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Enjoying Rachel


Rachel was 21, she had long blond hair, a very cute face that when she smiled looked the picture of innocence, it was only as you got to know her more that people realised that was the perfect hide for a young women who had men crawling at her feet with her good looks and flirtatious personality. Rachel was a size 8, great tan all year round, her chest showed of almost perfect rounded breasts, as people looked at her they was always drawn to her chest then their eyes moved down to her cute ass, and legs to die for. All in all Rachel was a stunner who could have any man she wanted, this is the story of a man, a friend of hers who couldn't have her, so he took her the only way he knew how to...

It was mid July and England, especially the North West was enjoying on of the best summers they had seen in years, certainly in John and Rachel's lifetime this was the hottest they had known an English summer. They sat outside their local pub it was still warm and there was no breeze, it was approaching nine thirty at night now they had been out all afternoon enjoying the sun and drinking. Rachel was showing herself off in her usual manor wearing a tight fitting denim skirt that barely cover her cute ass, her top was small and low cut giving anyone walking past the perfect view of her gorgeous breast as she sat there, quite drunk now.

Things was going exactly to plan for John, he had finally got Rachel out for a drink alone, she looked stunning as normal, all was coming to on his plan to finally bed her. They had been friends for a number of years now never crossing the line of friendship, John had watched her drunk and seemingly incapable of anything numerous time and had always been the reliable friend, taking her home safely and never taking advantage. Something though had snapped in John recently he couldn't take knowing how stunning she was and how he had never had a chance to experience her for himself.

This is why tonight was going so well for him, he had it all planned, it had taken him awhile, but tonight was the night. He had got her drunk and now he could do it he could finally take Rachel home and screw her. He had the pills he needed, the plan was to spike her last drink of the night with the sedatives he had got, he knew as he walked her home they would be taking effect and slowly rendering her incapable of stopping him having his way. Now she was drunk he would try...

"Want another drink before we go sweetheart?" asked John as he sat gazing at Rachel's body as she sat there, her eyes now slightly spaced, not focused after way too much to drink. "Yeah that would be good, hehe one for the road so to speak" she laughed more; her laugh was on of the most catching laughs you will ever hear. John smiled. Getting up he moved inside the pub.

On his way back with the drinks, John stopped in a corner of the pub, slowly and carefully he sprinkled the crushed sedatives into Rachel's drink, making certain there was nothing left floating after he finished. Wandering back to the table outside, he couldn't take his eyes off her beautiful legs, as she sat there on the bench legs crossed the skirt now had ridden up her thigh even further any shorter now and the skirt wouldn't cover her ass.

"There you go sweetie" passing Rachel the drink as he sat next to her on the bench. "Oh, thanks" there it was again that cute little laugh followed by the flirtatious smile. They sat there for another twenty minutes or so passing small talk as they finished the drinks, John growing increasing more excited bout what would follow and Rachel growing more and more spaced out and incoherent.

Finally the time was right, standing up slowly John moved round "Shall we make a move now sweets? It's getting late now and we have been out all day."

"Errrmm, yeeeh sure, hehe, I don't think I can walk toooo far." Replied a very docile Rachel, John moved in quickly helping her to her feet, his arm round her petite waist, he was so tempted to touch her ass there and then. Biding his time though he helped her off the bench and they started to walk home, the more they walked the more Rachel began to lose control, depending more and more on John to support and guide her. The more Rachel lost control the more Johns hand was moving from her waist and onto her ass, feeling her firm buttocks as she lent against him for support.

After about half the journey John stopped walking and placed Rachel on a seat in the park they was cutting through, by now Rachel appeared to be completely within herself and not caring. She slumped on the bench, it was just getting dark now and John couldn't wait any longer, as Rachel slumbered on the bench, John gently opened her legs, the length of her tight denim skirt making it easy to see her skimpy red thong, he bent down kissing her thigh and running his hands up the insides of her thighs. Rachel was so out of it, she was just enjoying the feeling and quietly moaning as his tongue tenderly moved up to her thong covered pussy.

Not wanting to go too far here John stopped as he got to her thong, he gently rubbed her pussy through the thong for a short time before he had to reveal her pussy. "I'll just have a quick look at you and then we will get you home" he soothed, as Rachel lay slumped on the bench. As he moved the thong to one side, John was so hard it was painful, he was finally going to see her pussy, and he had spent many nights masterbating over the thought of her now he could see it. There it was she was, perfectly shaven, no rash, no stubble. Her pussy lips looked slightly moist, he thought it was the most beautiful pussy he had seen.

Satisfied for now, John help Rachel to her feet, she was very unsteady and easily led, all she kept saying now was "I need to sleep, must sleep" it didn't take John long to get her the final distance to his house. Leaning her against his wall as he unlocked the door, opening the door, he turned back to Rachel as she finally succumbed to the drug, her body giving in as she slipped to the floor slowly, her eyes closing, and her body losing consciousness.

Barely able to control his excitement as he saw her slumped on the floor unconscious and defenceless against his impending assault. Placing his hands gently under her armpits, he lifted her limp body inside, slowly lifting her into a fireman's carry so her could get her upstairs. It was only then as her ass was next to his face, his arm across it did he fully realise what a great ass she really had. Moving upstairs slowly John's hands roaming over her ass, he was so turned on by the whole feel, her ass, her limp body in his arms. As he moved into the bedroom, he could feel her arm slapping limply against him as he moved. Slowly he placed Rachel on the bed sitting her unconscious body up as best he could, he took one last look before letting her flop onto the bed. Her arms sprawling out, no response from her at all.

John was almost in a dream world now himself, he could not believe he was doing this, finally, he had her and she couldn't say "no" or tease him any more. John's hand moved over her chest, easing the tight top up and revealing her perk breasts, no bra thought John as he kneaded her breasts firmly in his hands, before lifting the top completely off her limp body. As he dropped the top off the bed his tongue began working on her nipples, tracing round them, flicking over them, they hardened to his touch almost immediately. His hands wandering between her legs as his tongue continued it's assault on her nipples. John had her full nipple deep in his mouth sucking, his hand had found its way under her thong and was working on her pussy, rubbing, teasing it, as it quickly moistened to the touch. "You easy slut! Drunk, passed out and still easy to turn on, what a fuckslut!" murmured John as he eased one finger deep in her moist hole.

He continued this assault with his finger for a few minutes watching the expressionless look on her face, wondering if when he started to fuck her she may react slightly, he didn't know. Stopping and moving over her he removed the tight fitting denim skirt, leaving only the thong, pulling that down and off he placed it in his jeans pocket. There she was laid spread on his bed, naked, helpless, all he needed to do was fuck her, and now was his time.

Stripping himself naked quickly Johns hard cock free from his jeans he moved on top of Rachel, touching, running his hands over her body, slowly lifting her legs onto his shoulders. Her hands above her head, hair sprawled out on the bed, she looked so beautiful as he eased his cock in her wet hole. She was tight! He could feel his cock forcing in, there was only a little twitch on her face as he eased in his full length deep in her helpless pussy. Once in John started to stroke in and out gently at first feeling the tight grip of her pussy on his hard cock. With each thrust he watch her lush breasts bounce freely, her face now completely impassive to his raping of her pussy.

After continuing his assault on her pussy for a few minutes John pulled out and rolled Rachel on her side, lifting her leg up slightly he started to fuck her again, enjoying this position more as he fondled her ass, squeezing each firm cheek as he fucked her harder and faster now. With her legs in one hand John was able to lick and kiss her feet as he fucked her, he was sure he never had a foot fetish but he couldn't stop kissing her toes, the more he kissed her toes the harder he drove his cock deep in her pussy. He could feel the tension of an orgasm coming for him, not wanting to cum yet he pulled out, watching her limply fall flat on the bed.

Rolling her spread-eagled on her back again he laid next to her planting kisses on her body all over as he calmed down. He couldn't carry this on though and before too long was back on top of her, burying his cock deep in her tight hole. Letting his tongue explore her mouth as he fucked her once more, this time not bothering about his pace, he was going to cum, and cum soon, he was pounding deep in her pussy. She was starting to respond in her drugged slumber too, he could feel her hips sub-consciously meeting his rhythm, this was driving his cock crazy, groaning and kissing her harder he slammed in deep, causing her to groan, he stopped to compose himself once more. Then he began his final assault pounding relentlessly in to her, gripping both tits hard, her head bobbed from side to side occasional groans escaping her lips as she laid there drugged and like a rag doll. He was pounding deep when he lets out one loud cry before pumping her full of his hot cum. Collapsing on top of her after the intense orgasm. He dozed off. Waking only once to cover them both up, unsure of the morning and the reaction, he would deal with that later...

That is another story and one I will let you have soon.

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