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Enemy in the Shadows


He should have killed her. His first reaction was to do just that. His squad, Red Troop One, had been making their way nervously through the almost impenetrable woods, just outside Armagh. Suddenly, they'd come under fire. No one was injured and their assailants had quickly vanished into the woods.



'This looks as if it's been used as an arms cache. Take the rest of the men, spread out and move northwards. Carefully now. But I think those bastards are long gone now.' Momentarily, he found himself alone. He move forward slowly. There was a large hole in the ground and his guess about an arms cache looked about right.

He heard the sound of a twig breaking. He whirled around and brought his M16 up. He saw something move behind a tree. 'Come out now, before I shoot you.' He ground out.

A young girl moved out in front of him. This was the moment he should have killed her. Standing orders dictated it. The do-gooders at home in England might not have liked it, but it saved a lot of time in the long run.

She was young and she stared, wide eyed at him with fear in her eyes. She lifted her chin proudly, hands clasped in front of her. 'Are you going to kill me?'

Staring into those beautiful chocolate brown eyes and juicy lips, one of which was quivering with a fear that couldn't be hidden, he wondered how he possibly could kill her. 'That depends. Put your hands on the trunk of that tree and spread your legs.'

She did as he said. She wore a short skirt and sweater. She was almost as tall as him and her dark, wavy hair tumbled carelessly down her back. He pushed his weapon against her back and moved his hand under her sweater. She wore no bra and he could feel the firmness of her breasts under his fingers, and her nipples immediately sprang to attention under the rough skin of his hand. This almost made him forget what he was doing. But not completely. That way led to death. He put his hand under her skirt and felt the softness of her buttocks through the silk of her panties. The area between her legs was warm and he wished they were sharing a hotel room instead of a forest.

'Ok. Turn around. Now, what are you doing here?'

'I was a lookout.'

'What's your name?'

'Riona Mcluskey.'

'Well Riona, if you tell me who was here, I won't shoot you.'

'Well in that case, you're going to have to shoot me.'

'Be sensible girl. Do you want to die?'

'That's a daft question.'

'You're very brave.'

'No. I'm not. I'm scared.'

He noticed for the first time that tears were coursing down her cheeks.


'What?' She asked, in surprise, brushing away her tears.

'Run as fast as those beautiful legs will carry you.'

There was a almost a smile on her face now as she said 'If I ever get the chance, these legs of mine will open in willing surrender to you. I'm from Dungannon.' She brushed his cheeks softly, and was soon lost in the dense woodland.

He heard more twigs cracking as his troop returned.

'Anything?' he asked Charley.

'Nothing Sarge. They could hide in that undergrowth forever.'

'Ok. We'll get back to the rendezvous point and, hopefully back to base.

They hid, just off the side of the road, and soon heard the noise of the helicopter. As soon as it had landed, they all scrambled aboard. Chatter broke out immediately among them. It's always a relief when a patrol is finished and you're on the way back to base, particularly when you've made contact with the enemy without loss.

Peter didn't join in. His thoughts were still on the girl. He should have shot her, or at least taken her in. If he had taken her in, it would have been the end of her youth. Months in the Crumlin Road Gaol under suspiciously hard interrogation, and then years in prison. Why didn't he? He'd been with many women in his life and there wasn't one that he would've taken the same risk for.

Lust had certainly been a part of it. He could still feel her erect nipple under his thumb. The feel of her bottom through the silk of her panties. She'd stared at him so bravely. Ready to die in order to save her companions. And then the tears rolled down her cheeks when she thought she was about to die. But it was much more than that. He was tired of the killing. He'd done his share and now he was going home. Home was his father's estate, Treloske Meadows, Denbury, in deepest Devon.

He was due a long leave and this time he was going to take it. His SAS unit had taken part in too many operations in Ulster. Now, they were being stood down, for a well-earned break.

The helicopter landed and they made their way noisily to the de-briefing room. Sgt.Walker went to a room on his own. He saluted Col.Rollander and took the proffered chair.

'Well Sgt, anything new to report?'

'Just the exhausted arms dump that I mentioned sir. They opened fire on us, but they were running away at the time. I sent the rest of the troop after them, but in that sort of terrain, it's hopeless. You'd have to fall over them to find them. And it's bloody dangerous.'

'Right, well I believe you're off for a well-earned spot of leave now. Have fun and good luck.'

Every time he came home to Treloske, it took his breath away. It's forests and meadows rolling away in the distance. The prize herds in their own field, protected with an electrified fence. It was so English and he'd spend ages, just walking around it.

From the electronically controlled gate, it took him twenty minutes in his Mercedes to reach the first sign of the house. It was a magnificent old building, so different from their house on the Dingle Peninsular. Peter had spent the first fifteen years of his life in Eire and the next fifteen here. And he loved both places.

His mother and father stood at the open door, waiting for him. Because of his job, reunions were always fraught with emotion. They never knew when they might get the dreaded message from Ulster. They both hugged him, his mother with tears running down her cheeks. Eveline was in her early fifties and she could easily pass for a woman ten years younger. His father, John, was showing some signs of grey in his hair, but was in remarkably good health for his age.

They had drinks on the patio and his parents filled him in on all the latest gossip, before he surprised them with a shock announcement.

'I'm thinking of quitting the army.'

'Oh my God. Is it true? That would be the nicest Christmas present anybody ever gave me,' his mother said, with unrestrained joy.

'What's brought this on?' his father asked.

'John!' his wife said, sharply. Don't you dare try to stop him. You know what I've been through all these years. Never knowing from one moment to the next what's happening to him.'

'I know my love,' he said, kissing her, 'all I asked was what brought it on.'

'I'm sorry,' she said, drying her eyes.

'You're not in trouble, are you? Was it something you did?'

'No dad. It's nothing like that. I've just had enough. I'm due a good pension and I'm still young enough to try something else. Where's Jenny, by the way?'

'She's over at Brent farm. I've rung and told her. She should be here soon.'

Jenny let out a peal of laughter as Spike lunged at her, only to grab fresh air, as she dodged out of his way. She stopped, hands on hips, legs apart and a grin on her face.

She was the adopted daughter of the Walkers, and Peters adopted sister. Spike was a farmhand. A tall man, with blond hair, and lopsided good looks. His powerful, well-muscled body moved with easy grace as he stepped back from her. He had been throwing hay into the loft, bare chested and perspiring, when she'd come across him.

She wiggled her finger, daring him to catch her. 'You're getting slow in your old age. There was a time you'd have had no trouble catching me, Spike. Perhaps I should just give myself up to you. We'll be here all bloody day otherwise.'

'Oh I'll catch you alright and before I shag you, I'll spank you so bloody hard, your eyes will water.'

He lunged and she dodged yet again. But he'd caught her dress and there was a tearing sound. 'Wait,' She commanded, 'just look what you've done to my dress.'

She swung her arm and connected solidly with his face. He saw stars for a moment, but quickly recovered. He grabbed her before she could move out of range and picked her up.

'Put me down, you bloody peasant.'

'Peasant am I? Well we'll see about that,' he said, carrying her like a rag doll to a chair in the corner of the barn. She struggled but he was far too strong for her. He sat down and put her over his knees.

'If you touch me, you pig, I'll get you put away.'

He laughed as he flipped her dress up over her back, exposing her bottom. Her legs swung wildly but she was powerless to put up any resistance.

'My, my, what pretty little pink panties we have on today. Now, the question is should they be up or down?'

'Please Spike, I'll be good. I promise,' she begged.

He ignored her pleas moved his hands over her panties, and her legs opened for him. He touched the warmth of her pussy and she could feel the coarseness of his hands, sending waves of desire through her. His hand rose up and came down on her bottom. She cried out loud, but he laughed and called her a baby.

He put his hands in the waist band of her panties and slowly eased them down to her knees. She struggled, but he stopped her struggles by using his fingers on her pussy. She sucked in her breath and stopped struggling. She was now totally under his control, and she adored her temporary enslavement. As he played with her pussy, she raised her bottom and opened her legs more to give him better access.

He found her clit and teased it back and forth. He used his other hand to quickly strip her and then started tweaking her nipples.

He removed his hand from her pussy and she cried out in protest. He spanked her gently a few times and then started on her pussy again. As soon as his hand touched her clitoris this time, wave after wave of delicious pleasure swept over her and she squirmed as her orgasm ran through her body.

He gently turned her over and sat her on his lap. Her head lay against his bare chest, eyes closed, arms around his neck, as she recovered. He used his finger to gently move a tendril of hair from her face. She licked his chest and tasted the salt of his perspiration.

She raised her head, smiled and kissed him and said 'Why, you naughty boy. You're rock hard. Have you been having naughty thoughts?' she asked.

He kissed her and said, 'I'd have to be dead to have somebody as delicious as you over my knee and not get naughty thoughts, my love.'

'That's nice. I might even forgive you for tearing my dress for that.'

She picked up his hand and ran her lips lovingly over its coarseness and calluses and placed it on her breast. He massaged her breast and then ran his fingers all over her body. From experience he knew that the small of her back, her thighs and the back of her neck were her "you may proceed" spots and he made sure they got plenty of attention.

She smiled secretively as her hands ran over his stomach and chest, tweaking his nipples and making him suck in his breath sharply. She could smell the hay that he'd been working with and his own musky smell. He always aroused her, but when she saw him bare chested earlier, she'd felt dizzy with desire.

He took her nipple between his finger and thumb, massaging it gently.

'Do you like that, Spike?'

'You know I do.' He said, now taking the same nipple between his teeth.

'If I moved my hand down there, would you be hard?'

'Very. As you know, prick teaser.'

Her hand fondled his cock through the worn fabric of his jeans. His panting was more pronounced now. She undid his zip and pulled his pants to one side, and his cock sprang free.

'Goodness me. What have we here?' she asked, with a smile. 'it feels beautiful in my hands. Like silky satin. Look how it moves when my hand's near it. I can hardly get my hand around it -- it's so thick. Do you like it in my hands, Spike?'

'I'd prefer it in your cunt.' He said, gasping and clenching his teeth.

'You are so uncouth, my love. You mean pussy. Why don't you see if my pussy's ready for you Spike.'

He put his hand between her thighs. She was warm and very wet and most certainly ready for him. 'What does it feel like Spike?'

'Beautiful and wet and it's been busy.'

'Is that so?' she said, 'some heavy handed yokel took me by surprise. Would you believe he spanked me?'

'He should be flogged. I promise I won't be rough with you.'

'Wait' she said, ' I want you to kneel in front of me. Now, we'll just put this overcoat on your little monster.' He quivered at the feel of her hands sliding the rubber on him. 'We don't won't any little mistakes, do we?' She lay down and said 'Come on then, let's see what you've got.'

He took her roughly, one hand grabbed a handful of her hair and the other pinched her nipple, then he spread her legs wide and, guiding his cock between her sticky thighs and her pussy, he moved its tip just inside her. She felt his breath warm and moist on her skin and she thrust her hips upwards towards him.

She gave a sigh of pleasure as he lifted her head up and his mouth swooped down to capture hers with a demanding kiss. Parting her lips, for him, she felt the silky texture of his tongue and her own rushed to greet it. She raised herself to meet his kiss . She felt her knees weaken even more as his tongue drew tremors of passion from her. She whimpered soft little cries as she felt the tip of his cock rubbing against her pussy.

He used his teeth, first on one nipple and then the other. Their colour changed from a delicate pink to a deeper red. Her legs trembled as, at last, he plunged deeply into her.

'Oh God Spike.' She said as whimpers of desire and passion swept through her. She felt his cock conquering and captivating her. She thrust her hips forwards for more penetration Their panting became louder and her hands clutched at his buttocks and tried to pull him ever deeper.

She ran her hand through his hair and her head sank back as wave upon wave of pleasure swept through her whole body. Her nails dug into him as her orgasm swept all through her body, and left her trembling as she felt the spasmodic twitching of his cock as he also came.

He kissed her lips and her eyelids fluttered open. 'Oh Spike,' she said, fondling his cheek, 'what would I ever do without you? My bum is sore,' she said artfully. He quickly turned her over and spread tiny kisses all over her bottom. She giggled helplessly until he put her on his lap and she licked the perspiration from his chest. While he held her tenderly and brushed his lips across her forehead, her mobile rang.

'Ignore it.' He said.

'Why? Are you ready for some more?' She giggled.


'So, you would plunder me again, would you, my voracious conquistador? Sorry, my love. I have to take this.'

'Hello?' She spoke into her mobile. Really? That's fantastic. I'll be up immediately. My brother's home. The army have given him some leave. So I must love you and leave you. Oh, and by the way, love -- you'll pay for that spanking, I promise you.' She straightened her clothing, gave him a kiss and went to leave the barn. She turned and held her hand out.

'What?' He asked, full of innocence.

'My panties, you tea leaf.' Grinning, he took them out of his pocket and gave them to her. She swiped him round the head with them and then put them on.

Chapter 2

When she got within site of the house, she started running. Peter caught her in his arms and swung her round while kissing her. 'Hello handsome soldier boy. Are you spoken for?'

'Yes I am. But I have an adorable sister called Jenny.'

'Don't you dare call me your sister' she said, feigning anger, 'I'm adopted and your parents are my adopted parents. Do you know what that means? It means that we could be lovers if you weren't so pig headed.'

'Let's go up to your room and we can have a chat.' He said, smiling at this familiar tirade.

In her room she ran the bath and stripped in front of him. 'Are you trying to tempt me?' He asked.

'No, I know it's a waste of time. You've got this stupid notion that I'm your sister. Anyway, you've seen me naked many times. Come and do my back for me.'

He followed her into the bathroom and lathered her back.

Afterward she lay in the bath soaking . 'So, how long are you home for this time?'

'A short visit. But then I'll soon be home for good.'

'That's fantastic. You haven't done anything wrong , have you?'

'No. I've just had enough. I'm leaving the army.'

'Wow. I bet mum's chuffed at that news. Now you and I can have some fun together. She got out of the bath and he picked up a white bath towel and dried her.

There's something else. I'm bringing a girl back with me, if I can find her.'

He explained the problem of finding Riona, but not the circumstances of their first meeting.

'Is she prettier than me?'

'Nobody is prettier than you.' She blew him a raspberry for this.

'Anyway, I don't mind sharing you. Seems fair enough to me.' She held up a pair of panties and said 'What do you think? Soft silky white to match my innocence '

'Ha! It's been a bloody long time since you were innocent, young lady.'

'You pig' she said, with a sulky look as she pulled them on. 'You should be nice to your sister and protect her.'

'Oh I see. When you want me to be nice, it's ok to be my sister, is it?'

She pulled the combs from her hair and it tumbled down over her shoulders. He couldn't help noticing what a tempting site she made, standing there in just a pair of knickers with her hair flowing down and almost covering her breasts.

'Why are you staring at me?'

'I was just remembering how beautiful you are.'

She walked over to him, put her hands on his shoulder and said, 'I don't have to remember how handsome you are. I've never forgotten. All the time you're out there, fighting those horrible people, I think of you. I worry about you. I'm glad you're coming out of the army. I won't pretend that I'm happy you've found a girl. But now that I know you're safe, I'll sleep better at night.'

He kissed her and said, 'Do you want me to brush your hair?'

'Would you?' she laughed, 'you remember how I used to cry when mum made you brush my hair when we were little?' she handed him the brush, 'I'd love you to brush it.'

'You have lovely hair,' he said, brushing it gently down her back.

'Mm. That feels so good. I bet mum went crazy to see you safe and sound. She worries about you a lot. That Ulster place doesn't sound very friendly. You're not one of those crazy SAS men are you? God, I'd worry a lot if you were.'

'No, I'm not so you can stop worrying. I'm just a lowly sergeant.'

'A sergeant eh? You get to boss people around. I'd love it if you bossed me around.'

'Right. Like I used to tell you to make your bed, and you'd tell me to get stuffed.'

'Ah. Now that depends on the consequences of my not doing what you told me to do. If you were saying you would spank me for not making my bed, it would be much more fun. Seriously Peter, I'm so glad to see you. It seems ages since you were here last. Don't be too long before you're back. Promise?'

'I promise. I miss you too, sis.'

She stamped her foot and said 'Don't call me that. And I hope you find your girl.'

He flew into Dublin airport, hired a Renault and drove into Dungannon in the early evening. He booked in at the Dunowen Hotel and started his charade as a tourist. After two weeks, he was ready to quit. He was driving through Coalisland, safe haven for the IRA, but he was feeling hungry and tired, so he pulled into the car park of a pub and went inside. They paid him little heed as a pool competition was taking place.

When he saw her, he thought his heart had stopped beating. They just stared at each other for a moment. She recovered fast, unwrapping her apron and throwing it behind the bar. She said something to the barman and headed for the door. She signalled with her eyes that he should follow her.

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