tagNonConsent/ReluctanceEnjoy Your Stay at The Hotel Ravish Ch. 06

Enjoy Your Stay at The Hotel Ravish Ch. 06


She awoke on the couch next to him, still safe in his big bear hug. Her welts were throbbing and she was sweating her ass off. It was light outside and she wondered what time it was. Slowly and carefully, being sure not to wake him, she reached to the cocktail table, grabbed her cell phone and checked the time. He was deep in sleep and snoring as loudly as he had been all night. Surprisingly, his snoring actually didn't annoy her at all. In fact, each time she woke briefly throughout the night and felt his arms around her and heard his snoring, she felt very protected and comfortable. It was a very soothing sound for some strange reason that she couldn't quite put her finger on.

"I can't believe it is almost seven in the morning and that I slept this long or late," she whispered to herself.

They had fallen asleep early in the evening. It had really been a long, wonderful last couple of days, but it was wearing them out. They had probably overdone it. When they could actually get their schedules to work out so they could meet they had a lot of making up for lost time to do. Not to mention the strong urge they had to be with the other in everyway possible, both mentally and physically.

Despite her sore and abused state she couldn't help but feel turned on being next to him. He was so big, strong, hot and good looking. He made her feel so safe and special. She felt the need to show her appreciation and give him something special to remember their few days together by.

Slowly she slid out of his arms to the floor. The carpet burned the flesh wounds on her ass she slid into position to sit "Indian style" next to the couch. She was captivated drinking in the sight of him so peaceful in his slumber. She loved to watch him sleep. He looked so content. No worries about business, bills, or tomorrow. He almost seemed to feel "safe" too. His big strong chest moved up and down with steady rhythm, his snoring consistent, his hot body totally relaxed.

Mischievousness came over her and she moved her face to his sleeping cock. It hadn't even reached 'morning wood' status yet. She ran the tip of her tongue lightly once over his sleeping cock. It jumped a bit at her touch. It seemed to have a mind of it's own. A couple more licks proved her right. It did!

He was still sleeping soundly but yet the cock was waking at a fast pace. She licked his right ball with the tip of her tongue. His snoring suddenly was broken and inconsistent.

"He is starting to wake." She thought as she got very determined to give him the ultimate wake up blowjob.

She licked slowly at every inch of his balls and cock as she watched him stir from his deep slumber and felt his cock get involuntarily rock hard. Just when she knew he was on the verge of waking, she slammed her face around his big cock, ramming it down her throat.

"uuuuuuuhhhhhh," He groaned as he woke fully with a jolt and grabbed her hair, instinctively guiding her head as it was beating down on his stomach ravaging his cock like no one had in the morning for some time. He was going to cum very quickly. There was not much hotter than waking up to a great dick sucking.

He watched his cock slide in and out of her mouth with a handful of her long hair in his hand. He loved the enthusiasm she had for sucking his dick; a guy can tell if a girl is giving the obligatory blowjob or if she really likes to suck his cock.

"This is no obligation," he thought, "She is really into this!"

He grabbed her hair so hard at the scalp she thought he was going to pull it right out of her head. His reactions made her tongue and suck his morning cock fast and furious. She could feel that he was getting ready to let loose in a way he hadn't in a long time.

"RRRRGGGGHHHH," he let out as he fired off a blast of cum that could have amputated her tonsils.

She didn't swallow, allowing him to fill up her mouth with his delicious jizz. She kept tonguing and sucking the cock she loves the best without swallowing any of his juices that were being deposited on her tongue until she simply HAD to swallow.

"aahhhhhhhhhhh," she said as she stuck out her tongue displaying the mound of creaming white juices he had given her.

She retracted her tongue coated with him back into her mouth and swallowed hard. She looked at him with the sexiest coy smile he had ever seen before sticking her empty tongue back out to prove she had swallowed his giant wad.

"You're a very dirty girl," he smiled and said with his deep voice as leaned off the couch and kissed her hard.

'Good morning," he said with a giggle.

"Morning baby," she replied, pleased with her performance and that she could make him feel so good.

He reached down with both hands and grabbed her hands, gently tugging her back up to him on the couch, pulling her up so they were face to face, looking into each other's eyes. Their chests pressed against one another.

"So are you ok with that everything that I put you through the last few days?" He asked, not really sure what her response would be as he enveloped her in his big arms again.

"Well I keep reliving yesterday. The scene keeps repeating itself over and over in my head and I don't know why. But, I enjoyed it very much. I guess because you're so much fun and I trust you, and I am curious and could never and would never do any of this stuff with anyone else." She admitted, almost opening up.

"A few things like the whip and the electro sex was a lot more than I bargained for, but you always know how to make me feel better afterwards. I am glad you let it all go and went for it. Who knows when we be able to meet up again," she stopped herself from revealing anything else. "Did you enjoy our stay?"

"Well, duh! A hot, sexy babe like you at my disposal to live out my fantasies AND snuggle with in the morning? Are you kidding? Every straight man on this rock would sell a nut for the last few days I have had!" He exclaimed proudly.

She smiled big as she noticed his chest almost seemed to boastfully pop out. He always knew the right thing to say to make her feel good about herself.

"Yeah, it was big fun. Too bad it is all over," she sighed.

"Why don't you go get the first shower and get cleaned up," he said, leaning in to kiss her forehead. "We have got to go soon."

The warm shower felt so good on her sore bod. Her muscles were tight, her flesh was filled with welts and little bruises. It was going to be a long, uncomfortable drive home sitting on those welts for five hours, but she knew she would enjoy it. She always liked it when she could feel where he had been for a few days afterwards. In a twisted way it made her still feel close to him

She lathered up her sore, pierced tits and about got off. Her hands slipping over her sudsy tits and their metal was always an excellent feeling in the shower, but today it was amplified a hundred times combined with the remnants of the pain he had inflicted on them over the last few days. She had to make herself stop playing with them and clean the rest of her achy body and shampoo her long hair.

She was almost in a trance enjoying the feeling of the hot water on her back releasing some of the tension she felt to the bone. Suddenly the water shut off. She turned around to see why just as the shower curtain was yanked back. She jumped and let out a small cry as she felt the hard steel in the middle of her forehead before she actually saw him standing next to the tub

"Get out of the shower," he commanded as she realized he had the barrel of his 9mm on her forehead. "NOW!" he barked.

Fear and total submission came over her as she fell head first into this scene. She stepped out of the shower and started to tremble. She was pretty confident the gun wasn't loaded, but the clip was in it so she couldn't be sure. However, she trusted him with her life and she knew he would never let a scene get so out of hand that she truly was injured. She was still scared shitless and turned on as hell at the same time.

Her pussy soaked itself in its juices immediately. She put up with zero bullshit in real life, but she simply could not get enough of him being so dominant in their play. He was so good at it and it seemed to come very naturally to him. He had been blessed with a gift.

"Stand at the sink in front of the mirror, put your hands on your head, interlace your fingers, palms together, and spread your feet apart," he growled as he cuffed her shaking hands behind her head.

She looked so hot as he looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her hands cuffed behind her head, pierced tits jutting out; her long, tan legs spread apart, her face natural without makeup, her long, wet, brown hair dripping tiny streams of water down her hot body, the look of fear on her face. Seeing her this way and seeing himself in the mirror tight against the back of her holding his pistol to her temple made his cock as hard as steel and need desperately to be in her.

She could feel his fuck stick growing against her back and noticed the look of hunger come over his face. She didn't know if her body could take anymore hard play but the sight of him in his 'role' and the danger of him with his gun to her head made her clit pound. She had never had the luxury of actually 'seeing' their games. They looked very, very hot together. The sight of them like this may seem very strange and perverted to vanilla people, but it seemed very beautiful and natural to her even though she was frightened.

"Screw the critics," she thought, they had no clue what they were missing being so reserved and close minded. It looked and felt great.

"Move back towards me a bit," he said firmly but softly.

She stepped back and felt his free hand gently push the small of her back signaling her to bend a bit at the waist. Her biceps pulled hard as she bent forward with her hands behind her head as she bent slightly towards the mirror.

"Look in the mirror and watch me fuck you," he bent down and gruffly whispered in her ear. "Don't look away or you will be punished."

Her pussy, already marinating, released a bit of fluid as his command sent a chill up her spine and a quiver to her clit

She felt his free hand stroke her tits, stomach and inner thighs very, very slowly and lightly; barely touching her with his rough hands. He made sure miss her pussy totally.

"uuuuuummmmmmm," she groaned at his slow and light touch. Each time his fingers came close to her snatch and then ignored it, her clit pounded harder and her wetness increased. She wanted so badly to try to grind to his hand, but she knew she better stay still. She wanted him so bad. She wanted to tell him to fuck her hard but she was enjoying the eroticism of his touch and watching it all unfold before her eyes. And well, he had the gun; she was not in a position for demands.

He stopped touching her and grabbed his throbbing cock. He put the head of it to her begging fuck hole and teasingly ran it around her vulva, he felt like he could explode just feeling her pussy skin on his cock.

"Aaaaaahhhh," she whispered as she watched them both getting hotter by the second in the mirror. Him teasing the both of them rimming her, his massiveness towering over her from behind holding her, cuffed, at gunpoint. Anticipation of the chance to feel each other again intimately was apparent on both of their faces. The room was silent except for the sounds of their open mouthed, deep breathing. This was the hottest thing she had ever seen or felt.

Ever so very slowly he entered her sore, swollen pussy, going more gently than he ever had, filling her up deep and then withdrawing just as slow until the head of his cock almost left her wet, begging hole. Her snatch grabbing on to it as he did to make sure it didn't lose his cock and this feeling. She could feel every inch of him ever so tenderly enter her, bottom out deep, and pull back just as slow. He continued the unhurried, deliberate pace until they both thought they were going to go crazy and could feel a different wave of ecstasy cresting that they had never experienced together.

She watched him fuck her so deeply and at a snail's pace in the mirror while holding her at gunpoint and felt something totally new for him He looked so good treating her so sweetly and he really seemed to be enjoying it as much as she was.

"No wonder it feels so great when he fucks me," she thought. "He is really into it and giving all of himself."

She was getting so close to cumming long and hard she felt her nipples tingle and a wave of euphoria radiate from her lower abdomen throughout her entire body.

"Oh, baby I am going to cum all over your cock! Please don't stop fucking me just like this," she begged out as her body tensed up, her biceps becoming defined with her arms cuffed behind her head as she threw her head back as much as she could in pleasure, her mouth wide open as she waited for the inevitable orgasm that was on its way.

"Your so fucking sexy," he breathlessly got out as they both looked into the mirror and their eyes met, watching each other fucking, being fucked, being dominating, being submissive and cumming long, hard, sweet and slow. Their simultaneous orgasms were like the grand finale at the Fourth of July fireworks on Quaaludes. Absolutely mind blowing, but yet in slow motion. It seemed like their ecstasy lasted forever with intense, constant pleasure. Both watching the face of the other in a state of uncontrollable exhilaration kept the juices streaming out of the both of them.

Her pussy and his cock were so sensitive after cumming so hard, and long but he continued his slow, deep fucking until neither of them could take it anymore.

He slid out of her, laid his pistol on the vanity and unlocked and removed her cuffs. She immediately turned to face him. Her legs were shaking so bad she boosted herself onto the counter and wrapped them around his waist pulling him in close to her.

He wrapped his big arms around her and grabbed her tight, hugging her like he never wanted to let go.

"I hate to say it, but we have to go now," he said before titling her chin up and kissing her. "I just wanted to give you a little something to think about on the drive home."

"Yeah, I don't think I would have had anything else to think about," she said kidding. "Really though, that was probably some of your best work." She said as she smiled big at him

"Thanks. Just thought it up thinking of you naked in the shower," he said pleased both with himself and the compliment.

"Carl came up and packed our things while you were in the shower and took them to our vehicles. I laid your clothes out for you on the couch," he said with an upbeat voice, but something told her he was just as sorry as she was to see their fantasy time together ending.

"I know we have to go, it just sucks. I really, really enjoyed our time at The Hotel Ravish," she said clinging onto him not wanting to let go.

"Me too," he said as he kissed her on the forehead.

She made herself climb out his embrace and get dressed and ready to travel while he showered.

When he was dressed they gathered up the few things that Carl had left and she followed him to the door of hotel room to leave. She turned around at the door to take one last look at the suite they had shared so much of themselves in and had so much fun. She let out a sigh and followed him out the door.

They made their way to the parking lot and he put her things in her SUV and opened the drivers's door for her. She started to get in and turned back to him and gave him a quick kiss and hug, neither of them were good at good-byes. There was so much she wanted to say but she wouldn't let herself.

"Drive safe," he said.

"You too," she replied.

She watched him get into his truck, back out and start to drive off. She wanted to feel sad but she just couldn't. The happiness of their time together outweighed the sadness of separation. She smiled to herself and thought of how lucky she was to have someone in her life, if even for brief periods, that she shared trust and respect with and someone who she could totally be, no matter how flawed, herself with.

Most people are never fortunate enough to truly experience that at all. Not to mention he was really, really fucking great in bed! It was not just the BDSM play that she craved; it was him and his touch. She always felt so much more relaxed after their 'meetings'. She felt like she could actually conquer her world. He gave her the strength to continue through the next lap in life. She just hoped that she brought something special to his life too.

She backed her SUV out, cranked up the tunes, and headed for the highway, smiling to herself as she felt every sore muscle and welt he had created and replayed the last few days over and over in her head, her soul content.

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