Bianca Rose and Diago Stone were predestined to be bitter enemies before they were born. Their fathers had educated them on the family's feud before they had even been taught to read or write. Legend had it that their great, great grandfathers had been business partners and friends. It had been one very nasty business deal that had taken the Stone family from millionaire to billionaire, while it took the Rose family from millionaire to middle class.

The Rose family never recovered from the loss and what little finances they were left with had diminished significantly over the years. By Bianca's birth they had been reduced to a small 2 bedroom trailer with a negative bank account. Blake Rose had his own personal string of bad luck, the one lucky charm he had ever had his entire life was his wife. She had come to America from Africa on a scholarship; he had fallen in love with the mocha skinned beauty instantly. She didn't even care that he was broke, she still said yes when he asked her to marry him.

It had been pure perfection, so unbelievably joyous, he had even forgot that he was dirt poor, but reality came rushing back in the form of a work related accident. Despite her college education, she had worked at the local paper mill with him, to help support their growing family. It paid very well because of the dangers involved. All it had taken was one man drinking on the job, neglecting his duties to destroy Blake's entire life.

He held her, crying, as her blood flowed to the floor, she was dead before the ambulance even got there.


The Stone family on the other hand had prospered and became even richer. Dorian Stone was the eldest of the Stone clan; he was a sharp businessman who ran his business and his three sons with an unflinching, iron fist. He was neither lenient nor pleasant and most ran for cover when he came near. His wife was the very opposite of him, with her naturally pleasant demeanor, Darleen was the slim ray of sun to Dorian's constant storm, but not matter how bright she would shine, he was still unpredictable. Her kindness and understanding had been passed down to only one of her children, her middle son Davis who, for the most part, was well rounded. He was usually joking around and laughing although he did have his moods.

Her eldest son Dante was a workaholic who was absorbed in pleasing his father and had absolutely no time for anything else. That was the reason Dante was engaged to the ultra snobbish Vivi Roberts, a woman who cared about nothing other than spending insane amounts of money and gossiping with her fellow shallow friends. So that left him to do as he pleased, just how he wanted it. Darleen didn't understand their relationship and could barley tolerate the girl, but was in no position to do any thing about it. Dante had stopped listening to her when he was three years old, so there was nothing she could do to help him.

It was her youngest son Diago that she worried about; he was his father's golden child, and he had succeeded in every thing he set out to do and at 18 was already developing impressive new plans for the family business. It seemed like there was nothing he couldn't do. He had everything going for him, but despite his unbelievably good looks, the way women of all ages adored him, his keen intellectual insight and the superior athletic skills, he was miserable, moody and overly aggressive. She knew it was because he was buried deep under the pressure he and his father had put him under. He was almost perfection and keeping up with himself was driving him slowly insane. She had a deep fear that one day he would explode, and she prayed for anyone around him when he did.


Bianca Rose was the ignored family member in her house. Her father worked long, hard hours at a non prosperous job just to put food on the table. He would than spend all his free time on making his slacker son Braxton into the success he himself was unable to obtain. She knew her father loved her and sometimes she wondered if he avoided her because of how much she looked like her mother, the love of his life. He had changed upon her death, becoming bitter and aloof; he avoided his only daughter like the plague. Her mother's death had been hard on her to and having no one to talk to made it even harder. Her brother had always hated her and refused to let the grudge go regardless of how badly they were suffering. Bianca never understood what she had done to make her only sibling dislike her so much, and she had spent her childhood doing everything in her power to change his mind. Nothing had worked, not even avoiding him. No matter what she did, he would go out of his way to get her in trouble. Every bad thing he ever did, he automatically blamed on her and her father had automatically believed him. Being civil was out of the question with him and she refused to kiss his ass any longer.

She was just plain miserable and lonely, besides her 2 good friends, Madeline and Veda, she had no one. She could only see them during school hours as it was, being to overwhelmed with her chores to have any kind of social life outside of school, she didn't even have time to talk on the phone. She spent every second of her free time cooking, cleaning, and studying. She didn't mind studying though, she proffered it, and it was the only tool she had to make a good life for herself once she left this house.


They were both stuck in a life doing what was right for other people, not for themselves. There was only one thing they did that was theirs alone, one thing they did only for themselves, one thing that brought them a personal satisfaction they could not experience with anything else in their well planned out life.

The Dare


It had started back in the third grade. It was she, the genius who had been advanced past the 1st grade than part way through her second grade year she had been advanced again, straight to the third grade and straight into the seat next to Diago Stone. It hadn't taken a second for him to notice the pretty new girl; even back than he had an eye for the ladies. While the rest of the class teased the new girl for being so young and small, he reached out and touched one of her long black silky curls. The small girl gave him a smile that had dazzled the pants off him even at such a young age. Usually he liked the 5th and 6th grade girls, but this girl, 2 years his junior just melted his already angry little heart. He had defended her from the automatic harassment the 'new kid' got and they had become immediate friends, laughing and talking like they had known each other since birth. He had even shared his caramel brownies that Audrey, their maid, prepared especially for him. He didn't even share his brownies with his brothers. It seemed like the perfect boy meets girl, boy defends girl, fast friends till the end, third grade friendship-

until the end of the school day.

Dorian Stone and Blake Rose froze when they saw their children come out of the school together. It was almost a fight in front of the school; the principal himself had to intervene. Both men screamed, throwing obscenities at the other all the way to the parking lot, dragging their kids and shoving them into the car. They looked at each other through the back windows, shock and disappointment written all over their little faces, as they listened to the blow out between their fathers.

It was the very first time Diago had experienced his father's rage, and the first time he realized how deep the feud ran between their families. His father was brutal when he was disappointed and he relentlessly tore into his son about betrayal. He had never felt so happy than so guilty all in one day. That was the day Diago found out the true meaning of an enemy, of loyalty and the day he decided to payback Bianca Rose back for making his life a living hell.

Her father just kept screaming at her and her brother just kept laughing. She learned quickly about the family war, her father ground it in her head, scaring her with his anger. She decided to keep as far away from her natural enemy as humanly possible and never get on her fathers bad side again. That was the day she learned sometimes it was better to be ignored.


She found out the very next morning that avoiding the boy that sat right next to her in class was not possible, especially if he held a grudge.

He noticed she wore a pink bow in her pretty hair and he was angry with himself for still wanting to touch the curls, so he yanked it out of her head. It was the only way he could touch it and not betray his father at the same time.

That was how it all started

"Give it back!" she yelped, her eyes full of tears and anger.

"Make me." he hissed. She glared at him than threw her pencil hitting him in the forehead, the anger that crossed his face made her grin and he decided the best form of revenge would not involve letting her know she got to him.

"You want it?" he grinned and she nodded warily at his sudden change in demeanor.

"Pull her hair." He pointed to the big girl with the long sandy brown braid sitting before her.

Now Becky, who happened to be 11, still in the third grade, was the bully of all bullies. No one dared to mess with her! Rumor had it that the reason she had failed so many times was because she beat up all her teachers. Not to mention poor Liza Presley, a girl from Becky's original third grade year. The small, brave girl had allegedly stood up to Becky one day, the next day she had just vanished and no one had heard from her again.

"No way." she said, she was no fool, and she knew what he was up to.

"I dare you." The words came out slow and deep.

In the third grade a dare was your honor, and any honorable third grader knew that not doing it meant serious repercussions from their fellow peers.

"Scardey cat." he grinned smugly, "What else could I expect from a Rose." he spat out her last name with utter disgust.

That did it.

With all her might and built up anger she yanked Becky's hair, than immediately turned to see Diago's shocked face. Smirking at him, she held her hand out, he reluctantly but respectfully dropped the bow in it.

"Bonus," his smile full of evil. She looked at him strangely. "I got a double, you get detention and a beatdown." he explained. She looked over to her obviously angry teacher, on his way to grab her, than looked to see Becky was still crying as she glared at Bianca, but Bianca felt a satisfaction she had not felt with herself ever before.

"I still win." she whispered with a smile that infuriated him, before the teacher led her straight to the principal.

It was not to be the last time she would win.

The very next day, as a form of revenge, she dared him to stand in the middle of class and moo like a cow until the teacher physically removed him from the room. As the teacher led him out, she tossed the little pink bow to him.

Of course he did it, planning his next dare while stewing in detention.


By their senior year their pranks had gotten worse, each daring the other to do something far worse than the last, constantly trying to out do the other and themselves, both searching for the horribly wicked dare that would force the other to forfeit and crown the sole victor. It was a battle of wills that had evolved from a game, to a way of life, a natural instinct they shared. It was the one thing they could completely control, they made the rules, and they made the decisions. No matter how bold the dares got, neither would give in, even quitting the game entirely would show weakness, so it continued.

Diago had it made in high school, the six-foot-three black-haired Adonis was the natural choice for prom king, he had single-handedly led the football team to undefeated status by the end of the season and he was dating the entire cheerleading squad, plus any other beauty that came along. Everyone wanted a piece of him, the guys wanted to be his friend and the girls just wanted him. Even the hardest teachers sang his praise and no matter what he did, he never got in trouble.

She on the other hand shied away from the limelight. She only dated the books, studying and any form of knowledge. She was naturally beautiful, with her warm caramel skin, long raven waves and pale grey eyes, but she could have cared less about her looks. She had more important things to think about other than dates and boys and typical teenage stuff. She did have her fair share of guys asking her out, but it was more of a nuisance to her than anything, so she refused them. she had an A+ average to maintain and she never thought it was fair that just because she choose studying to STDs, teen pregnancy or casual sex she was called 'the lesbian', 'ice princess' or 'the frigid bitch'. That's what made her decide to wear the baggy clothes, the little black framed glasses she didn't need and pulled her long thick hair back into a tight bun. She wasn't frigid, she just didn't have time to worry about anything other than success and proving to her father that he had daughter too, not just a son. What a shock it would be to Blake Rose if it was his daughter alone who brought them out of ruin.


He had dared her to stand in front of the school when everyone was around, singing a little ditty he had written just for her. Needless to say the excessive profanity and perverse lyrics had landed her in detention for a week.

So she in return had dared him to kiss Gretchen Wheeler for 5 full minutes, WITH tongue, in front of all his friends and his girlfriends, dead smack in the middle of the crowded lunch room.

Gretchen was a rude girl who considered herself an 'all natural' hippie. She rarely bathed, refused to shave and had no problem wearing the same hemp fabric clothes for 5 days in a row. She was also a vegan who'd protest at the drop of a hat and at least once a year held a demonstration against the schools lunch program that usually involved tons of fake blood and stuffed animals.

Five minutes was a long time when you were kissing a girl whose lack of dental hygiene had left a thick fleece blanket on her teeth. He had to say it was definitely one of the worse oral experiences of his life. He still managed to hold on for the full time, even as Brittany, the bitchy head cheerleader that thought she had exclusive rights over him was doing her usual, dramatic "Why Diago, why?" at the top of her lungs, than threatening to beat up Gretchen if she didn't stop. He held on, looking at his watch, the only thing going through his mind was what nasty form of revenge he was going to take on Bianca. When it was finally over he turned around to see the girls looking repulsed, Brittany on the floor crying, his friends looking like their hero had stumbled, and Gretchen behind him saying something about a date. But regardless of the chaos the kiss had created, he was excited; he couldn't wait to tell Bianca her new dare.


He grabbed her arm before she walked into their next class, holding up the pink bow. "I dare you to strip down to your underwear in class," he said and she gasped looking at him wide-eyed.

"Is that a no?" he asked softly, his intense, pale blue eyes mocking her.

"You wish." she said marching over to her seat.

Halfway through class she knew what she had to do but was procrastinating. She looked back at him to see he was smiling in that devilish way, waiting for her to fulfill her part of the dare. She really didn't want to do it, she had never stripped down to her underwear in front of anyone before, let alone her entire class, but no way would she be the one to lose this game. Sitting in her chair, she popped off her shoes, he watched her as she carefully undid her jeans and slid them down, he grinned as now a few kids around her were giggling and whispering, she took a deep breath than took off her shirt.

"Are you hot Miss Rose?" Mr. Mills asked.

Now Mr. Mills, although he could be some what sarcastic and occasionally cracked a few jokes, was still a stickler when it came to the rules and stripping in class was definitely against the rules.

"Extremely so, sir." she smiled nonchalantly.

"Well would you mind getting dressed? I'll be more than happy to open a window."

"Sorry sir, but I can't" she said seriously, a few of the kids around her chuckling.

"And why not?"

"I can not say."

"You can't or you won't."

"Both." she answered. Diago beamed with pride at how loyal she was, even with her enemy, she played with honor.

"Well than, won't you please join our dear principal in his office."

"My pleasure sir." she smiled sweetly and stood up.

He looked at the half naked girl walking towards him, it was the first time he had gotten a good look at her, hell it was the first time he had ever really looked at her at all. He had seen her almost every day of his life, but this was different. He had no idea under all those clothes she wore, she was so damn curvy. Her full breasts looked like they would pop out of the white cotton bra, he could almost see the outline of her nipples, her perfect round ass and full hips swayed with each step, and her belly was flat as a board. His dick got harder than it had ever been before. He watched her as she stopped before him, her breasts bounced as she put out her hand out; he quickly dropped the bow in her hand.

"Nothing witty to say?' she said with that damn smile.

"Just go," he said than without thinking blurted out, "Wait." She turned to him to see him shoving his jacket in her hand. She looked at him oddly.

"Miss Rose!" Mr. Mills barked coming closer

"I'm going." she said, still looking at Diago. He was feeling an unreal possessiveness coming over him and he didn't understand it. He had shared most of his girlfriends with his football friends, good friends, whoever, he never cared; he encouraged it so the girls wouldn't bother him so much, but sitting there now seeing his friends and every other guy in class looking at her with unrestrained lust in their eyes, really made his blood boil. He wanted to punch every one of them in the eyes than throw his jacket over her and carry her out. His father would hate him for this.

Brittany noticed the strange exchange and didn't like what she saw. They were supposed to be mortal foes and here he was giving her his jacket to cover up with. She put up with Diago's bullshit for three reasons: one was the money, his family was unbelievably wealthy; two, was his looks, he was a perfect specimen and she loved that all the girls were jealous of her and how he only seemed to come back to her, and three, he was Diago fucking Stone for Gods sake, enough said.


She became Miss Popular after that, they must have thought she was some frigid tease that had finally broken out of her shell because now all the guys wanted to be near her. They asked her out repeatedly, offered to buy her lunch, give her rides home but she refused them all, just like she always had.

He saw what was going on and he didn't like it. He also didn't like that he didn't like it, he knew he shouldn't care, but he could not control the jealousy invading his brain. He had tried everything to not think of her in that way, he imagined terrible things about her, kept reminding himself over an over that she was his sworn foe, he tried to numb himself with constant sex with as many girls as possible, but he still felt it. It had gotten so bad he even caught himself fantasizing about her while he was fucking other girls.

Brittany had decided to use her special sabotaging skills. She had started spreading nasty rumors around school about Bianca, nasty, vile lies that would repulse anyone who listened. It was just her luck that the other rumor about her stripping in class gave her lie credential. At her school, it was all about the Brittany Tinsel show, everything had always revolved around her and there was just no room for a trailer park geek trying to steal her limelight!

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