tagNonConsent/ReluctanceEnjoy Your Stay at The Hotel Ravish Ch. 05

Enjoy Your Stay at The Hotel Ravish Ch. 05


He returned to his suite to find her sound asleep, still bound and exposed.

He woke her and released her arms and head so she could sit up and eat, leaving her legs and pussy lips spread nicely over the table. She was by the way going to need all the nourishment and liquids she could get for their last day together as he had every intention of keeping his beautiful slave very busy. She devoured her lunch as he got to work on his evil plan of continual torment and ecstasy.

When she was done with lunch he untied her ankles, led her to the massage table he had sent up special, laid her out gently and rubbed her sore muscles lovingly, knowing she had just put out more of herself then ever before

His tender touch sent chills up and down her spine.

"mmmmmmmmmm," she softly let out as goose bumps covered her smooth skin. All of the tension and soreness seemed to flow out of her body. She couldn't remember the last time she felt so relaxed.

He coaxed her up and moved her over to the 'floor to ceiling' window overlooking the courtyard. He placed her standing in front of the window, her tits pressed firmly up against the glass. He hooked a chain to her wrist cuffs, raised her arms up above her head and tightly secured each to eyelet bolts on either side of the drapery rod.

She could see a few people wandering around the courtyard, occasionally looking up at her. Apprehension and modesty filled her. "Is he really going to do this in front of these people," She wondered, half angry and half excited.

He wrapped ankle cuffs around her leg above the strap of her sexy high heels before putting the spreader bar between them stretching her long legs far apart. He then chained them to more bolts near the baseboard of the wall.

See could see a small crowd gathering in the courtyard, watching intently up at her as she was put into position.

"Please no, not in front of all of these people," she begged, her voice wavering a bit.

"I can fix that," he said as he slipped the blindfold over her eyes and inserted the ball gag into her mouth.

Scared, she tensed up and tried to pull against her binds in protest.

"I told you it was going to cost you," he growled.

"Don't worry, they won't recognize you," his voice softening a bit.

He stepped back to take a look at her. She was spread eagle standing. The sun shining in the window made her silky, tan skin glow. Her long legs supported by the shoes of a vixen and capped off by the lace of her stockings a few inches from her ass. The tan lines in the shape of her thong pronounced on her ass that seemed to be begging for punishment. Her long brown hair spilling down her back as her muscles strained against her restraints. The gag filling up her mouth and the blindfold made her feel helpless.

"FUCKING SEXY," he thought to himself.

She could only imagine with fear how many people were watching and getting ready to enjoy the show to come

He, however, could see the voyeurs starting to settle on the lawn and patio furniture to watch. This was 'The Hotel Ravish' and it was not unusual for this type of thing to happen. Everyone was there for a common reason, to feel good and have new experiences. Not to judge.

He moved her long hair around to the front of her and she felt a large amount of cold thick liquid hit her back. She felt it slide down her back as she felt him start to spread the liquid on her back, his strong hands applying pressure as he did, relaxing her sore muscles and warming up the feeling of the liquid on her skin. He moved the liquid up to her shoulders, down her back, over her ass to the top of her stockings, being all so gentle.

He applied more liquid and his exquisite touch to her arms, neck, and sides of her rib cage. She was starting to get a moist feeling between her legs as his hands slipped all over her bound body. The liquid didn't seem to soak into her skin and dry. It stayed wet and slippery. She wasn't sure what is was. Lube maybe, vegetable oil maybe.

She jumped as she felt the initial coldness of the mystery liquid hit the top of the crack of her ass. He moved to the side of her, put his hand at the top of her ass crack and "chased" the liquid down her crack, over her backdoor, up to her front door, and then up to her clit.

"Uuuuummmm," she groaned, as she felt so manhandled and pleasured.

He turned her head to his and kissed her very deeply as he sunk two fingers in her pussy and his thumb in her ass, wiggling them around crazily to not only give her a brief moment of pleasure, but to also lubricate both of her hot holes. Her knees buckled it felt so good. He withdrew his digits, and stepped away. The room got very quiet for a few seconds, witch seemed like hours.

"Where did he go?" she wondered, as she was so very hot.

She heard the sound of his belt unbuckling and smiled to herself, as she was sure he was going to stick his perfect cock in one of her holes. His choice, she didn't care, she just wanted to feel him deep in her. She got wetter at the thought.


"NNNNNUUHHHH," she let out a gagged scream as his belt blasted the back of both her ass cheeks. If she hadn't been held up by her binds she would have collapsed. She didn't see that one coming.


"AAAAAWWWWW," she cried as his belt seared the small of her back. The liquid on her skin made the licks of her punishment sting much worse than they should have been.

Her ass was throbbing and the small of her back was on fire, yet she still wanted more. She couldn't see and that terrified her but secretly she was happy he made her do it. It intensified the sensations so much.


"OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH," she let out in pain and pleasure as she was brought to the point that she could enjoy both at the same time as the belt came cracking down on the middle of her back. A small stream of her juices slipped out of her pussy.

Her hard nipples smashed up against the glass seemed to bake in the sunlight beating in on them, the metal in them warming them from the insides too. She's in a zone. And he could sense it.

They had discussed before about her taking a hard whipping, but until she saw some videos on the web of some other women volunteering for such a thing, she thought he was full of shit. After seeing the vids she thought she could take it if others could, not one to be out done in anything.

The both of them knowing that she has never used her 'safe word'; they both considered it a challenge.

He explained to her that he would start with the usual riding crop then move on to a special "slave whip" he had bought on his last trip to Mexico. It was four feet long tip to tale, braided leather the first two and a half feet, the last eighteen inches one solid strip of leather one inch wide. She had insisted this was the time and wanted to try it before they left.

He agreed, This is what he's been waiting for.

"Keep your nipples against the glass, your back arched, and your ass out," he ordered. He smiled as she complied immediately.

As promised he started with the riding crop, at the top of her killer high heels she started to be smacked lightly up one leg and down the other.

"MMMMMmmmmmm," she groaned as her pussy began to get wet with pleasure again.

Then on her ass, it was soft enough at first, but after a few warm up strokes he lit into her hard.


Every stroke documented by the perfect red welts left behind.


Her ass, the inside of her legs, her back; nothing was safe. One particular stroke landed on the side of her right tit, the part that wasn't pressed against the window. This made her lean back and stretch against her bonds, taking her nipples off the glass.

Of course he took advantage of this and squarely landed the end of the crop right on her nipple.

"AAAAWWWW," she howled as she remembered, ' keep your nipples against the window'. As she pressed against the glass again she felt the hot glass against her sore nipple. Lesson learned?

He continued to slap the riding crop about her exposed flesh, harder and harder but she would not flinch again. She took it all, back, legs, ass, even the sides of her tits, she wasn't going to pull off the window again. He knew it was time to move on.

Although 'putting on a show' was never his intention, he smiled to himself as he caught a glimpse of a few of the spectators. One couple was kissing and groping each other in between stealing peeks. A few girls had their hand down their shorts, the material of the crotch moving to a slow rhythm.

One particular very hot blonde, the very one they had in their room he noticed, sat in a patio chair, her legs spread over the arms of the chair. Her bikini bottoms slid to the side to expose her, a red headed girl happily munching the blonde snatch as the blonde watched the window intently.

He asked her how she was doing, did she think she could take more.

"Of course, " she almost dared him in a gagged voice.

He got out the 'Slave Whip' and started directly on her ass.

"FFFFFFUUUUUCCCCKKK!" She tried to scream; it felt like she had just been sliced in two.

He had never inflected such pain on her before. He whipped her ass, the inside and outside of her legs, and her back more than thoroughly, his cock getting harder with each welt he inflicted.

After maybe fifteen or twenty strokes he got the one he wanted. While jerking around writhing in the pain of her whipping she accidentally pulled off the window again giving him the opportunity to lay the leather strap across her other nipple, the rest of the smack landed to the under side of her opposite breast.

"AAAAAWWWWW," escaped her as she immediately she remembered to keep her pierced nipples up against the glass for all to see.

The whipping continued unmercifully until her back, ass, and legs were covered with red stripes. Try as he might he could not get her to muffle the one word that would make him stop.

She knew all she had to do was utter one simple word to make this entire torture stop. She just couldn't do it. In a weird, twisted was it was turning her on so much and, well, she just wasn't one to give in and accept defeat. More importantly, she was not going to stop his fun because she was uncomfortable. She knew it was temporary, he wouldn't do any permanent damage, and the return would be insurmountable. Besides, she really got off for the next few days after he was gone if she could 'feel' exactly where he had been on her.

She soon felt some thing enter her pussy and fill her up nicely. It wasn't him though. Then she heard the clank of metal against metal between her legs. He had put something in her that he had secured to her spreader bar.

It felt so good to be entered. Then it started up. She could tell it was not one of hers. But it felt good.

Suddenly she felt the slow vibrations in her paralyzed pussy as she felt the marble enter her ass.

"The anal beads," she thought to her self, "Thankfully!" This way all her holes were filled.

She could feel him breathing against her ass as he placed each bead carefully in her, turning up the speed on his "vibrator on a stick" implanted in her pussy. Her ass tried to grind his fingers as he place each bead. He knew he had her just where he wanted her.

With the beads all snuggly in her ass, the "rip cord" hanging out, he grabbed the whip again.

He watched her for the moment while she slowly worked herself on the vibrating fuck stick impaling her. He started light with the whip on her back and ass. As she intensified her fucking, he intensified her whipping. She worked up and down and swiveled her hips as much as her binds would allow, he took advantage of and part of her that was exposed and whipped in rhythm to her hips.

He stopped the whipping and started work on her next endeavor. He got out this electoral contraption he had custom made, just a small box with four wires with alligator clips on the ends and two dials on it. One dial controlled which of the electrodes held the current including one setting for random. The other dial controlled how much current ran out of the wires. The first he connected to the vibrator, the next two he clamped to her nipple piercings, and the fourth to the stainless steel in her clit hood. All she could feel was the extra weight of the alligator clips and wires hanging from her piercing. She really had no idea what was about to come.

Suddenly her body jerked violently, her head slammed back and she started to drool as she felt intense pain in her pussy. She realized it was an electric vibrator and he had just hit the juice!

Her body tensed up and then relaxed with his control of the current. She could feel reality, as she knew it slipping away. Her mind and body were becoming one with this game.

ZAP! Her clit!

"NNNNNNGGGHHHHHHH!" she had never felt this before.

ZAP! ZAP! Her nipples!

Her breath escaped her!

ZAP! Inside her pussy!

She couldn't speak!

After an initial testing on medium high, he set the dial on random.

Slowly turning up the juice till she cried out through her gag and pulled violently at her chains.

"AAAAAWWWW," she cried out.

He held it there until she grew accustom to it and started grinding and moaning, enjoying it.

He turned it up more, repeating the process over and over.

"YYYYYEEEESSSSS UUUUMMMMM AAAAWWWW," she screamed, the veins on the side of her neck bulging as she strained to be free from the forced cum that was building.

She was reluctantly close. The current was going to make her cum.

He stepped to the side of her again and rubbed her clit violently and turned up the juice again.


Her body went rigid, Tears streamed down her face, salvia seeped out of her gag, and she was on the verge of the biggest orgasm of her life. There was not one body part she could control; she was totally at his mercy. At this point she could not even make sense of a single thought she had. She was all his at the moment, mind body and soul.

He hit the button on high and ravaged her bulging clit with his fore and index fingers. When she stared to cum, he pulled the "rip cord" releasing the beads from her ass.

Her head jerked back as she fell over the edge to a place she had never been before. Her body pulling against her binds involuntarily, her mind incapable of thinking. She could feel every heartbeat in her clit as the damn broke and a river of cum escaped her right before she collapsed.

He hit the off button and took a deep breath. He checked to make sure she was breathing and safe. Just a little sensory overload he surmised. Maybe it was not the right thing to do, but he decided to turn it back on low voltage. Her body involuntarily started moving, fucking her invader and making her tits rubagainst the window. He decided to go outside to the courtyard and get an idea of what view the crowd, now near orgy status, had gotten. He lit a cigarette, grabbed a cold beer and the key card and walked down to the courtyard.

When he reached the courtyard, he couldn't believe the impact their playing had on the fellow pervs that had gathered to watch. A few male/female couples were engaged in full fellatio, a few girl/girl couples were licking and groping each other, but what caught his eye were the four hot girls pleasuring themselves, almost in unison, in a row of chase lounges. They all wore bikinis and had been sunning themselves by the pool when they we enthralled by the activity in the window.

Their eyes seemed to brighten a bit and they all smiled at him when he approached, but they did not stop touching themselves. He turned towards the window of his suite to try to appreciate their vantage point.

There she was pressed up against the widow. Her tits smashed against the glass, spread eagle, her blindfold and her gag making her beautiful face unrecognizable. Her thigh highs stretched so far up her long tan legs and her muscles stretching, fighting the gravity her condition was forcing. Her long brown hair strewn about her face and body as she was in her ecstasy induced state of semi consciousness. She looked so fucking sexy. He wasn't sure if it was because she was or because she had totally given herself to him and trusted him one hundred percent with her well being. Maybe both.

"She looks like she could use the help of girlfriends pretty soon," the hot blonde from before piped up, never missing a beat on her clit under her swimsuit bottoms.

"Yeah, she might just need that," he said as he was snapped back to reality and took a drag off his cigarette.

"What do you think girls?" she asked the other three who were grinding their clits just a feverishly.

They all looked at each other, "Lets do it," the red head exclaimed.

"Well ok then," he giggled. "Lets do it." He said as he put his cigarette out, slamming the rest of his beer and feeling his dick twitch.

The five of them went up to his suite, the girls laughing and playing grab ass with each other the whole way, until they entered the suite. Almost like a MASH unit they took over the care of 'the patient' as soon as their bare feet hit the carpet of the suite.

He worked quickly to remove the electrified fuck toy and her binds. He carried her spent, sweaty, limp body to the massage table and gently laid her down and stepped back to let the girls nurse her 'back to health'.

The girls removed her shoes and what little clothing she had on.

"Do you have any lotion?" one of them asked him.

He handed them a tube of her favorite and sat down in the wing back chair, partly to enjoy this, partly because he felt in the way.

The sight of her on the table naked, semiconscious and being nursed back to health by four hot, caring, bikini clad babes made him have to take his big cock out of his jeans and stroke it a bit.

The girls stood at the four corners of her. Two slathered her feet in lotion and began rubbing. The other two lotioned up her hands and starting rubbing her fingers, hands and arms.

She started to stir with all of the touching. Her eyes fluttered opened a bit and she saw four very attractive girls touching her. She was still very groggy and disoriented; she had never passed out before and didn't know what to make of it. Her body was so sore and this felt really great. Her mind, however, was a foggy mess.

He noticed she was waking and not complaining about what was going on so he decided to let it ride and see what happened as he stroked himself slowly, he could cum very easily watching this if he let himself, but he needed to save it until the time was just right.

The girls seemed to be making their way, massaging her, to a central point.

"Ohhhhhhh," she gasped as two of them lotion up her tits while the other two had made it to her inner thighs. Their hands slipping across her body, digging into every sore muscle.

"Get her a glass of water," the blonde said, apparently in charge.

One of the other girls did quickly as the other two helped her lift her head up to sip it.

"Thank you," she whispered as they lay her head back down and continued to bring her out of her cloudiness and closer to feeling like herself.

He slowed his stroke way down; he was ready to blow his wad on the five of them like it was a fire hose. "Not time yet," he thought to himself.

The four girls' hands rubbed her until they met at her stomach and stopped completely.

One girl leaned over the table, gently spread the abused girls legs and so ever softly began licking her clit. Two girls each claimed a tit and started working their tongue softly all over her breasts and piercing. The other girl moved to her face and put her soft lips to her soft lips and ran her tongue inside her mouth. She kissed her back softly.

"Where is he?" she wondered to herself and raised her head a bit to survey the room while the girl at her lips continued to softly tongue her.

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