tagBDSMEnslaved in Europe Ch. 03

Enslaved in Europe Ch. 03


I felt sympathy for Erin, but there was nothing I could do for her. She signed a contract and agreed to become the property of a former dominatrix for thirty days. It was all perfectly legal and the Sessians would enforce the law. I told her this and suddenly she began crying again. Her head was on my shoulder and I wanted to put my arms around her, but that was impossible because of the handcuffs.

My body jerked reflexively as I had this naked girl crying on my shoulder and I couldn't do anything to comfort her. Without even meaning to I realized that I was nuzzling her. It wasn't the same as a hug, but it seemed to comfort us both more than just allowing her to cry on my shoulder.

The next thing I knew, we were both kissing. Normally Gretchen and I have an exclusive relationship and I don't kiss anybody other than her. However things weren't at all normal during this trip. I was being paraded around naked in public, I wasn't allowed to have an orgasm until I learned Sessian slave law to Gretchen's satisfaction and I was locked in a cell with another naked slave girl who was frightened and crying.

The first time I kissed her lips I swear it was some sort of accident brought on by extreme emotions and bound hands. My lips just reacted without consulting with my brain first. However there was a pause after that where both Erin and I seemed to think about what we were doing. No words were spoken, but it was obvious that we both were wondering if it was a good idea to continue. I was wondering how this might affect my relationship with Gretchen. Would she be angry? How angry? How much trouble could I get into? And didn't I think monogamy was important? I always had in the past, why should that change now?

I have no idea what questions were going through Erin's mind.

In the end, Erin made the decision for me. Her lips found mine again and my body responded to her kiss. Since I'd arrived in Sessia, every person I'd spoke with seemed to be determined to sexually stimulate me, however Gretchen refused to allow me any sexual release. She hadn't even touched me except to pose for photos back at the hotel. I deserved a little physical attention, and if Erin was willing to provide some, I'd just surrender and accept anything she had to offer.

Erin continued to kiss me on the mouth, face and neck and I found every second of it wonderful. I loved her lips and her small and the feel of her naked skin as it pressed against me. I think we were about to go beyond kissing when a stern voice cut through the air and barked at us.

"Alright! That's enough of that then!"

I took a step back and looked over at the woman who'd shouted at us. She wasn't as tall as the guard that locked me up in this cell, but she was just as intimidating. The way she stared at me made me feel even more naked and afraid than I felt when I was ordered to strip in the lobby of the Hotel Castello.

"Who told you two slaves that you were allowed to snog?" the guard demanded.

I felt like a child with her hand caught in the cookie jar. Nobody told me that it was against the rules of the OSI for slaves in their cells to kiss, but her tone of voice made me feel guilty all the same. That and the look in her eyes reduced me to the state of a twelve year old girl who has just been caught by her mother sneaking in three hours past curfew.

"Nobody," I said in a panicky and defeated tone of voice. "Erin was crying and frightened and I let her cry on my shoulder and it just sort of .... Happened."

"The kissing just sort of happened?" the guard asked with contempt in her voice. "She just tripped and fell and her lips just accidentally landed on yours then?"

It's moments like this that I miss my clothes the most. I also missed my hands. With that cold look in her eyes I wanted to cover up my naked breasts and crotch and protect my body as best I could from the punishment that was sure to follow. "It- It's j-just..."

The guard interrupted me and took a few steps closer. "Stand away from the door, please," she said and both Erin and I stood as far back as the cell would allow. The metal of my handcuffs were scraping on the cell wall when I finally stopped backing up.

I couldn't make eye contact with the guard as she unlocked the door and stepped inside. I kept my eyes cast down at my naked feet and then I saw the guard's leather boots stop just inches away from my toes. "Don't move," she said, and I nodded my head as I said, "Yes ma'am."

I was expecting some horrible and painful punishment, however all that happened was that a leash was clipped onto my slave collar. I had been so scared I hadn't even seen the leashes in her hand. Then the guard attached the other end of the leash to a metal ring set into the wall.

When she stepped away I took a look at the leash. It was made of elegant but strong metal chain links. There was no way I'd be able to break it, and the d-clip at the end was sturdy. If my hands were freed I could easily release the clip, but with my hands bound behind me, there was no way.

A similar leash was attached to Erin's collar and her leash was clipped to a different ring in the south wall of the cell.

"These leashes are four feet long," the guard told us. "And I think I've chained you to rings that are more than eight feet apart, but let's test that, shall we?"

Erin understood her meaning before I did, and began to strain against her leash. I followed her example and began to strain against mine. Both chains were pulled taut as Erin and I tried to reach each other, but we were still at least six inches apart. If I wanted to I could have kicked Erin, but there was no way I could kiss her.

The guard pointed to a security camera mounted on the ceiling. It was pointed at my cell. "I have to watch you girls on the monitor," the guard said. "Some of my co-workers would get off watching two girls snog, but I don't. So as long as I'm on monitor duty, you two will behave."

The guard marched off and Erin eventually got her sobbing under control. I don't know how long we were left standing there, but eventually the guard came back. Was it a half hour later? An hour? Two hours? I had no way of knowing.

At any rate, she had a male slave with her. He and Erin had a lot in common. He was wearing a gray slave collar and he was crying. He also had red hair. Of course in accordance with Sessian law he was devoid of all body hair. As a lesbian I never lust after men, but without body hair this slave looked a lot less male somehow. I suppose the absence of body hair and facial hair made him look better groomed. He was also quite slender and devoid of unsightly body fat.

His arms had been chained behind his back and a leash had been attached to his collar. The guard dragged him down the hall until she had reached another cell across the way from mine. The male slave put up minimal resistance as he was forced into the cell and his leach chained to an iron ring mounted in one of the walls. When he was dragged through the door I caught sight of his buttocks and the backs of his thighs. He had been severely spanked and now both buttocks and thighs were the reddish pink color of raw hamburger.

Even if the sight of the young male slave didn't fill me with lust, it did fill me with sympathy. Also; unlike myself; he had endured very painful corporal punishment. Also he seemed even more naked than I did. His extremely erect and rigid cock was so much more exposed than my tiny pubic lips. He seemed so much more on display than I was.

He held his head down at first, but then the guard placed one hand underneath his chin and one in his hair and forced him to raise his head and look her in the eye. "Poor Dennis," she cooed playfully, "is it really that bad?"

Then she placed one hand between his thighs and cupped his balls. She did it gently, but it was clear that Dennis was uncomfortable being handled by this woman.

She continued to play with his balls and turned to face Erin and myself. "Dennis didn't like the idea of having his pubic hair shaved off," the guard explained. "He put up a fuss and needed to be disciplined. You no doubt saw how red his ass is?"

"Yes Mistress," Erin and I answered in unison.

"Normally a slave is only punished by the slave's owner, but the O.S.I. has a certain degree of flexibility when it comes to punishments. We are allowed to punish slaves that are defiant or argumentative. You girls aren't planning on being like Dennis here, are you? You aren't planning on putting up a fuss or arguing with O.S.I. staff, are you?"

"No Mistress," Erin and I both answered, even louder than before.

"Oh good," the guard replied, still fondling Dennis's balls. "I don't enjoy punishing female slaves as much I enjoy punishing male ones, but I'll do it if I have to."

Then she took Dennis's head in both of her hands and she kissed him on the mouth. It was a very possessive kiss and was obviously more to show dominance than any sign of affection. Dennis whimpered the whole time he was being kissed, and I think he would have pushed her away if he could.

"We have microphones and security cameras in here," the guard informed Dennis, "if you need to go to the bathroom just call out. A guard will come back and escort you to the toilets. They'll even hold your cock for you while you pee." At this point, the guard grabbed the male slave by his cleanly shaven cock and he whimpered. I got the feeling that he really didn't like being touched by this woman.

The guard didn't linger after that. She locked Dennis in his cell, glared at Erin and myself and then wandered down the hall back towards her office. When she was gone, I tried to speak the new slave.

"Are you alright?" I asked.

At first he only whimpered, so I repeated the question.

He continued to whimper and sob, but after a few minutes he replied, "I can't do this."

"Why are you here?" I asked. "How did you become a slave?"

There was more whimpering and I thought he wasn't going to answer, but eventually he said, "I made a bet with my girlfriend. It was a game of strip poker. I was winning hand after hand and I had four of a kind. Four tens...... I thought I couldn't loose ..... it was a very good hand. So, I said ... almost as a joke .... that if she lost the hand she had to become my slave for a week. She agreed, but only if ... if"

"I get the idea," I said. "If you lost, you had to become her slave for a week."

He nodded his head in agreement.

"At least it's only a week," Erin said. "I'm in this for thirty days! You'll be a free man and I'll still have twenty-three days to go!"

Dennis didn't even seem to hear what Erin said. He was off in a world of self-pity. "I never read up on the slave laws," he whined. "I thought the worst that would happen was that I'd lose and she'd keep me naked for a month and we'd have lots of sex and she'd get to tie me up and maybe spank me as foreplay. I didn't know that I had to come to a government office and strip my clothes off in front of everybody! I didn't know that I'd get all my body hair shaved off!"

"It gets worse," Erin said.

"Sshh," I said, trying to shush Erin. "Can't you see he feels bad enough already?"

There was an uncomfortable silence for several minutes where none of us seemed to be capable of saying anything. Finally twenty minutes or so passed and Dennis asked, "How long are you in for?"

Since Erin had already told him her sentence, I figured he was talking to me. "I'm in for a week. My girlfriend talked me into it, too. I guess we've got a lot in common."

"You're handling it better than I am," he said quietly.

"I'm still scared," I replied. "And I'm humiliated. But I'm trying to make the best of it. I love my girlfriend, and this makes her happy. The whole reason I agreed to this trip is to make her happy. If I knew just how humiliating and overwhelming this week would be I might not have agreed, but it's too late now so I'm trying to make the best of it."

After a few seconds, I also added, "also this whole experience has me horny as hell."

"Me too," admitted Dennis. Of course I could already guess that from the impressive erection between his legs. As a lesbian I don't see many erect penises, however it was my understanding that an erection wasn't supposed to last more than a few minutes. Dennis was led in by the guard approximately an hour earlier and his erection still hadn't reduced in size.

"I'd love to be back at my hotel room right now, having sex with my girlfriend," I said. "But part of being a slave is waiting and denial. It's no longer about what the submissive wants. It's all about what the dominant wants. That's part of what makes this so overwhelming. I can't just say, 'Gretchen this is too much. I need to have a couple of drinks and maybe we'll try this again in the morning'".

"It's kind of like a roller coaster," Dennis said. "You get scared after the first hill and you want to get off, but you can't. There's no breaks and there's a hundred hills left to go. So you just scream and scream and scream and pray for it to be over."

"It's like that," I said. "Only with the roller coaster there's no sexual thrill."

"At least the two of you get a sexual thrill from this sort of thing," Erin interjected. "All this slave and master shit does nothing for me. For me it's scary and humiliating and if I get whipping like Dennis got it's going to hurt."

"I wasn't whipped," Dennis corrected. "I was just spanked."

"Well, it still looks painful," Erin responded.

"It is," Dennis replied.

All three of us were in there for hours, and because there was nothing else to do we talked for hours. We were still talking when Gretchen showed up to take me back to the hotel.

"The results of the blood tests came back," Gretchen said. "Just like the test results you got in America. You're clean."


Gretchen was angry with the Sessian government for ruining her plans. She had the day all planned out and taking me to the O.S.I. and leaving me there for hours totally ruined her plans. However because she couldn't vent her frustrations out of the Sessian government, she decided to vent them on me.

"But that's not fair!" I replied when Gretchen explained this to me.

"A slave's life isn't supposed to be fair," Gretchen replied. "Of course, if you want, we can always say that tonight's punishment is for kissing that female slave that you were locked up with."

"What? They told you about that?" To be honest I had completely forgotten about Erin kissing me. Being forced to stand for hours with your hands bound behind your back will tend to make you forget a kissing incident that lasted only a few minutes.

"They told me," Gretchen replied. "The punishment parks bring in a lot of money, so the Sessian government is keen on slave owners bringing their slaves there. As a result, the O.S.I. tends to report every minor infraction by a slave to their owners."

"Are you mad at me?" I asked.

For a long time Gretchen didn't say anything. She kept her face hard and I was worried that I had really pissed her off. But then her face softened and she responded, "I love you, Diane. But this week I have to be hard on you. The kiss was a minor thing, and it probably wouldn't have happened we hadn't stripped you naked and forced you into a cell with another naked girl. If I was being fair I'd let you get off with just an apology, but this week isn't about being fair. This week is about you being my slave and accepting punishments and treatment that's unfair."

"I understand," I said softly. There was a tear in my eye when I said it, but I did understand. I have a need to be dominated and Gretchen has a need to be dominant. We'd never carried things this far before, but the dynamic was basically still the same. The main difference was that this week we were feeding our needs to such extremes that I was choking.

When the cab arrived at our hotel Gretchen had me keep my hands behind my back, even though they weren't bound there anymore. She wanted everybody to get a good look at my naked body and with my hands behind my back I couldn't cover up anything.

Gretchen then had me stand in the lobby while she talked to the hotel manager. I was ordered to stand way to the side so that I couldn't hear what they were talking about, however they kept glancing in my direction, so I was fairly certain that they were talking about me.

While Gretchen was talking with hotel management, a young girl came up to me and began to finger my slave collar. It was very forward of her to do this to a total stranger, but I remembered that I was a slave and realized that "forward" kind of loses it's meaning when applied to slaves, so I didn't complain.

"Your name is Diane?" the girl asked in an Italian accent.

"Yes," I replied. I wasn't certain if I was supposed to address her as mistress or not. Gretchen was my owner and she had demanded I refer to her that way. This girl was a stranger and I wasn't certain where she fit in.

"You are a lesbian?" she asked.

My collar marked me as a lesbian. A black collar means gay, a white collar means straight and a gray collar means bisexual, although I'd be willing to bet this girl already knew that. I nodded my head in agreement.

"I would give anything to have sex with you," the young Italian girl said.

I looked her over and she was very attractive. She looked like a slightly younger version of Gretchen. She was my height and very slender, with long hair that came down past her shoulders. She had good bone structure and beautiful brown eyes. Her hands were delicate and her legs were long. When she moved she had the grace of a ballet dancer. If it were up to me I think I'd have to say yes.

"It's not up to me," I said. "You'd need to get permission from my owner."

The girl smiled at me, and said, "I will."

I watched her walk away and even though I was nervous, I couldn't help but admire the shape if her tiny ass in her tight blue jeans. She knew who my owner was without being told and walked right up to her. I was ignored once again while Gretchen discussed my fate with this Italian girl and several members of the hotel management.

Well, not entirely ignored ... I noticed a few members of the hotel's security in the lobby keeping an eye on me. Apparently they still didn't trust me after the incident this morning where I "refused" to strip.

Eventually Gretchen came back and told me were going upstairs. I fell into step with her as she walked to the elevator and asked, "What did you and the hotel manager talk about?"

"You'll find out later," she said.


Up in our hotel room, Gretchen laid out new rules for me. I was no longer aloud to take showers because of my leather collar. Leather gets damaged with exposure to liquid and repeated exposures will eventually cause it to fall apart. So, in order to protect the leather, Gretchen decreed that I could only take baths while I was in Sessia.

Another rule she came up with was that I was not allowed to bath alone. In theory, this was because she wanted to insure that I wasn't masturbating. However she also insisted on bathing me herself. There was no reason given for this, although I suspect it was just another way to make me feel more helpless and humiliated.

Kneeling in the tub with about six inches of warm water, I looked up at my girlfriend and waited for her to bathe me.

"Spread your legs further apart," she commanded, "and place your hands behind the back of your neck.

The position was one that made me feel vulnerable and exposed. I'm certain that Gretchen planned it that way. Since we came to Europe, she seemed to have become very talented in that area.

She started by soaping up my body from my neck to my knees. Her hands on my body were rougher than I'd expected. Certainly she didn't need to rub so hard to get me clean. It's not like I was filthy.

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