tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEndless Summer Ch. 02

Endless Summer Ch. 02


Shortly after graduation my parents sat me down to go over my college options. I would need to work all through my summer break to save as my stepsister had done and would be doing this year. Although my parents could manage a large portion and I still had to get a student loan. The only problem was after doing the math, I would not be able to go out of state.

While I had good grades my senior year, the previous three years were not scholarship worthy. Demoralized with my grades and finances, my parents dropped another bomb on my plans. They thought it was great news when they announced I would be going to the same college as Summer. I attempted to explain why I did not want to go to that school without telling them all the problems I had with Summer. I could not explain to them the torment she put me through in high school and how much I hated her. To them my stepsister shit strawberries and pissed cream. She was the best. In fact little miss popular agreed to show me around campus even though she just got an off campus apartment. The dorms that were good enough for me to live in were not good enough for her. As far as my parents were concerned the decision was made. I would be going to college with my step sister.

I was able to console myself when I considered the size of the school. After all it was 100 times bigger than my high school. How often would we ever run into each other if we didn't want to?

As the fall approached I packed up my things and took the long drive to the other side of the state to begin my college career. Freshmen were required to arrive one week before classes to buy books, get settled into the dorms and acclimate ourselves. I did have one thing going for me. Since Summer lived off campus at an apartment, I could take my car with me and park it there for the first year. I would have to take a short shuttle bus from campus to the apartment complex, but I would be one of the few freshmen with a car.

I met my new roommate Joe. Joe seemed like a nice enough guy. He was a bit over weight and shy but nice. He mostly buried his head in his computer and surfed the web. I got a call from Summer my first night at the dorm. In her message she told me to meet up with her in the next couple of days so she could show me around campus. I ignored the message figuring I would just blow her off for now. I really did not know anyone and was feeling a bit lonely and horny. Joe never seemed to leave the room so there was no privacy or time to jerk off.

I went to the new student mixers and dances to meet people and find out what was around the college. A couple of the guys told me they were getting fake ID's and planned to go bar hopping the night before classes were scheduled to begin. One party night to start things off right for the school year. I told Joe what we were doing but he was scared of getting caught using a fake ID. I agreed to go.

The big night came and when I met up with the guys - Sheldon, Mark and Jim - they hand me my new fake ID. Twenty-one at last! At least that was what it said on the ID. We headed out into the night looking for a good time. We went to one really popular bar that was on the campus first. There was a 30 minute line out the door. They were checking everyone's ID at the door and we saw dozens of undergrads turned away. We got nervous till we got to the front of the line and our IDs worked. We headed in and went straight to the bar. It was packed but one of us managed to weasel up to the bar and order. We toasted to a new beginning. We toasted to a good night. We drank and toasted to everything in the bar. We all attempted talking up some girls with no luck. The girls were either huddled together with groups of other girls or with older guys they knew from the previous year.

As the night wore on one the guys, Sheldon came back after getting separated from us earlier. He told us he had heard about a strip club located two towns over that was supposed to be wild. I had never been to one and neither had any of the guys. It only took a few moments of beer and hormone induced thoughts to get us all to agree it was a good idea to go to the Crazy Horse. It was a long drive made even longer since we were all excited to go somewhere we were never supposed to be, at an age we were not supposed to be there, seeing naked woman. What more could we ask for to get everyone's blood flowing?

We arrived at large cinder block building sitting in the middle of a gravel parking lot. On the roof above the door was an enormous horse's head lit in multi-colored neon. No doubt this was the place. We headed in. The music was loud and the lights were dim. There was a bar with a stage in the middle. There was a half naked girl gyrating in the middle of the stage.

We took seats at the bar surrounding the stage and ordered a round of beers. We were carded right away, and the fake IDs worked again. They must have been good fabrications. We all stopped talking to each other and stared at the red head beauty on stage dancing in her G string and bikini top. She had pale skin that was accented by her black G string and matching top. Her hair was long, straight and flowing, and it appeared she had green eyes. She had huge size D or double D tits that she was squeezing together and pointing towards us to get attention. She had a terrific figure. She was not emaciated like a super model. She had a sporty, athletic build. Her well toned legs led our eyes up to the tiny black patch of fabric covering her pussy. When she pulled the strings to her top and threw it aside I felt Sheldon elbowing me excitedly. He didn't stop till I looked over at him and we clanked our beers together. Then Mark and Jim did the same.

When the song end the redhead stopped dancing and began gathering her clothes. The DJ announced, "Miss Lohan would be coming around shortly to meet all you guys." "Miss Lohan was obviously the stage name of the erotic dancer. I thought it was amusing because my favorite porn movies were always some parody of popular movies or TV shows. Here the first stripper I saw in the flesh was a living parody. The DJ started up Prince's, "Get Off" and introduced the next girl as Candy.

I nearly dropped my drink. Candy must have been the twin sister of my favorite porn star Sasha Grey. Her long raven black hair was pulled into two pigtails, one on each side of her head. She had piercing black eyes that gave her a hint of naughty even though her milky white face looked so innocent. Her lip curled slightly like she was a pouting child who did not get the toy she wanted at the store. She only had on a tiny sheer blue teddy that covered her top half and barely covered her lovely bottom. She did have a nearly invisible thong. The strings were ever so tiny and it disappeared in the crack of her ass. The front left almost nothing to the imagination. I swear you could see the outline of her vagina from my seat.

Candy swayed her hips slowly left then to the right. The sheer small top rode up exposing her beautiful bottom half with each sway. The crowd loved her and her tiny thong. Rolled up dollar bills floated through the air in her direction. She made eye contact with me and my heart stopped. It took me a second to catch my breath. With our eyes locked, Candy slowly turned her body but kept her eyes joined with mine. Looking seductively over her shoulder she took her eyes from mine and slowly adjusted her gaze downward. They were leading me to her incredible butt. Candy used two fingers on each side to pull her sheer blue teddy all the way up to make sure her ass was completely exposed.

She bent over lewdly pointed her ass at me, and began shaking it. The lovely cheeks bounced ever so slightly since there was not an ounce of fat on this girl anywhere. When she stopped her little booty dance, she placed her fingers in each side of the thong. She pulled one side up slightly and the opposite side down a bit. She rotated her hands to bring the lower side up and the higher side down. We all leered. Beers in hand mouths agape. Then she stopped playing with the thong and slowly reached out for the stripper pole. She grabbed it as if it was her lover's cock and slowly stroked it. She leaned her lips close to it as if to tease it with a kiss that never came. Then suddenly she leaped and spun around the pole. She spun lower and lower until she was on the stage floor.

She sat with her back against the pole and her legs spread widely apart. Candy reached for the bottom of her sheer blue teddy baby doll top. When her fingers reached it, she slowly pulled it over her head and tossed it aside.

The DJ blurted something out as a new song came on. Candy got on her hands and knees. She arched her back like a cat in heat, lowering her head to the stage floor. This brought on another wave of balled up dollar bills being thrown onto the stage. This time I grabbed a few ones and did the same as did Sheldon, Mark and Jim. Mark put both fingers and his mouth and whistled a loud cat call. Candy hear the whistle and turned our way again. She crawled on her hands and knees towards the end of the stage. Only the slight walkway of the bar was between us as she rose off her elbows and was now on her knees sitting on the back of her legs. She brought her hands to her chest and began fondling her size A maybe B tits. We threw a few more bills on the stage, and she began pinching her nipples. She lifted up off the back of her legs and spread them a bit and began humping an imaginary cock on the stage.

I hadn't noticed to this point that I was as hard as a rock. My hard on raging so bad it was beginning to hurt. I imagined it was my cock she was riding with such enthusiasm. After a few moments which was clearly not enough for me and my friends, she started crawling away from us. She had her little ass in the air as she crawled to the other side of the stage. As Candy moved away I saw that another girl had climbed into the stage out of the corner of my eye.

I was not paying any attention to the new performer. Instead, my stare was following Candy's picture perfect ass as she slinked away. I had never been so turned on in my life.

"Check out the blond," said Sheldon staring at the stage.

I glanced over and saw the back side of a very sexy blond. She was wearing clear heels that were well over six inches high. Her toned legs were lightly tanned and slightly spread. I followed her short slender legs up to her ass that was swaying left to right. It was clear from the white thong she was wearing that this girl tanned in either an even skimpier G string or in the nude. There was not a trace of tan lines on her perfect body. My eyes were fixed on her butt for a few moments as she shook it at us. I moved my eyes up to see her naked back. It was clear by the way her arms were moving she must be rubbing her chest for the guys on the other side of the bar. She was clearly amazing but I did not want to miss any time that Candy was on stage.

I looked back to the other side of the stage and saw Candy crawling back in our direction. Her tits were so tight they swayed ever so gingerly as she crawled. I could only think how they would look if she was being fucked from behind. She peered back over her shoulder at the other men. She reached back and slapped her ass, once then twice. When a few dollar bills were thrown at her, she took her finger to her lips and sucked it lick a tiny dick. When she turned back my way she slowly pulled her finger out and held it to her lips as if she was telling a child to be quiet.

The DJ repeated the girl's names and announced they would be leaving the stage and another girl would be coming on. I watched as Candy gathered her teddy top, and start walked away towards the other girl. I nearly fell off my chair and onto the beer stained floor when Candy hugged and kissed the blond girl. To my surprise, the blond with the great legs and terrific ass was my stepsister Summer! My step sister Summer was on stage at a strip club, hugging and kissing a nearly naked stripper.

Summer's nudity was hidden from me as Candy's ever so small frame blocked Summer's exposed chest from my view. Summer turned away and Candy followed behind her as they headed off the stage. Candy pinched Summer's butt just as they disappeared. It took Sheldon tugging my arm again to snap me out of my trance. I was shocked beyond reason.

"That was awesome," yelled Sheldon.

Two dancers had approached us from behind. One was Miss Lohan the red head we had saw earlier and the other was a cute blond girl with a short bob haircut. They chatted the four of us up a bit, before asking if we would like a private dance. Mark and Jim both took the dancers up on their offer before Sheldon and I could react. I was still reeling from seeing Summer nearly naked on a public stage. Sheldon and I had another drink at the bar and watched the two new dancers as we waited on Mark and Jim to return. A sexy black girl and well-tanned dirty blond were on stage. It did not take to long for Mark to return with a big grin.

Sheldon asked, "How was it?"

"Pretty good," responded Mark.

"Where is Jim?" I asked.

"The dancers offered us a blow job for another fifty dollars. I didn't have enough, but Jim did."

Sheldon and I must have both looked like fools. Our jaws dropped to the floor and are mouths were wide open in shock. All we could do was clank beers and laugh. We were still watching the stage show when I saw Summer on the opposite side of the bar chatting with a group of guys. I thought I should get out of there before she spotted me but we still had to wait for Jim. I just kept her in the corner of my eye and turned my face and body away from her a bit to make sure she did not recognize me. I felt a light tap on my shoulder and I turned to see the sexy Candy behind me. A dumb smile covered my face.

"Hi, I'm Candy what's your name?"

I introduced myself and so did Sheldon and she chatted with us for a few minutes. She asked if we were having fun, what brought us in, what we were up to earlier in the night. She was using a little small talk. She barely had the chance to ask if we wanted a dance, when I saw Summer rounding the bar and heading in our direction. I noticed that the lap dance area was in the opposite direction of Summer. Gratefully, Candy asked if I would like a private dance.

I saw this as an escape from my stepsister, accepted straightaway and headed off with the sexy brunette.

Summer never saw me. I had never gotten a private dance before so I was really excited. I also remembered what Mark had told us. I did have an extra $50 bucks on me. It was the fruits of working and student loans money. We entered a room slightly darker then the main room with couches on both sides and a small divider in the middle. The furniture arrangement blocked any view of people of people on the other side of the room. Sitting at the entrance to the room was a burly bouncer. I handed him $20 and entered. Candy positioned me on a couch in the back corner.

Wasting no time, she began performing a little strip tease for me. She played with the bottom of her teddy before pulling it over hear head exposing her luscious tits. The nipples were stiff and pointing right at me. She leaned forward and pushed her breasts close together and held them under my nose.

"So, Steve are you a tits man or an ass man?" she said and she slowly turned around.

Her butt was 99% naked, since her G string was so tiny. It just seemed to disappear into her tight ass crack. She wiggled her butt side to side, like she had done on stage, but now it was right in front of me. Then she lowered her ass to my lap. I was hard as a rock and could feel her ass rubbing my dick through my pants. She wiggled and squirmed till my dick was between her butt cheeks. She seemed to be squeezing my dick with her butt cheeks. She then grinded her ass up and down dry fucking me on the couch.

It was fantastic. I did not wasn't her to stop. Ever. Alas, after a minute or two she did stop grinding. She stood and turned around. Candy glanced down at my crotch and saw my engorged cock tenting in my pants. She straddled my lap facing me now and leaned in like she was going to kiss me. At the last moment instead of a kiss her mouth moved to my ear and she softly blew into it. Her crotch was pushing onto mine as she did this and she grinded lightly. She then raised her body up and pulled my face between her tits. I could feel the soft flesh on each of my cheeks.

She rubbed her tits back and forth slowly over my face. As she did this I reached around behind her and grabbed her ass cheeks and squeezed them softly. Her skin was so soft in stark contrast to the firmness of her ass. As I did this Candy reached down and lightly pushed on my arms moving them off her butt. She leaned back in and as her tits rubbed on my face I licked at her nipples. She pulled her chest away and waived her finger back and forth indicating no.

She leaned her mouth close to my ear again and whispered, "Its 20 more for another dance. Do you want another?"

I told her yes and she started by turning around again and lowering her butt to my lap. Again we started our slow dry fuck. It felt great; this was the closet to fucking I had ever got. Only my pants and the fabric of my boxers and her G string were between us. I reached around her and lightly massaged her breasts as she rocked back and forth on my cock. I could feel her hard nipples slip through my fingers and palms.

Candy again pulled my hands away. She stood up, and turned around. She straddled me again and grinded her crotch to mine. She leaned back pushing her crotch into mine and slowly grinded into me. I could feel the warmth of her pussy pushing onto me. I had a great view of her chest, but had to look at her grinding crotch. With all the friction and rubbing the front of her thong was pulling a bit to the side.

I could see a bit of one of her pussy lips as she rubbed back and forth. I was hoping for the chance to see her whole pussy. I could swear each time she swayed her hips, the fabric of her string shifted ever so slightly exposing more and more of her nether region. I lost track of time looking and she leaned into me again.

She leaned her mouth close to my ear again and whispered, "Its 20 more for another dance. Do you want to go around again?"

I thought this might be an opportunity to see her pussy. I also considered what Mark told me. I decided to ask her about the blow job.

"My friend told me I could get more for fifty."

Candy replied, "More dances?"

"He said it was fifty for a blow job"

Candy got off me and stood up. I thought she was going to get on her knees so I started to unbutton my pants.

"No. No. No fucking way. I am not a prostitute. Only dances."

She then looked down at her own crotch and noticed that the front of her g string had shifted to expose a little too much. She adjusted it and covered herself back up. Since there was now no chance of seeing her pussy or getting a blow job, I just paid for the extra dance and left. I had to adjust my hard on so it was not as obvious as I left the private room area. When I reached the bar all the other guys were ready to leave.

As we headed for the door my mind was racing in a number of different directions. What the fuck had I just seen? My stepsister is a stripper? Fuck, that Candy girl was so hot. My wicked stepsister was not the golden child. She was not so perfect after all. Although I could never tell my parents how I knew what Summer did for her money, I had to think of a way to use this information to my advantage.

I did not want to tell my mom I was at a strip club, or Summer's dad that I saw his daughter naked. Also there was the whole breaking the law thing of underage drinking and fake IDs. I was not drunk, but my mom had always told me not to drink and drive and I was about that break that rule as well. I had to adjust my dick again before I sat in the car. Remarkably, I still had a hard on. We all hopped in the car and headed back to my sister's apartment complex. We could park the car there and then walk to the dorms.

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