tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEnslaving Elliot Ch. 03

Enslaving Elliot Ch. 03


Elliot Reid kneeled there in disbelief, naked with her hands tied behind her back, her mind trying to comprehend what had happened to her over the last few hours.

She had been just trying to do what she thought was right but somehow she had wound up being used as a sexual plaything by another woman.

Worse still was the fact that this other woman was Jordan Sullivan, a cruel and manipulative woman who just happened to technically be her boss.

There was no telling what perverted things Jordan would make Elliot do next, and while part of her longed for the pleasure Jordan had been giving her the blonde was still very conflicted about the whole situation.

On the one hand she'd had the best sex of her life with Jordan, on the other she had caused her a lot of pain and as exciting as it was not to know what Jordan was going to do next it was also incredibly terrifying.

The brunette had told Elliot to stay were she was, but she had left the key to her handcuffs sitting right in front of her on the desk, which confuse the hell out of Elliot.

Was this some kind of test to see if Elliot would try and escape or not? And if it was did Jordan want her to use the key and get out or stay were she was?

Jordan had told her to stay but leaving her the key was definitely a very mixed message.

But if Jordan didn't want her to escape then why would she leave her the key? Was it to see if she would willingly choose to stay? Or was it just to taunt her?

So many possibilities and Elliot had a nasty feeling whatever she chose to believe would be wrong and whatever choice she made would be the wrong choice.

It seemed to happen a lot in her life, just never before in such an extreme situation.

Ultimately the deciding factor for Elliot was that this was a busy hospital and anyone could walk in here at any time with a question for Dr Kelso, or worse still Dr Kelso himself could see her like this which was a horrifying thought.

Deciding that despite what Jordan had told her it would be a good idea to get the hell out of there Elliot awkwardly stood up, walked over to where the key was lying on the desk and tried to pick it up.

Unfortunately this meant turning around and looking over her shoulder as she tried to pick it up and unlock the cuffs with her bare hands. She managed to grab the key and tried to unlock the cuffs, but she couldn't get it into the lock. After a while awkwardly trying to adjust her as she accidentally dropped the key. She managed to pick it up again with the same result. This process repeated itself over, and over, and over again.


Suddenly the door opened and in walked Chief Of Medicine Dr Bob Kelso and the hospital's lawyer Ted.

Frick. Frick. Frick. Frick. Frick. Frick. Frick. Frick.

"Mm, another proud day for Dr Reid." Dr Kelso said.

"Dr Kelso, I can explain." Elliot said weakly.

"No need sweetheart," Dr Kelso said with one of his phoney smiles before coldly adding, "Just get out."

"But..." Elliot protested.

"Now." Dr Kelso said, cutting her off.

Elliot gulped.

"Could you just... could you just let me out of these first please." Elliot said quietly, referring to her handcuffs.

"Fine, Ted, you do something about this, and do it quickly..." Dr Kelso said dismissively as he gathered up the files he would need for the meeting he was heading too.

It took a few moments for Ted to obey Dr Kelso's orders due to the fact he was still shocked by seeing a naked woman for the first time again since his divorce, a woman which looked a lot hotter and a lot less evil than his ex-wife at that, but he finally awoke from his daze and quickly used the key to unlock the handcuffs.

"Good, you're free, now you can go." Dr Kelso said.

Whimpering Elliot quickly gathered up her clothes, dressed as quickly as she could and left the room... just as Dr Cox was walking past.

Frick on a stick!

Dr Cox frowned as he looked between Elliot, who was still pulling down the top of her scrubs, and were she had just come from before smiling.

"Wow, busy day for Barbie." Dr Cox said.

"This, this isn't what it looks like..." Elliot began.

"Yeah, don't care, I have a job for you." Dr Cox said, handing Elliot a couple of patient charts.

Elliot opened up one of the charts and inwardly cringed.

"Rectal exams?" She said.

"Yeah, and lots of them, enjoy." Dr Cox said with a smile before beginning to walk away.

Elliot stared at the charts for a moment and then called after him, "Is this because I had sex with Jordan?"

Suddenly it felt like the hospital came to a grinding halt and everyone was staring at them in disbelief of what Elliot had just said.

The blonde couldn't believe what she had just said either.

She put her foot in her mouth, a lot, but it had never been this bad. Well, there was a couple of times where it had been close to this bad, but this was still definitely the worst.

Dr Cox stayed were he was for a few seconds before he slowly turned around and walked back over to the blonde.

As he approached her Elliot's mind raced of what Dr Cox might do to her. Was he going to yell at her? Hit her? Kill her? All three in that order?

By the time they were standing face to face again Elliot was practically trembling with fear of what was about to happen, and it only got worse when Dr Cox smiled at her before finally beginning one of his rants.

"Listen up clueless Dr Barbie, when Jordan and I were married she had sex with half of this hospital, and when we broke up, she had sex with the second half, then the first half, then the second half, then the first half, then the second half, then the first half, then the second half, do you see were I'm going with this? I really don't care who Jordan has sex with. Never have, never will. And even if I did, I wouldn't give you unpleasant jobs just to get back at... oh who am I kidding, I'd totally do that, but I'm not. The fact is Barbie you've been MIA for hours and all the fun stuff was taken by, you know, doctors who were actually doing their job, so I'm afraid you're just going to have to make do." Dr Cox said, "Now, if it's not too much trouble, do you think you could possibly, you know, go do your job and try and avoid having sex with my ex-wife again until your shift is over? Because that would be just terrific."

Elliot stared at him briefly, made a high pitched grown of defeat, turned and walked away.

Dr Cox watched Elliot go, considered just letting her leave, and then against his better judgment whistled at her, which immediately made Elliot turn around and look at him.

"Barbie, take it from someone who knows, Jordan's a predator. She'll chew you up and spit you out, and then chew you up again, spit you out and then offer your remains to anyone who wants them, and then probably anyone who doesn't, you know, like me. For someone like me Jordan can be a lot of fun, but for someone like you, well, she'll probably destroy you. So here's some super special one-time advice. Stay away from Jordan. Runaway from her if you see her walking in your direction and keep running, find a place to hide and pray she doesn't find you, hell join a nunnery, do anything you have to, just don't let her get her claws into you otherwise she'll tear you apart." Dr Cox said, "Oh and Barbie, if you tell anyone, especially Newby, about old Dr Cox handing out the advice, I'll personally feed you to Jordan myself."

And with that Dr Cox turned and left, leaving Elliot to her thoughts and her unpleasant job.


A couple of hours later Elliot waved goodbye to her last patient, took off her rubber gloves and started washing her hands of this rather unpleasant job.

Elliot completely understood that being a doctor meant sometimes doing unpleasant things, and she had been able to show maturity around the patience, but that didn't stop the fact that she'd be rather doing just about anything than... what she had just been doing.

After frantically scrubbing her hands as hard as she could for a few long minutes Elliot turned off the tap, dried her hands, turned around and screamed.

"Something the matter stick?" Jordan asked, smiling wickedly.

"No, nothing, I just, didn't hear you come in." Elliot said nervously.

"Well that's probably because you're scrubbing your hands so much that I actually began wondering whether they were going to fall off." Jordan said, "Don't have a problem with giving rectal exams, do you twinkie?"

"No." Elliot said quickly.

"Good, because you know it's been a while since I had a rectal exam, and when I found out that Perry had put you in here doing just that I thought to myself, what a perfect opportunity to get it out of the way." Jordan said, "So I booked myself in after your last patient, and now here I am."

"Oh... erm... ok..." Elliot stuttered, trying to stay professional, "If you... if you could just take off your pants and we'll..."

Elliot trailed off as Jordan began stripping in front of her, taking off first her jacket, then her shirt, shoes, pants, bra, and finally panties, Elliot staring at the sight of the other woman completely naked before her.

Despite having sex with Jordan twice today already Elliot had never seen her completely naked before and she couldn't stop staring at her.

"Like what you see stick?" Jordan asked.

"Yes... I mean no... I mean..." Elliot squeaked.

"You know, I'm feeling a little uncomfortable being the only one naked here, so why don't you strip too, you know, to make your patient feel more comfortable." Jordan said, cutting Elliot off.

What Elliot should have replied to that was that Jordan didn't have to be naked, and outside of kinky sex games doctors and patients didn't get naked together, but Elliot didn't say that. She didn't want too. She wanted to have kinky sex games with Jordan, and she was almost 100% sure that that's exactly what this was going to be, however she was still a little hesitant.

Dr Cox was right, Jordan was a predator and she was most likely going to chew Elliot up and spit her out, and the blonde was terrified what the other woman was going to do to her, and the things that she might make her do, but at the same time something inside her just wouldn't allow her to say no to the dominating brunette.

"I said strip." Jordan said coldly, awaking Elliot from her thoughts.

Elliot paused for another few brief seconds before hurriedly stripping off her scrubs, shoes, bra and panties.

"Good girl." Jordan said, "Now get on all fours on the bed."

Elliot opened her mouth to ask why, but quickly changed her mind after a simple look from Jordan.

Doing as she was told Elliot got on all fours on the bed and waited for further instruction.

Once Elliot was in position Jordan grabbed one of the pieces of rope she had brought with her from the Janitor's closet and walked in front of the blonde with it, expecting to have to talk her into this next part, but to Jordan's surprise and delight Elliot took one look at the rope, bit her lip, and then lowered her head in submission.

It seemed to good to be true, so much so in fact that Jordan was more than half expecting Elliot to complain when she tied one end of the rope to the bedpost and then the other to one of the blonde's wrists, but Elliot didn't say a word. She also didn't say a word when Jordan tied her other wrist and feet in the same manner, leaving the young doctor tied up and helpless.

Pleased by Elliot's compliance Jordan knelt down and gently kissed the blonde who kissed her back without complaint, Elliot willingly allowing Jordan's tongue into her mouth where it of course bullied her tongue into submission.

As she continued to explore the blonde's mouth Jordan allowed her hands to roam over the younger woman's body, gently cupping and squeezing her boobs, slightly tweaking her nipples and even sliding her hand all the way down to her ass to give that a gentle groping.

Finally she broke the kiss and with a firm grip of the back of Elliot's head pushed the blonde's mouth to her neck were to Jordan's delight Elliot once again showed what an obedient little slave she could be by immediately beginning to kiss, lick and suck at her neck.

Jordan enjoyed this attention to her neck for a few moments before pulling back, lifting herself up slightly and pressing one of her nipples to Elliot's mouth.

Without needing to be told Elliot took Jordan's nipple into her mouth and gently began sucking on it, her tongue massaging the soft flesh as Jordan's hand pushed her into her breast.

Once satisfied Jordan pulled her nipple out of Elliot's mouth and pressed the other nipple to it, the blonde giving it the same treatment before Jordan switched nipples again.

Jordan fed Elliot her nipples, gently patting her on the head like the little pet she was turning her into, before standing up and smiling.

"I think it's time for that examination now." Jordan said wickedly as she turned around, bent over slightly and pushed her ass into Elliot's face.

"Erm... what... what do you want me to do?" Elliot asked, confused what Jordan wanted.

Jordan sighed and said, "I want you to give me a rectal exam stick."

"But... but... but you tied my hands up." Elliot pointed out, "How can I give you a rectal exam with out my hands?"

"Don't use your hands." Jordan said, and then adding when she saw Elliot was still confused, "Use your tongue."

It took a few moments for the meaning of Jordan's words to register with Elliot, and then shock and disgust covered her face. She opened her mouth to say something but Jordan cut her off.

"Elliot. Listen very carefully to me." Jordan said coldly, "Stick. Your. Tongue. Out. And. Lick. My. Ass. Hole."

Whimpering slightly Elliot did as she was told, slowly sticking out her tongue and sliding it slowly over Jordan's ass hole. Finding it not to be to unpleasant the blonde did it again, and then again, and then again, and so on, the young doctor slowly beginning to lick at her superior's butt hole.

"Mmmmm, that's it stick, lick my ass hole. Just like that. Nice long, slow strokes. Good girl." Jordan cooed as she took her vibrator out of her purse, turned it on, and pressed it to her clit, "Ooooohhhhh yes, that's it. Don't be afraid to twirl your tongue around my ass hole. Come on, twirl it. Mmmmm, that's good, but a little more. A little more, a little more, a little more, that's it, good little ass licker."

Elliot obeyed Jordan's every word and the blonde soon found herself surrendering to the situation, and then, rather perversely, beginning to enjoy it.

It wasn't like Elliot had ever fantasized about licking someone's ass hole before or anything, but under the current context it just seemed like such an act of submission, and she couldn't deny part of her was really enjoying that. Jordan wanted Elliot to lick her ass hole and Elliot was submitting to the other woman's desires by doing exactly what she wanted her to do and to her shame it was making the blonde doctor incredibly hot.

This latest act of submission added with her feeling of helplessness helped Elliot relax into her task and soon she was happily licking away at Jordan's ass hole, worshipping it with her tongue, making the older woman moan in delight.

In all fairness it wasn't just Elliot's tongue sliding over her butt hole which was making Jordan moan, although that was also a big part of it, it also had a lot to do with the vibrator on her clit.

It was the same one she had used on Elliot earlier, and it also happened to be her favourite vibrator because it was the perfect size for carrying around in her purse and it had multiple settings, something which she made full use of.

She kept it at the lowest setting at first but as Elliot became more confident at licking her ass Jordan slowly began to turn the power settings between slow and medium, adding to her stimulation even further as she enjoyed the feeling of power she was receiving by making this young doctor lick her ass hole.

Playing with the controls of her toy Jordan considered just shoving it into herself as deep as it would go, but there was one more thing she wanted to do before doing that, namely get Elliot's tongue is far up her ass hole as it would go.

"Very good twinkie, now wrap your lips around my ass hole and start sucking it." Jordan ordered.

Elliot hesitated, but only briefly, before doing as she was told, closing her mouth around Jordan's ass hole and gently beginning to suck on it.

"Mmmmm, that's it stick, suck my ass hole. Suck it while you tongue it. Now press your tongue against my ass hole and push as hard as you can." Jordan commanded.

Again Elliot hesitated briefly before pressing her tongue against Jordan's ass hole and beginning to apply pressure.

"More... more... more... come on twinkie, push your tongue into my ass hole." Jordan barked, and then moaned as Elliot did as she was told.

With a lot of effort Elliot was able to slide her tongue slowly through Jordan's tight anal ring and into the other woman's rectum.

"Ooooohhhhh God yes, that's it stick." Jordan said, "Now start fucking my ass with your tongue. Come on, slide your tongue in and out of my ass hole. That's it, just like that, in and out, faster, harder, that's it, good girl. Now twirl it around inside me. Make sure you clean out my ass hole real good. That's it, good girl, good little ass licker."

Elliot whimpered at the verbal abuse she received but she obeyed Jordan's every word, worshipping the other woman's ass hole with her mouth and tongue in a desperate need to please.

Despite all the physical and emotional pain she had endured today the fact remained that along with all that suffering Jordan had made Elliot feel more pleasure than she'd ever known and the blonde was very grateful to her for that, but more to the point she had awoken a desperate need for submission within her and Elliot couldn't think of anything more submissive than tonguing another woman's ass hole.

So with that in mind Elliot dedicated herself completely to Jordan's ass hole, pushing her tongue as deep inside the brunette's back door as it would go, twirling her tongue around inside her bowels and sucking and slurping on her butt hole, wanting to give Jordan as much pleasure as she possibly could from this perverted act.

Jordan moaned happily as Elliot really got into the rim job, and then moaned even more as she moved her vibrator from her clit to the entrance of her pussy and began to push it inside of her.

She kept it on a low vibration until it was all the way inside her, after that she began turning the dial up and down as she moved the toy in and out of her pussy, fucking herself with the vibrator as she had her newest little slave tonguing her ass.

The mental stimulation Jordan was receiving from having her ass hole licked was almost better than the physical stimulation she received from the act. There was just something about making someone else do whatever she wanted to the point where they would be willing to lick her ass hole which really turned Jordan on. She just had such power over Elliot right now Jordan could have probably made the young doctor do anything she wanted and that thought alone almost made her cum.

Of course, as good as this felt Jordan grew tired of it pretty quickly. She liked anal, both giving and receiving, but there was only so much stimulation Elliot's little, and slightly clumsy, tongue could provide her with back there. No matter, she was just getting started. There was plenty of nasty little things that Jordan planned to do to Elliot tonight, but first Jordan would finished enjoying this dominating position for her.

Slowly turning her vibrator on to maximum power Jordan began slamming it in and out of herself as she pushed her ass back against Elliot. As Jordan used one hand to fuck herself with the vibrator she used the other to reach back, grab ahold of Elliot's hair and pushed the blonde's face as deep into her ass as it would go, screaming at her little slave to eat her ass hole.

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