tagNonConsent/ReluctanceEnhanced Interrogation Ch. 03

Enhanced Interrogation Ch. 03


Author's Note: This entire story is being written as a collaboration with the talented Doctor_Tease. Chapters will be posted on an alternating basis so please look to his profile for the previous and next installments


My gait was awkward and stiff, my muscles still protesting everything he'd done to me. I stumbled as he shoved me through the door, his grip on my bound arms the only thing keeping me upright, and then stared in confusion at the set-up in front of me.

The room was cavernous, with bare cement floors and dingy lights up near the ceiling. Two posts had been set up at either end of the space, each connected to the other by a pair of taut ropes. The upper rope hung just above my head while the lower one was at hip-height and dotted with randomly spaced knots. Each had been stretched to capacity so there was no sag in the lines, and I found myself baffled as to what their purpose was.

"Remember all those fun obstacle courses we went through in training?" Cole asked, his expression one of gleeful anticipation. "Think of this as something like those... only far more fun for me, and significantly less fun for you."

I glared back, irritated at his cryptic explanation. I wanted to snap something sarcastic about his "fun," but thinking about that only reminded me of the taste of my own wet panties in my mouth.

He grinned and led me to the nearest post. I struggled against him a bit, mostly for show as I knew he had the upper hand, and he smacked my ass. "Behave." he growled, glaring at me. I felt my face heat, furious at him, and he grabbed both my nipples in his hands and twisted hard. My mental tirade came out as a long, muffled moan as I arched my back and went up on my toes to try to relieve the pressure on my poor nipples. He grinned at me, using his grip to pull me closer to the post, and a small block on the floor next to it that I hadn't noticed before.

"Put your foot up on the block and straddle the rope." He let go of one of my nipples long enough to reach down and undo my ankle cuff from one side of the spreader bar. I hesitated for a moment, less out of fear of the ropes and more just out of stubbornness, but he twisted his remaining grip and I quickly placed my foot on the wooden block, desperate to avoid the pain coming from my now swollen and tender buds. I swung my free leg over the rope, landing awkwardly on the other side, one leg still on the block until he kicked it out from under me. I yelped as he did so, my full weight coming down on the rope between my legs until I went to my tiptoes again.

I tried to scoot my feet closer together, but he had already locked my anklet to the bar again, keeping them wide apart. In that stance, the rope was just high enough that I could balance on my toes and have it put firm pressure on my pussy. Cole reached down and began to tug on my pussy lips, spreading them so the rope slid up between them and pressed against my clit. I squirmed, disliking the feel of the rough braid on my sensitive skin, and he smacked my ass again.

"Hold still. I know you love having your pussy played with, but there's no reason to hump my fingers." he said, grinning at me. I just clenched my teeth and stared stonily ahead as he finished adjusting things to his liking. He pulled a tube of lube from his pocket and proceeded to smear it liberally around my pussy and ass and then coated the first few inches of rope as well. I was beginning to get a sense of what was expected of me here, and I didn't like it at all. I stared down the length of the rope, at least 30 yards of it, and gulped when I remembered the knots.

"That's right, Aleks," Cole said with a laugh, "you're going to walk this obstacle course to get what you want. And just to make very sure you don't try anything clever..." He pulled a small clamp from his pocket and snapped it onto my sore left nipple, making me yelp in surprise. The clamp was attached by a longish chain to a second one, and I groaned when he looped the chain over the upper rope and then tugged downwards, clamping my right nipple as well. The chain was only just long enough to reach, and even on my tiptoes my breasts were tugged upwards.

There was no way to get off the ropes now, but it wasn't like I had any incentive to move. I stood there, unmoving, planning to wait him out, but he walked over to a cabinet on the wall and returned with a wicked looking black leather riding crop.

"You didn't think I'd count on your biddable nature to get you walking, did you?" he laughed, and then swung the crop against my ass. I squealed, lurching forward a step, and then sucked in a breath from the pain and sensations hitting me. My nipples stretched as the chain between them snagged on the rope, and then my breasts bounced as it pulled free and moved along the rope. My pussy had begun to dampen as I'd stood there, and the feel of the rope sliding along it was surprisingly good. I began to think that if I was careful, this might not be too bad, but I still didn't want to give him the satisfaction of seeing me trot along like a horse.

"Oh, that's right, I almost forgot," he murmured, leaning close to my ear in that infuriating way. "Make it to the end of the rope and there's a nice, cool drink of water waiting for you." I swallowed, suddenly reminded of how dry my mouth was. "That's your carrot, Aleks," he grinned. "Do I need to remind you of the stick?"

Cole wound up for another smack at my ass and, hating him, I took another step forward. This time my nipple chain slid smoothly, and the vibrations from the braid of the rope traveling through the metal were almost pleasurable. I took another hesitant step, then another, moaning softly as the texture of the rope slid through my lubed up pussy. My calves were aching a bit from the strain of being on my toes, but I figured I could get through it all quickly, and it wouldn't be too bad. And I really could use that drink.

I kept walking, each step making my pussy wetter and wetter, til I came to the first knot. I hesitated only a moment, remembering Cole and his crop, and then stepped forward, letting the knot hit my clit. I couldn't help moaning at the sensation - the rough knot rubbing over my sensitive clit and then the tension of the rope forcing it to pop up into my dripping pussy, teasing my entrance. I steadied myself and then took another step, my breath coming out as a sigh as the knot dragged through my pussy and pressed against my asshole as I kept moving. I kept walking, enjoying the slide of the rope, the thrum on my nipples, and wondered if perhaps Cole had miscalculated. Why had he said this wasn't going to be fun for me?

I turned to look at him, expecting to see disappointment on his face, but instead I saw only anticipation, his gaze focused not on me but on the next knot in the rope. I turned back to look at it and noticed that this one looked damp and glistening, not dry like the previous one. I slowed my steps as I reached it, hesitant suddenly, and Cole raised his crop again.

I grunted in a clearly annoyed fashion, and he laughed. "Trying to say I don't need to give you any more encouragement? What if I just like watching your pert little ass bounce when I whip it?" he asked, grinning as I took the step that would bring me to the next knot.

I felt the same little spark of pleasure as it slid across my clit and into my pussy, and paused a moment, waiting for something terrible to happen. There was nothing at first and I again wondered what had Cole looking so happy - and then a tingle began in my clit. I twitched slightly, taking another step forward so the knot dragged past my ass, and then twitched again, the tingle becoming more of an itch. Within moments my clit was on fire, my pussy beginning to itch and my ass tingling as well.

"Mmmnnnghh?" I groaned, taking another step, hoping the texture of the rope would ease the burning sensation. It didn't. Cole burst out laughing, looking very pleased with himself, and pulled a tube of muscle rub from his pocket.

"I thought this might make things a bit more interesting. You were looking far too complacent a moment ago--this is much more fun! Still, I think I can make it even better." he said, stepping towards me. He uncapped the rub and squirted some onto his fingers, stepping up behind me and grabbing onto my breasts. I writhed against him, desperate to prevent him from putting it on my nipples, but I was in no position to stop him. Soon my nipples were burning as badly as my pussy--and still painfully clamped as well.

I began to hobble along faster, trying in vain to ignore the way my clit was throbbing in time with my heartbeat, and almost cried when I saw the next knot. I clenched my jaw as I stepped over it, tensing my body against the sensations I knew were coming, but I still groaned around the panties in my mouth at the feeling of that rough little knot scraping over my swollen, sensitive clit. I kept moving, whimpering slightly as I felt the slick wetness from my pussy dragging across my asshole as the knot went by, and focused as best I could on the course in front of me. What had seemed like an easy way to earn a glass of water was beginning to look like pure torture, and I had to force myself to take the next few steps, moaning despite myself as my overly-sensitive nipples and clit were treated to the intense texture of the rope. I could see the next knot approaching and my breath quickened as I realized this one was also damp. I looked up at Cole, trying not to let him see the fear in my eyes, and he laughed at me.

"Oh, relax. I thought you might need a little more lube by this stage of the course, but I clearly underestimated your pussy's capacity for punishment. You're enjoying this, aren't you?" he said, grinning at me in that infuriating way he had. I growled something unintelligible behind my gag and kept moving, each step an effort of will.

I continued to navigate the rope, each knot I encountered wearing down my determination to appear unaffected by Cole's little game. I was more than half-way through now, my breath coming in desperate little pants, my clit and nipples swollen and aching. I was trying to focus on why I was doing this, on how much I hated Cole, on what I was going to do to that pathetic bastard when I got free, but with every step I found it harder and harder to concentrate on anything but my own growing arousal. I kept hoping that the next knot, or maybe the next one, would provide just that extra little bit of pressure I needed, just a tiny bit more sensation to push me over the edge into an orgasm, but each time I was disappointed.

I could feel a sob starting to build in my chest and I squashed it, furious at myself. I was better than this. I was a fucking agent, for god's sake! I wasn't some slutty bimbo who could be broken with a few pieces of rope. I snapped my head up to glare at Cole again, to show him that he wasn't winning, and found myself looking into a pair of very amused looking eyes. My gaze faltered, flicking ahead to the next knot, and my steps slowed. The next one was red.

"Mmmghhh...." I moaned, staring at it apprehension.

"Oh, you noticed that, huh? Well, I don't want to ruin your surprise by telling you what it is." he laughed, stepping forward with the crop. I hesitated still, long enough that he gave me a sharp smack on my ass with it, making me yelp behind the gag.

"God, I do love how your ass looks with a few whip marks on it, Aleks." he said, stepping closer and squeezing my butt. "Remind me to explore that further when you're done, hmm?"

I ignored him, taking a minuscule step forward towards the knot, hoping that would buy me some time before he hit me again. Before I could take another step he whacked me again, this time even harder. "Move, Aleks." he ordered, raising the crop again, "or I'll start whipping your tits."

My eyes widened, horrified at the idea of my sensitive little breasts being subjected to the crop, and I hobbled forward, cringing as my clit made contact with the sinister looking red knot. I tried to move past it as fast as I could, hoping that whatever was on it wouldn't have time to rub off on me but before it was even behind me a slow, aching burn had begun in my already tormented clit. By the time I had taken another step, my entire pussy and ass were on fire, my clit feeling like it was going to explode. I screamed into my gag, arching my back and trying to rub against the rope, hoping to remove whatever it was on me. All I accomplished was to grind it in further, the rough rope fibers abrading my clit and pussy lips. As I continued my desperate struggles a distant corner of my mind recognized that I was humping the rope like a sex-starved whore, but I didn't care. My entire existence had narrowed down to the area between my legs, every nerve ending screaming out in pain and pleasure. I wanted to sob with the agony of it and yet I was so turned on I could barely stand it. At that moment I would have done almost anything to come.

I don't know how long I stood there grinding my pussy into the rope before I got ahold of myself again. Cole was watching me avidly, a large bulge in his pants showing how he felt about the situation. I stared at him, tears running down my face, my body shaking as I tried to control myself, and he smiled, an approving sort of look on his face as he slowly lifted the crop.

"MMMGHHMM!" I cried out, pleading with my eyes as he swung at my ass. My hips jerked as he made contact, my body arcing from the combination of the pain in my ass and pleasure as my exquisitely sensitive pussy slid over the rope. My nipples throbbed as the clamps bit into them and I lost my balance, my heels hitting the floor and my pussy landing full force on the rope. I screamed again, struggling to get back onto my toes, fighting to stay lucid as a tide of pain and pleasure overwhelmed me. I wobbled for a moment before standing straight, panting with the effort and strain, staring at him wild-eyed.

"Poor little Aleks," he grinned, his expression one of almost feral hunger. "A few drops of hot sauce and you turn into a blubbering slut who humps inanimate objects. I thought you were tougher than that."

I moaned, his words touching something inside me in a way I wasn't expecting. Shame welled up in me, a hot feeling of humiliation tinged with a weird sort of arousal that I didn't want to examine. I continued to stare at him, knowing that if I didn't start walking again he was going to whip me and yet struggling to work up the nerve to take the next step. I wasn't sure how much more I could handle and through the fog in my brain I knew I was dangerously close to giving him what he wanted. In fact, a little part of me, that secret little voice inside me, almost welcomed the idea. To submit to him, to tell him everything he wanted and let him do whatever he wanted to my body. To let him fuck me, whip my ass with the crop, twist my nipples while I moaned and writhed under him - that shameful little corner of my personality wanted it. It was that, more than anything, that snapped me back to reality.

I gathered what little shreds of my pride I could find, stiffening my back, glaring at him, and he grinned at me, seeming annoyingly pleased by my show of resistance. I snapped my gaze back to the rope, counting only 3 more knots til the end, and began to walk again, awkwardly adjusting my gait to the spreader bar, groaning despite myself as my inflamed clit dragged against the rope. I willed myself to ignore it, shutting my mind to the constant tug on my nipples, the sopping wetness oozing from my pussy, the overwhelming burn of the hot sauce making my clit into a swollen little bundle of raw nerve endings. Each step was torture, a mix of pain and pleasure so profound I thought I might pass out, and yet I kept going. I wasn't going to submit to this fucker. Cole, of all people... that bastard, he was not going to defeat me.

I stepped over the first knot, a strangled scream emerging from the gag as I went, but otherwise I gave no sign of the way it turned my insides to jelly, of my almost uncontrollable urge to grind my pussy into the rope. I began to chant to myself, in my head, listing off ways of maiming and injuring Cole. I groaned as I went over the second knot, a tortured sound that sounded inhuman even to my own ears, and I imagined shoving a whole bottle of hot sauce up Cole's ass even as my own ass itched and burned against the knot, slick with my own juices. I kept moving, knowing as I did so that I was moving on pure will alone, every cell in my body desperate for something, anything, to make this torment stop. I approached the last knot with a sense of victory in my mind, a feeling that I had somehow triumphed over Cole, until I looked more closely at it.

It was red.

A sob broke from my throat, my body beginning to shake, my steely resolve crumbling. I couldn't, I just couldn't walk across it. My clit felt so swollen I thought it might burst, the nerve endings raw from the combination of the rope and hot sauce. I turned to Cole, pleading again, willing to do almost anything to avoid this last knot. He grinned at me, a slow, malicious grin that made me cry even harder as he lifted the crop and brought it up square on the underside of my left breast. I threw my head back and screamed into the gag, my breast bouncing and then yanking against the nipple clamp, my poor swollen bud throbbing in protest. He swung again, this time catching the other breast and in a desperate attempt to avoid any more pain to my poor, sensitive breasts, I stepped across the knot.

My clit reacted almost immediately, the hot sauce grinding itself into already tormented flesh, and I shrieked, the mixture of pain and need making me see stars. I felt my pussy contract suddenly, a hard, sharp sensation as I orgasmed, my back arcing, my head snapping back. It was unlike any orgasm I'd ever experienced - it ripped through me on a wave of fire, my whole body consumed by it, and when it was over I was left panting and unsatisfied, so turned on it was like I had never come at all. I stared dully at Cole, my muscles trembling, my body soaked in sweat, and he began to clap, a slow, mocking sound that made my face heat in shame.

"Well, that was entertaining. I suppose you've earned your reward now, haven't you?"

He stepped forward, sliding his fingers down and lightly stroking them over my still burning pussy. I gasped, unconsciously pushing forward against them, wanting to ease the fiery sensation.

"So....your choice, Aleks. Do you want that glass of water in your mouth, or do you want it to cool down your pussy?"

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by Tanuki10/17/17

What a battle of wills!

I'm guessing knowing SRPs, Dr Tease created the torments and you the character. Cole is so wicked the poor girl doesn't stand a chance, but I love the fight she's putting up. It's like a battle betweenmore...

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