tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEntertaining the Boss

Entertaining the Boss


I know all this makes me a revolting human being and a terrible father. I just wonder what you would have done in the same situation.

It was 1 a.m. on a Wednesday. I had insomnia because I was worried about my job.

Earlier that evening, my wife, my pretty teenaged daughter and I had hosted my boss for dinner while his wife was out of town.

Jack Barnes is a big man-- a big corporate executive with a very commanding presence. He has always intimidated me. He spent the entire meal flirting with my wife and daughter-- and ignoring me. That didn't exactly bolster my sense of job security.

I was grateful when he left the house hours earlier. My wife had gone up to bed, and my daughter had stayed awake to study for a test by the fireplace.

Since I couldn't sleep, I went downstairs to see whether Elle had fallen asleep by the fire as she so often does.

As I made my way down the stairs, I was puzzled to look outside and see Jack's black Lexus parked on the street. Why had he returned?

It was dark downstairs, but the fire was still flickering in the living room. I thought I could hear Elle moaning in her sleep. I crept in expecting to find her having a nightmare.

Instead, I saw another sort of nightmare. My daughter, Elle, was lying naked on her back on a table, and Jack, my boss, was bent between her legs, licking her pussy.

Jack also was nude. I had always suspected he had a good body, but this confirmed it. He was kneeling, and I saw his broad muscular shoulders and small sinewy ass. His grey head was bobbing back and forth between my daughter's coltish thighs. It looked like he had pried her open with his muscular arms and big hands. He was ravishing my little girl.

She was the picture of a girl in ecstasy. Her big green eyes were shut, her soft sweet lips were open, and her brown hair was splayed atop the table.

I had last seen my daughter naked 10 years ago, long before she had reached puberty. I hated now to admit to myself what a luscious sight she was naked at age 18. What a sweet pair of firm round tits she had. Her nipples were hard and pointed toward the ceiling. I was surprised to see she had shaved her pussy.

On the floor, I saw her blouse and blue jeans had landed atop her open school books. Her pink bra was under the table as were her little pink panties, which appeared to have been ripped off her legs.

Jack's clothes, in contrast, were all carefully draped over a chair, How in the hell he had convinced her to do this for him, I couldn't fathom.

She was bucking her pussy up against his lips now, her fist curled against her mouth, trying desperately to stifle her own orgasm. Jack's long and relentless tongue was showing no mercy on my little girl's clitoris.

"Please stop," I heard her say. "Please, please stop, Mr. Barnes. I'm a virgin."

"Shut up you little slut," he hissed. "And roll over."

She obeyed like a good girl.

Any caring father at this point would switch on the lights and attack his boss. But I was mesmerized. My cock was stiff in my pajamas. Now, like a pervert, I stayed hidden in the shadows hoping for a glimpse of my daughter's naked ass.

I was not disappointed. Elle's round young bottom seemed to glow in the firelight as Jack's big fingers explored each globe. He had made her raise it and wiggle it for him. I could see his big fingers toying with the sweet lips of her wet vagina. He licked his fingers and slid them into her ass as she groaned in response.

Jack then began spanking my daughter. My cock ached as I watched his open palm slap the cheeks of her bottom. She quietly begged him to stop, but her pussy was betraying her, dripping as it was on the tabletop beneath her.

As Jack stood up, I could see his erection. What a huge cock he has, I thought, so much bigger than mine. Elle was begging him not to hurt her, but Jack was determined to take my little girl.

Why couldn't I say something? Even if I had just stood up and confronted them, I would have been a good father. Instead, I stayed in the shadows, where I pulled down my pajama bottoms and tugged at my cock as I relished the sight of my pretty little daughter being raped by my big powerful boss.

Jack now stood behind her with a hand cupping each cheek of her ass. From my vantage point, I could see Elle's sweet nipples bobbing beneath her as she braced herself on her elbows.

"Please, please don't do this," she whispered.

"Shut the fuck up," Jack said. "Or I'll fire your father."

It was the lowest excuse for making a girl surrender her virginity that I had ever heard. But there I was, rock hard, and shamefuly anxious to watch this bastard make my baby squeal.

Jack's cock was now prying open the folds of my daughter's sweet wet cunt. My Elle was gasping. I still had time to confront them, but I was so hard and excited. I knew, despite her protests that Elle was excited too. I could smell it.

"Oh God!" she sighed. "Owwww. Oh...."

My boss had just deflowered my daughter!

He had rudely slammed his huge thick erection all the way into my little girl's vagina. I could see his enormous balls slapping against her inner thighs. He was grinning such a nasty grin as he pumped his cock in and out of her. Now I saw the blood of her hymen mixing with her cum on the glossy table top.

Her tits were now bobbling deliciously beneath her. Her round ass cheeks were quivvering. Here's another awful confession: I wished I was him. I wished I was the one fucking my little girl right now.

The pain had obviously subsided for Elle. I could hear her purring and panting. I could see her wiggling her ass as Jack pounded against her.

"Why you little slut," he whispered. "You like this, don't you?"

"Yes, Mr Barnes," I heard my Elle say. "Oh yes. Keep doing it."

"Doing what?" he asked, as he pulled his cock all the way out of her. It emerged with a plop.

"Don't stop!" she cried.

"Doing what?" he repeated as he rolled her onto her back and teased the puffy lips of her ripe young pussy with the glistening tip of his hard cock.

"Making love..." she said.

"We're not making love, you little bitch!" he sneered. "What are we doing?"

"You're fucking me," she finally managed. "Don't stop fucking me!"

Now with that nasty grin on his face, I saw Jack plow into my daughter's pussy again and again and again.

She now knew firsthand the meaning of "lust." Her long slender legs were wrapped around his waist. Her little hands were clawing his back.

He then stood up and walked with her, wrapped around him, to the fireplace, where I watched him slam his dick in and out of her as the fire illuminated their bodies, both glistening with sweat. His cock looked like a giant piston sliding in and out of my daughter.

My cock finally spewed great ropes of cum as I heard my daughter have her first orgasm caused by a man's cock.

That's when Jack looked over at me and winked.

I was mortified and ashamed that he knew I was there. How I hated him. At least Elle was oblivious to my presence.

Then I heard him grunt, watched him thrust his big dick a few more times into my daughter, and as they locked their mouths together to stifle each other's cries, I knew both had gotten what they needed.

I sneaked away before Elle would know I had watched. I heard him drive off as I slid into bed and pretended to sleep.

I dreaded only one thing more than having breakfast with Elle the next day.

I dreaded seeing Jack in the office.

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You should have lucked daughters pussy fucked first time.

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