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The sun was high as we ran through the forest to the lake. The air was dry and it was so hot we wore our bathing shorts and nothing else. This was the second week at our Grandmother's house on the edge of the New Forest. Alex and I hadn't seen each other since the previous summer. We had a lot of catching up to do, and had spent eight days swimming and having fun. It had been a happy time of play and wandering.

Soon we were at the water's edge. The lake was small but to us it was an ocean. Without thought we stripped off and jumped in the water naked. It was so hot we seemed to be naked all the time .The summer removed our clothes. From the moment we got to the lake to lights out at bed time, there was a complete abandon of clothing and it was perfectly natural. We were both lean and fit, with smooth skin and strong limbs, and gave each other side-ward glances when we thought the other wasn't looking. Alex was a beautiful young man with a great body, and I couldn't help but look at him. What was most striking was his cock. It was an exquisite thing, at least 8 inches of hard flesh. It was like a dagger protruding from his waist, and he wore it with pride.

We jumped in and got down to the business of having fun. In seconds we were laughing and wrestling in coolness of the shallow waters. With our limbs touching I became aroused. I hadn't had a proper girlfriend so any physical contact had this effect on me. Alex grappled and pulled my body close to his. I pretended to fight back, pulling away but just enough to allow him to dominate me. The sensation of his body against mine was wonderfully gratifying. I felt my cock harden.

After a short while we became hungry. We swam to the shore and collected our towels. The water dripped from our bodies in huge droplets, and our flesh glistened in the afternoon heat. When I turned my back to him, Alex rolled up his towel into a tight knot and hit it hard against my buttocks. I yelped and protested, but knew it was only in fun. Alex swung again, and again caught me on the backside. So I grinned, rolled up my towel and swung back at Alex, catching him on the inner thigh. I saw he was semi -- erect too, but thought nothing of it. He was a young man and this was to be expected. I couldn't stare for long. Alex caught me again, and so began a harmless game of fighting.

As the game became more intense we had soon dispatched with the towels and were wrestling on the floor. I was aware, as I struggled, that Alex was completely hard and his cock was rubbing against mine. It felt so good, I allowed Alex to pin me to the floor. The pressure of his body against my cock was deliriously gratifying. I lunged my groin upward as if part of the game, as if I was trying to knock Alex to the floor, but my desire was to intensify the sensation of his cock rubbing back and forth against mine. Trapped under the weight of his struggling body, my cock felt as if it were being masturbated.

Alex was also enjoying the pleasurable sensations in his cock. He bore down on me so that his cock was pressed firmly against mine. We continued to wrestle while hiding our true motivation. In between the laughing we began to moan. The sensation in my cock was becoming unbearable. I wanted to come. Alex too was primed for orgasm.

I was first to come. The sensation of being masturbated became unbearable. I could not hold back. I thrust upward in a frenzy, holding my cousin firmly on the buttocks, and moaned deliriously as the semen spurted out of my cock and onto Alex's stomach. I collapsed elated, but the joy quickly turned to guilt. As Alex knelt up in surprise, his cock coated in my seed, I stood up and turned to run. But Alex lunged at me and again pinned me to the ground.

He bore down on me again, but this time the struggle was real. I was face down in the dirt, and could feel Alex's cock against my ass cheeks. With one hand pulling my cheeks apart, he roughly attempted an entry. He wanted to put his cock in my ass. He tried to keep me steady, but I fought too much and he could not hold me down. I would have finished him off in my hand or mouth, but not like this.

Alex's cock was hard between my buttocks. He could not penetrate, but the sensation was now unbearable. He weighted his body so his cock was trapped between his stomach and my protruding buttocks. He writhed against them, and was in a place of ecstasy. He groped with one hand and took his cock in his hand. He could hold back no more. He masturbated in a frenzy, his hand drumming against my buttocks. Alex moaned and came in seconds. The come exploded from his cock and streaked my buttocks.

When Alex was spent he rolled off and I immediately stood up and ran to the water to wash the come from my ass. I was streaked with his semen. I could feel it dripping from my buttocks and down the back of my legs. Then we walked home in silence. Although we had enjoyed that moment of madness by the water, guilt was now penetrating our psyches.

When we had reached our grandmother's cottage Alex went upstairs, and I remained outside. I thought about what we had done. The fact we had made each other come was too much for me to ignore. I imagined what else we could do with our bodies to give pleasure. We could make each other come all the time. Alex, I discovered, had also come to the same conclusion. He had enjoyed that moment and wanted to experiment more.

(To Be Continued)

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