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Enterprise - the Other Side Ch. 12


Author's Note: For those readers who are not familiar with the 'In a Mirror Darkly' espisodes of Star Trek Enterprise, this is an episode in which Archer and the crew are seen as they would be in a 'mirror' universe. Archer is a power-hungry jerk. These episodes (a two-parter, actually) puts the 'Ho' in Hoshi.

One more note for those who are wondering. The 'Enterprise – the Other Side' series has 16 'episodes' currently in the story line. This is episode #12, so stay tuned....

This is a work of fiction, although loosely based on two particular episodes of a popular sci-fi series. I own neither the series nor the characters; but I do own the work presented here. I have taken significant liberties with the characters, and hope you enjoy it!

Enterprise – the Other Side – Chapter 12

The Competition – Round 4

Archer had sent a 'note' to the two competitors, establishing the time they were to report and letting them know that the two of them would be deciding on the 'events' for this round. They would draw cards to determine which of them would choose first, then the specific event would be declared immediately prior to the action. He looked forward to the session, and to the action that would be chosen. The only rule was that there would be satisfaction for him in each event, and no permanent injury to any of the competitors.

T'Pol thought through what she might do to improve her chances. She was ahead in the competition, two rounds to one for Sato. If she won this round Archer might declare the competition over, with her winning it. Archer hadn't specified what the 'spoils' would be; but it had to be better to win than to lose if for no reason other than bragging rights. She knew she could outdo the Asian bitch if it was just anal or oral intercourse. She had physical advantages that Sato couldn't match. She decided that if she won the initial draw, she would declare the first event for Sato be to get Archer off in her ass without 'fucking'.

Hoshi knew she had to win this round to stay in the competition at all. If the Vulcan were to take it, the competition would be over. Archer might hold a fifth round just to fuck them both, or perhaps even declare it over. Sato contacted Phlox, hoping he could help her as he had before. She arrived in sick bay, and the good doctor asked her into his private office for the consultation. She explained the situation to him, as he understood the physical advantages on the side of the Vulcan, and asked for his recommendation both from a sex act standpoint and from a strategy standpoint.

Phlox thought about it for a few minutes before responding. "Mmm well Ensign, I think your best chance would be to guess what T'Pol would choose to challenge your capabilities and perhaps we can give you some tools to - em - combat that, eh?" he suggested. "Now - mm - I would think T'Pol is likely to use the advantage she has in the - eh - anal area, and challenge you to match her abilities." he told her. Not only was it a very reasonable analysis; but Phlox knew it could give him another opportunity to put his penis into the pretty Asian woman's ass - in the interest of training, of course.

Hoshi considered the suggestion, acknowledging the wisdom. "So doctor, that sounds reasonable; but how do you recommend I prepare?" she asked.

"Well - eh - I think I may have some - eh - special compounds we can utilize to - simulate the muscle contractions." he began. "But of course - eh - we will need to test those compounds to - eh - give you the best chance." he told her. He turned to his terminal, typing in a few parameters to search for such a compound, finding two possibilities. He chose one of them to prepare, the other he would also provide to Sato for the evening to compliment the 'lotion' he would use during the test. He glanced over and caught her eye. "We shall have something to try in a few minutes Ensign. Then - eh - I will need to evaluate the effectiveness - eh - personally." he told her.

"Okay doc." Hoshi replied. She had experienced his alien penis back there earlier, and knew he would not do anything to hurt her. She watched as he extracted the prepared compound from the simulator, then he pulled on 'the glove' and turned to her.

"Ensign - eh - I will need to - eh - apply the compound inside your - eh - bottom." he said, stammering a bit more than usual. Sato stood up, tugging her pants and panties down below her buttocks before she bent over his desk. Phlox took in the always stimulating sight of her derriere, using his gnarly fingers to spread her soft cheeks. He pushed a gloved finger into the compound and pressed it against her little wrinkle. "Just relax now Ensign. I'll need to go pretty deep with this." he told her, pushing the digit past her clenching ring and deep into her butt. "There we go - eh - nice and deep." he said to himself. He rotated the finger, making sure to apply a uniform coating of the slippery stuff to her rectal walls. It wasn't really a part of the treatment; but he fingered her asshole in feigned intercourse because it excited him. Then he withdrew the digit and removed the glove before giving her an affectionate pat on her rear. "That will do for - eh - the application." he told her.

"Um - okay, so what's next?" Hoshi asked, not bothering to get up. If he was going to 'test', she presumed he would need to do some sort of penetration of her nether opening.

"Well - eh - I have no way of testing the effectiveness other than to actually use my own - eh - organ. So - eh - once the - eh - material has begun to perform it's task I will be - eh - inserting my penis inside your - eh - bottom." he told her. "Now the other - eh - advantage that the Vulcan may use is her oral - eh - abilities." he added, resting a hand on her naked upturned buttock.

Hoshi could feel something happening inside her ass. It felt different, and kind of good. "I think I'm okay with the oral thing doc. I've been practicing." she told him. "On Travis" she added, trying to relax when she felt his fingers spreading her cheeks. His finger pushed into her sphincter, resting just inside. "Mmm..." she moaned softly.

"Alright Ensign, well I suppose if you can - eh - please Ensign Mayweather orally you are - eh - probably okay." he responded, pushing the digit all the way up her ass before withdrawing. The compound was doing its job, and she was nearly ready. "I - eh - would appreciate some - eh - oral assistance to proceed with our little - eh - test." he told her, walking around the desk. Sato nodded, opening her mouth as he pulled out his flaccid member. With one hand on her head and the other holding up his organ he pushed the head into her mouth. "Mmmm... that's it Ensign." he mumbled, sliding his dick all the way into her mouth. She worked his meat with her lips and tongue, bringing him to erection very quickly. "Very nice Hoshi. Very nice indeed." he said, sliding in and out of her willing mouth for a few strokes - more than was really needed. He pulled out of her face and walked around behind her, using his thumbs to spread her buttocks. He could see her sphincter clenching and releasing - exactly the action he was hoping for.

Phlox pressed the head of his cock against her small hole, grasping her hips in preparation. "Alright Ensign, we will begin the - eh - test now." he said, leaning in to apply pressure. She nodded her acknowledgement, then let out a low moan as his organ stretched her anal ring on its way in. "I will need to go all the way inside your bottom." he told her, maintaining the pressure until the entire length of his organ was inside her rectal chute. She moaned at the discomfort; but it wasn't a new sensation for her. Travis' cock was at least double the circumference of his, and Mayweather had been in there. After a couple of slow strokes he held still with his shaft fully engulfed. "Alright now Ensign. The test begins now. I want you to relax; but let's see if you can consciously apply your - eh - rectal muscles to - eh - get me off." he said.

Hoshi could feel every inch of the doctor's penis, filling her rear as deep as any cock had. It wasn't particularly large in circumference, so the stretching was not uncomfortable. She could also feel her muscles doing something unusual.... "OHGGGG" she grunted as a sudden convulsion in her butthole clenched around his member. "Doc..." she stammered. "OHGGGG" another spasm overcame her. It was almost as if she had some sort of intestinal disorder. "Doc, it feels OHGGGG" she grunted.

Phlox was encouraged by the spasms in her ass; but it seemed the compound was a little stronger than it needed to be. He reached down, gently stroking her hips as he slowly pulled out then pushed back in. "It's alright Ensign. I will make an adjustment; but we need to - eh - get through the test." he told her. "Let's try something here - eh - shall we?" he added, reaching under her to manipulate her pussy. In moments the convulsions in her butthole eased a bit and became more regular, the spasms massaging his penis inside the buttery smooth channel of her bottom. "There we go." he soothed her.

She was enjoying it now, with the doctor's fingers pushing her toward some real pleasure. Her butt was tingling as her muscles gripped and released his member. She could feel the occasional twitches in her rectum, and sensed he might be getting close. "Um... does it feel good Doc?" she asked. "I mean.."

Phlox looked down at her lush cheeks, a gentle trembling accompanying the spasms of her pooper around his dick. "You are doing just fine Ensign." he replied, sliding his penis out and back in. "Just keep it up. Not too much - eh - longer." he told her. His cock was beginning to throb in her asshole, her muscles clenching and releasing in somewhat regular convulsions. "Very close now Hoshi. Very close indeed." he said hoarsely, his fingers gripping her lithe hips. His climax arrived, the semen flowing into her bowels as his hips jerked. "Uh.. that's it.. ohyesss.. ohyess... OHHHYESSSS..." he grunted, taking a half dozen full strokes into her ass to empty his balls before sliding his organ out of her. "Let me just - eh - check something." he said, pushing two of his gnarly digits into her puffy, reddened opening. It wasn't really something he needed to do; but he enjoyed the feel of a woman's asshole after it had been sodomized. Her sphincter clenched around his fingers, the inner ring still spasming as he probed her hole. He finally withdrew the intruders, holding her cheeks apart to watch the wrinkle close slowly. "Alright then Ensign. I think it was - eh - a successful test." he told her. He grabbed a towel to wipe his penis, tucking it back into his trousers.

She pushed herself up, taking the clinical wipes he offered to clean herself before pulling up her underwear and pants. Her bunghole still spasmed and she could feel his semen oozing out of her hole; but it seemed he was satisfied with the test. "So... was it okay?" she asked him.

"Oh yes Ensign, quite okay." Phlox replied. "I should think - eh - Archer would be pleased." he added. "I will reformulate the compound and add another one to be - eh - taken orally." he said. "Come by on your way to the contest and we'll get you - eh - ready."

Hoshi nodded, heading for the door. Phlox watched her backside, noting she appeared to be clenching her cheeks. Ahhhh.. the girl is leaking my seed from her bottom.. he thought, a smile coming to his gnarly face. He got back to work, making the minor change to the formula and creating the oral compound to give her better control of the convulsions in her backside. Then he returned to his research and waited.

T'Pol wasn't worried at all. She was - in fact - overconfident. She went about her duties, taking no time at all to consider the competition. That Asian cunt has no chance. she thought. She would win the evening and be done with it. Typical Vulcan attitude.

The time had arrived, and Archer waited for his charges to arrive. He wore his silk smoking jacket with nothing beneath, sipping his Cognac as he considered what might happen. The cards were quite literally on the table, waiting for the women to select one. The chime sounded. "Come" he said, chuckling at the suggestive nature of that word. The door opened and T'Pol entered, wearing her usual flimsy pantsuit. This one was a lovely blue and clung to her lush curves hiding nothing. "Evening subcommander." Archer said, pouring her a drink. Within seconds the chime sounded again, this time it was Sato, dressed in a lacy black teddy with a floor-length robe. "Ensign Sato." Archer acknowledged her arrival. Hoshi nodded, accepting the drink he offered.

The doctor had given her a large capsule to swallow, then pushed a syringe up her butt to apply the revised compound rather than using his fingers. She could feel things beginning to warm up, and hoped to get this contest underway soon.

"Well ladies, do you have any questions about this round?" Archer asked, also eager to get things rolling.

"Sir, when the winner of the drawing declares an event, is that the activity for both of us?" T'Pol asked for clarification.

"That's right subcommander. So you should choose an activity you think you can win at - and by win I mean score more points from me." Archer responded.

"Ah. So this is a subjective event." Hoshi suggested.

"I suppose you could say that, yes." he replied. "Whoever makes me the happiest gets the highest score." he added. "But of course there is a time element as well, and each event will be timed." he clarified. "Shall we begin?" Archer picked up the deck and fanned them out.

T'Pol and Sato glanced at each other, then Hoshi reached and grabbed a card. T'Pol took one as well, neither taking a chance of looking. "Let's see 'em girls." Archer ordered. Hoshi disclosed a nine, her face showing her disappointment. T'Pol was smiling until she displayed a seven. "The Ensign wins." Archer declared. "The event officially begins now, with Sato the first to go. Hoshi?"

Her mind raced. What should I do? A spasm in her backside made the decision for her. "Quickest to get you off in the butt, and I go first." Hoshi said, glaring at T'Pol who looked confident once again.

"You can't possibly..." T'Pol blurted.

"Ah now... Let's let the contest determine the outcome, shall we?" Archer said. "Now both of you remove your clothing please. I want NAKED, and NOW." he demanded, licking his lips as the two women stripped. "Show me those butts." he ordered. Waiting until both had turned to face away from him. He walked over to them and gave them each a hard swat, letting his fingers dwell between the cheeks to wriggle lewdly against the little wrinkles. Both were damp. "Ah... I see you are both prepared, that's good. I do plan on cumming in both of those little holes this evening." he laughed.

"How would like to proceed, Ensign Sato?" Archer asked, his dick now standing at attention through the opening of his robe.

The lovely Asian woman walked to him, nuzzling his neck with her lips as her fingers stroked his meat. "A kiss for good luck" she whispered in his ear, dropping quickly to her knees to take his cock into her mouth.

"HEY!" T'Pol objected. "This is an anal event bitch. Take that dick up your ass."

Archer chuckled, watching Sato go deep on his meat before he pushed her head away. "The subcommander has a point Ensign." he said. "How do you want it?" he asked her, helping her up from the floor.

Again her mind raced. The only position they'd used when Phlox did his test was with her bent over. She walked over to the table and bent forward over it, reaching back to yawn her cheeks wide. "Put that bad boy up my ass and let me do you sir." she said. She couldn't see him from her position. She felt the bulbous head of his dick against her anal ring. "AHHHGGGGHHMmmmm" she grunted as Archer drove half of his thick meat up her ass. Thank god for that special sauce she got from Phlox! she thought, grunting again as Archer pushed inside her butt to the hilt.

"Alright Ensign." Archer said, grinding his pelvis against her smooth cheeks. "Get me off with that nasty asshole of yours." he ordered, clicking the timer to begin. A spasm inside her rear got his attention. Then another. She's been preparing for this! he thought. The convulsions grew stronger and developed a rhythm, feeling very much like her rectum was stroking his cock. "Verrrry nice Hoshi. Very nice." he told her, giving her a slap on the butt. "You've been practicing, haven't you!" he observed.

T'Pol watched the act, her rival apparently having anticipated this particular event. It had shocked her that Sato chose this event. The Vulcan physiology should give T'Pol the advantage in this event - moreso than any other sexual activity. Now things weren't so clear....

Hoshi could feel it all, the stretching pressure from the Captain's meaty dick, the clenching spasms of her anal and rectal muscles, and the twitches of his cock as her asshole pushed him to orgasm. She focused on the objective, and was rewarded with the telltale grunts. When Archer started pounding into her ass she knew it would be over soon, and redoubled her efforts. The first spurts of semen from his cock felt like a hot bath after a long day, his seed filling her bowels with sticky warmth as he pumped into her backside. A long grunt signaled his finish, and he reached over to stop the timer. His cock eased out of her butt and he slapped her ass. "Damn Hoshi, best ass you've ever given me." Archer told her.

"Next!" he barked, turning to look at T'Pol. He waved the Vulcan beauty over, pointing down at his dick. "Suck it nice like your friend did." he ordered. She walked over to him, reaching down to squeeze his member. Archer shoved her down roughly. "I said SUCK." he ordered. Forcing his cock - fresh from Hoshi's ass - into her mouth. He didn't need the stimulation, he just wanted to debase her by forcing her to taste the Asian's ass on his dick. When he felt her throat muscles begin to work he yanked it free. "Over the table bitch." he barked, slapping her round ass when she walked by.

T'Pol had not expected this turn of events. It certainly appeared that Sato had prepared well and done a good job, so she had to quickly come up with a solution. She needed to work her rear entry like never before, and think of an event that could give her back the advantage as she would choose the second act. Archer's hand planted in the middle of her back and he forced her down on the table.

"nnnNNNNggggnnnn" Archer grunted, ramming his penis up the Vulcan's unprepared ass. She yelped in response, her body jerking away. He held her down, driving his organ to the hilt in T'Pol's bottomhole. "Get me off, Vulcan whore." he barked, starting the timer. It took her longer than it should have to recover from the brutal penetration of her backside. His cock soaked in her butthole for more than a minute before she was able to focus her efforts.

Hoshi had seen the timer before Archer wrote down the time and reset it. She'd gotten him off in just under five minutes. Now she watched her opponent, having seen the rather brutal penetration. Two minutes gone and it appeared something was finally starting to happen, the Vulcan's hips writhing side to side with Archer's dick buried in her backside. Three minutes now, and Archer was just grinning as he kneaded the flesh of T'Pol's hips.

She knew she was in trouble. She was finally beginning to manipulate the penis in her anal channel, her muscles gently rippling along his shaft - too gently. T'Pol closed her eyes and willed her bottom to work. But she knew there was too much left to beat Sato's time. The raw brutality of his initial penetration just shattered her initial focus.

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