tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEnterprise - the Other Side Ch. 11

Enterprise - the Other Side Ch. 11


Author's Note: For those readers who are not familiar with the 'In a Mirror Darkly' espisodes of Star Trek Enterprise, this is an episode in which Archer and the crew are seen as they would be in a 'mirror' universe. Archer is a power-hungry jerk. These episodes (a two-parter, actually) puts the 'Ho' in Hoshi – and at the end she announces herself as 'Empress Hoshi Sato'.

One more note for those who are wondering. The 'Enterprise – the Other Side' series has 16 'episodes' currently in the story line. This is episode #10, so stay tuned....

This is a work of fiction, although loosely based on two particular episodes of a popular sci-fi series. I own neither the series nor the characters; but I do own the work presented here. I have taken significant liberties with the characters, and hope you enjoy it!

Enterprise – the Other Side – Chapter 11

T'Pol Does a Gang Bang

Amanda showed up on time as always, dressed in a very slinky pantsuit that clung to her body like a second skin. Trip looked her up and down and let out a low whistle. "Looking good baby. Looking damn good." he told her, grabbing her to thrust his tongue into her waiting mouth. His hands found her backside and fondled the firm flesh as she ground her pelvis against his. The combination brought his member to life in a hurry, and Trip pulled her into his quarters and closed the door behind them. He put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her down to her knees. "Time for a little appetizer girl. You know the drill." he told her, unzipping his fly to pull his dick out. He looked down to position his cockhead against her lips and pushed. Amanda opened her mouth and took his dick inside, sucking as he grabbed her head to fuck her face. "Yeah baby. Suck it nice and I'll give you a snack."

Amanda knew her place, allowing the XO to use her as he wished. There would be no favors; but at least she wouldn't be passed around the officer's pool if she kept him happy. She knew he was fucking the other women, and she had taken a couple of the other men when they suited her purposes, plus the Major had come around for seconds - and thirds - in her butt. She worked Trip's meat with her tongue as she sucked, and it wasn't long before he let go a blast of his seed into her throat. She gagged and gurgled as she swallowed his load of semen, licking at his cock to clean him up before he yanked it free. She licked her lips and swallowed again as he reached down to pull her to her feet.

"Go clean yourself up girl, and we'll go get a bite to eat." Trip ordered, giving her a hard swat on the ass. "Oh... and thanks for the quickie." he added as he leered at her derriere. I'll have that ass later he thought, licking his lips. He pushed his organ back into his pants and zipped up the fly, going into the alcove to wipe his hands on a damp cloth. The Corporal appeared from the bathroom, almost as good as when she'd arrived. "Let's have some chow!" Trip said, heading for the captain's mess.

"So we're having dinner with Archer?" Amanda asked, unsure about that idea. The last time she was in that room she was gang raped.

"No. Archer is busy and gave us the room and services for the evening meal." Trip replied. "Food is better than the mess hall, ya know." he added with a chuckle. He opened the door and waved her in - to the empty room.

Amanda let go a sigh of relief that there wasn't a gang of thugs awaiting their arrival. She liked a good screw as well as the next girl; but having a bunch of horny bastards abuse her for their amusement wasn't her idea of fun. But of course that was the order of business on Archer's crew. No matter the other values a female may bring to his success, their primary purpose was to satisfy the lewd and perverse sexual appetites of the male crew. She was just happy to have gotten the attention of the officers. As a non-com, she would normally have been the subject of regular 'group sessions' with the male non-coms, where the ratio of men to women was more than six to one. She'd heard the horror stories. On one occasion four non-com men had cornered her in the mess hall and were about to render her unable to resist when Trip and Malcom happened upon the group and pulled rank on the men. Of course she was then obliged to 'reward' the two officers; but even that was preferred to the non-com party. Her thoughts were interrupted when their meal arrived.

"Eat up girl, if you're lucky you'll need the energy." Trip taunted her, cutting a big bite of his steak. This was a 'date', and they would be watching a movie in Archer's personal theater after dinner; but he did plan on getting some action later. All of his evenings ended with satisfaction, one way or another. They ate in silence, both of them wolfing down the excellent food while washing it down with a bottle of wine from Archer's large inventory. That bastard has the best of everything, and if he wasn't careful that would be challenged Trip thought. The steward brought in the dessert. Pecan pie for him and a slice of cheesecake for Amanda, served with a cup of coffee. After they'd finished Trip stood up and caught Amanda's eye. "Ready for a flick?" he asked. Amanda stood up and took his hand as they walked the short distance to Archer's theater. She knew what to expect as far as the 'feature film' went, as Archer's collection comprised primarily pornography and she knew Trip enjoyed his porn. No doubt she would be expected to perform some act he would see in the movie.

They walked into the theater, Trip's big hand fondling her ass as they walked. He gave her a swat. "Make yourself useful and get us some popcorn and drinks girl." he ordered, running his hand between her legs.

Amanda went to the bar, selecting a package of popcorn to put into the vintage cooker Archer had insisted upon before going to the refrigerator. "Beer?" she asked.

"Yeah that'll do for starters." Trip replied.

She pulled out two cold ones and withdrew the popcorn from the cooker, walking back over to where Trip was waiting. He already had his pecker out of his pants and he laughed when she stopped. "What?" he asked. "I'm just making things easy on you bitch." he spat at her. "Now sit your purty ass down here." he ordered. She did as he told her, tolerating his groping fingers as he sorted through the menu of 'movies' available to them. "Oh yeah... here we go... some good old fanny fuckin' in this one.." he said to himself, choosing a video called 'The Booty Nebula' and pressing play. Amanda had one hand on Trip's cock as she had a few kernels of popcorn and sipped on her beer.

Just as Trip was about to suggest that Amanda get busy on his organ the door opened and Travis appeared. "Hey brother, come on in and let's party!" Trip suggested.

Amanda hated hearing those words, as it inevitably meant she would be doing both men in the most uncomfortable of positions right here in the damned theater. She'd been here before. Travis took her by the elbow and picked her up. "Show off your cute suit girl. Let Travis see how hot you look." he ordered, twirling his finger in the air. She turned around slowly, knowing the two men were leering at her body. She flinched as Trip gave her backside a hard smack followed by a thorough fondling accompanied by his usual taunting laugh. He pulled her back down into the seat and motioned for Travis to come over. "Come on man, why don't you sit right there on the other side of Corporal Cole." he suggested. The young black Ensign was there in moments. Trip reached over and unzipped the front of Amanda's suit, tugging the fabric aside to expose her breasts. She gave him the eye and he took a handful. "You know the drill bitch. If we want to touch, we touch. If we want a little somethin', we get a little somethin'. If we both want to fuck you then that's what happens. Right?" he taunted her, pinching a nipple to punctuate his question.

"Y-YES." she stammered. "OKAY!" she added, hoping he would stop his painful manipulation.

The video had been playing the whole time, the scene being one with a pretty young human girl being buffeted between a Klingon fucking her face and an Andorian skewering her asshole. Travis laughed. "Hey Trip, which end do you want first?" he asked, hoping the action would begin soon. He was aware most of the guys had done Amanda more than once, and other than the blowjob she had given him he'd not been in there. She was a hot one.

Trip thought about it for a moment, then reached over to unzip her suit the rest of the way down to her navel. "Why don't you get out of that suit and bring those lips over here bitch. Stick that hot ass of yours up so my friend Travis and have a taste while you're at it." he ordered, helping her pull the suit off and taking her thong panties with it. He knew Travis wanted a turn in her backside as it had been a topic of discussion at the weekly poker game. Everyone at table had done her in the butt at least once.

Amanda had resigned herself to her fate this evening, letting the men pull her into the position they wanted. She opened her mouth to take Trip's dick for the second time in the last few hours, his hands grasping her hair to pull her head down as she felt Travis' fingers poking into her cunt and asshole. Then she felt something much more pleasant than she was accustomed to when the man's wet tongue pushed into her bottom. "MPHHHHLLLGPHHH" she mumbled around the meat in her mouth. She couldn't recall the last time a man had performed analingus on her. Then a thick finger was first pushed into her pussy, then forced all the way up her butt, and she knew the game was on.

Travis looked at the girl's hot backside, the little brown wrinkle tight and puckering as he watched his friend forcing his pecker into her mouth. Rather than trying to force his black pole up her rear without any lube he pushed it into her wet pussy first, taking a couple of strokes into her belly before pulling out and repositioning. Trip was watching as much as he could see. "Fuck her tight ass my friend. Put your black dick up her rearend." Then he pulled the girl's head up and off his own meat. "You want Travis to fuck you up the ass, don't you baby?" he taunted her. She nodded and Trip shoved her head back down. "Come on Travis. Fuck this bitch in the ass." Travis positioned the head of his penis against the puckering little ring and pushed. Amanda's bottom shook and shuddered as he forced a good six inches of his thick tool into her rectal channel. Trip chuckled. "Yeah man, fill up her tight ass with that monster."

Travis gazed down at his rock-hard organ stretching Amanda's butthole, watching the ring clinging to his dick as he slipped it in and out an inch or so. "Damn this girl is TIGHT back here!" he said hoarsely. He slowly withdrew his meat from her backside and leaned close to deposit a glob of his spittle in the gaping hole before pushing back inside. A muffled squeal escaped around Trip's cock as he pushed nine inches up inside her rectum. Her muscles clenched around his organ, holding him still for the moment and he reveled at the buttery smooth heat of her rearend. NO WONDER THOSE GUYS ALL RAVED ABOUT THIS ASS! he thought to himself. He watched as Trip began slamming his dick into her face, obviously unloading his jizz into her throat. She was gagging as he forced his meat all the into her mouth and held her there. This had the effect of causing her rectal sheath to spasm around his penis. Without warning his climax arrived. He grabbed her hips and began pounding into her bottom, pulling all nine inches out of her and slamming it back inside to the hilt. "OhhhhhhhhFUCK!" he grunted, grinding his pelvis against her soft cheeks. His semen began to flow in spurts deep inside her bowels as his hips began rapid-fire thrusts. He had no control over it at this point.

Amanda choked as Trip forced his member into her throat and began pouring his sticky juice down her gullet. Her body jerked and convulsed at the forceful abuse, then she felt her butthole being savagely pounded and thought she was going to pass out. Suddenly the cock in her mouth was yanked out and she coughed and screamed at the same time. "Ohhhhkkk geezzzzzuzzzzzzzFUCK!" she howled. Travis hammered her back door with his sizeable dong, emptying his balls inside her bottom. She was certain it was spurting out of her around his spitting, twitching meat. "CUM IN MY NASTY ASSHOLE YOU BASTARD!" she screamed, wriggling her hips as he finished. She felt his shaft backing out of her slowly, and consciously clenched her sphincter.

"Lemme see that nasty hole." Trip laughed, standing next to her and holding her cheeks wide. "Yank that sucker outta there" he ordered. Travis complied and Trip quickly shoved one finger from each hand up her ass, tugging on them to pull her tender butthole open. "Damn that's nasty." he said, leering at the reddened inner tissues. "This bitch has a fucking hot ass, don't you agree Travis?" he taunted her. "I may just have to screw her butt myself later." After several long moments brutally stretching Amanda's bottom Trip pulled his fingers out of her and let her go. He tossed a damp towel to her and suggested she clean herself up.

T'Pol asked around demanding to know where the XO was, finally asking Major Hayes. She was furious that she had not been told about Archer's trip to negotiate another allegiance in his pursuit of power. She stomped through the corridors, ignoring everyone on her way to the movie theater. She burst through the door to find Trip, Travis, and Amanda Cole - all in various states of undress. "I see you have a private party going here Commander; but I want to know why I wasn't informed of Archer's mission." she demanded.

Trip smiled, leaning to Amanda and whispering "Go call Hayes and tell him I have a surprise for him. When he gets here, you can go." into her ear. Amanda zipped up her suit and left, and Trip turned his attention to the Vulcan. "You seem to think you have some authority here Subcommander." he spat at her. "Fuck you." he added, nodding to Travis who took up a position on the opposite side of the woman to grab her arm. She struggled briefly; but between the two of them they held her in place. "In fact, that is exactly what you're going to get bitch." he told her, reaching over and ripping her uniform blouse open to expose her firm breasts encased in a thin brassiere. "What do you think Travis?" he asked. "Ever had a piece of Vulcan ass?"

Travis reached over with his free hand and tore the bra from her body, getting a handful of breast flesh. "No sir, no I have not." he replied. "She does have nice tits, I'll say that for her." he added, speaking as if she wasn't there.

"Archer tells me she gives great head." Trip said, lightly brushing her cheek with a finger. "Is that true bitch? Are you a good cocksucker?" he taunted her, reaching down to unzip his fly. He pushed her down to her knees, presenting his dick to her lips. "Prove it." he ordered. "SUCK MY DICK YOU VULCAN WHORE". With that he forced his penis into her mouth and began to fuck her face.

The door opened and Amanda appeared with Major Hayes in tow. Trip nodded to her, true to his word. She turned and left the men with the Vulcan, closing the door behind her.

Hayes looked down, watching the XO's cock pushing in and out of T'Pol's full lips. "I see what you mean sir. Are we sharing?" he asked, unzipping his fly. He'd never had the pleasure of fucking the Vulcan, having heard the Captain's stories of her sexual prowess.

"Yep, we sure are." Trip replied, yanking his dick from her mouth. He and Travis pulled her up, tearing her uniform from her as they pushed her forward over the table. Trip shoved his hand down the back of her panties and ripped them from her body. "I'm sure we've all heard about the secrets of the Vulcan asshole." he said, fondling her cheeks as Hayes pushed his dick into her mouth. "I say it's time we all found out about that for ourselves." he told them, spitting on his middle finger and shoving it past her sphincter. Her body jerked at the rough intrusion; but she was too proud to make any noise that would suggest it bothered her. Trip gouged at her nether portal, pulling on her flesh as Hayes fucked into her mouth. "Major, we've both had some this evening so why don't you do the honors and fuck this bitch in the ass." Trip suggested, pulling his finger out only to shove two of his digits into her butt after spitting on them.

Travis took Hayes' place, holding her head in place as he eased his meat into her face. "She sure is beautiful with my dick in her mouth." he laughed, burying his organ in her talented throat as Hayes took up his position behind her. Her body shuddered.

Hayes walked up behind the perfect derriere he'd admired for so many months, Trip holding her cheeks apart to expose the wrinkled opening. "Oh yeah..." he said hoarsely, putting the head of his cock, wet from her mouth, against her anus. "Time to ream some Vulcan ass." he added, letting out a long sigh as his shaft pushed deep inside her rear. Trip looked at him with an evil grin. Hayes nodded, pulling most of the way out before driving hard into T'Pol's rectum. "Yeah.... nice asshole... nice and fucking tight." he reported.

Trip walked up next to the Vulcan as her body was buffeted between the two men, grabbing her hand to wrap her fingers around his dick. "Gonna go for a triple now bitch. A cock for each hole, comin' up." he said hoarsely. "Travis, if you don't mind I'm gonna do her ass before you shove that pole of yours in there." he laughed. The black man nodded, his penis getting some good action in the woman's mouth. Trip's organ was growing, and he wanted a few minutes in her mouth before he fucked her up the ass. "Okay gents, let's get this bitch in position for a little four-way fuck." he laughed.

They handled her body roughly, Hayes yanking his meat from her butt as Travis pulled his from her mouth. Under Trip's direction, Travis laid down on his back on the table. Trip and Hayes hoisted the Vulcan up to straddle their friend, shoving her hips down to bury his thick meat in her snug - and nearly dry - pussy. Travis grabbed her hips, holding her in place while Hayes resumed his sodomy. Trip walked over to her, grabbing her head to force his semi-erect dick into her mouth. "Suck it bitch. Get me nice and hard so I can fuck your asshole." The three men got into something of a rhythm, their cock's filling her openings as they'd never been filled before. Travis pre-cum combined with her fluids to lubricate her vaginal channel as Hayes enjoyed the 'sex canal' in her bottom. Trip held her head down, her lips wrapped around the root of his penis as her throat muscles gripped his cockhead.

Trip caught the Major's eye, noticing that they were both holding still with their dicks buried in her holes. "Trade holes?" Trip suggested. Hayes nodded and the men simultaneously vacated their orifices with Hayes geting to her mouth first. He held her by her ears and pushed into her face with the penis that just came out of her asshole, shoving it all the way into her oral opening as he watched Trip's advance on her rearend. Trip gazed down at the puffy ring, carefully moving his hips in preparation for his penetration. "Hang on gents. Gonna fuck this ass now." he told them. Travis reached around her to spread her buttocks wide. Trip took a deep breath and nodded to Hayes, then drove his hips forward. In a single stroke he forced aside her sphincter and buried his entire organ in the woman's rectum. His hips were still, his hands roamed beneath her until he had a breast in each hand. He pinched both nipples and twitched his cock. "Make me cum with your butt bitch. I know you can do it. Use your muscles and get me off in this sweet asshole." he ordered, pinching both of her nipples.

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