I was on fire, my cock was hard and aching, and my lips were getting a more thorough workout than they had had for some time, and then, just as suddenly as it had begun, it was over. I blinked, slightly dazed, as he drew back from me, looking over to the women with an amused and cheeky grin on his face. That reminded me there were other people in the room, and startled, I looked across too.

They looked flustered more than anything else, Sara was blushing, Alison was avoiding looking at either one of us. I wondered what that had looked like, because it felt pretty intense and passionate from where I had been sitting but I was biased by my attraction to him. He'd certainly got over his nerves about it, I could be sure of that, and he just looked smugly at Sara.

"Shit, that was hot!" she managed to say after a moment.

He laughed, and I went red. That was just the start of things though, the barriers now down and as our alcohol consumption increased we almost forgot about answering any questions and it was all about the dares. Both the girls got half naked and Cam seemed to enjoy daring them to kiss. I found it hard to watch and certainly not a turn-on like he was, so I watched him instead. I doubt he would have noticed as he was too engrossed.

Unfortunately his interest was only really goading them into revenge dares, and that meant I saw him almost totally naked. His strip show was done for them, but I couldn't take my eyes off it either, the nicely toned body was displayed so well I was hard again, and the tight boxer briefs he was wearing left little to the imagination. The girls were pretty much letting me off the hook by this point, and I was glad, because I wasn't sure I'd be able to cope if they made me touch him in any way. I was dared to kiss Sara at one point, which at least meant I'd be able in future to say I had kissed a girl. It also made my cock deflate for the first time since Cam had kissed me.

In fact, I was happily mellow and just laughing at the stupid dares a while later, unconcerned about what was going to happen but happy I was going home with a stash of images for my fantasies. I was pretty sure I wasn't going to be doing any more touching, and after both Cam and Sara had done a run up and down the corridor outside in just their underwear I was even more sure I was safe. Clearly I shouldn't have had that thought, because it was almost as the thought formed that Sara decided she needed more revenge.

"Cam, you are mean, and Max hasn't done anything naughty for ages. So a joint dare is called for."

I started to panic at that point. Joint did not sound good at all. Cam however was just egging her on.

"Go on then Sara. Whatever it is we can handle it."

He looked at me for confirmation, but I really didn't want to do anything. The dares had already gone far beyond my usual comfort zone, and it was only the numbing effects of the alcohol that was stopping me from running for the hills. That was starting to seem like a good idea, although I wasn't too sure my legs would work properly if I tried.

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