Enslaved to the Mob Ch. 13



For a moment, Angelique was stunned by the news she had heard. A sense of dread and fear washed over her, running down her spine as she considered the task that was thrust upon her. She had betrayed her Master, forced to with no alternative other than death, and now she was meant to break the news that his best friend and practically brother had been killed. How would he react? What would he do? There was no telling what the man would do to her. It frightened her more than Dmitri ever could, having to face Mikhail after what she had done, and tell him the sad news.

As she looked into Dmitri's eyes, there was just something unsettling as he spoke to her about the circumstances of Nikolai's death. He was relaxed, calm and casual, as if this was something not disheartening nor of importance to him. It was like he knew all about it, and knew about it for some time, as if it wasn't unexpected or news. She couldn't shake the feeling of something wrong in the pit of her stomach. What it was, she couldn't quite place a finger upon it. With this man, there was no telling what was going on in his mind.

She said nothing to him as she pushed past him, ignoring the smirk and burn of his eyes upon her bottom as she slipped back into a robe. Her mind was too consumed with what she had to do, what was expected and what was needed of her. Angelique knew she had to be strong, to be brave and figure a way of breaking it to him gently in the hopes of easing his mind and emotions.

"Is there anything else or did you want to make me suffer even more?" She asked stiffly as she tied the robe off around her waist.

"No no no. Run along now. You're already a little late." Dmitri mused, slowly walking towards the door of the room. Reaching for the door, he slowly opened it, standing aside to allow her to pass. "Perhaps later I'll try that little ass of yours."

There was no response, no retort of any sort as Angelique walked past Dmitri and set off along the hallway toward the door at the end of the hallway. She couldn't put her mind back into that mind set to deal with the coldhearted bastard. All she could think about was Mikhail. There was no idea in her mind how she could look at him after what she had just done behind his back, nor how she could possibly tell him what had happened to his best friend. It pained her so much to think of what she had to do. Merely seeing him and looking him in the eyes with the taste of Dmitri's seed still lingering in her mouth would take all the courage she had. Now she was expected to tell him what had happened to Nikolai, further disturbing the fragile emotional state he was in.

Reaching the closed door, Angelique paused for a moment, her hand lingering upon the cold metal of the door handle. Her heart raced as she paused, 'Be brave...' She thought to herself. 'You can do this...' Preparing herself as best as she could, Angelique slowly pressed down, and opened the door.


The door slowly opened, heavy as it slowly swung open to reveal the private bedroom. Light from the window behind the bed shined through the room, obscuring from view the sight of Mikhail at first glance.

He was quiet as he lay within the large, comfortable bed. Seeing him there was as if looking at a hospital room with a dying patient before you. His skin was soft, deathly pale by the amount of blood lost. Heavy bags under his eyes gave off the impression of aging well beyond his looks. Everything about him seemed as if Death was closing in upon him, ready to lay its fatal kiss upon his chest. When she first saw him through the blinding glare of the light, Angelique's heart sank at the sight of him. Tears welled up in her eyes as she saw him, the sight of her deathly ill Master ripping at her heart. Hesitantly she crept within the bedroom, closing the door behind her with as much care as she possibly could to keep from disturbing him.

The closer she came to him, the more and more she could see of the damage and carnage of the previous night. Her eyes went wide at the sight of the bloody bandages piled up within a wastebasket, remnants of the night that had taken its toll upon him.

"I was wondering when you would come to see me..." Mikhail's voice said, quietly from the bed.

Instantly her attention was snapped from the wastebasket, and all of the medical supplies, to the sight of him lying so peacefully within the bed. Slowly she came closer and closer to the bed, hesitant as to what she should do as she stood beside him. "I didn't want to disturb you..." Angelique softly remarked, her voice quiet and gentle. "I heard you last night, your screams... I didn't know if you wanted me around you or not."

A faint smile came across his face at her timid words. His hand was slow in moving from his side, weak and filled with fatigue from the long night as he gently patted the empty space of bed beside him. "Why would I not want to have the person who saved my life around me?"

Although she forced a soft, meek smile at his words, Angelique couldn't shake off that overwhelming feeling of dread over what she had to do. There would be no easy way around it in her mind. In his weakened condition, she couldn't help but to wonder how much more stress and anguish he could take. The news she had was the kind that few could handle with a straight face. How do you tell someone in such a state that their friend of so many years had been killed?

She slowly climbed into the bed with him, allowing the comfortable softness of the bed ease her tense muscles. Unabashed in her body with him, Angelique didn't hesitate to be close with her Mikhail. With the blanket over her, she scooted closer, draping her arm cross his chest as her warm leg carefully placed itself over his waist. Being away from him was the last thing she wanted. Angelique wanted to be close to him, holding on to him as if afraid of being ripped apart from her Master.

Just being there, her body so close to his, made Angelique break down. All of the stresses, all of the worries, were slowly coming out of her. Tears slowly came down onto him as she rested her head against his chest, tears of pain and relief. Pain from the stresses she carried with her, the secrets she knew she had to keep from him. Relief from being safe, safe within the embrace of Mikhail as his hand slowly caressed her naked backside.

"It's okay... It's okay..." Mikhail softly said, his voice still weak with the lingering sedative. Ever so slowly and gently his rough finger tips caressed the softness of her flesh, carefully petting the small of her back. "It's alright... You're safe... There's nothing to worry about."

'If only you knew...' Angelique thought to herself as she felt Mikhail's lips gently kiss the top of her head. 'If only you knew...'

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