tagRomanceEndless Days & White Knights Ch. 02

Endless Days & White Knights Ch. 02


The rest of the day Caroline spent answering Albert's questions. Peter asked her for some talking points because he was going to have to sit in on Albert's meeting the next day. Caroline answered Albert's questions and put together the information for Peter -- but was distracted by the gift box hidden under her desk.

At seven-thirty, she entered Washington Park near the downtown Hilton. It was mild for an October day, thank goodness. The boots he had given her fit perfectly. They had stiletto heels that she had to grow used to walking in, but they snugly laced all the way over her calf and kept her legs warm. She looked down at her feet and thought about how sexy the boots were. The rest of the outfit was just as sexy, but not nearly as warm. He'd included a knee-length brown leather coat that she held tightly against her body as she walked along a pond. She meandered, wondering when he would show himself. As she walked, she could feel what she wore under her new leather overcoat and was amazed to realize that she was slowly getting aroused.

At a pedestrian tunnel that passed under one of the park's main roads, she saw him. He was silhouetted in the fading light at the other end. He wore a long coat that fluttered in the wind. They slowly approached each other.

At the center of the tunnel, they stopped. He wore a dark turtleneck and jeans. His coat hung open and she could see his body, his chest moving slowly as he breathed.

"You are beautiful," he said, and then kissed her softly on her trembling lips. She realized it was the first time their lips had touched.

"Who are..." she started but didn't get to the whole question.

The passion erupted as he wrapped his arms around her. They kissed each other in silence— Caroline couldn't tell how long. He slid his hand under coat and felt the bare flesh of her stomach. He pulled back and hinted at a smile.

"Thank you," he whispered.

He backed her against the wall of the tunnel and opened her coat. The stockings she wore clung to her thighs and he started by caressing them softly with his fingertips. She could feel herself getting hot— no easy task in the cool air. He pulled her coat off her shoulders and admired her body. The jacket, boots and stockings were all that were included in the box. He smiled, "You are beautiful," he repeated. Looking her squarely in the eyes.

He kissed her neck, then her shoulders. The traffic overhead made the only sounds. He held her breasts in his hands and kissed them over and over. Her body tingled. She rubbed her bare body against the stone tunnel wall. He knelt and kissed her stomach, then her hips. His lips traveled to her pubic hair -- where he began to kiss more deeply.

His tongue slid from his lips and split her open. She was already wet when his tongue disappeared inside her.

He licked and kissed her. One hand held her breasts and another went up and behind her, between her legs. As his tongue penetrated her, his fingers explored her cheeks... then the crack where they met... and then the hole back there... "Oh my god," she moaned. No one had ever touched her there before.

Caroline began to come. She lifted a leg over his shoulder. He pressed his face deeper into her. The bridge of his nose ground against her clitoris as his tongue danced inside her. She grabbed his head, shoving it harder and harder into her. She could barely stand. She felt faint as the orgasm finally passed.

He licked his way up her body, finally ending with a kiss on her lips. Closing her coat, he said, "I'll see you later tonight."

He dropped something into her coat pocket and walked away.

Caroline was still breathing hard, still reeling from her orgasm. She blinked to try to focus. The man was gone. She walked out of the tunnel. Under a streetlight, she pulled the key that he had dropped into her pocket. It was for a room in the Hilton.

A half hour later, she exited the Hilton elevator at the top floor. She had needed the key to access the floor. She found the room -- double doors -- and knocked. No one answered. She let herself in with the key.

The suite was magnificent. She walked through the rooms, touching the overstuffed furniture with their soft fabrics. A bottle of champagne was chilling on ice. Caroline helped herself to a glass and stood in front of the window, staring out at the night. Washington Park loomed in the darkness below her. Sparkling lights framed it on all sides. Somewhere in the darkness was the tunnel where she had been eaten to full ecstasy. She sipped champagne and unbuttoned her coat. It fell open, exposing her breasts and the rest of her body to the darkness outside.

After her second glass, she wondered when he would arrive. She walked into the bedroom, keeping it dark. The lights in the living room spilled in and that was enough. She draped her leather coat on a side chair and lowered herself on top of the bed. She looked down at her body. The boots and the stockings made her legs seem so long and gorgeous. She caressed the silk stockings and leaned back, burying her light head in the pillows.

The champagne made her fly. Her hands traveled over her breasts and into her pubic hair. She pinched her nipples and pressed down on her clitoris. The beautiful room spun around her while she touched herself. She came quietly in the bed.

Depleted, fully sated, she dozed off on top of the covers.

Caroline didn't hear a door open, but woke up knowing she wasn't alone. She began to stir, but was silenced by a quiet, "Shhh."

A mouth kissed her inner thighs and then licked her deeply between her legs.

Caroline spread her legs to welcome the mouth. Fingers massaged her clitoris and the tongue deftly licked her. Caroline began moaning and lifted her legs to wrap around her lover's back. With her legs in the air, her lover's fingers grabbed her ass and pushed on the hole they found there. Caroline thought she would explode.

The mouth left began traveling up her belly and ribs, dragging its tongue along the way. When it stopped to suck on her nipples, Caroline felt the warm body pressed against hers. Still tingling and near orgasm, she only distantly realized the warm body leaning into hers was naked. Then she realized it was soft and when she touched it, she knew it was another woman.

Caroline opened her eyes to find a young blond woman sucking on her breasts. The woman's thigh was wedged between Caroline's legs, rubbing against her. The woman was completely naked, her large breasts brushed against Caroline's stomach. The woman looked up at Caroline and smiled. She kissed her way to Caroline's ear and slid her tongue into it. Caroline squealed.

"Turn over," she told Caroline.

Caroline complied. The woman began to kiss her shoulders, then the small of her back, then her ass. She pushed a pillow under Caroline's waist. The woman lay on top of her. Caroline had never felt another woman's naked body before. The woman worked her hands under Caroline and massaged her breasts while kissing the nape of Caroline's neck. Caroline could feel the woman rubbing her pubic bone against her ass. The woman then dragged her fingernails down the Caroline's back and followed her fingernails with a series of wet kisses.

The fingernails found her ass and the woman's mouth kept after them. With Caroline's ass perched in the air, the woman kissed her between her cheeks. Her tongue found the hole back there and she licked it and licked it until Caroline could hardly stand it any longer. The woman's fingers fondled Caroline between her legs and began to massage her clitoris. The woman's tongue then entered her from behind.

Caroline could feel the strange, sexy woman's tongue entering her from behind and her fingers entering her in the front. No more than a few seconds passed before Caroline began screaming with pleasure. Her face was turned to one side as she moaned and moaned. She thought the orgasm would send her through the headboard. The woman wouldn't stop. He tongue penetrated her deeper and deeper. Caroline could bear the pleasure no more and forced herself away from the woman's mouth. She rolled onto her back with a gasp. Her entire body shook. It felt like a supernova between her legs. Her breasts heaved.

"You have me so turned on," the woman told her. The woman stood and clutched her own breasts, pinching her nipples. "Mmmm." She went to the chair with Caroline's coat draped on it. She sat on the coat and propped her feet on the edge of the bed. She was facing Caroline, so that Caroline could see straight between her legs. The light from the living area spilled in and provided just enough to let Caroline see her. The woman dragged her fingers down from her knees into her pubic hair— shaved to a thin rectangular strip. The woman moaned.

A shadow cut across Caroline's view. She turned to see the man standing in the doorway to the bedroom. He wore only a bathrobe and sipped from a glass of champagne. As he came into the bedroom, his robe fell open. Caroline could see he was fully erect and already wearing a condom.

The woman began rubbing her own clitoris and digging her feet hard against the bed.

The man sat next to Caroline and stroked her hair.

"How was she?" he asked.

"Incredible," Caroline said. "I don't know how much more I have." She touched his chest and pushed his robe off. She realized it was the first time she'd seen him naked. She caressed his skin, feeling his chest and stomach and legs. He kissed her forehead, and then lowered his mouth to hers. She leaned into him, grabbing his erection. He pulled her body into his, her breasts pressing to his bare chest. He kissed her neck and shoulders and breasts, taking them into his mouth. She realized she still hadn't come down from her last orgasm. The thought of the woman's tongue inside her made her shudder.

The man laid her on the bed and lowered himself on top of her. He entered her wetness with a gentle shove. She moaned, not believing she was actually wanting more.

"Yes," she said, "fuck me."

He did— with long, deep strokes. His face was buried in her hair. His hands squeezed her ass. He grunted with each push and she became wetter and wetter. She could feel the orgasm welling inside of her. Seconds before she knew she was going to come, the woman masturbating began to moan, "Yes! Yes! Oh my god!"

Caroline looked over. The woman's massaged herself violently. Two fingers disappeared deep between her legs. The woman's back arched, her nipples pointed at the ceiling. Her mouth hung open, her face lost in its own fantasy. The sight of her coming sent Caroline over the edge and she began coming, too. They moaned together. Caroline reached over and grabbed the woman's ankle. The woman, with her fingers still in her, got up and fell next to Caroline. They continued to come, side-by-side. They man fucked Caroline madly, sending waves of orgasm through her.

Finally the moaning faded and only the sound of the man's flesh slapping against Caroline remained. The woman rolled over and kissed Caroline on the lips. "Thank you," she said.

She walked out of the room, closing the door. In the dark, Caroline clutched the man's ass. "Come," she told him. And he did— exploding inside with throbbing burst. He groaned and pumped and finally collapsed on her.

He kissed her hair and her cheek and her lips. She stroked his hair and touched his face. "I want to know everything about you," she whispered.

His response, "Tomorrow..." was the last thing she heard before she drifted to sleep.

In the morning, she woke up by herself. On the dresser was a vase with dozen red roses. The card read, "See you soon."

Caroline left the Hilton in her new brown leather jacket. At home, she thought about masturbating in the shower, but didn't have the energy.

She was ten minutes late as she wandered into her office. She found Albert standing at her desk. "Where's Peter?" he asked.

Caroline looked around— not sure how to answer. Still feeling drained.

"He's not in," Albert complained.

"I don't know," Caroline tried.

"He's not here and I need a finance manager in a meeting— ten minutes ago," Albert demanded. "So, this morning, you're my finance manager."

Albert led Caroline into a mahogany conference room.

Sitting at the long, polished table, the man. He sat at the table alone in a charcoal gray suit and a perfectly knotted silk tie. Caroline noticed his subtle smile.

Albert shuffled through some papers and mumbled, "This is Mr. St. Pierre." Caroline assumed he was speaking to her.

"Mr. St. Pierre," Caroline said, "it's nice to, um, meet you."

"The pleasure is all mine," he said -- drilling his gaze into her, "I assure you."


More coming...

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