tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEnjoying the Scenery

Enjoying the Scenery


The first time I saw Caroline, my heart started racing so fast that I thought it would jump out right through my shirt. Her hips swung just right to make my balls tighten and my cock twitch inside my pants.

“Time to cut back on the caffeine,” I said to my wife, Aliza.

She knew better, noticing where my eyes were staring. “Enjoying the scenery?” she chuckled.

“Well, it’s been hard- excuse the pun- having two little boys underfoot all day and sleeping in the same room all night.”

“They just are not quite old enough to be left in an adjoining room alone. We can’t have sex with them there. Neil still sleeps too lightly. The noise would wake him up. Seeing us fucking might traumatize him for life.”

“I know, but you could at least shower with me. Even if we couldn’t fuck, you could suck me off, or give me a hand job.”

“I’m sure you do a good enough job of that yourself.”

“There’s nothing quite like your touch.”

“Now I know you’re dreaming. I hate hand jobs. Always have. I’ve never even given you one to completion. It just makes me too horny. I always end up needing the cock in my pussy. Anyhow, you know the boys would whine if we shower together. We need to take turns so one of us can amuse them.”

I rolled my eyes at that comment. It was Aliza who was kidding now. As we spoke, and as I watched the scenery in the ski resort hotel bar, the boys- Neil age four and Timmy age six, were contentedly ‘plopping rocks’ into the lazily flowing stream outside the bar, still in sight, but not demanding parental input. She should have understood that I was not stupid. In a safe hotel suite, they could watch cartoons happily long enough for shower sex. No, I knew very well that the reason we weren’t having sex, vacation or not, was that Aliza did not want sex.

Ever since Neil’s birth Aliza had lost interest in sex. At first, she blamed the breast feeding: “sore tits plus night feedings don’t leave me feeling snuggly,” was how she put it.

Lately, I had come to believe that it was sex WITH ME that Aliza dreaded. Maybe because I worked too hard. Maybe because I wanted another kid. I didn’t know. All I knew was that she was increasingly dumping the boys at her Mom’s while she went off to the gym. Her body was back in pre pregnancy shape. She began wearing sexy undies, and dazzling perfume. Not for my benefit though. I knew without further evidence that she was getting laid, but not by me. This just added to the frustration.

Oddly, I found the idea that some well-hung lifeguard or slim swimmer might be boning my bride did not make me jealous. Instead, the thoughts filled my fantasies as I jerked off to relieve my frustration. I had started hinting to her that I would like to watch. I did not press the issue. Aliza pretended innocence, as if she didn’t know what I was talking about. Lately, her response was to suggest that I find relief with another woman. She said things like “Too bad I would have to watch the boys or I might like to watch that, if it didn’t make you so nervous that you stayed soft.”

Then Caroline walked into the bar alone. Of course, at that point I didn’t even know her name. She was tall, slim and tan. Her dress was knee length, cream coloured with a bright floral print. I always loved great legs. “Excellent stems,” I muttered as I watched, not even aware I said it aloud.

“I bet she has a tasty ‘rose’ at the top too,” Aliza teased back.

It was impossible to guess Caroline’s age- a worldly nineteen, a youthful thirty? I mentally undressed her as she entered and crossed the room to sit at the bar. Her hair fell just below her shoulders, swaying as she walked just enough to draw my eyes to her edible looking ears and long slender neck.

“I bet you’d love to be nibbling her ears and tasting the curve where her neck turns to meet her bare shoulder,” Aliza said as we watched Caroline order her first drink. In the dimly lit bar, I was able to imagine that Caroline’s nipples were erect.

“No bra,” Aliza commented. “Her tits look ripe. I bet they would be really responsive when you lick and suck on them.”

I glanced from Caroline to Aliza as she spoke, noticing that my wife’s nipples were stiffening just as I hoped Caroline’s were.

I decided that two could play this game. “Yeah, just succulent,” I replied.

We sat silently for a while and sipped our drinks. Aliza may have glanced over to check the kids, but I just stared at Caroline’s elegant way of handling the long-stemmed martini glass, delicately sipping, her tongue curling out to sample the tropical cocktail. My cock throbbed excitedly as I anticipated how that tongue might feel tickling the tip of my long neglected love muscle.

Aliza finished her drink. I assumed she would tell me it was time to go collect the kids. ‘Another exciting day shopping or sightseeing’ I thought. What happened next amazed me more than anything that had happened to this point.

Without another word, Aliza stood up and went over to Caroline. Aliza seemed to introduce herself, and then leaned over whispered something in her ear. Whatever my wife said must have worked, because Caroline laughed and tossed her hair girlishly while Aliza bought her a fresh drink. Caroline glanced over her shoulder and smiled at me.

I sat mesmerized. Aliza took the stool next to Caroline. The bartender placed a fruity cocktail in front of her as well. They sat and chatted as they drank, acting like a pair of sorority sisters on spring break, rather than strangers at a resort in off season. After a long look to make sure I was watching Aliza leaned over and caressed Caroline’s bare back above the dress.

Caroline turned her head and whispered to Aliza, who was looking to see if I was still watching. Aliza then whispered back, followed by a soft kiss to Caroline’s ear. After winking at me, Aliza then stuck her tongue right into Caroline’s ear, swirling it about. My balls tensed, making an automatic association from aural sex to oral sex.

The bartender was enjoying it also, hovering close, and replacing their drinks as soon as they downed them. I occasionally glanced over at the kids, who played games on the riverbank, oblivious to the adult games inside.

After two or three drinks, both Aliza and Caroline were laughing and touching each other casually. If I wasn’t so turned on, I might have felt neglected. Instead, I felt more blood surge to my already stiff cock as I watched Aliza lean over again, and press her lips against Caroline’s. Caroline seemed shocked. She pulled back from the kiss and just sat there for a moment, frozen in place. Then, she tossed her hair around as if shrugging. Her lips pressing against my wife’s, she returned the kiss tentatively. Aliza responded, slowly kissing harder, shifting her face as she eased her lips open slightly. Once again, there was a pause as Caroline adjusted to the situation, and then she too opened her mouth. That kiss ended with them both keeping their tongues in their own mouths. They broke apart. Even in the dim bar, Caroline looked flushed through her tan. She sat slumped as she drank, her shoulders hunched, her hair hiding her face.

Aliza sipped her drink and mouthed something to me. I wasn’t sure if it was “just watch this now” or “still enjoying the scenery?”

Then she turned back to Caroline and whispered in her ear as she brushed the silky strands of hair away from the other woman’s cheek. Aliza’s other hand rested casually on Caroline’s bare shoulder- ‘naked shoulder’ was how I thought as I watched. Caroline’s tiny sundress suddenly emphasized how nearly naked she was. As I watched, Aliza's lips pressed against Caroline’s. At first, it was another gentle kiss, but this time they each opened their mouths hungrily and for the first time in my experience, I watched as my wife’s tongue tasted another woman’s teeth.

They seemed to both enjoy the kiss. Aliza continued caressing Caroline’s cheek, tracing a finger along her jaw line as their tongues wrestled, tips puffing out their cheeks, and then teasingly allowing the barman and I a peek as they relaxed to breathe, still intertwined. It took no imagination to appreciate how their respective chests heaved in their dresses. Aliza’s nipples responded eagerly, poking against her white top even through her bra. As Caroline leaned deeper into the kiss, the top edge of her dress fell away. I knew the barkeep had a great view right to the bottom of her cleavage. From twenty feet away, I caught only glimpses of the white flesh under her tan lines.

So far, though, Aliza was having much more fun than I was. This seemed just unfair. Tolerating her hunting for strange cocks, or even fucking friends, was one thing. Watching her steal a dream girl was another.

Fortunately, fate intervened at that stage, in the shape of a six year old tossing a tantrum and shoving his little brother. Who, of course, tossed pebbles at Timmy in retaliation. “Oops, looks like nap time,” I said, knowing this to be the best way to forestall World war III.

I stood, assuming that Aliza was otherwise occupied, but my comment had apparently snapped the spell. She went from potential Sapphic adventuress to Mommy mode in six seconds, pulling back from her clench and sliding quickly of the bar stool. She straightened her dress, fluffed her hair and crossed the room to me.

“Duty calls,” she said with laughter in her voice. “I’ll go nap with them.”

I just stood there, confused. Finally I muttered. “Some fun for me, sitting with you all in the room, doing nothing quietly.”

Aliza smiled, her eyes sparkling. “Her name is Caroline. I bet she could amuse you for an hour or two.”

Then she was gone to collect the kids. I saw that Caroline had turned on her stool and was smiling in my direction. “Hi,” she said sweetly, her eyes looking past me.

“Enjoying the view?” I asked. She blushed. “That’s okay.” I continued. “I do it too. Aliza has an absolutely great ass. Works out tons. She doesn’t go to the gym just to pick up guys.”

I realized how loudly I was talking. Now I was the one blushing. I started walking in Caroline’s direction, but before I took my second step she had slid off her chair and closed the gap. She reached out her hand to mine. “What’s your name?”

“Robert, er, Bobby…”

“Pleased to meet you. I’m called Caro by my lovers.” She was leading me out the patio door and along the walkway.

“Lovers?” I stammered.

“I hope I’m not moving to fast for you, Bobby, but I overheard what Aliza said as she left. We have plenty of time to cuddle, but why waste even aminute playing games? I told Aliza that I really prefer fucking a hard fat cock to eating pussy, and she said yours is pretty decent.” I noticed a lovely English accent coming out as she spoke. She gave my hand a gentle squeeze. “Aliza said you haven’t had sex in a while, so even if you’ve been relieving your own frustration, I bet you can stay good and hard for me.”

“I’m surprised she said all that. Her lips seemed awfully busy with your tongue.”

Caroline responded by turning towards me and guided my chin towards her face. She opened her lips and pressed them against mine, her tongue carving a trail through my teeth into my mouth. She licked my palate, tickling me, almost as if to say, ‘see what joys my tongue has in store for your cock?’

The kiss lingered until time lost all meaning. Finally, she came up for air and said, “This is my room here. Care to come in?”

Without waiting for a reply, she carded the lock and swished into the room, dragging me along. Once inside she threw herself across the bed, arms flung wide.

I stood in the open doorway. She looked totally aroused, so sensual that I wanted her so badly that my heart ached. Despite this, I took a moment to savour the view. Her rock hard nipples poked against the thin fabric of her dress. The skirt portion had ridden up her hips, exposing her thighs. As my eyes travelled up her legs, I enjoyed the view of a damp triangle of white thong panties.

“Did I do that to you, or was it kissing Aliza?”

“Why does it need to be one or the other? Now shut up and kiss me.”

I stumbled as I leaned over the bed. Once more, Caroline took my face in her hands as she pecked at my nose, and then kissed my chin before drawing my tongue into her mouth.

Relaxing into the kiss, I eased the spaghetti straps off her shoulders, stroking the smooth flesh. I allowed my hand to work naturally, not thinking about what I was doing, just doing it. I cupped her left breast, my thumb teasing the nipple. Taking it between my fingers, I pinched it, delighting in the sensation that I caused, noticing that Caroline’s hips raised up off the bed in response.

I ended the kiss to move my mouth over her other nipple, teasing it with my tongue and then nibbling it with the tips of my teeth. Caroline whimpered softly. I lifted my lips and blew across the tip of the nipple, making her quiver. I repeated this for a few minutes, biting a little harder each time I lowered my mouth to her tit.

My free hand stroked down her right side as I grazed on her breast. My fingers slid down under the thong, spreading her already swollen pussy lips. Caroline bucked wildly. “Oh, God yes, Bobby I am so ready.”

I ignored her pleas, slipping my finger in and out of her labia, feeling her hips jumping up and down as I pumped deeper into her, adding more fingers with each stroke until I had my whole hand buried. I bent my thumb back, using it to tweak her clit as I used a similar motion on her nipple with the other thumb. I continued fucking her with a flat hand as my thumb flipped her clit in circles. Her first orgasm came quickly, like a flame shooting through her body.

“Sorry, I couldn’t hold back longer,” she said, panting for breath. “What a wonderful feeling. But look at you, you’re still all dressed.”

Caroline pushed me upright gently, and then raised herself to a sitting position on the edge of the bed. Her lush hair was all tousled, hanging in front of her face. I reached over and helped her clear a space so I could see her eyes. She smiled.

She shucked off her dress in one swift motion, exposing her stunning athletic body to my view. Only her most private part was still covered by the scrap of white thong trapped between her labia. She had minimal tan lines, and even the triangle around her pubes was the colour of heavy cream, suggesting that she enjoyed nude sunbathing, or beaches.

As I stood awestruck in front of her, Caroline reached up and pulled my shirt out of my pants. I remembered what to do and helped by taking the shirt off over my head. Caroline undid my belt and unzipped my fly. My cock had swelled so much that it forced itself out the fly without waiting for her to undo the pants or remove my underwear.

“Ohhh,” was all Caroline said as she took my shaft in her hand, testing the weight. She teased the pee slit with her tongue and then proceeded to finish undoing the pants. I stepped out of them as they fell to the floor. Caroline pushed my underwear down. She then ran her tongue once around the ridge at the base of the cockhead, while given the shaft several strong pumps from root to tip.

Still not talking, Caroline pulled me onto the bed, steering me with the hand that gripped my manhood until I sat beside her, legs over the edge of the bed, feet on the floor. Then, she rose up off the bed and turned to face me, never releasing my cock. Smiling, she slowly lowered herself, impaling her pussy on my cock. My hands explored her back as I finally kissed that ear which had enchanted me at first sight. Caroline moaned with ecstasy as I nibbled my way down from her earlobe along her neck and suckled her shoulder, sucking the flesh into my mouth like a tit. Her breasts where flattened against my chest, her nipples so hard it felt like they might pierce my skin.

“I’ve never felt this turned on before,” Caroline sighed. She began riding my cock, rising and falling in an increasingly rapid tempo, which I quickly picked up on, running my fingers along her spine like a jazz saxman. Before long, her pussy muscles were sharing the rhythm, convulsing around my shaft.

“I’m getting close,” I warned, suddenly realizing we were not doing safe sex.

“Don’t hold back,” she replied.

I began rubbing her ass, feeling the warmth spreading through her skin. She showed me what she wanted by talking my hand in hers. I slapped her ass hard enough to sting, but not to hurt. Suddenly, Caroline came a second time, this time with a vengeance. Her juices drenched my thighs

“God, cumming feels so good,” she screamed.

This startled me enough to make me look up. I noticed that in our haste we had never closed the door. There in the doorway stood Aliza. Well, she wasn’t quite standing. More like leaning there against one side, one hand massaging her nipple and the other up her skirt. I froze. Caroline turned and smiled at my wife.

“Good thing no kids wandered by,” Aliza said, stepping into the room and closing the door. “The boys were sound asleep, so I started back to the bar when I heard you two,” Aliza explained. “But don’t let me interrupt, please.”

Aliza dropped into a comfy looking armchair, sprawling across it, never moving her hands off of her tender parts. Caroline once again took charge, pushing me back onto the bed. “It’s not very fair that you haven’t cum yet,” she said, bending over me and licking her own cum off my erect rod. I could tell that she was staring right at Aliza the whole time.

“After you cum, someone has to lick my clit.” Caroline continued.

“Why wait?” asked Aliza, cupping her breasts and rolling her tongue along her lips as she continued to fingerfuck her own wet cunt. “I’m horny enough to try it.”

Caroline blushed. “I think for now I would rather you just watch. I want this to be for Bobby.”

I reached up and massaged Caroline’s breasts with both hands. She threw a leg across my body and straddled my hips. She rubbed her wetness along my shaft, teasing both Aliza and me. I enjoyed feeling her pussy against my belly while Aliza masturbated, watching my cock trapped between our bodies.

“I love seeing his fat meat throbbing against your pussy,” Aliza said.

Caroline spread her legs wide and lowered her wide open cunt onto my cock.

“She has a gorgeous tight ass, Bobby,” Aliza observed. “Why don’t you try putting a finger up it?”

“I love it,” Caroline purred as I used her wetness to lubricate the finger that I stuck in her rear hole. My cock also enjoyed the extra stimulation of feeling another object rubbing against it through the membrane.

“Can Bobby suck my clit?” Aliza begged.

“Not yet,” Caroline said. “We all know what a slut you are. Bobby needs to be the star. I can’t believe that you don’t need this great cock stuffed in your holes at least once, twice, three times a day.”

My hands were still rubbing Caroline’s hard little boobs until she lowered them to my lips. We rode that way as we heard Aliza groaning over on the chair, her own orgasm building to a scream. The sound of my wife’s excitement combined with the feel of Caroline’s buds in my teeth pushed me over the edge and I shot a load of spunk up her cunt, triggering her third orgasm of the afternoon. “Caro,” I cried out, finally allowing myself to use the name she reserved for lovers.

Caroline collapsed across my chest, our sex organs still clenched together in the final waves of rapture. Seconds later, Aliza fingered herself to another climax, this time screaming “Bobbbbbbby.”

The knowledge that seeing Caro pleasing me excited Aliza caused fresh excitement to surge through my semi stiff cock. Caro wriggled her hips around the twitching organ. Barely moving, she flexed her taut abdominal muscles, sliding ever so slightly, milking a second load of sperm out of me. I felt my cum explode again deep into her womb, the fluid seeping out between us, coating our bellies in a cozy warm blanket. Her purring might have been another final orgasm.

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