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Della decided to take a bath. It had been a long hot day, and she wanted a good long soak to take away the stresses and strains of another hard day at work.

Della is a fundraiser for a local voluntary marriage guidance association. Her day starts at 10am and goes on until she’s finished - sometimes at midday, other times as late as 9pm. She’d finished today at 8:30, and felt completely shattered. The heat wave hadn’t helped any either since the air conditioning in the office had failed. The caretaker had called the service department and they had promised to be there to fix it by early afternoon; they still hadn’t showed when Della locked the office up at 8:30.

Roger was working afternoon shift and wasn’t due home until 11pm. He too would want a soak, so, Della decided to run a hot bath at about 10:30 and then wait for Roger to arrive home and join her. She placed a bottle of white wine in an ice bucket and placed two glasses at the foot of the bath. Within minutes, the heat had begun to take effect, relaxing Della into a deep snooze.

Roger and Rhys had decided to pop into their local pub for a quick beer. They gulped them down and strolled up the street. Roger offered Rhys another beer before they parted at the next junction. Rhys accepted the offer and they headed for Roger’s place.

Roger, thinking Della might be in bed, opened the door quietly. The upstairs landing light was still on, a habit Della had for as long as Roger had known her - 15 years now. Roger poured Rhys a beer and they sat quietly sipping. Rhys asked if he could use the toilet; he knew where the bathroom was, so he quietly made his way upstairs so as not to disturb Della’s sleep.

The light in the bathroom was on and the door wide open. Rhys didn’t think anything of it. He pulled out his cock as he walked through the bathroom door and stood at the pan and began to pee. Della, hearing the splashes of urine in the pan, awoke. Her eyes were out of focus - she had removed her spectacles; she was extremely short sighted. She thought the hazy figure standing at the toilet pan was Roger.

“Why don’t you come in, it’s just right for a nice relaxing bath,” she told him.

Rhys almost jumped out of his skin. He hadn’t expected to see Della in the bath behind the door. He turned quickly, in mid pee, and sprayed his urine over the floor and into the bath onto Della’s stomach.

“Oh aye, in that sort of mood are we?” she asked playfully.

Rhys didn’t know what to say. He had met Della several times, and he had to admit, he did fancy her. She was 5’2”, about 120lbs, big tits with large nipples, a clean-shaven pussy that exposed several folds of labia and a pierced belly button. Her strawberry blonde hair was halfway down her back, but she had raised and tied it on top of her head to prevent it from getting wet in the bath. He didn’t realise that she was so short sighted. He thought she knew who he was and that she was making advances on him.

He paused for a moment in shock, then decided ‘what the hell’, he dropped his trousers, lifted his t-shirt above his head, then stood in the bath, Della’s head was just the right height for her to take his cock in her mouth as she sat up to make room for her husband.

Della still hadn’t realised it was Rhys. Rhys and Roger were the same build and colouring; some thought they were cousins. She took Rhys’s cock in her mouth and began to lick its purple head. She tasted the saltiness of a drop of urine that had moistened him when peeing. She didn’t mind, she knew it would disappear as soon as she whetted her lips again.

Della felt his cock grow instantly. ‘Roger musts be horny tonight,’ she thought as he usually took a bit of fluffing up to get hard. Then she noticed the thickness and length weren’t quite right. She pulled back and squinted her eyes. She almost screamed as she realised it wasn’t Roger.

“Don’t stop now, babe,” Rhys told her.

Della didn’t know whether to shout and scream, stand and run into the bedroom, or just continue giving Roger’s friend a blowjob. She froze for five seconds or so, then stood, grabbing hold of a towel and ran into the bedroom.

Rhys laughed. Roger could hear his friend’s laugh and decided to investigate. Rhys told Roger what had happened, explaining he didn’t realise she was so shortsighted and thinking she was a bit of a goer when she invited him into her bath.

Roger felt angry and turned on at the same time. His friend had just stuck his cock in Della’s mouth and had her to blow him. Roger went into the bedroom to find Della in bed with the sheets pulled over her head. Roger saw the funny side of it all now and began to laugh; Rhys was still laughing in the bathroom.

“What’s so funny?” Della asked.

“You,” Roger replied.

She pulled the sheets back, exposing her abdomen, still moist with bath water; anger on her face. Then, after a few moments, she too saw that it was funny. They laughed together, as Roger sat on the edge of the bed. He caressed his wife and gave her a welcoming kiss. She returned with urgency.

Della felt the desire to take Roger there and then. Something lit up inside that drove her to reach down and gently squeeze his cock through his trousers.

Roger returned the act by fondling her tits and running his fingers down Della’s stomach, and burying his fingers into his wife’s damp pussy. He felt his cock harden as Della stroked its length through the material, her nails scratching the cloth causing a slight vibration.

Della felt Roger’s fingers drive deep into her vagina. She loved to feel him in her. He knew exactly where to touch and immediately he had found her spot. He felt her pussy juices run down his fingers and onto the palm of his hand as she kissed him hard.

Roger, now wanting to release his cock from its confines, knelt and allowed Della to unzip and unbutton his trousers. She pulled them down, his cock slapping her face in the process. She giggled and then placed the tip of his cock onto her lips. She tasted her husband. He too tasted salty. He had been at work all day and had been perspiring, causing his cock to bath in a sea of salty sweat. She could smell his muskiness. The pheromones kicked in immediately. She took his length and sucked hard, her tongue pressing against the underneath of his shaft as she pulled away, only to reinsert it again for another long suck.

Roger felt Della’s tongue dance on the underside of his cock. She was an excellent cock sucker and he loved having his cock sucked. She had made him cum many times this way, but she had never allowed him to cum in her mouth. Roger pulled his fingers out of Della’s pussy and licked them dry. He stood straight to make things more comfortable. He pushed Della onto her back and raised himself over her. Then, he slowly lowered his body onto his wife, allowing his weight to force his cock into her pussy.

His penetration was deep and smooth. He began to fuck his wife slowly at first, but his rhythm increased as he felt the urge building inside. He pounded hard at her vagina, her labia wrapped around his shaft, her pussy sucking on his shaft. He felt himself cum. He loved to leave his cock inside Della, but she had been ill the previous week and Della’s contraception had warned that it may be ineffective during certain illnesses, and that was one of them. He pulled out and let his semen splatter over her lightly stubbled pubis, running down the creases of her labia.

They had both forgotten Rhys. Rhys had stood at the bedroom door, watching the pair make love. His cock in his hand, he was in dire need of relief.

Roger stood and turned, “Shit man, you startled me then. Put that away you perve.”

“No way, I need relief and I need it now,” Rhys replied, masturbating furiously. Della watched, blushing with embarrassment as Roger’s friend masturbated in her bedroom, her lying on the bed, naked, and Roger with his trousers around his ankles.

“Don’t you get that on the carpet,” Roger ordered.

Rhys was on his final strokes, his semen rushing through tubes deep in his body. Rhys stumbled towards the bed; Della didn’t know what to do. She wanted to hide, but she also wanted to see this new, bigger cock explode. Rhys exploded all right, showering the bed with his semen, some of which landed on Della’s thigh. She felt it hit and she didn’t flinch. Rhys, now spent, began to feel embarrassed too. Apologetically, he left the bedroom, shouting as he ran down the stairs that he would see Roger tomorrow.

Roger went after him, but by the time Roger reached the front door, Rhys was down the drive and halfway down the street.

Della couldn’t believe what had just happened. She touched her thigh, feeling the slippery semen between her fingers. She raised her hand to her face and tasted Rhys’s sperm. It was sickly sweet and pungent. She hated it and she loved it. She wanted to taste more. There was a large puddle on the bed sheet next to her thigh. Again, she lifted her hand to her face, the sperm between her fingers, and then sticking out her tongue, she placed the semen in her mouth. Yes, there was no doubt about it, Rhys’s sperm tasted good.

‘Have I been missing out on Roger’s sperm all this time?’ she questioned herself. Della decided she would find out.

Roger returned and they jumped into bed proper. In the darkness, they talked about their feelings; how the presence of Rhys had turned Della on, how Roger felt when he saw them in the bathroom with Rhys’s cock in her mouth. They both realised they wanted Rhys in their bed, but neither wanted to say it to the other.

Della stroked Roger’s shaft, getting him hard again. She slipped under the sheets and took his cock into her mouth. It was the best oral sex Roger had had since the very first time, more than 15 years ago.

Della could taste the remnants of Roger’s sperm and her juices on his cock. Excited and seeing visions of Rhys masturbating in her bedroom, made her extremely horny - but she wanted to taste Roger’s sperm. Minutes later, she had her wish. Roger felt his cum rise from deep within. He knew Della wanted to swallow, he had given her all the signs to warn her of his impending orgasm, and she had obviously ignored them. He tensed and let go - his semen splashing against the back of Della’s throat.

Della almost gagged, but managed to swallow without spilling a drop. ‘Yes,’ she thought, ‘I do like the taste. After all these years, I finally pluck up the courage and swallow, and I like the taste.’ Della made sure Roger’s cock was bone dry. That night, they slept, but it wasn’t a good, deep sleep, it was a restless sleep, intermingled with dreams of sex parties and orgasms.


The following day, Rhys was very apologetic when he bumped into Roger at work. He didn’t know what had come over him, how he misunderstood Della’s invite in the bathroom and his masturbating in the bedroom.

Roger told him not to worry. It had resulted in Roger having the best ever blowjob. It had been worth it. He then explained that Della usually wore contact lenses and that was why Rhys had mistakenly taken her invite in the bathroom - Della thought Rhys was Roger.

Rhys felt better, but still, he wanted to make up for his embarrassing behaviour. He told Roger he should have left when he found them making love; he shouldn’t have played the voyeur.

Roger insisted again that Rhys had given Della the extra drive that resulted in the best blowjob ever. The lads took an extra half-hour lunch break and sipped an extra beer in the pub next door to the office where they worked. Roger told Rhys that his voyeurism must have made Della horny; nothing else could explain her actions.

“Why don’t you come over this evening? The football game is on the box. We’ll open a few beers and enjoy the game.”

Rhys shrugged his shoulders, unsure whether to take up the invite.

“Come on, Della won’t be home until past nine tonight. The game will be just about over by then and we’ll slip down the pub afterwards.”

Rhys thought about it, and then nodded, “Okay. I’ll be over around six-thirty.”


The game went into extra time. The lads had sipped a few beers extra, and decided to give the pub a miss.

“I’ll watch until full-time, then I’ll be off,” Rhys told Roger, aware that Della was due home anytime.

“Fine,” shrugged Roger.

Two minutes later, Della was home. She walked into the lounge, finding Rhys and Roger on the large sofa, directly in front of the television. She felt a little flush of embarrassment, but this soon faded when Roger asked her what sort of day she had had. She helped herself to a beer and offered the lads another fresh bottle.

Della decided to take a shower. Roger escorted her upstairs and told her that by the time she’d finish, Rhys will have gone home. He told her how embarrassed Rhys was and apologetic all day. They smiled and kissed, Della stroking Roger through his denims, Roger pinching her ass as she turned into the bathroom.

Della took her time showering. She took a fresh razor to her pubic stubble and powdered her delicate parts. She spent some time on her hair, and then applied some lipstick. ‘Rhys must have gone home by now,’ she thought, ‘I’ve been in here a good forty-five minutes.’

Della put on her favourite robe; a gift Roger had bought her whilst they holidayed in Thailand last year. She neglected to wear panties too. Tonight, she wanted Roger’s cock in her mouth again, and whilst shaving, she had massaged her clitoris, moistening her pussy and arousing her sexual appetite.

Roger was in the kitchen placing empty bottles in the waste bin. He turned to see Della, robe opened, her skin soft and fresh beneath. He took her, wrapping his arms around her and kissed her passionately. Her clitoris craved for Roger’s touch. She squeezed his ass, telling him she was ready for sex.

Roger was receptive. His cock began to swell in his denims, imprisoned and curled up in his briefs. Della undid his zipper and helped his cock escape. She knelt in front of him and took his cock into her mouth. She began where she left off from the night before. He too had last night on his mind. He felt himself reaching orgasm quickly. Again, he let out his usual signals to warn Della of his impending ejaculation. She pulled him closer as he fired pulse after pulse of hot sticky sperm into the back of her throat. Della stood and smiled, letting Roger see remnants of his sperm on her tongue. She placed a finger in her mouth and simulated sucking his cock. He kissed her, zipped up his denims, and then pulled two bottles of beer from the fridge and opened them.

“I’ll take a wine,” Della told Roger. He poured a glass and handed it to her. She followed him into the lounge. She almost dropped her glass trying to cover up when she saw Rhys on the sofa.

“I thought you’d gone home,” Della exclaimed.

“Yeah, I was just about to leave when Roger insisted I take another beer.”

Della tied her robe and sat on Roger’s knee. She wanted sex and she wanted him now. Roger wanted Della too, but he also wanted to fuck her in front of his friend. Last night had excited him more than he had realised, and now, he wanted to show off his wife. He felt his cock stir again as Della shuffled to make herself comfortable on his lap. At that moment, Della noticed a spider run across the wooden floor. Della screamed ‘spider’ and jumped up, lifting her feet clear of the floor onto Roger’s lap. Her knees were now hugged against her chest.

Roger and Rhys laughed as they saw the horror on Della’s face as she hugged herself in a foetal position. Her silk robe slid down her thighs to her hips, exposing her vagina to Rhys.

Rhys couldn’t help but stare at Della’s shaven, pouting lips. Her dampness glistened, inviting him to enter. He felt a sudden urge to reach out and touch her, but he resisted.

Della hadn’t noticed Rhys’s stare; she was busy watching the spider crawl through the crack in the French doors and escape into the conservatory. Della shivered as the thought of the spider crawling across her floor rushed through her veins like ice.

Roger saw it though. He watched Rhys stare at his wife’s pussy. His cock hardened and Della felt its pulse. Roger’s mind flashed with thoughts of Rhys watching Della having sex.

Della felt Roger’s cock swell under her. She saw Rhys stare at her exposed thighs, then she realised he wasn’t admiring her thighs; he had a clear view of her pussy. She didn’t know whether to cover up or ignore it. She felt her pussy moisten; she was beginning to like it. She stayed put, making out she was still afraid of the spider that had long gone now.

Rhys looked up into Della’s eyes. He realised he’d been rumbled. He turned quickly away; embarrassed he’d been caught. Roger, now excited and hard, shifted slightly causing Della to slide off his lap onto the sofa between him and Rhys. Della naturally held out her hands as she unexpectedly slid forward, pressing against Rhys, her robe opening letting her breasts expose themselves as they rocked back and forth.

Roger laughed as he saw Della try to cover up. Try wasn’t the right adjective though. She wanted Rhys to see her orbs, she wanted him to see her pussy, she wanted him to see she was horny, she wanted him in her mouth.

Roger pulled Della’s arms back in a fake attempt to prevent her falling onto the floor. This only helped with her exposure. Her silk robe almost fell away from her shoulders.

“I think I should leave,” Rhys said, standing.

“No, wait,” Della took his arm. “Please stay.”

Della explained how she was turned on, having someone watch her expose herself, how she had taken Rhys in her mouth, the taste of his cock. She turned to Roger and asked if it was all right for her to give Rhys a blowjob. Roger hesitated, thinking how excited he was and turned on with the thought of watching Della suck Rhys. He had never thought about sharing his wife until last night, and that was just about every other thought he’d had all day. He nodded and Della unzipped Rhys. She tugged his trousers and removed his shorts. She had a clear view tonight with her wearing contact lenses and she could see Rhys was a couple of inches bigger than Roger’s modest 6”; Rhys’s cock was fatter too.

Della licked away the pre-cum from the tip of Rhys’s cock. He moaned softly as he felt her hot breath on his shaft, then her tongue followed by the sensation of his shaft being engulfed by her moist lips. She was good, really good. Rhys had had several long-term relationships but none of the girls gave as good head as Della.

Della tasted Rhys’s pre-cum. She felt his cock pulse as she swallowed his shaft. It touched the back of her throat, almost making her gag. She stopped for a second, relaxed, then swallowed some more. She was soon nuzzling against his pubic hair and balls. Della cupped his sack in her left hand, feeling his large globes move about as he moaned in ecstasy. Her right hand squeezed his firm ass, her fingers sliding down between his cheeks. Then, without warning, she pushed hard, a finger bursting through and into his rectum. Rhys flinched in surprise as he felt her force a finger up to her third knuckle.

Roger watched, eyes wide open. He stroked his cock, the foreskin sliding back and forth, lubricated by his pre-cum. He knew Della had pushed a finger into Rhys’s rectum as he saw him flinch as Della’s hand slid behind Rhys’s back.

Della sucked hard, her tongue working his shaft. She explored Rhys’s rectum, looking for his g-spot and finding it. She felt his cock harden even more, like iron. It felt as tough it grew another inch in her mouth.

Roger stood and removed his cloths. He knelt behind his wife, lifted her robe and placed the head of his cock against the crease of her ass. The pre-cum made it easy for him to slide the tip down and under her, eventually feeling the hot wetness of her opening. Guided by his right hand, he pressed, causing his cock to slip into Della’s pussy. He fucked his wife with long, slow strokes. Each penetration forced her onto Rhys’s cock.

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