Enterprise - the Other Side Ch. 13


His hips ground into the fleshy cheeks of her backside, his cock now raging in her mucky rectal channel. His precum added lubricant to the tight hole, making it easier for him to stroke in and out of her. His hips moved in an ever-increasing pace, fucking her asshole with purpose as his climax approached. He could feel the clenching of her sphincter, gripping his shaft as it slipped in and out. Then he gripped her hips tightly and began skewering her asshole hard, bringing squeaks and squeals from crewman Kelly as she was sodomized for the first time. His first blast came and he rammed it home, burying his penis in her colon to unleash his load of sticky seed. It felt like a gallon of semen was released into her bottom, making her mucky chute slippery for his thrusting organ. Finally he was drained, collapsing atop her body as his breathing returned to normal.

His weight crushed her as she squirmed under his heaving body. His dick was still up her tender asshole, and she needed to breathe. Even with all the fluids in her rear, the stretching was still painful. She heaved and struggled until he finally pushed himself up and off of her, his cock pulling out of her with a lewd PLOP. "OhhhmyGODDDD." she groaned, embarassed to face her commanding officer.

Trip sat back on the dining chair, staring at the lush round booty he'd just fucked. He could see the puffy hole, still gaping open a half-inch, between her soft cheeks. He reached over and gave her a playful slap. "Nice ass Kelly." he said, adding a chuckle. "Really.. really nice ass."

Kelly pushed herself up and climbed off the table, taking a dining napkin to wipe herself, even pushing a fingertip into her butt to try and dry some of the ooze. When she was happy with the result she looked at Tucker. "Thirsty... sir?" she asked, not waiting for a reply. She headed for the sofa first to grab their glasses, then to the bar to refill both of them. Her anus was sore, still tingling from his assault. She wondered how long that would last.

He turned to watch her walk away, her full buttocks jiggling with each step. He could see the glistening between her cheeks and knew it was his juice in there. Her breasts jiggled as well, as she walked first to the bar. He took the glass and thanked her, holding his glass up in a toast.

"So... what are we drinking to sir?" Kelly asked, tipping her glass to his.

"Why, to the taking of Crewman Kelly's anal cherry, of course!" Trip replied with a hearty laugh.

"Hah." she replied. "I guess that only happens once, eh?" she added, drinking half the glass of whiskey. She glared at him. "Did you have to do that to me sir? I mean... it hurt like hell!" she told him.

Trip just shook his head and smiled. "I only did what you seemed to want crewman. It was your punishment. I was only the one obligated to administer that punishment." he told her.

"Oh, so I WANTED you to fuck me up the ass?" she queried, squirming on her chair. "No way!" she added.

Trip drank the rest of his whiskey and stood up. "Well crewman, hopefully you won't make any more mistakes." he told her. "I've had all your holes now, so it won't be me next time." he added. "Now off with you girl. Your commanding officer needs his rest." he told her, helping her up. He watched her again as she walked away, bending to retrieve her undergarments then her trousers and shirt. He watched her dress, then bid her good day as she headed out to the corridor. Then he poured himself another whiskey and settled down with his thoughts.

Kelly had been his first virgin asshole. He vowed to himself that it would not be his last.

Continued in Chapter 14 - Andorian Pussy is Sweet as Candy

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