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Excerpts from e-mail to my cyber lover


***As I walk pass you in the crowded streets, I brush against you, My hands lingering a moment on your rear, giving a slight squeeze before I disappear into the crowd***

A casual brush against a stranger in a crowd may turn into being followed by the stranger, or being stalked. You may turn into the prey of a hungry predator, hunting you down to satisfy some primal urge.


Chapter One

It's the first day of a short vacation, a few days off from work. This first day was spent window shopping, just wandering the crowded streets looking in store windows and daydreaming about the outfits you'd buy if your next pay check was a little bigger. As you walk through the crowed streets, a man brushes against you, which isn't that odd, after all it is a Crowded street. His hand lingers a moment too long on your rear, giving a slight squeeze. Quickly, you spin around to slap the little pervert, but he has already disappeared into the crowd. And the little incident is quickly forgotten as you continue your day.

When you've had enough of window shopping, you decide to take a short cut home. You turn down a quiet alley way, away from the busy street. The sounds of the crowd diminish as you get farther down the alley, until the only sound you hear is that of your heels clicking on the pavement.

After a while you notice another sound, and then another. The first is the soft sound of boots stepping lightly on the pavement somewhere behind you. The second is the sound of your own heart beating as you realize your not alone in the alley.

You turn to see what's behind you and you see, about 15 yards behind you, a man in a black trench coat. You can tell he's wearing sunglasses and boots, but you can't tell much more than that, the alley is dimly lit, and his image is silhouetted by the lights on the bright main street that you left behind.

His gait doesn't waiver when you turn to look at him. He shows no acknowledgment that you have seen him, he just keeps walking, toward you. Your fear takes control and you start to run. With out looking back, you reach the corner and turn and keep running. After a while of running, you take a quick glance behind you. There's none to be seen. Full of adrenaline, you find the energy to run all the way home.

When you get to your front door, you take a good look around as you fumble with your keys. There's no one in sight, and no sounds except your own heart pounding in your chest. Once you get in your house, and lock the door behind you, you might chuckle nervously to yourself, rationalizing the he was probably someone else who decided to use the same shortcut as you, and wasn't after you at all.

Your still a bit uneasy, and still breathing a bit hard, from the run home, till a lone car drives by, and then your breath stops in a slight gasp. It wasn't the car that caused this, but it's headlights, because as it drove by, it momentarily lit up the street. In this brief flash of light, you noticed through the slit in your curtains, a man standing across the street. It looked like the same man as in the alley. He was just standing, facing your house.

Being a rational person, you reach for the phone to report to the police. You've already started dialing before you realize that there's no dial tone.

Chapter Two

Panic fills you. With no phone, there's no way to call for help. You can't run for help, because he might be waiting just out side for you. He could be waiting for you to fall asleep, so he could sneak in and...you stop the thought there, not wanting to think about what he might do.

You rationalize that the best thing would be just to wait till morning, and in the daylight you could run to a neighbor's house for help. All the doors are locked, and if he breaks in, you should hear him and be able to leave the house through another door. You get a large carving knife from the kitchen and sit in a chair half way between the front door and the back door, so if he comes in one, you can go out the other.

It's late, and your already tired from all that running. As you sit there, your head tips a bit. You nod off for just a moment. You awake with a start, and shake your head trying to drive away the sleepiness. You decide that some coffee might help keep you awake till daylight. You go into the kitchen and put some water in the coffee maker. After you put the coffee in, you sit down to wait for it to perk. Looking around the room, something seems odd, but you can't quite put your finger on it.

The coffee maker is gurgling. The clock on the microwave is silently ticking away the minutes. You didn't realize before how late you'd stayed out tonight. But everything seems normal, there's nothing out of place. Every dish is put away(you washed the dishes before you went out tonight), and every cup is in the right spot. In the right spot... you now realize that the knife you took out is now back in the knife rack. You had forgotten about it when you had nodded off.

You look to the door way to the room you were sitting in before. The light is off. You had turned it on when you came in the house. But now it's off. It must have gone off while your back was turned to make the coffee. He must be in the house. You pick up the knife, again. You move slowly toward the back door, watching the doorway to the other room.

With out turning toward the back door, you reach behind you to unlock the deadbolt. And you notice something else wrong. Your deadbolt latch is missing. You turn and glance at the door quickly. Your deadbolt has been replaced with another, you now need a key to open it from this side. You're now trapped, the only way out is through the darkened room to the front door.

You move around the room to look through the doorway. From the light in the kitchen you can just make out the glint from the doorknob on the front door, across the dark room. The window over the sink is too small to move through quickly and the back door is too massive for little you to bust through it any time soon. You think your only chance is to run for the front door.

You inch toward the doorway, trying intently to peer through the darkness. When you get to the threshold, you jab blindly around the corner, but hit only air. You quickly reach around and flip the switch.

"click." Nothing happens. "click, click, click." You flip it repeatedly. Nothing happens. You move slowly into the room with the knife in front of you pointing toward the shadows. You walk slowly through the room, ready to stab at anything that moves. Nothing happens. You're ready to be jumped the moment you reach the front door. When you reach it, nothing happens. You unlock the deadbolt and turn the doorknob, and nothing happens. The door doesn't open. There's no resistance in the knob, you can turn it all the way around, around and around. It's not opening the door.

You were already somewhat in a state of panic, now you're utterly terrified. You start to feel dizzy and realize that you are holding your breathe. You force the air out of you lungs and try to take a deep breath. You find yourself concentrating on your breathing. Trying to keep it from being shallow. Now would be a bad time to pass out from hyperventilation.

The front window is large enough to jump through and only a couple of steps away. You decide to take the chance and run for the window. You dash forward and put your arms over your head to protect your face from the expected broken glass. You leap into the window and bounce away from it, falling to the ground. You didn't hit the window. Someone was standing behind the curtain. Before you can react, there's a ripping sound and you're covered by the curtain.

You stab out through the cloth, only to have the knife taken away, pulled through the hole it made in the curtain. Then the curtain tightens around you. You feel a rope being tied around the curtain, around your waist, pinning your arms at your sides. You feel a weight pressing down on you as you continue to struggle. Your legs are pinned down and your ankles tied together.

You feel your self being lifted up and thrown onto his shoulder, but your struggling throws him off balance and both of you fall to the floor. Now you feel strong hands grasping your shoulders firmly and dragging you. None of your wiggling seems to be making a difference. You're aware of every step that hits your butt as you're dragged up the stairs.

With one last heave, you are thrown up onto your bed. He rolls you on your face and sits on your feet. He holds one leg firmly and then you feel something cold on the back of the leg. It's steel. You hear the sound of scissors cutting cloth and know that he's undressing you, one stitch at a time. He's not hurrying this deed. Slowly and carefully, on snip at a time. Soon you feel bare from the waist down to your ankles.

Chapter Three

The remains of your clothing is pulled out from under you and dropped to the floor. Strong hands squeeze your calves and start to move up your legs, massaging as they go. When they move up onto your butt cheeks, you hear a low moan, "ooohhhh", almost to quiet to hear. These hands spend a few minutes just squeezing, rubbing, and messaging your butt. The strange man obviously enjoys touching you here.

"Don't struggle, you might get hurt," he says in a low whisper. Then you feel the cold steel of the scissors placed gently on the back of your legs. He starts to rub the rounded handle of the scissors up and down your legs and around each check of your butt. You then feel the scissors turned around so the point is now touching the top of one of your thighs. Ever so lightly, the scissor blade scratches down your leg to your ankle. It then scratches up the other leg, stopping at the cheek.

"S, P, A, N, K, M, E," he whispers these letters as you feel the scissors lightly scratching on your cheeks. When the scratching stops, he pauses for a long moment, as if to admire his work. Then he whispers, "OK, if you insist." You hear the scissors hit the floor. His weight shifts on the bed so he's beside you, not on your feet. He keeps you still with on hand pressing down on the curve in your back.

Chapter Four

His left hand on your back, holding you still. The other hand is laid lightly across your butt checks, with the palm on one cheek and the finger tips on the other cheek. His right hand raises up and comes back down lightly, then rests for a moment on your butt. It does this three more times. After the forth time the hand raises up, it come down hard. The sound of his hand striking your flesh seems deafening in the quiet of the dark bedroom.

The stinging you feel fades away as he rubs the impact site caringly. After a few moments of rubbing, "smack!", another strike, centered on your left cheek, followed by more rubbing. The rubbing lasts for a shorter time when, "smack!", a third strike. this time centered on the right cheek. Then half the rubbing of before till, "smack!", across both cheeks.

A pattern of decreasing rubbing time and spanking follows, until there is no rubbing. "smack! Smack! SMACK! SMACK!! SMACKK!! SMACKK!!!" His strikes become harder and harder, stinging more each time. Your ass is burning now. Burning with pain and the warmth of all the blood rushing into it. You don't know how long this lasts, you lose count of the hits. Suddenly he stops. You brace yourself for the next hit. A few moments pass. You can feel that your ass is flushed, probably glowing red.

There is an odd feeling on one cheek. Then the other. It takes you a moment to realize what it is, because the gentle kissing is so different from the harsh slapping. A third kiss. Then a forth kiss. The kisses continue, covering your entire ass. The kisses get wetter. They start to last longer. He starts sucking harder. You feel teeth occasionally, but not a full bite, maybe a nibble or two. He starts to spend more time kissing the crack between your cheeks. And the kisses get even wetter. He licks along the crack, up and down, from almost touching your vagina up to your waist and back down again. He licks again, probing deeper with his tongue.

On the next licking pass, he stops at your asshole. His hands spread you cheeks apart and he kisses the hole. He kisses it again, this time with tongue. His tongue pushes it's way inside you. It starts to probe around, going deeper, and wiggling around. He pulls it out and pushes back in again, wiggling it.

"That is just too tight to waste," he whispers. Then he pulls your hips up and pushes your knees under you so your ass is up in the air.

Chapter Five

You feel him move onto the bed right behind you, with one of his knees on either side of your legs. There is the faint sound of a zipper. You feel something long and smooth laid on your butt crack, not pushed in anywhere(yet) but just placed along the length of the crack. It then starts to move down the crack a bit then back up to where it started. Then it moves all the way down, sliding completely off of you. You feel it again as it slides under you, between your legs.

It doesn't go in any openings (yet), it just squeezes between your legs up toward your belly. It slips past your vaginal opening and rubs on your clitoris. He pulls back slightly and pushes foreword again, rubbing his dick on your clit. Both hands are now firmly on your hips. He rubs his dick on your clit several more times. The last time he pulls back a little to far, and when he pushes forward, the angle is changed slightly, and it goes in. He pauses, with the head of his penis just inside your cunt. His hands are squeezing tighter on your hips.

After what seem like an eternity of contemplation, his grip relaxes a bit, and he pulls out. "Not yet,"he whispers. He then puts the head of his dick against your anal opening. It feels slimy from the coating of juices your pussy put on to it. He applies a little bit of pressure to your anus, not enough to go in, but enough for you to tell what he's planning to do, soon.

One of his hands slides around the back and his fingers start probing between your legs. He starts to stroke your clit. He finds the nerve junction in your clit with his finger tips and presses hard against it. His fingers start tight circular motions while pressing against the nerves. His thumb finds it's way inside your pussy, he's still rubbing your clit.

You may be scared and this action unwanted, but he knows how to stimulate you. You can't help but become wet. Soon his hand is covered with your juices. You start to forget your tied up. You start to forget that you don't know this man and that he forced himself on to you. And, as you orgasm, you evenforget the pressure on your ass. The fingering stops.

When your senses recover a bit. You fell both hands on your hips again, one of them very slimy. His hips are now pressed against your hips. He shifts his weight a bit and you feel that he is inside you.While you were orgasming, he pushed his dick into your ass.

You don't know how long he waits, just sitting inside you. He pulls out slightly and pushes back inall the way, slowly. He pulls out a little more and pushes back in a little faster. He pulls almost allthe way out and then pushes all the way back in, quickly. He does the again. And again. You noticesomething slapping against your cunt. He pulls back and thrusts in again. It's a wet sounding slap as hisballs splatter into the juices flowing from your pussy.

His speed increases and his grip on your hips tighten. You hear a slight grunt accompany each thrust.His hips hit you harder, and harder with each thrust. His speed keeps increasing. If it wasn't for his handspulling you back, the impact would be sliding you up your bed. The rubbing friction you feel inside yourass is almost numbing. You can no longer tell which direction the rubbing is going, it's now just oneconstant feeling.

You hear a sudden in take of breath with one thrust harder then the rest. He stops, deep inside you. "Oh, Goddess", it's not even a whisper, he breaths the words out. You feel slight spasms in him. There's a new warmth deep inside you. He pull out of you and rubs his slimy dick all over your butt.

"Your such a messy girl," he whispers, " We should get you cleaned up." There's a jingling sound. Youfeel the rope around your waist loosen. He quickly grabs both wrists and presses cold steel around them.You're now in hand cuffs. He unties your ankles and forces you onto your feet. He pulls the curtain offyour head. He's standing behind you, holding your wrists in one hand. He puts a blindfold over youreyes, and leads you to the bathroom.

Chapter Six

The tile floor in the bathroom is cold on your bare feet. There is a familiar "click" of the light switch, but the blindfold on you is too thick to let in any light.

By pushing your handcuffed wrists into the small of your back, he directs you to the bathtub. His free hand grabs an ankle and directs it over the tub wall. He then puts your other foot in the tub, being very careful not to let you trip. He lets go of you once you're in the tub. You could try to run now, but blindfolded and handcuffed, you might trip trying to get out of the tub.

You hear cloth sliding against cloth and skin. Something hits the floor and he steps into the tub with you. He turns on the water. A cold spray splashes onto your chest. Your hair stands on end from the cold and you shiver slightly. "That's the ways they should look", He says softly. His finger tips brush lightly across your hardened nipples, which sends another shiver through you.

The water warms up. He doesn't touch you again till there is steam in the air from the hot water. The next touch you feel is slippery. He lathers up your body with the soap. It doesn't seem to be sexual, he spends just as much time cleaning between your toes as washing the cum from you ass (unless touching you Anywhere is sexual to him).

"Now don't turn around", he says quietly, just loud enough to be heard over the sound of the running water. With your back to him, and to the water, he takes off the blind fold. He soaps up your ears and reaches around to soap your face. Gently and slowly he washes around your eyes and nose and mouth. When he's done He tips your head back so the water can run down your forehead, rinsing the soap from your face.

You hear a gurgling sound as he squeezes some shampoo out of the bottle and onto your head. He then starts to massage the shampoo into your hair. His strong hands massaging your scalp help relax you. You have almost drifted off to sleep when he starts to rinse your hair. He's standing off to the side so the water can go past him onto your hair. You know that he's enjoying this shower because he's standing close enough to you for you to feel his erection occasionally brushing against one butt cheek.

When he's done washing your hair, he reaches around both sides of you and rubs his hands briefly over your breasts before turning away from you to turn off the water. You then feel a towel brushing against you because he is drying him self while stand directly behind you in the bathtub. After a while of drying himself, he starts to dry you, starting with your hair. He dries his way down your body, spending a little more time then necessary on your breasts.

While he's drying your breasts, you can see his hands. They are flushed red from the hot water. No rings, no calluses. Clean and trimmed nails. Seeing his hands, you think to look in the mirror. It's too fogged up to see any details. He's white with short brown hair. When he's drying you're ankles and feet, you risk a quick look down and to the side. He's looking down at your feet. His hair is curly. He looks up suddenly, directly into your eyes. He's clean shaven. His steel blue eyes hold your gaze for a moment then he gives a faint smile.

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