English Class Ch. 02


"What d'you think?" she purred, her eyes meeting Talia's again, "should I let him cum yet?"

Both of them looked over at Jimmy then turned back to look at each other.

"I think you should make me cum first," Talia grinned.

"Bold," Alice replied, her fingers already on Talia's thigh and easing through the slick mess she'd left there.

She moved forward until her body pressed against her student's, their eyes conveying their desire silently for a second before their mouths lurched forward and found each other. Alice pushed her tongue on to Talia's and found she reciprocated eagerly, passionately, as if every inch of her body wanted to writhe against her teacher's. Alice teased her fingers under the edge of Talia's underwear on her mound, pulling it out from between her lips as she lowered her hand.

"Take them off," Talia breathed, her mouth hanging open as her teacher immediately dropped to a crouch and peeled the girl's soaked underwear from her lips, puling the drenched scrap of material down over her bare thighs, past her knees and to the ground.

"I haven't seen such a pretty little shaved cunt since I was only a little older than you," Alice winked, straightening up again and sharing her breath with her student once more.

She grinned as Talia gasped, her fingers spreading her labia for the first time without the flimsy covering of her underwear. She pushed one finger up and dipped it through the hot little hole, curling it up and stroking her insides.

"Can you remember the first time Jimmy did this to you?" Alice breathed, inhaling Talia's excitement.

"Yeah, it felt so good," she sighed, turning her head to kiss her teacher's cheek and look past her to Jimmy.

Jimmy's mouth was open, his breathing uneven as he watched his teacher and his girlfriend, their mouths nearly touching as Mrs Bridgman's finger entered and teased that tight pussy he knew so well.

Alice slipped another finger up, wriggling them back and forth beside one another inside her student, grinning as Talia groaned and smiled.

"You're so tight," Alice hummed, sucking Talia's earlobe slowly then dropping her mouth and yanking her student's shirt away from her shoulder to suck hard on the firm flesh there.

"I want you to put your tongue in me," Talia panted, "show me how good it feels."

"I thought you'd never ask," Alice grinned, pressing her mouth to her student's once more and snaking her tongue out forcefully, feeling Talia's mouth surrender as she reached up to grope her exposed tits.

"I want to cum on your mouth," Talia pleaded, clenching around Alice's fingers.

Alice kissed her way from Talia's mouth down her throat, over her chest and between her breasts, licking her way lower over the teenager's flat stomach and puckering her lips to kiss and nuzzle the perfectly bare skin of her mound and wet lips. She paused and looked up, winking at her student as the girl stared back down, her breasts still pressed together by the raised position of her arms, those gorgeous firm orbs rising and falling as she breathed heavily. Leaning forward Alice kissed the apex of Talia's lips softly, then again, her own lips puckered and lingering, sucking briefly before abandoning her with a smirk. Talia frowned then stifled her whimper as Alice dragged the flat of her tongue the full length of the dripping pair of lips, pausing at the top to wriggle between them.

"Lift your leg," the teacher hissed, her hand on Talia's thigh.

Talia did as instructed, spreading herself open for Mrs Bridgman and feeling her immediately close her mouth on the urgency that throbbed through her pussy.

"Uh, God you're going to make me cum," Talia sighed happily, her hips moving in time with her teacher's mouth.

Alice sucked hard on each lip and raised a hand and spread them open, sucking on the deep pink folds and teasing the tip of her tongue around Talia's entrance, then finally spearing up in to her.

"Oh Miss, please don't stop," Talia whimpered, clutching the rope tight and lifting her weight off the ground again, spreading her legs as wide as she could.

Alice placed her hands on Talia's thighs, impressed by her student's strength and flexibility but far more interested in the hot, wet pussy spread wide open above her. She drove her tongue in, explored the moist darkness, feeling her own moist desires wetting her own thighs and reaching down with one hand to hitch up her skirt and frantically rub one finger over her clit.

Jimmy watched, the exposed tip of his cock dripping his need in an almost continuous thread to the floor. He pulled against his restraints again, wishing he could pull them loose and join his girlfriend and their teacher. Talia opened her eyes and looked over at him, her mouth hanging open with desperate hunger, she turned and looked back down at Alice on her knees.

"I want to taste your cunt," she gasped, drawing her teacher's attention.

"Not until you cum," Alice smirked, slithering her tongue back inside her student and mumbling in to the hot, slippery embrace of her swollen lips.

Alice slipped a finger inside herself, coated it with her juices and raised it to Talia's pussy, circling her clitoris with the lubricated digit and smiling as the girl whimpered once more, her legs suddenly dropping and her hips thrusting out.

"Please, fuck me," Talia begged, "make me cum."

Alice pulled her mouth away from the teenager's hole, stroking her finger down and inserting it, then another while she looked up.

"Are you going to cum?" Alice panted, "hmm, you're going to cum for me?"

She pressed her lips to Talia's throbbing clit and sucked on it, feeling her pussy spasm around her fingers.

"And then what? You'll put your tongue in me?"

"Mm-hmm," Talia hummed, her face red and her eyes wide open.

"I'll do whatever you want just- oh God-oh fuck Miss yes."

"You like that?" Alice smirked, twisting her hand with a sudden jolt and feeling Talia's pussy convulse in response.

"Yeah, I'm going to- ugh, again, again Miss," Talia pleaded, tears beginning to stream over her cheeks as her teacher pushed her higher and higher.

Alice latched her lips to her student's clit, sucked hard on it and thrust and twisted with her two fingers, burying them deeper and deeper in to the girl's tight tunnel.

"Fuck. My. Hot, uh-oh my god, my hot-" Talia gasped.

"Fuck hole," Alice growled, tearing her mouth from Talia's pussy for a split second and glancing up at her.

Talia looked down, her teacher's eyes staring back as she felt the mouth return to her clit, the tongue lash against it.

"That's it Miss," she whispered, "I'm- ugh, oh fuck yes, I'm-"

Alice left her fingers deep in Talia's pussy, unable to withdraw them as the teenager held them tight, bucking around them while Alice sucked harder and harder on the burning nub of her clitoris.

Talia felt a surge of bliss erupt in a torrent through her body, shaking her against her bonds until her legs raised up and wrapped around her teacher's head, holding her tight as another torrent came, bliss flaring off every point of her being, begging for another set of lips to touch her, to ground the electric feeling.

She managed to lower her head, looking down as Alice sat back on her haunches and panted up at her. Another jolt shuddered through Talia's body, making her whimper and groan, the sweat dripping form her as she slowly rode out the aftershocks.

"That was intense," she finally managed to mutter, her legs shaking a little.

Mrs Bridgman got slowly to her feet, resting a hand on the shelf behind her bound student and smiling at her, turning to look at Jimmy before turning back and leaning in for a long, slow kiss.

Jimmy grunted, moving his hips and feeling the almost ineffectual rub of his wet shorts over the engorged head of his cock. He didn't care any more, if he didn't cum soon he'd go mad, he just needed release.

Alice and Talia watched him, occasionally sharing soft, delicate kisses and smiling to one another.

"I think he'd like some help," Alice whispered at last.

She pulled her body away from Talia's and moved towards Jimmy, reaching a hand out and holding his body firmly against the shelves to prevent him from moving.

"Did you enjoy watching me go down on your girlfriend?" she asked.

Jimmy nodded unevenly, his breathing ragged and sweat glistening on his forehead.

"You want me to do the same for you?" Alice purred, leaning closer to him but glancing down to ensure his cock didn't press against her skirt.

Jimmy groaned and pushed his hips forward again. Alice turned away, heading back towards the door.

"Please?" Jimmy said, a crack appearing in his voice.

Alice paused by the door, peering through the dark glass at her other students sitting quietly watching the film. Her fingers were toying with a button on her shirt and slowly eased it through its hole, then the next and the next, pausing to slip her wet fingers on to her soft, bare stomach and enjoy making her captives wait a little longer. Finally she smirked and turned on her heel, nodding to Talia with a smile and unbuttoning the rest of her shirt, pulling it off and stretching her arms above her head. She grinned at the silence with which her students stared at her breasts in her tight little black bra. If only this were an acceptable way to get the attention of an entire class.

Jimmy's cock strained harder against his shorts as he imagined spurting his cum all over the cleavage Mrs Bridgman was displaying to him.

Alice unzipped her skirt and let it pool around her feet just inside the door then stepped out of it and sauntered slowly towards Jimmy, letting his eyes drift down from her breasts to the light stubble between her legs. She bobbed down as she reached him, opening her mouth and exhaling long and hard over the bulbous purple head of his cock. She looked up and winked at him, not saying a word as she raised her hands and took hold of the waistband of his shorts. She hesitated, glancing across to Talia again, then back up at Jimmy with a smirk. She tilted her head and lowered her mouth again, finally closing her lips around the tip of the hot shaft, sucking it all too briefly and letting it exit her lips with a soft pop.

"I'm going to cum," Jimmy gasped.

"Not yet," Alice replied, adjusting her grip on his shorts.

She slowly eased them down his legs, pausing just before his cock was released. She leaned forward to kiss the base of his exposed cock then pulled the wet shorts quickly to the floor, laughing as Jimmy's cock sprung up at her and whipped a thread of his oozing juice across her chin. She opened her mouth wide and held it open around his head, feeling his heat radiating and another thread descending on to her tongue. She turned her eyes up and moved backwards as her mouth spread in to a smile. She moved her cheek to the side of his cock, letting him leave a wet smear on her face then retreating from him and turning quickly towards Talia again.

"Lick me," she giggled, moving her face to Talia's and feeling the girl's tongue clean off her boyfriend's juice. "Do you like Jimmy's taste?" she asked.

"Mm," Talia nodded.

"Do you want to give him a blow job now?" Alice purred, her hand back on Talia's breast as they both turned to look at Jimmy.

"I think one of us should," Talia sighed.

"OK, well I'll only untie you if you promise to be a good girl," Alice smiled, reaching up to the knotted rope above Talia's head.

Talia lowered her freed hands and rubbed her wrists, getting some feeling back in to her arms and then launching herself at her teacher, pinning the woman to the shelves by the door and forcing her tongue in to Mrs Bridgman's mouth. Her teacher relented, returning the kiss and making short work of pulling Talia's shirt off her shoulders and reaching back to unhook the teenagers skimpy bra.

When Talia finally moved away she pulled Alice with her and towards Jimmy, sinking to her knees and smiling up at him.

"I'm going to make you cum," she promised, "we both are."

Talia took Alice's hand again and tugged her down to kneel beside her, turning briefly to nod to her and grin, then wrapping her fingers around her boyfriend's throbbing shaft. She lifted it slightly and moved her mouth closer.

"He loves it when I do this," Talia chuckled.

She ran the tip of her tongue up the underside of Jimmy's cock, stopping at the base of his head and stroking side to side there. Above them Jimmy gasped, his hips moving involuntarily. Next Talia traced a ring around the base of his head, pulling a gossamer thread away from him on her tongue and presenting it to her teacher.

Jimmy watched as their mouths met, tongues out to meet one another and share the fluid leaking from his cock. He needed to cum so badly. He looked back and forth between the two kneeling before him: Talia's firm tits fully exposed on his left and Mrs Bridgman's bigger breasts still encased in her little black bra on his right. He wanted to splatter his cum across both of them, it felt like there were gallons of it aching in his balls.

Talia broke the kiss and looked up at him, taking his cock in her hand again and massaging him slowly. Alice placed her hand on top of Talia's and raised Jimmy's cock, pointing it straight up at him before leaning forward and kissing down to its base and on to his balls. He groaned and then gasped as she opened her mouth and sucked on each ball in turn. Talia watched and grinned then lowered her own mouth and closed her lips around Jimmy's head. She locked her lips tight around him, feeling his pulse beating hard as she slowly pushed her mouth lower and lower, his head pressing in to her cheek and as far back as she could take him. Alice moved her mouth up, kissing the few inches which were still exposed before pulling Talia's head back and drawing her in to another long kiss.

Talia turned Alice's head to face Jimmy's cock and pushed her on to it, watching as her teacher's lips closed and sucked on the thick shaft. She looked up at her boyfriend, his face a picture of urgent need, she grinned and slowly raised her body until she was standing beside him, her hand on the back of Alice's head, guiding her back and forth. She reached one hand up, cautiously, unwilling to let their teacher notice, resting it casually on the knot of rope which bound Jimmy's hands to the shelves.

Alice bobbed her head up and down on Jimmy's hard cock, feeling every ridge bump through her tightly closed lips. Talia's hand was resting on the back of her head, allowing her free movement, she ignored the small authority Talia had claimed, she was too aroused to argue over such an insignificant point. She reached a hand down and curled a finger up to tease her clit, she wanted Jimmy on his knees later, eating her pussy but for now he deserved his own release. She felt Talia's hand leave the top of her head briefly and looked up to see the young couple kissing. She smiled and pulled her eyes back down, sinking her mouth deeper on to Jimmy's cock and feeling him throb as he groaned appreciatively. She felt Talia's hand return, heavier, holding her more firmly, she frowned to herself and wriggled free, releasing Jimmy's cock and looking back up at the couple. They grinned down at her, Talia's hand on Jimmy's chest, his hand around her waist. Alice froze.

"Get up," Talia smirked.

Alice got slowly to her feet and stood before her students, her eyes flicking up to the loose rope still hanging from the top of the shelves. Her brain darted ahead and she moved quickly, pushing her students aside, making Jimmy stumble with his jeans still around his ankles as she reached up for the rope, clutching it in both hands and spinning around to face them as they stared.

"Which one of you is going to make me cum first?" she grinned, spreading her legs.

Jimmy and Talia hesitated, they hadn't expected this, they'd wanted her to submit.

Jimmy reacted first, his own need spurring him in to action. He moved back towards the shelves, pulling his tee shirt off over his head and placing his hands on his teacher's hips.

Alice looked Jimmy up and down slowly, his naked body no longer restrained, no longer subject to her will, a young man with a thick torso and broad shoulders. She suppressed a shiver of excitement and lower one hand to his chest.

"Fuck me," she hissed.

Jimmy raised a hand and ran his fingers over the lace trim of his teacher's bra, letting his fingertips caress her smooth skin before curling around the tight material and yanking it down.

Alice gasped but recovered quickly, grinning back at him as he feasted his eyes on her breasts as they bounced from the sudden movement. She watched his lips part as he tilted and lowered his head, she had him again, she was back in control.

"On the chair," she ordered, lowering her other hand and pointing to the chairs in the corner.

Jimmy turned and walked past Talia, pulling a chair from the stack, attempting to do it silently, and then placing it in the middle of the floor.

Talia watched him move, wondering how her teacher had regained control so easily.

"It's easy," Alice smirked as if reading Talia's mind.

She quickly straddled Jimmy as he sat on the chair, his cock pointing straight up between their bodies as he ran his fingers up her ribs and under her bra. She reached behind her back, forcing her breasts forward as she unhooked the strap and pulled her bra from her body. It dropped to the floor by Talia's feet as she approached and Alice looked at her.

"Join us," the teacher offered, grinning.

Talia bent down and tipped Jimmy's head back, pressing her mouth to his and kissing him, finishing with his lip between her teeth, pulling playfully. When she finally released she looked down to see his hands on Alice's bare breasts, his fingers teasing her nipples. She smiled and moved her head across sucking on each nipple before trailing kisses up to the teacher's mouth and moaning as she forced her tongue in once more.

Alice kissed Talia long and deep, knowing how much Jimmy was enjoying the sight as she wrapped her hand around his cock and began pumping him slowly. He was so hard, so wet. She eased her body up off his lap, her mouth still dancing with Talia's, then sunk back down, Jimmy's head stretching her entrance open quickly and piercing inside her.

"Fuck," Jimmy grunted, pulling Talia's focus back to him.

Talia watched her teacher as she slowly began to ride Jimmy, grinding her hips back and forth with his cock buried deep inside her. She reached out and idly groped her teacher's breasts.

"You like my tits?" Alice groaned.

Talia nodded and leaned down to kiss her again.

"You'd like to lick Jimmy's cum off them, wouldn't you?" Alice smirked, wondering if she'd have time to climb off the young man before he pumped his cum inside her.

"I'd lick his cum from any part of you," Talia hissed in her teacher's ear.

"Ugh God that's good," Alice moaned.

Talia moved her body closer to Jimmy, leaning down and offering her tits to him, holding his head as he suck on first one then the other. As he sucked she turned her head and did the same to their teacher, loving how she moaned at the sensation.

"I'll be a nasty slut for you," she growled, licking her way up Alice's chest again.

Their mouths locked together once more, Talia teasing her tongue in and out, knowing how desperate Alice was getting.

"I think you're going to make her cum," she giggled to Jimmy before kissing him.

"I want you to cum in me Jimmy," Alice pleaded, suddenly sitting forward, her breasts smothering him as she made short thrusts with her hips and bounced hard on him.

"Go on Jimmy, fill her hot cunt with your delicious cum," Talia hissed in his ear, her fingers stroking her clit.

"God yes," Alice whimpered, fucking her student frantically, "do it, please."

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