tagNonConsent/ReluctanceEnjoy Your Stay at The Hotel Ravish

Enjoy Your Stay at The Hotel Ravish


She looked in her suitcase trying to decide what would be appropriate attire to fulfill her hotel rape fantasy. She didn't know what was going to happen for sure, but she had waited a long time for this. He was the only one she had ever told about this fantasy, although he knew she would enjoy it long before she told him, and he was the only person she trusted to play this game with.

As she rummaged through the toys, lotions, potions and props she had brought she thought about what role she was going to play. She decided on college co-ed getting ready to go out. She grabbed her body lotion and slathered it all over her slender body to make it nice and soft for him, and also a little harder for him to get a firm hold. He was, after all, going to have to work a little at this. Or so she thought.

She fastened her bra over her soft tits and stepped into the matching panties lightly dragging her fingers up her muscular calves, her thighs, and made sure to graze her own ass ever so softly to tickle it as she pulled them up to cover her soon to be pummeled ass and pussy. Her own touch and the anticipation of being savagely taken by him were turning her on.

As she looked into the mirror at her barely clad reflection she ran her hands up and down her body. Over her chest, grabbing her bra covered breasts hard before sliding her hand slowly down her stomach and under the waistband of her panties. Her clit was starting to pay attention as she made sure to feel herself everywhere else down there, purposely avoiding her faithful source of pleasure. Her fingers touched her pussy lips so softly chills went up her spine. She traced her fuck hole lightly several times before inserting her middle finger deep in herself. She watched her reflection in the mirror, one hand down her panties, deep inside her, and the other hand caressing the top of her breasts that spilled out of her bra. She was getting off just watching this hot girl do this to herself.

"I have to save this all for later," she said out loud to herself as she reluctantly removed her finger from inside herself.

As she did, she noticed it was glistening with her hot juices. Without a thought, she rubbed the finger behind her ears and down her cleavage to 'perfume' herself with her feminine scent. She put on white cotton sports socks and threw on her three sizes too big black and gold college football jersey, put her hair up in a ponytail and got into character.

She dialed his cell phone pretending it was the front desk.

"Front desk," he said as he answered, recognizing her cell phone number. Hearing his deep voice made her heart skip a beat.

"Umm, yeah, hi, umm, this is room 102. I am, like, trying to get ready to go out and party and the blow dryer won't turn on. Umm, I can't get ready without it! My girlfriend is going to call me soon with the place I am supposed to meet her and her, well, friends. I can't sit in a hotel alone on a Friday night in this town by myself! I would die! Can you fix it, like now?" she said trying to sound like a shallow, desperate college student while at the same time trying not to laugh.

"I will have one of my guys from maintenance come up and take a look for you miss," he replied. "And enjoy your stay."

"Thanks!" she said as she smiled to herself and flipped her phone shut and turned up the radio. She went to the bathroom of the hotel room to do her makeup, as she is, you know, getting ready to go out. She finishes her make up and is applying her lipstick when she hears a loud knock at the door.

"MAINTENANCE!" the voice bellows from outside the door.

"This is it," she says in a whisper to her reflection before climbing back into character. She took a very quick peek out the peephole to see a big guy in jeans and a t-shirt wearing a tool belt and carrying what looks like a tool bag. His head was turned just enough so she could not see his face but the rest of him looked great.

"Finally," she says as she opens the door and starts to walk away with her back to the door.

"I have to finish getting ready or I am stuck in this stupid boring ass room all," she managed to get out before feeling his big strong arm close in around her throat from behind. He grabbed her with so much force she stopped in her tracks, forced to her tippy toes to keep her balance. Her lipstick flew out of her hands.

"Don't hurt me please," she begged. "Take anything you want. There is my laptop over there on the bed, my parent's credit card is in my purse, just please don't hurt me!" she said trembling. She was surprised at how real this seemed. It made her terrified and hot at the same time.

"Don't scream!" he growled in her ear as he put his big hand over her mouth to shut her up. "Start lifting your shirt up if you want to breathe again," he said as he took his thumb and forefinger of the hand covering her mouth and pinched her nose shut.

"NO!" she thought as she shook her head to convey her thought.

He tightened his grip as his response. Although she knew he would never truly hurt her, she was caught up in the game. Even though she knew this was not real, it still invoked real fear in her. She reached down with both hands and grabbed the bottom of her jersey and started to slowly lift it up to expose her panties, then her stomach, her bra, then up to her neck.

"I am going to take my hand away so you can take your shirt off. If you scream or try anything stupid I am going to rip your panties off and fuck you up the ass, dry, right here and now," he said as he moved his big, strong hand to the waistband of her panties just above the crack of her ass pulling them up to invade her crack to prove his point. "Do you understand?"

She shook her head yes as she sheepishly took off the jersey over her head and threw it to the side.

"Now your bra!" he commanded as he slid a finger into her already invaded ass crack. She was starting to sweat now. She knew he had it in him, but she had never heard him speak this way. It so turned her on but it also so scared her. He was a big powerful guy with a voice and imagination to match.

"Turn around and face me slowly," he said while still maintaining a hold in her ass crack.

She turned around to reveal her tanned tits. Her big, pink erect nipples punctuated with stainless steel.

Seeing them made his dick instantly hard. He shoved her backwards against the wall hard and bent down and bit her lip. He pressed himself hard against her, the buckle on his tool belt dug deep into her upper stomach. She felt the hard bulge in his pants against her and knew he was as turned on by this game as she was. His fingers still in the back of her panties, his digits almost entering her ass by default. His knuckles scrapped against the rough surface of the hotel wall as he did. She jumped at the feeling of his fingers almost entering her there.

"Bend over and open my bag," he commanded. She bent over to reach the green bag, his hand never leaving her ass.

As she opened the bag she realized she was in trouble. It was a bag of tricks for torture. Torture she always welcomed from him and no one else.

"Get out the nipple clamps and put them on," he commanded. Her shaky hands dug through the bag of ropes, chains, padlocks, eyelet screws, whips, and other torture devices to find the clamps. She positioned the clamps to avoid the metal buried in her nipples.

"Oh!" she let out as she clamped the first one down on her tender nipple. The sting of the pinch ran from her nipple down her stomach to a faint thump in her clit.

"Now the other one," he said as he watched her clamp the second one on while rimming her ass with his one of his big fingers. Touching her tight hole made his hard cock jump.

"OH, Ouch!" she let out as she obeyed and placed the other clamp. The initial pain of the clamps and his finger almost in her ass was making her pussy wetter. She pressed her ass hard against his finger, almost wishing he would enter it right now. Realizing she was starting to enjoy this too much, too soon, he removed his hand from her panties. With one hand he moved the tension bar of the clamps up swiftly as he pulled the chain toward him with the other.

"OOOHHH.GAWDD!" she yelled out and threw her head back so hard it hit the wall as she felt the unexpected pain of the clamps tightly pulling on her mammories.

"I told you not to scream," he said as he took a step back, grabbed her hair at the base of her ponytail and spun her around and shoved her, tits first, on to the rough textured hotel wall. Her pierced and clamped tits were being smashed into the wall creating a sensation she had never felt before. Metal pushing, pulling, pinching and smashing her sensitive nipples inside and out. It hurt so good. She could feel her panties getting very damp.

"OOOHHHHH," she cried out loudly and involuntarily as the right cheek of her face met the wall as he controlled the force, being careful not to 'really' hurt her. She was pinned against the wall, his hand still held her ponytail, pushing her head against the wall. She felt the fingers from his free hand grab the back of her panties. The elastic pulled fast and tight on her stomach and hips. In one instant, he had pushed her head to the wall with one hand and ripped her panties right off her ass with the other. Suddenly both her hot holes were free from the protection of her panties. She felt more of her juices flowing out of her as he did this. She was hotter than she ever had been and wanted to feel his big hard cock pound her snatch more than she had ever wanted anything in her life.

"FUCK ME PLEEEZZZ," she cried out breathlessly. She was ready to cum if he kept this up. No one had ever done this for her and it turned her on so much. He grabbed the ponytail holder out of her hair as her hair spilled out covering half of her back. Her head bent backwards as his hand pulled her hair and he bent over to grab something out of his bag. She had barely processed that this was happening when he shoved the right side of her face to the wall again and rubbed up against her naked ass with his rock hard cock hiding in his jeans. He was grinding his clothed member against her ass as she felt a drop of cum run down her naked leg, over her ankle, and on to the hotel carpet. She was officially 'dripping wet'.

"You, little girl, are in a world of shit now," he whispered with his deep voice in her ear.

Suddenly she felt two of his big fingers stab deep in her cum soaked pussy.

"UUGGHHH, OOOHHH YEEESSSS, " she cried out as she felt her mouth fill up with the ball gag he had grabbed out of his bag. He quickly fastened the Velcro straps behind her head.

"I told you not to scream! Now see what you have done? You have left me no choice." he growled, never breaking character. "Now move your wet pussy over to the desk."

Gagged with her nipple clamps still on she walked over to the desk on command.

"Put your feet against the legs of the desk and bend over until your tits hit the top of the desk," he said. Seeing her bent over the desk turned him on immensely, he never grew tired of seeing her be submissive and naked. He put his big strong hands on her shoulders and worked his way, carefully down her soft skin to her ass that was bent over the desk, down the back of her thighs, down her calves, to her ankles. When he got to her ankles she felt the cold chains wrap around them and heard a click as the padlocks secured each calf to the desk legs.

The feeling of his big, strong hands running down her body like that and the feeling of entrapment made her clit engorge and thump so loud she swore she could hear it.


Seeing her gash so wet that her sweet, white juices were escaping it and her ass sticking out like that bent over the cheap hotel desk made him want to spank them. He reached in his 'bag o tricks' and grabbed the riding crop he bought at the local riding supply store. He could almost hear her hot holes begging to be abused.

SMACK! Went the crop leaving a red flag shaped mark on her ass, white spots where the holes of the crop landed.

"OOOOHHHH," she cried in a muffled voice as the crop bit her ass making her soaked pussy got wetter and cum flowed onto the edge of the desk.

She loved this shit. She wondered if she was normal. How could such a beautiful, smart girl crave this? It was only with him did she want to do this. Why did she crave it from him? Because he was the best at this............and he understood her, she rationalized as he delivered several more licks to her ass with the crop. She loved each one and each one made her call out in pleasure as best the gag filling her mouth allowed her. If she were the animal this device were intended to be used on, a horse, her whole body would be a lathered up, sweaty mess by now.

He continued the crop lickings until her ass was filled with welts and felt like it was on fire.

She felt reprieve for a few brief seconds as he got three pillows off the bed.

"Stand up!" he commanded as she felt his hands grab her shoulders and pull her up. She wobbled a bit once in the upright position as she tried to steady herself with her chained legs.

He laid the pillows directly in front of her on the desk as she felt his hand between her shoulder blades pushing her back down onto the desk.

"Get back down there. You are in for it," he said trying to keep his control and composure. Secretly he was not only doing this for her. He had always wondered what this would be like too and had fantasized about it many times. Her fuck holes looked so inviting raised up in the air like that. Calling his name to give them the attention they deserved.

"Stretch your arms to the end of the desk, and stay still!" he barked, confidence flooded over him as he saw her comply without complaint. He moved to the other side of the desk and chained each arm to the front desk legs.

"AAAAWWWW" she moaned as she felt her body stretch out and become immobile. Her legs were chained before he put the pillows under her. Now the chains were pulling on her legs and her feet were off the floor giving her the sensation of being suspended.

As he moved around the desk he surveyed his naked prey. Hot, dripping wet, bound, helpless and gagged.

"Does it get any better than this?" he thought to himself.

Now that he had her just where he wanted her he picked up the crop again and this time he meant business. He was still fully clothed and his cock was about to bust out of his jeans and jump right into her ass.


The sharp lick of the crop on her wet pussy sent a stinging chill over her entire body. She would have jumped off the table if she were not tied down. No one had ever spanked her pussy before. It felt incredible to have him do that to her surprise.

"AWWWWWW, UUUUUUUUGGGGGGGG," She moaned as a wave of orgasm came over her body and her hot cum squirted on to the desktop. Relentlessly her spanked her pussy guiding her through her mind-blowing sensations. Smacking harder when she tried to writhe, unsuccessfully, around in full blown ecstasy, stroking her with the crop when she took a second to breathe then resuming the spankings as she reached her next climax.

He put the crop back into his bag and grabbed out a rope. He put it around her neck, tied it once at the base of her neck and held on to the other end. He could not take anymore. He had to have his hard, perfect cock in her ass. He wiped his fingers on the desk top under her gash and rimmed her hot fuck hole to collect all of the cum he could as he unbuttoned his pants with the other hand and pulled out his rock hard cock.

He slathered her juices on his member and up and down the crack of her ass for lubrication. The feeling of his own hand rubbing her cum on his dick almost made him cum too. He thought to himself that she has the most beautiful cum before slamming his rock hard cock deep in her ass. No warning or time for her to brace herself for what was to come. Just serious ass rape.

"OOOOOHHHHH, GGGGAAAAWWDDDD, YYYEESSS, SSSSHHIIIITT!" She came again as she finally felt him enter her ass. He hadn't even taken the time to take off his tool belt she realized as she heard his tools clanking in unison with every forceful thrust in her ass.

Her warm, hot ass felt so good. Fucking her ass was like fucking in a vice. Her ass walls grabbing on to his dick and holding them close, not wanting to let go. Each time he withdrew slightly and slammed back in, her ass seemed to welcome him grabbing on tighter and tighter, pulling him in further. Between the feeling of fucking her in the ass and the sight of the scene he had created, he was not going to be able to hold on much longer.

He pulled back hard on the rope around her neck. She started choking as he tightened the rope. This made her ass clamp down harder on his throbbing cock. He could not wait any longer. She felt his big cock go deeper than it had been and his balls smashed against her now ultra sensitive clit sending her to another wave of orgasm. The lack of oxygen sent her climax to a level she had never experienced. She felt it from her head to her toes as the wave of euphoria radiated over her again and again as she started to see spots and the world almost went black.

He grabbed her ass cheek with his free hand and exploded his load deep in her ass. It felt like he was cumming in quarts as he overflowed her ass. Her ass didn't seem to want to let his cock go. Every time she came it felt like someone was squeezing his cock making him cum even harder. Almost ready to pass out, she felt his grip on the rope around her neck and let it fall on her back as the blood flow returned to her brain.

"RRRRRRRGGGHHHH," he let out as he pulled out of her ass trying to maintain control and character as he finished out the game. In reality he was blown away. He had never felt anything like that ever! He stood up and put his very satisfied member back in his pants. He reached across her with his long arms and grabbed the Velcro of the gag on the back of her head.

"I am going to take this off now, but keep your head on the table and don't make a sound."

Not that she really could, but it was nice to breathe normal again. She was exhausted. She felt her body relax as much as it could still being pulled by the chains and still not knowing if there was more to come.

"Don't move!" he said as he walked around to all four of the legs of the desk and unlocked the padlocks keeping her extremities hostage. Her first impulse was to move and stretch but she knew she didn't dare move a sore muscle.

She heard him making a bit of noise behind her as he gathered up all his stuff. She waited quietly for her next instruction.

"When I walk out the door, count to 500, get yourself free, take a shower, put on what is under the covers and then there is something for you in the top drawer of the nightstand. Don't cheat or I will come back and make you very, very sorry! I am watching!" he said as he threw open the curtains before quickly exiting the room.

She heard him shut the door and immediately started counting. 1,2,3,4,...As she counted and her adrenaline started to return to normal she wondered if she had made a mistake. She wondered if she should have kept this fantasy to herself...379, 380, 381...Did she set herself up for hurt by giving him so much power? 475, 476, 477... He just left her after that? Just used and abused her and then left? 497, 498, 499....

At 500, like told to, she began to wriggle free from the chains and stood upright and free for the first time in a while. She gained her equilibrium and stepped away from the desk towards the bathroom to shower, taking off the rope and nipple clamps on her way, tossing them on the floor. She didn't know why she was following his instructions, maybe because she was filled with doubt and felt 'dirty', maybe because they were his instructions. She didn't know. She knew that it felt incredible while they were playing out the fantasy, but then he left. On the way to the bathroom she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror above the dresser that was placed in usual hotel fashion.

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