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Enterprise - the Other Side Ch. 05


This is a work of fiction, loosely based on two specific episodes of a well known television series. I do not own the series, characters, or any part of them; but I do own the work presented here. I have taken a few liberties with the characters, as might be expected for a work of erotic literature. Don't be surprised if you find names from other shows mixed in, I don't need to be reminded and I'm not mixed up! Hope you enjoy my favorite characters having fun, and since this episode includes a cast you aren't familiar with -- and one from another show -- here's the list:

The Orion Syndicate Girls:

Benjhari ('Benjie'>-- Baroquaian

Shenjah ('Shen') -- Andorian/Vulcan

Luli -- Bajoran

Vida - Orian

Tijay - Andorian

B'Ellana -- Human/Klingon

Enterprise -- the Other Side -- Chapter 5

Trip and Malcom visit the Orion Slave Girls

"You ready Malcom?" Trip asked, setting up for their approach to the Orion 'pleasure palace' on the small planet of Jural 4.

"Sure am sir." replied Malcom. "Transponder sending our codes for clearance." he added. This is going to be a good time he thought. Captain Archer had surprised the two men with a two-day pass to one of the infamous resorts run by the Orion Syndicate, known for the women who were held as sexual slaves for hire by anyone who chose to visit and pay the price. Archer had called it a 'reward' for the job they had done, and it was appreciated.

Since the plasma fire accident Trip hadn't gotten much attention from the women. Oh, they pitied him because of his badly disfigured face; but even T'Pol wasn't interested any longer. Fine he thought. I'll get some serious pussy here! he concluded. "Five minutes to disembark." he told Malcom, guiding the shuttle expertly toward the landing pad indicated by approach control. "Prepare for atmospheric entry, close all plasma vents." He ordered. "Disengaging impulse drive." he added, going down the checklist.

"Aye sir, plasma vents closed, inertial dampeners to maximum." Malcom responded, executing his role as copilot by the book. Malcom's problem with women wasn't his looks. He just didn't get on well with the women on the Enterprise, and there were no new crewmembers on Defiant. Sure, he would love to do T'Pol, or Hoshi; but they were the Captain's bitches and Malcom wasn't about to step on those toes. But if I can find an Orion whore who reminds me of either of them, I'll choose her. he thought.

"Two thousand kilometers from the pad." Trip said. "Engaging braking thrusters." he added, slowing the shuttle for final approach.

"Calibrating stabilizer systems for atmospheric conditions." Malcom said.

"Five hundred kilometers from the pad." Trip reported. "Engaging landing stabilizers." he added, a slight shudder going through the shuttle as the flight parameters changed and they slowed from supersonicspeeds.

As soon as their speed had dropped below the threshold, Malcom made the next step. "Landing struts deployed." he said. "Viewer on." He added, activating the 'windshield' that translated the high-definition visual sensor data into a picture of what was outside the shuttle. It was the first time either of them had seen Jural, and it was impressive. A tropical paradise -- much like Risa, except that it was run by the Syndicate and the women were there for only one reason. And we'll use them for that he thought.

"Stand by for landing." Trip said, the landing pad in sight now. "Two kilometers and closing." he reported.

Both men watched the viewer as the shuttle slowed its descent and glided the last few hundred meters to the pad. Ahead of them was what looked like a jungle, numerous huts spotting the landscape. Just to the right of that was a long beach with black sand leading to the bright blue-green water. The landing pad itself sat amongst a dozen similar pads, behind what appeared to be the 'office'. Trip eased the shuttle to a perfect landing and went through the shutdown checklist before opening the airlock followed by the outer door. "Welcome to Jural 4, Lieutenant." he said. "And from now until we leave, I order you to call me Trip." he added, clapping his partner on the shoulder as he stood and headed toward the door.

They followed the signs around the building to the main office entrance, ogling the scantily clad women of all species who eagerly awaited their opportunity to provide 'service' to the two Terrans. "Let's get this business taken care of so we can get to the fun." Trip suggested, pushing open the office door and striding to the desk. They checked in and got their room access settled. Archer had taken care of all of the charges ahead of time, so all they had to do now was enjoy themselves.

Their huts were adjacent to each other; but separated by a good fifty meters, and only a hundred meters from the beach. They both had outdoor patios with a bar, table, and lounge chairs. And the women seemed to be following them as they went to their respective huts to drop off their gear. They had planned for this, and decided they would make no hasty decisions. They would get back together at Trip's hut and let them come to serve.

Malcom had changed to shorts and a mesh tank top, showing off his muscular form. His shoes were now sandals, and he was ready to relax. He walked up to Trip's hut to find his friend already relaxed on one of the lounges, a cool-looking drink in his hand and three lovely women awaiting his next command. "Malcom Reed reporting for -- uh -- duty, Trip." he said, avoiding all mention of rank while being respectful.

"Heh, yeah right." Trip replied, taking a drink and running the fingers of his other hand up between the thighs of the auburn-haired beauty next to him. "I see you've brought your harem." he added, nodding toward the path Malcom had come down. "Best order a drink and prepare to relax Mal." he suggested, his thumb now massaging the crotch of the woman's skimpy bathing suit.

Malcom sat down on one of the chairs next to the table, his eyes going quickly to the three beauties approaching him. None reminded him of Hoshi or T'Pol; but there was one chocolate-skinned babe that looked interesting. She noticed his gaze immediately, and blew him a kiss from twenty meters away. A broad smile grew across her face, and she reached up to brush her long dark hair (with bright green highlights) away from her eyes. Damn, she is stunning he thought, watching her swaying body as she slinked to his side.

"A drink sir?" she asked, lightly brushing his bare arm with her long fingernails. She wore a gold-hued bikini that barely covered her firm round breasts, and as she turned to give him a view from the back, she revealed that it was a thong -- and her ass was as perfect as he'd ever seen.

"Something cold and wet, with alcohol." Malcom replied, unable to think with her lush curves only inches away. Shit. And I agreed with Trip not to make any hasty decisions. Well dammit, this girl is so hot I may just cum from looking at her! he thought, taking the drink and having a sip. "Mmmm. Excellent darling." he told her, patting his hand on his lap. He noticed the sharp look from Commander Tucker, and chose to ignore it.

She sat daintily on his lap, reaching her hand up to stroke her fingers through his hair. "I am Benjahri. You may call me Benjie." she told him. She gently wriggled her hips, sensing the growing organ beneath her. "What may I call you sir?" she queried, her fingers now tracing along his ear and down to his chin.

"You may call me Malcom." he replied. "Pleasure to meet you Benjie." he added, his own hips squirming just a bit under the sensuous flesh of her bottom. "You are very beautiful, where are you from?" he asked.

"I am from the Martoki system, a planet called Baroquai." she told him.

Malcom hoisted his drink. "To Benjie from Baroquai." he toasted, looking Trip's way. Trip was busy French-kissing one of his girls while he fingered a second one. When he turned around he was presented with one of Benjie's perfect boobs, one hand cupping the underside of her breast as the other pulled his head toward her bosom. He nearly dropped his drink in his rush to get to that gorgeous tit. Her skin pigment was quite striking, the milk-chocolate hue of her skin contrasting with the bright -- almost luminescent -- pink of her nipple. "Damn." was all he could muster before he took her sensitive flesh into his mouth, sucking like a baby.

Malcom sensed another body joining them, another set of fingers sliding up between his legs to tickle at his testicles. He spread his legs as much as he could without dislodging Benjie and the other fingers found his rapidly growing organ, gently stroking the length through his shorts. Benjie had removed her bikini top and was pressing his head between her breasts, soft moans emanating from her diaphragm.

"Hey Malcom. Why don't you guys get a room." Trip interrupted the passionate group. "I'm gonna go down to the beach with these girls and see what kinda trouble we can stir up." he said. He rose from the lounge and took the hands of two of the girls as they headed for the sand. The third girl busied herself behind the bar, grabbing the ingredients to keep their man happy, and his thirst quenched.

He watched the twitching bottoms as his partner headed for the beach with his harem. "Let's go back to the hut." he suggested to his girls, trying to get up. Benjie and her friends had different ideas, and she held him down with her hands on his shoulders while her friend reached into his shorts to find his turgid penis. She dropped to her knees and had his cock in her mouth before he could object. "Suck it girl, suck my cock." he ordered, his hand reaching around to pull Benjie's breasts back to his mouth. He let his hand drift down her back until he was massaging the flesh of her backside, his hips pumping up to bury his meat inside the other girl's mouth. The other girl? She was sucking on his dick and he didn't even know her name! he thought. His fingers traced the soft crevice between Benjie's buttocks, briefly tickling at her anal wrinkle before moving down between her legs to find the moist folds of her pussy. She was soaking wet! He couldn't stand it much longer, the girl performing fellatio was quite good at it, and her fingers cupping and fondling his balls was just more than he could take. "Oh yessssss...." he hissed, pumping his hips up to bury his modest-sized organ in her mouth. Then he began pumping his seed into her mouth, both hands grasping her head as he fucked her oral cavity. "Swallow it girl, take it all." he growled.

When Malcom was coherent again he found himself still in the chair, the three girls relaxing in various places around the patio. Benjie was the first to notice him, and jumped up with a broad smile. "You're back, Malcom!" she exclaimed. Still topless, her breasts jiggled invitingly as she made her way over to him. "I hope it was a good first time for you sir." She said softly, leaning over to plant a juicy kiss on his lips. "Thirsty?" she asked. He nodded. He looked around as Benjie went behind the bar. I don't even know which one of those other girls was blowing me! he realized. Then he understood that it didn't matter. They were both gorgeous.

Benjie returned with Malcom's drink, dipping a nipple into the cold liquid before handing it to him. "For added flavor." she said, giggling. She noticed his look of astonishment, and understood his predicament. "It was Luli." she told him, pointing to the girl with the carrot-orange hair and the wrinkled nose. "She's Bajoran." Benjie added. "The other girl is Shenjah, she's part Andorian and part Vulcan."

"Right, thanks for the introductions." Malcom told her, taking a long sip of his beverage. Wow! he thought. These women are so hot.

Benjie pulled a chair up next to his and sat down with her own drink, taking a long sip through the straw and crossing her luscious legs. "So, Malcom Reed, what shall we do now that we've broken you in?" she asked, laughing softly. Luli and Shen had joined them at the table.

He looked at the three beauties, each with her own special look, and thought about the question. "Well, I guess maybe a visit to the beach would be good." he replied. Then he watched as the ladies prepared for a walk down on the shoreline, Shen pulling out a cooler and loading it with ice and beverages, Luli grabbing the portable lounges and towels, and Benjie just looking delicious. The four of them headed down the same path they'd seen Trip and his girls take earlier, and found themselves walking past some interesting sights. Off to the right was an Andorian woman pleasuring a Klingon with her mouth as he manhandled a couple of very young looking native Juralian girls. A bit further there was a human woman being double-teamed by two males whose species he could not identify. They had very slender sex organs, one of them was penetrating her back door and the other was slithering down her throat. She seemed to be enjoying it. When they arrived at the beach they saw Trip and his ladies, enjoying what appeared to be a somewhat violent 'show'.

"She was brought here to be punished." Benjie told him. "Probably refused to do something her master ordered her to do. Those men are vicious. She'll be lucky to survive." she added.

Vicious indeed! he thought. The woman appeared to be human, although the cuts and bruises disguised her features. She was being held off the ground, one huge penis being forced up her butt while the other was choking her. Although they had heard her squeals a minute ago, she didn't seem to be making any sounds at all now.

Trip noticed the group as they arrived. "Just in time for the finale." he said. "Pull up some sand and have a seat." he chuckled. "Enjoying yourself so far, Mal?" he asked.

"Uh... yeah. No doubt about that Trip." Malcom replied. Benjie was on his right arm, and Luli had taken up position on his left as Shen setup the bar and a couple of lounge chairs.

Trip watched and nodded. "Nice." he said, admiring the women as they doted on Malcom.

"Indeed." Malcom responded, cupping a lush breast in each hand. He liked his women slender, and these three certainly filled that bill. But he particularly liked Benjie's silken chocolate skin, and hoped to have some time alone with her later. "So... what's the deal here? Do we choose one, or.....?" he asked.

Benjie chimed in. "Oh no Malcom Reed, we are all yours for whatever pleasures you." she said, caressing his bare thigh. "If it is your choice to be alone with one of us, of course we will do as you wish; but why?" she added, that broad smile again crossing her lovely face.

"Or you can go find other ladies that you might find more -- um -- suitable." Trip said. "If you are so inclined, that is." he added. "Looks like you're pretty happy with what you have though." he continued, hoisting his glass. "To the beautiful slaves of the Orion Syndicate." he toasted, drinking the remainder of his beverage. Before his hand was back down to the table, one of his girls grabbed it to refill it.

"Well Trip, let's make some introductions here." Malcom began. " This is Benjie, from Baroquai. To my left is Luli, from Bajor. And manning the bar at the moment is Shen, she's half Andorian and half Vulcan."

"Outstanding!" Trip exclaimed. "Okay, here on my lap is Vida, coming to us from Orion 3, on my right is Tijay from Andoria, and helping Shen over there is B'Ellana. She's half human and half Klingon."

"Quite a mix we have here." Luli said -- the first time Malcom had heard her speak. "We should have a party this evening, use one of the natural spring pools." she suggested, hoping to get a group thing going with B'Ellana. She had admired the petite woman since the day they both arrived, and hoped to have a taste of her over the next two days.

"Quite a mix, yes. So how is it that we both have girls that happen to match our preferences?" Trip asked.

"Sir -- er -- Trip is it?" Shen began. "Your Captain made very specific requests for the two of you, and we were chosen based on that request. We hope we meet with your expectations." she said.

Malcom looked over toward Trip, and saw Vida's head bobbing in his lap. Trip's head was back in the hands of the lovely Tijay, who massaged his scalp and lightly kissed his forehead. What a fucking way to spend two days he thought. Then he felt Benjie's hot breath in his ear.

"Looks like fun, Malcom Reed. Mind if I...." her words drifted off as her fingers traced their way down his belly to his half-erect organ. Her lips followed, then he groaned as her lips wrapped around his cock and rippled their way down to the base of his penis.

Malcom felt four soft hands roaming over his shoulders, neck, and torso. Lips nibbled his ears and tongues tickled his neck as Benjie sucked his cock to full throbbing extension. He let his own hands roam, finding firm titties, velvety soft thighs, taut bottoms, and damp pussies as he lost himself in the passion. The waves gently lapping at the shore only a few meters away was perfect background music, and the girls knew exactly how to drive the men to the edge and hold them there for what seemed like hours. He forced his eyes open and saw the lithe B'Ellana riding on Trip's cock, her firm looking ass gliding up and down as his penis slipped in and out of her cunt. His other two partners were touching, licking and kissing other parts of his body, much as Luli and Shen were doing to him. He felt Benjie's lips pulling off of his dick; but before he could object his cock pushed inside a much tighter opening. He looked down and found that Shen had backed into him and was pushing his erection into her asshole. His hands found her slender hips and pulled, his entire seven inches burrowing into her bottom. She squealed; but immediately started moving her hips, fucking herself in the ass with his penis. Oh yeah, finally some ass he thought. "Ahhhh so tight." was all he could manage.

"Oooooo you like my back door mister Malcom Reed?" Shen teased, clenching the muscles of her sphincter. Seems she had some of the special 'talents' of the female Vulcan physique. "You want to cum inside my bottom?" she asked, wriggling her hips as her rectal muscles rippled up and down his erect tool. "I can make you do it." she told him.

Benjie nibbled his ear lobe. "Go ahead Malcom, pump her delicious bottom full of your cum." she whispered. "Don't worry darling, we will have plenty of orgasms together." she told him, perceiving his anxiety perfectly.

Malcom let go, his cock spasming wildly in the girl's asshole as her muscles sucked the semen from his balls. "OHGAWDYESSSSSS!!!" he groaned, grinding his dick in Shen's tight butthole as he emptied his load into her bowels.

Shen felt his jizm coating her rectal channel, and held him there with her muscles until there were no more spasms and she felt him relax. Then she let his shaft glide out of her anus as she got up, spinning around and dropping to her knees between his legs. "Let me clean you up, Malcom Reed." she offered, taking his sticky meat into her mouth and rolling her tongue around it, cleaning it thoroughly and sucking off the remainder. When he was clean, she pulled her lips free with a loud plop and looked up at him with a smile. "I hope it was satisfactory for you, Malcom Reed." she said sincerely.

Malcom laughed. "Uh... yes, most satisfactory Shen. Most satisfactory indeed." he replied. Luli handed him a fresh drink and placed a cool wet towel on his sweating forehead. He looked over and watched Trip finish up in B'Ellana's asshole, slamming his cock up the petite girl's butt until his balls were empty before pulling out and being cleaned by Vida as B'Ellana collapsed on her belly. "Whew!" Malcom howled, looking out over the shoreline once again. He was stunned by the body of the woman who was 'punished' earlier.

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