tagNonConsent/ReluctanceEnjoying June Jepson

Enjoying June Jepson


This story is complete fantasy and has no relationship to any actual person or event. It could go well into the Mature, Group Sex, and Loving Wives categories too; I was torn which one was best but settled on Reluctance -- Non-Consent. I trust that the category doesn't make a difference to you readers.


I don't really care much for politics. I'm neither a Democrat nor a Republican. I'm not liberal or conservative. I'm just -- well somewhere between Independent and "I don't give a shit." Therefore some might consider it very strange -- I know that my parents did -- that in early July, 2011, I took a sabbatical from college to work on Republican Colorado Senator June Jepson's presidential campaign. The reason -- I was fascinated by her.

I guess I need to tell you a little about myself. I may be a little taller and more muscular than the average, but certainly nothing special. I might be slightly better looking than normal, but if so not by much. I was clever enough to get into a low level college, but even there I am in the bottom third of my class. In general I'm essentially an average guy except for two things. For some reason -- it probably is a medical condition that I'll eventually die early from -- I don't soften between ejaculations (whether achieved by my hand or a pussy) and I can usually ejaculate four times in an hour; and my cock is significantly thicker and longer than what I have been told is the average for American males.

The above describes my mostly average physical and mental attributes. I'm not at all normal in my sexual tastes, however. Though twenty one I much prefer older women. I never have fucked a woman my age or younger; about the closest I came was with a woman about five years older than I was. I am lucky that there are lots of horny 30-60 year old women in Iowa, where I'm from, so that I've been pretty well sexually satisfied since I was eighteen.

As ridiculous as it sounds I had convinced myself that if I got close to June Jepson that she would want to fuck me despite the fact that she was married, had two kids, always publically espoused "family values," and was nationally famous. At the time of my fascination she was about 50 years old, had striking auburn hair (I don't know whether she dyed it or not), a beautiful face, and enormous knockers (there was debate about whether they were natural or enhanced). She would be my best looking and sexiest conquest ever, or so I thought!

While I did get to meet June while working on her presidential campaign in Iowa, and was excited when she touched me several times, much to my disappointment she didn't show any interest in wanting to jump my bones. Despite the fact that she wore slightly too much makeup, however, in person I found her more desirable than what I had seen of her in the media.

I was working happily along smitten by June but in control enough that I didn't make a fool of myself when I accompanied her to the Iowa State Fair in August of 2011. When there she bought a foot long corn dog and inserted it between her full rosy lips. I got an instant hard-on and creamed in my pants without any physical stimulation, the first and only time that has happened to me. Fortunately one of my co-workers got a photograph of it. I had my co-worker email the photo to me for my personal use but made sure that it didn't get into the national media since her detractors might laugh at it.

After the corn-dog episode I went from being smitten by June to obsessed with her. Fortunately there were several older women working on her campaign that were receptive to a young guy's advances so I was able to fantasize that I was fucking June while pounding their pussies. None were particularly good looking, however, so I really needed to exercise my imagination to do that, but at least it was better than jacking off to June's corn dog photo.

Unfortunately June dropped out of the race early so I didn't get to hang with her for long, and since neither I nor many of her other campaign workers in Iowa got paid I needed to get a real job for at least a semester before returning to college.

I ended up with a job in the North Dakota oil boom area along with one of my buddies from the campaign, a guy named Justin. Even though the work was hard and we were isolated from normal society most of the time there were two things about it that made it bearable and actually caused me to stay on until Christmas of 2012.

The first thing that made it bearable was that we made a shitload of money, enough to easily pay for the rest of my college when I chose to return, a new car, and many other things, in addition to a significant amount in savings.

The second thing was that there was a friendly married woman about twenty years older than I was who lived in the same trailer park that Justin and I did and whose husband worked exactly opposite hours that I did. She had a homely face but -- at least in my mind -- her body was much like June's, including very big tits, and she was almost sexually insatiable. I probably averaged fucking her twice a day the entire time I was in North Dakota after I met her, typically four times every other day. She especially enjoyed having her hands restrained as I fucked her doggy while massaging her natural big tits and fantasizing that it was June.

Justin left the North Dakota oil fields about the same time that I did and we got an apartment together. I enjoyed Justin's company and he became a good friend but there was one personality trait that he had that could be irritating. If someone wronged him he was fixated on getting revenge. Normally his revenge was something minor or only in his own mind, like posting something about them on an Internet site. Sometimes it was more, including totally one guy's car. Fortunately not too many people wronged him.

While still often thinking about June, especially whenever a story came out about her in the press, and while her corn dog photo was my screensaver, I had forgotten about essentially not getting paid for working on her campaign in Iowa. Justin hadn't forgotten.

In early 2013 a story came out in the national press about June's failure to pay her Iowa staffers. The story really ginned Justin up. A follow-up story came out that she was going to make a trip to Iowa to meet with staffers to apologize to them and to see if there was a way she could help them. Justin got frantic.

"Let's kidnap her when she comes and hold her for a few days to teach her a lesson," he told me in all seriousness.

"We can't do that," I said, "We could get into big trouble -- kidnapping is a major crime you know."

"We wouldn't demand ransom or anything, just hold her for a few days then let her go; we could do it."

"God, Justin, you're crazy," I replied.

"Come on, don't be a pussy, Dale. Plus I know how fascinated you are by her and maybe if she got close to you for a few days she'd want to fuck you; or at least 'corn dog' your cock" Justin said, clearly not giving up.

I thought about the corn dog photo; "If there is any chance to substitute my cock for the corn dog this would be it," flashed through my pea brain. "OK, as long as we can do it right so that we have only the slightest chance of getting caught," I said, not even believing that I had thought that, let alone agreed to it.

June was making her trip to talk to staffers in Des Moines. My grandfather had a vacant small house in a rural area near Lake Okoboji, about two hundred miles away. That would be a perfect place to hold her and was far enough away that if we did it right no one would think to look there.

I talked to my grandfather and told him I wanted to use the vacant house for a few weeks; he was happy to let me. He called to have the power turned on to the house.

Justin and I went to my grandfather's house, fixed it up including making one of the two bedrooms completely secure and escape proof, brought in some new furniture especially for the secure bedroom, and brightened it up. Also I read June's autobiography and almost everything else about her on the Internet that I could, and purchased foods and accessories using the information that I located and to plan for a "fool proof" kidnapping.

Perhaps I should mention something about Justin. He is about the strongest guy I ever met in my life. When we were in North Dakota he worked as a roustabout, a job that required enormous strength, and according to the foreman he was the most effective one in the entire State. He got premium pay for doing it.

To prepare for our festivities we put expired, out-of-state license plates that we got at a flea market over the plates on my car. We made up some plastic car parts that we taped to my car that made it look like a different vehicle and replaced the logos with other ones, and put tape racing stripes on it. Since we were former staffers ourselves we found out everything that there was about the former staffers' meeting.

It turned out that actually capturing June was surprisingly easy; I really thought that a U. S. Senator would be better protected. June went to the meeting in Des Moines with only one present staffer and he was a total tool. Justin put him in a sleeper hold while he was waiting for June in a car outside the meeting once it had concluded, and when June approached the car in the darkness we simply grabbed her from behind, chloroformed her, and Justin carried her to my car about two blocks away in a location where we were sure there were no traffic cameras.

Since we expected the chloroform to only knock June out for about ten minutes we blindfolded and gagged her and handcuffed her hands behind her back. With gloves on -- everything we did was with gloves on -- I removed her cellphones (she had two) and makeup from her purse and threw everything into the car with the staffer in it. We put her in the back seat of my car and I sat there with her while Justin drove, careful to obey all traffic laws.

Pervert that I am I pulled June's dress up above her knees so that I could see her thighs as we drove along; they looked great.

June did regain consciousness after about ten minutes. I could tell from the muffled sounds that she made that she was uncomfortable.

"June, my name is Zan. I want you to know that you are not going to be harmed. While I am not yet at liberty to tell you why we have invited you to accompany us I don't want you to be uncomfortable. If you will agree not to scream, try to remove your blindfold, or try to open the car door, I will remove your ball gag and will handcuff you to me rather than handcuffing your hands behind your back."

She hesitated a short while then nodded her head "yes." I removed her gag then repositioned her and uncuffed her left hand and cuffed her right hand to my left. Devil that I am I brushed a tit while I was repositioning her; pretty easy to do considering how far they stuck out. My slight brush led me to believe it was natural, but I was dying to find out for sure.

Her first question was "How long was I out?"

Since we obviously did not want her to get any sense of how far away from Des Moines we were taking her I responded "About two and one-half hours."

She started sobbing under her breath while she sat in the car and pleaded with us not to hurt her. She also mumbled that her family couldn't afford to ransom her. Seeing her fear I decided that I needed to cheer her up.

I assured her over and over again that we had no intention of harming her and that we would be releasing her without any ransom. I placed my hand on her knee and said "Please relax, I would be very sad if you feel threatened, as would my associate Zin. Zin, please tell June that we're not going to hurt her."

Justin replied, "No June, no harm will come to you while you are our guest."

Then I started to talk with June about sports, fashion, the legislation that she would be sponsoring in the Senate in the next year, what she thought the major challenges facing the country were, what her views were on some of the social issues of the day (as if I didn't already know), etc. By the time that we arrived at the house, slightly more than three hours after the abduction, she seemed to have relaxed somewhat.

When we went into the house we let June go to the bathroom in the separate bath that she had in her secure bedroom after instructing her not to remove her blindfold, fed her, and then locked her into her room for the night. We told her that there was a nightgown and some other clothes (that we had gotten at a thrift store on the opposite side of Des Moines from Lake Okojobi) in the closet, and to make herself comfortable.

Wearing gloves, the next morning Justin removed the plastic add-ons and racing stripes from my car, being sure to get all of the adhesive off, took off the fake plates, cut up everything, brought the cut up materials to the local recycling center, and the car to a car wash.

While wearing a hood I opened the door to June's bedroom about 8:30 a.m., fastened her blindfold on her and led her into the kitchen for breakfast, handcuffing her left hand to a chair arm. She was still in her nightgown, which was likely a little more revealing than June thought that it was. I was getting excited.

While Justin was gone I decided to put my personal plan into effect.

"June, now that I hope that you know that we are not going to harm you I want to tell you the purpose for our invitation."

"Zan, why do you keep pretending that I'm a guest; you've kidnapped me."

"'Kidnap' is such a negative word. I prefer to refer to you as our 'guest' because we believe that you will enjoy your stay."

"Really?" June sarcastically replied.

"Yes. You see we have been contracted with by someone very close to you to help you break out of your sexual repression."

June stiffened then said "I'm not sexually repressed."

"Oh yes you are June. You haven't had sex in many months, you know or suspect that your husband is a closet homosexual, and when you are alone in your thoughts in the middle of the night you wish that the corn dog from the State Fair was a nice hard cock."

Of course there was no way to know if anything I said was true, but it was either something I suspected from contact that I had had with her on the campaign plus gossip that I had read on the Internet. I was pleased by her reaction.

"I don't know what you're talking about. None of that is true. I'm sexually satisfied."

The way that she said what she did was, according to the psychology classes I had taken, indicative of textbook lying. "June, you need to be honest with yourself because the sooner you are the sooner you return to the Senate. Our employer knows your situation intimately so you can't fool us or yourself."

"No, no, no," she moaned unconvincingly.

Given her reaction I decided to expedite matters.

"Alright June why don't you get dressed now then we'll talk some more." With that I removed the handcuff from the chair and led her to her room. "Sit down on your bed June," I said, and when she did I cuffed her left hand to the very strong metal headboard. I silently walked over to the other side of the bed, clasped a handcuff on the right side of the headboard, and then gently moved her right arm toward the handcuff and clicked it on her wrist. She was clueless about what was going to happen.

I went back to the left side of the bed, moved her legs onto the mattress, and had her left ankle cuffed to the foot railing before she realized what was going on. Though she then started yelling and kicking with her right leg she wasn't really that adept at kicking, or that strong, so shortly I was able to cuff her right ankle to the foot railing too.

I just sat next to her on the mattress until she calmed down. Then I nonchalantly said "June to help you get over your repression I'm going to want you to suck my dick like you sucked the corn dog. Do you think you could do that?"

She started crying and pleading, but I remained quiet and motionless until she again calmed down. Then I said "If you aren't ready for that June maybe I can get you into the right frame of mind. Are you sure you don't want to suck my dick right now, though?"

She again started sobbing and pleading, so I lifted up her nightgown and with a pair of scissors cut her panties off. I loved the look of her pussy, even though her bush obscured some of it. "The first thing that we need to do is give you a shave, June," I chuckled.

I put a cloth under her crotch so as not to get her bed wet, got the shaving cream, water in a bowl, razor, and towel that I had placed in my bathroom for that purpose, then talked to her in as soothing a voice as I could muster. "June, please don't move while I'm shaving you; I would feel horrible if I injured you in any way while doing this."

Though she continued muted sobs she remained mostly still while I carefully soaped and shaved her crotch. I derived a great deal of pleasure from it, although I didn't really touch her pussy lips more than was necessary to insure proper hair removal. When I was done her pussy looked fantastic, nice full lips and a prominent hooded clit. Her lips glistened even after I toweled all of the cream and water off; I smiled -- she was wet with excitement.

Once I finished shaving her I again asked, "June are you sure you don't want to 'corn dog' my dick now?" She just shook her head "no" and whimpered.

"Maybe you'll change your mind after a little stimulation," I said softly while kneeling next to her pelvis on the mattress. I then proceeded to gently finger all parts of her pussy using all my fingers and both thumbs. At first she tried to buck and shake her hips to push my fingers away. When she figured out that just resulted in further penetration she stopped doing that. I also massaged her massive mammary glands and was very pleased to find out that they were real.

Once June stopped moving I vigorously stimulated her clit, deeply penetrated her pussy looking for a G-spot -- which she seemed not to have -- and then started licking and gumming her pussy lips. It wasn't long before she climaxed. Her sobs were replaced by pleasure moans and screams, and her entire torso shook uncontrollably.

I was certain from her reaction that she hadn't had an orgasm in a very long time. I chuckled to myself that maybe my speculation about her sexual situation was spot on. I waited for her orgasm to subside, just keeping one hand on her hip with the other just gently laying on her pussy but not moving. Once she came down I stimulated her again, this time even more vigorously than the first time.

Of course by this time my cock was so hard that it hurt, but I had made up my mind that my cock was not going into any of her orifices that day unless she asked for it or verbally agreed to it. Once she stopped moaning from her second orgasm, and unconsciously licked her lips, I asked again. "June, it will really help you out if you take my cock into your mouth and 'corn dog' it."

To my pleasant surprise she mumbled "OK."

"Now no teeth, June, only lips and tongue, OK?"

She nodded her head "yes."

I took off my clothes, straddled her, and placed the helmet of my big cock into contact with her lips. She opened her mouth and I gently inserted my dick. She was clearly surprised by the size, but opened wide and then started licking and sucking. Even though she clearly was not a BJ expert I was so excited from having a fantasy fulfilled that she quickly got me ready to blow.

"June," I said, "I'm ready to blow; do you ever swallow?"

As best she could with my cock in her mouth she shook her head "no" so as soon as I couldn't hold back any more I removed my cock and without even having to masturbate myself squirted all over her neck and chest. It felt so fucking good I couldn't believe it! The best that I had ever felt from oral sex not because of how talented my partner was but because how hot I was for her.

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