Enslaving Elliot Ch. 09


Carla scowled back, and then quickly before the option could be taken away took the head of the man-made dick into her mouth and began sucking on it.

"Good choice." Jordan smirked.

It was of course the choice Jordan had been expecting Carla to make, which was fine. While she prided herself on being a sadistic bitch fucking another woman was no fun if the woman in question was whimpering and crying in pain instead of pleasure. And while Jordan was sure it wouldn't be that bad given she could easily sense Carla's arousal from going down on her the brunette couldn't deny that making the big cock as wet as possible would definitely make the initial penetration easier on the Latina.

Clearly Carla knew the exact same thing and was willing to swallow her pride to ensure it would slide into her cunt nice and easy.

Of course that didn't stop Jordan from teasing the nurse, "Mmmmm, that's it, suck my cock you little bitch! Suck it like the little Latina cock whore you are. Mmmmm yeahhhhh, suck it slut, suck my big cock. Make it nice and wet because in a second it's going to be deep inside your slut pussy. Ohhhhh yes, every single inch of this big dick is going deep into that loose little cock depository you call a cunt so you better get it as wet as you fucking can bitch! It better be dripping with your fucking saliva so it slides nice and easy into your slutty fuck hole, mmmmmm, and don't think that's the only hole I'm going to shove it into, so you better do a real good job at sucking it you stupid little nurse bitch."

While Jordan kept her words concentrated on Carla her eyes constantly switched from the nurse's head bobbing up and down in her crotch to the sight of Elliot's head doing the same in Perry's lap. Maybe it was because the sensations of having her clit stimulated via the cock sucking was nowhere near as strong as the feeling of Carla's mouth and tongue worshipping her cunt, or maybe it was because the little blonde seem to have given up on any slight hesitation and now was sucking Perry's cock like a total whore, but Jordan found herself increasingly captivated by the sight, which worked out well for Carla.

So far Jordan had fucked her twice today already with this strap on, and both times Carla had been ordered to both prepare and clean it with her mouth. During each one of those sessions Jordan had brutally fucked her mouth, something Carla wasn't at all used to given that Turk and all her previous boyfriends hadn't even thought about asking for something like that. And ok, if Carla was going to be honest with herself she enjoyed the rough treatment Jordan gave her to some extent as it was something she never experienced otherwise, however after previous brutal times it was still something of a relief to be able to set her own pace.

As if Jordan could read her thoughts the older bitch began shoving Carla's head downwards. Luckily it was gentle at first, and by this point Carla had already relaxed her throat enough to begin taking the shaft down her gullet so it wasn't as bad as it could have been. And sure, the process brought tears to her eyes as she struggled with her gag reflex, and the increased brutality took away what little power she briefly had, but this added to the rare feelings of submission Carla was now experiencing, which despite herself the Latina was enjoying.

Even when Jordan began carelessly thrusting upwards as she pushed downwards, forcing every inch of the large dildo down Carla's throat, the nurse found herself enjoying it to some extent. It made her pussy even wetter than it had been before, and more importantly made the cock soaking wet, so at least her mission was now thoroughly accomplished. Not that that stopped Jordan from continuing to throat fuck her for a few extra long and unnecessary minutes, but at least by that point Carla was somewhat used to it.

Finally Jordan pushed Carla out of the way and turned to her ex-husband, "So, shall we take this to the bedroom? That way we can lay back and let these sluts ride us."

"Whatever." Dr Cox muttered unenthusiastically, although it was hard for him to stay unenthusiastic.

Not that he was exactly jumping for joy at the prospect of having sex with one of his least favourite doctors ever, which was really, really saying something, but damn, it was near impossible for Dr Cox to remain to upset when his dick was enveloped in soft, warm wetness.

That Blondie had proven to be a talented cock sucker was no surprise. Given the amount of time she'd been Jordan's little pet it would have been a shock if she wasn't. However what Dr Cox found truly surprising was just now tight the blonde doctor's pussy was, a loud guttural moan escaping his lips as the girl he referred to as Barbie lowered herself down on top of him.

Jordan's sluts tended to be much looser than this thanks to his ex-wife overusing them. Or at least that's how he remembered it. Then again maybe Jordan just wasn't spending much time fucking the blonde's pussy. She did seem to have a fondness for ass fucking her sex slaves, and while that had never stop Jordan from thoroughly pounding their pussies too this time could be different. Then again maybe the blonde doctor just had a naturally tight cunt, which could definitely explain why Jordan had kept her around for so long.

Another reason to explain that phenomenon in could be the eagerness that the young doctor showed, in this case barely waiting until Dr Cox was lying down before mounting him, grabbing hold of his dick, lining it up to her entrance and sliding all the way down. She hadn't even waited when she'd received maximum penetration, the clearly very well trained slut eagerly bouncing up and down on his cock which became almost painfully hard within her tight velvet grip. And maybe it was that tight grip which was cutting off the oxygen to his brain, but Dr Cox found that this annoying blonde was... not entirely unattractive out of her unflattering scrubs.

Of course his ex-wife just had to spoil his fun, "Slow down stick. We wouldn't want Perry to cum again any time soon. If he does he might roll over and go to sleep."

"Oh what a tragedy that would be." Dr Cox mumbled, trying unsuccessfully to keep the pleasure out of his voice.

Clearly noticing this Jordan smirked. Perry had been unwisely mocking her on her latest choice in playthings, claiming that he couldn't possibly understand what Jordan could see in Dr Barbie as he called her. Well tonight Perry was going to get the full Elliot Reid experience, Jordan determined to make him understand just why she had become so addicted to fucking the wonderfully submissive little blonde. Then when Perry actually wanted to fuck her she would deny him, tell him flatly that he would never know the joy of fucking her little blonde bitch again. That would teach him a lesson for forgetting his place.

Until then there was something rather satisfying about her ex-husband's reactions. He was clearly trying to hide how much he was enjoying it, and doing a dismal job, because sure that look on his face and the way he was digging his fingers into the bed sheets might have fooled some, but Jordan knew the difference between these looks and sounds of forced enjoyment that he liked and didn't like. And considering it was her he was trying to fool it was actually kind of pathetic.

On the bright side her little pet seemed to be enjoying herself. In fact both of them did, not that it was really a surprise. Jordan had suspected that her little blonde slave girl secretly wanted to fuck her ex-husband ever since she'd first seen them interact. As for Carla, whilst her pride was preventing her from totally accepting the pleasure she was receiving the Latina clearly enjoyed the feeling of pumping her pussy on that dildo too much to be able to prevent herself from joyfully moaning and groaning.

Focusing on her temporary sex slave Jordan admired Carla's firm round breasts gently bouncing up and down in time with her thrusts, the other woman's tight body and her pretty face masked with embarrassed pleasure. During this their eyes briefly locked before Carla looked away with a blush, something that had never happened before Carla had lost their little bet. It made Jordan grin with triumph, the urge to rub in her victory becoming overwhelming.

Not that Jordan had any intention of suppressing that urge, "Mmmmmm, good girl, ride that dick, mmmmmm ride it like the cock loving slut you are! Ohhhhhh yeahhhh, you look so pretty, mmmmmmm, you look so pretty bouncing up and down on my cock like a little whore. And that's what you are now bitch, my little whore. You gambled away this hot little body and now it's all mine to do with as I please. Ha, you were so sure you were going to beat me, and now look at you... bouncing on my cock like a submissive little slut. Mmmmmm, you're no better than your little friend, who is MY SLUT! Aren't you my little blonde bitch?"

Hearing Jordan call for her Elliot quickly replied, "Yes Mistress Jordan, mmmmm, I'm your slut! Not Carla's or anyone else's. Just yours, mmmmmmm, ohhhhhh mmmmm, only yours. I'm your little blonde bitch and you own me completely!"

"See, your little friend knows her place. And trust me, in time you'll know your place too." Jordan promised Carla before smirking, "Until then how about you lazy sluts pick up the pace a little bit, huh? Really fuck those slutty cunts on these big fucking cocks? Slam yourselves on these big polls until you cum like a pair of little whores? Doesn't that sound nice? It better, because I'm not asking, I'm telling! Bounce bitches! Fucking ride those cocks! Ride them like the cock addicted whores you are! Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, that's it bounce! Bounce! Jump! Fuck! Whatever you want to call it, just fucking do it! Mmmmmm ooooooh yessssss, slam yourselves on these dicks! Ohhhhhh fuckkkkk yeah, slam your hot little pussies, mmmmmm yeahhhhh!"

Quickly following her beloved mistress's orders Elliot began bouncing up and down harder on Dr Cox's long hard shaft, not only her own cries of pleasure getting louder but his as well. This made Elliot feel very happy. Well, maybe proud was a better word for it. After all she'd have never imagined herself actually being happy about bringing Dr Cox sexual pleasure, and while she had mixed feelings about it now there was absolutely no way he could say he didn't enjoy this without lying through his teeth. And in a way, now she would always have something over him, that being no matter how scary he seemed ultimately part of him wanted her. It was a conceited thought, but it actually made him less scary to Elliot. And in fact right now he wasn't scary at all, he was just a guy.

A guy that she could tell was going to cum soon. Very soon. In fact Elliot had been with quite a few guys at this stage and had learned to pick up the signs that a guy was about to cum. Thus she was able to realise Dr Cox was trying to hold back from cumming, so she suddenly was hit with a bizarre feeling of gratitude towards him for holding back so she could cum on his cock. Luckily all the dirty talk, getting to watch Carla riding Jordan's strap on and of course the hard pace she was slamming her cunt up and down combine to make sure it wasn't long before Elliot was trembling on the thick man meat pulsing inside her, her eyes rolling in the back of her head as she covered that cock with her cum.

As if she could sense her ex-husband was about to cum Jordan suddenly called out, "Hey twinkie, get off that cock right now and start jerking it in your face. Do it right now! Mmmmm, you know how much I love seeing a slut getting her face covered in cum, so to make your Mistress happy you're going to take a shot in the face right the fuck now! Oh yeahhhhhh, make that dick blow all over your pretty face! I wanna see you fucking dripping in cum!"

Without even waiting to get over her orgasm Elliot quickly pulled herself upwards and off of Dr Cox's dick, move downwards, grabbed hold of that cock and began roughly jerking it. The shaft was so sticky with her cum and pussy juices it almost slipped right out of her hands, however Elliot was far too well trained for something like that to happen and not only did she keep a firm grip but she first pointed the head of Dr Cox's dick at her mouth so that when he came the first blast would shoot directly down her throat. Just as she had been trained.

From the way Dr Cox's manhood was pulsing in her hand Elliot knew she didn't have to wait long, and truthfully she wasn't sure she'd even given it ten strokes before that first blast of cum flew out of the tip of Dr Cox's dick and shot directly down her throat just as she'd predicted. Of course after that the blonde strategically moved the cock ever so slightly this way and that, shots of cum covering her cheeks, forehead, chin, nose and even flying into her hair and covering one of her eyelids. It was really quite impressive, most guys didn't cum quite this much and Elliot was able to get an extra blast into her mouth before it was over, at which point the blonde doctor of course wrapped her lips around the head of the dick so she could get the final drops down her cum slut throat.

"Very good stick, now see if you can get him nice and hard again so he can fuck your ass." Jordan ordered with a grin before turning to the nurse who was still bouncing up and down on her cock, "I'll even give you a hand by putting on a little show."

With that Jordan suddenly flipped Carla over so that the proud Latina was on her back and the older woman was pounding into her hard. That hard pace only seemed to increase until Carla had no choice but to cum. Not that she really had any intention of stopping herself because as much as she hated the fact that it was Jordan Sullivan who was making her cum the truth was after so much build up Carla really just needed a nice powerful orgasm to wash over her, which was exactly what she got.

As her body trembled and her eyes rolled in the back of her head Carla took a little comfort in the fact that she had done all the work. In fact she had been seconds away from making herself cum, so in a way this was unnecessary. Although... if Carla was to be honest with herself, it wasn't necessarily unwelcome.

Carla was little tired from bouncing up and down so the changing positions provided her aching muscles with a nice rest. Well, most of her aching muscles, but the ones inside her cunt were being too overwhelmed by pleasure for her to really care. And... well, Carla did enjoy being manhandled once in a while, and it wasn't like Turk hadn't flipped her over like this during a passionate session of sex, his hard masculine body crushing her down against the bed sheets as he pounded her pussy to climax. Of course the body on top of her right now was very much feminine, not that it really bothered Carla at all. What did bother her was the triumphant smirk on Jordan's face which somehow seemed even closer than before in the previous position.

Of course it was hard for Carla to care that much given the pleasure she was receiving, Jordan continuing to fuck her through her wonderfully hard climax and thus making her cum again and again and again. Eventually it all became so overwhelming Carla even forgot that she hated the woman fucking her. That her eyes were closed at that point helped a lot, but even when it felt as if she was forced to open her eyes another orgasm rocked her body Carla was able to look over at Elliot sucking Dr Cox's dick back to full hardness, or kiss the annoying woman above her, both activities nicely adding to her pleasure.

Thanks to the stimulator on her clit and the sheer joy of dominating Carla like this Jordan came a number of times too. Not as hard as or as much, but due to the fact they were both tops Jordan had no doubt that her orgasms were far more satisfying. Not that she wanted them to be too satisfying as she wasn't done with Carla yet, and from the looks of it her ex-husband was ready for a little more fun so Jordan pushed herself to one more orgasm and then, somewhat reluctantly, pulled her juice covered cock from the nurse's cunt and rolled over.

For a few seconds Jordan allowed herself to lay there panting. Then she lifted her upper body up, turned her attention to Perry and asked, "So, ready for a little anal?"

"Why? Are you offering?" Dr Cox smirked.

Jordan briefly glared then returned his smirk with one of her own, "Sure, I'm offering stick's cute little behind for a nice hard fucking. Because she loves it in the ass, don't you twinkie?"

"Yes Mistress." Elliot quickly replied after removing her mouth from Dr Cox's dick, firmly stroking his shaft as she looked up at him and elaborated, "I love it in the ass. I'm a little anal slut who loves taking big cocks up her slutty butt."

Dr Cox made a deliberately unimpressed grown, which wasn't easy under the circumstances, before looking up at his ex-wife, "If I butt fuck her will you go away and let me enjoy what's left of my evening?"

"Sure." Jordan grinned, "If you agree to watch me fuck my little blonde slave in front of you sometime, without you jerking off."

It was Dr Cox's turn to glare. Blue balls, his least favourite game ever which Jordan really liked to play, the idea of it this time even worse as he knew the temptation to jerk off would be overwhelming because, he really, really hated even thinking this, but it was now impossible for him to deny this little blonde slut was hot and just the idea of watching her get fucked by his bitchy ex-wife was making him feel like he was going to cum. Or maybe that was just Blondie's hand. Either way those future scenarios sucked.

Of course while he'd be pretty much done, at least for a while, after his next orgasm if he didn't agree to Jordan's terms the bitch would no doubt hang around, fucking her two little subs until finally his tired dick became hard again, probably causing him aching pain in the process. Not that Jordan would necessarily let him join in again, and he really, really didn't want to have two hear Jordan having lesbian sex all night. He had a 12 hour shift tomorrow and needed sleep, and possibly a few drinks before bed.

Most of all, as much as it pained him to admit it, Jordan pretty much always got her way so sooner or later he knew he'd have to be watching her have sex with Barbie without his inclusion. He might as well agree to it now so he could at least get something out of it.

"Fine, let's just get this over with." Dr Cox grumbled as he turned his attention back to the blonde, "Bend over Blondie."

Quickly obeying Elliot turned around so she was on all fours with her ass facing Dr Cox. She then felt his hand on one of her ass cheeks, spreading it wide before pressing his cock against her back door.

That was when she heard her mistress cry out, "Hold up jackass, my little blonde plaything might be a back door slut, but she needs a little preparation first... I know, my little nurse bitch can help out. Carla, sweetie, go lick your friend's butt hole. Make it nice and ready for my ex-husband's cock."

Although she didn't dare look behind her to check Elliot was pretty sure she heard Carla grumble and move towards her. She certainly was aware of Dr Cox moving away from her, and considering what Carla had already submitted to it was unlikely that this would be a deal breaker. Which meant Elliot was about to get her ass hole licked, a fact which made her very, very excited.

Elliot loved getting a rim job. Truthfully she was more used to giving them out, especially to her beloved mistress, but she'd been getting quite a few from Carla lately, Elliot smiling dreamingly as she thought about her friend's talented tongue lapping her butt hole.

Soon after she began thinking about it Elliot began experiencing it, the blonde crying out joyfully as she felt Carla beginning to lick her ass. The other woman wasn't gentle about it either, Carla spreading Elliot's ass cheeks as wide as possible to start trying to jam her tongue inside that tight hole right from the start before switching to firm licks then going right back to trying to force her tongue inside her ass. She repeated this over and over, occasionally spitting on Elliot's butt hole or roughly sucking on it for a few seconds, giving the young doctor one of the most wet and thorough rim jobs of her life.

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